Wednesday, November 10, 2010


“Driving to and from my naked hikes is a great way to extend my naked time. I usually leave home before twilight or while it's still early twilight to go on my 12+ mile naked loop hikes in Olympic National Park or Forest so, since I sleep in the buff too, I just get up, load my gear into my truck and set off for the trailhead, all nude. The drive is usually 40 minutes to an hour and a half, during which time full daylight may come on. There are always lots of big trucks, RVs, and a few buses from which the drivers or passengers may be able to see that I'm naked, but they flash by so quickly that I doubt anyone even notices. Upon completing my hike in the afternoon I'm reluctant to put on clothes and end my naked adventure, so I usually drive home naked too.” - Woodsbuff

“I drove home naked after my first naked hike, about 45 miles. Seemed only natural. I covered up with a pair of shorts when passing through the hearts of small towns, but other than that, buff. I've repeated that process after every naked hike, and anytime I'm driving home at night.” – BoxNaked

“I love driving naked! Lucky for me I have a 4x4 pickup. I vist Blacks Beach during the summer and after spending the day naked I cant help not driving home naked. I sit on a beach towel just in case I have to cover up. It's a two hour drive back home and I also have to pass through the Border Patrol check point. I fiqure if I was to be stopped. I'll just warp the towel around me and explan that I just spent the day at the beach and didnt want to drive home in a wet swim suit! I also go 4x4ing out in the Mojave Desert and thats a great place for naked driving and hiking!” - RudeDog

“My brother-in-law and I finally got to take a camping trip after many years of living in opposite sides of the country. We had been room mates in college, camped and backpacked, and enjoyed the local nude beach back then but that was many moons ago. We picked a c/o campground as our base of operations and planned to explore the surround mountains and desert in my Jeep. While we were naked most of the time in the campground, the first day we drove in our shorts. However, the second day was different. We headed up into the Glass Mountains, to a campsite we had discovered the previous day as we were headed back to our campground. This time we stopped to check it out for future trips. There was a nice stream and we both, nearly simultaneously, stripped down to enjoy the cool water. We also walked around looking at alternative camping spots in the area, before returning to the Jeep. It was a warm day, and neither of us bothered to redress. We spent the day exploring the mountain roads and secluded campsites. It was fall and the vistas with the golden aspen were fantatstic. We passed one wood cutter, but I doubt he realized we were naked, but if he did, so what. Eventually, we returned to the highway and headed back towards our campground. Since we needed ice we drove past it and on to the small town and store. About 1/2 mile before entering the town I realized we better stop and get our shorts on. My brother-in-law asked what I was pulling off for and I reminded him he was naked-"oh yeah". We got our ice, more beer, and some ice cream and headed back to camp (and nakedness). An unplanned day of naked and pleasant driving.” – Daves ndt

“Oh man, driving naked is the best. If you have never tried it and are thinking of it, do it. Whether you drive out of your house naked or drive to an area where you can get naked, do it. I spent 2 years driving from Denver to Dallas, naked. I would leave my home in Denver, naked - walked right out the front door, locked it, put my stuff in the truck and go - usually 8 or 9 am. Seriously, but in Denver, public nudity is not against the law, but indecent exposure is. I can't describe how freeing this is. If I thought someone was learking around me, I'd use a towel to cover myself. . . but after 2 years of the drive, twice a month, you learn that people don't look around at their surroundings. When someone did notice they either smiled and nodded or gave me dirty looks. Anyway... get naked and go driving.” – Alan

Ken: Driving nude one must be careful – though other drivers seldom see you, the police may not appreciate the un-sexual aspects of naturism. Still, being careful, which one should be anyway when driving, naked cross-country is a wonderful way to go. PJ and I have driven naked often – mostly on longer trips from Utah to Washington and to California. Last winter I drove nude most of the trip from Idaho Falls to Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, California (about 13 hours). Though I sometimes wore an open coat because it was winter and anyone looking would expect that. It's amazing how different the sensations are. You feel temperature differences immediately. You're more conscious of your speed and other cars around you. I even drove naked except for the coat through the California plant inspection station. When I got to Olive Dell is was nice to just drive in and be already in uniform (naked). Nude driving isn't as enjoyable as freehiking, but driving naked certainly made the necessarily long drive bare-able.

Has anyone else enjoyed driving naked?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Freehiking's Spiritual Connection

“I have thought about this for awhile, looking for a way to express how I feel about hiking, the outdoors and being naked. . . I have often thought that there is a spiritual feeling from being in nature. Yesterday’s USA Today had an article in the life section that spoke of a preacher, rabbi and scholar who give more or less sermons in the great outdoors. How one can open up and loose all connection to the outside world and let nature direct you to God. Most important to me was the fact that before churches God spoke to his people through nature and even Jesus did most of his teaching outdoors. I don't pretend to be overly religious but I often feel that connection when I am alone in the woods. . . Being naked . . . just comfortable shoes and your true self to connect with nature and your God.” – Nude Walker

"Amen - arriving at the top of a ridge, the breeze cooling your bare skin, the beauty of the valley below, pausing for a prayer of gratitude - what could be more spiritual? Anyone?" – Ken

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shirley's Fall Creek Nude Hike Report

“Shirley's Fall Creek Nude Hike Report - Hearing that the weather was going to be in the 80’s I decided to try and steal another nude camping/hiking weekend. . . Arrived at an undeveloped campsite in the Fall Creek area outside Eugene/Springfield around 5 pm on Friday evening. . . perfect for nude camping. Woke up early Saturday morning to Oregon fog that only added to the experience. Once the sun broke through the fog and I thought the trail would be drier I headed out for a hike. . . Usually I start a hike as early as possible so that I can assure myself that it is safe to hike nude. So little traffic in the area had me feeling comfortable to hike/camp nude. I started my hike going up stream from a near by bridge. At the bridge the trail crosses over the road to go down stream. I have always wanted to check out some skinny dipping locations on Fall Creek so hiking the trail gave me a great opportunity to do so. A portion of the hike was on an old road no longer used close to the river. . . I hiked to a campground that has been closed for the winter months. . . I used an alternative trail to return to the bridge and cross the river to hike down stream. . . I found myself in beautiful moss covered old growth trees and the trail decorated with ferns. This trail is one of the most beautiful I have ever hiked. Simply indescribable! The trail is close to the river and the road on the right. . . A short time later two men were fishing and if not for their dog would never have noticed me. I had heard the dog and put on my long t-shirt. They were friendly and I think one may have been nude previous to hearing me on the trail and the dog barking. . . I later made a decision to return back before reaching it. The interesting thing about hiking trails is that returning back on the same trail and seeing it from a different direction is like hiking a new trail. . . I love Oregon old growth forests and nude hiking!” - Shirley

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting Textiles

“I went to a favorite remote trail last Sunday, for a freehike amongst the autumn foliage. I have never seen anyone else on this trail, but, to my dismay, there was a single car parked at the trailhead. I figured that the chances were pretty good that they would be returning today from a backpack trip since it looked like the car had been parked there for a few days. Sure enough, I ran into the backpackers later that that morning. They were two men and two women returning from a one-week trip into the mountains. The man in front stopped and he and I talked for a few minutes, while the other three went on up the trail a ways. I wasn't sure how they felt about my presence, but the guy I spoke with made no mention of my skimpy hiking attire (boots, socks, ball cap). Later, in my vehicle on the way out, I actually caught up with their car. When they recognized who was behind them, the passengers all turned and waved. They pulled over for me to pass and one of the women hung her head out the window and gave me a big wave and smile. A great ending for a great hike!” - Mike

Ken: While I don't search for the opportunity to be seen freehiking, I've run into a few people and have never experienced a negative reaction. I think the location makes a big difference. Twice I've met a lady riding a horse in the hills above Olive Dell Ranch - no negative reaction. She even let me take her photo. And several times I've met people while hiking into Deep Creek Hot Springs, where nudity is common. Again, no negative reactions. I suspect freehikers needn't be too concerned about meeting textiles.

Anyone else have similiar experiences/reactions?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freehiking in Utah

“About an hour from Salt Lake I was able to enjoy hiking an old mining road through a mixed forest of aspen, pines, and juniper. The mountains were spectacular, it was absolutely quiet (except for the deer that I was constantly spooking), and the trail was equal parts of forest and meadows. I had only limited time, so I only hiked about 2.2 miles in. The entire time I saw nobody, which made hiking nude very relaxing since I wasn't constantly on guard against bumping into somebody. Probably because it was Monday - Thursday and in a federal wilderness.” – ausnackt

Ken: I started freeehiking in southern Utah, and have hiked there for years. Utah may be the best area for freehiking anywhere.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Types of Freehikes

“I snuck out for what turned out to be a pretty long solo hike this afternoon. About 4 miles of the 8 ½ spent naked. . . I’ve come to the conclusion I/we do two distinctly different types of hikes (me naked more often than not and Dee occasionally naked). One type is the leisurely 2 mph type where we (have the breath to) talk and, I would say, enjoy the scenery more. The other is a cardio workout where, even though I enjoy the scenery, it’s exactly that – a workout. Today was a workout! I was trying to get to a peak that we can see from the deck – the last one that we can see that I haven’t hiked. . . All in all, JUST another blissful naked hike! . . . Happy Naked Hiking! – John

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumn Freehiking

“Autumn is a great time to hike nude with summer finally over (not that we had much of one), kids back in school and the mountains generally quiet . . . . and best of all, the bugs all gone! And then we have the vivid colors to make any hike well-worthwhile.” - Rick

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freehiking When It's Cold

“I can't honestly say I appreciate outdoor nudity during the cooler seasons but I've done a couple of very memorable nude hikes during cool and cold weather, both of which happened to have been on the same trail. The trail was the Applachian Trail north of the Shenandoah National Park . . . when I was all warmed up, I decided to hike nude the rest of the way. There was no wind and it was a surprisingly comfortable thing to do. The other trip to the same place was on a rainy day in the spring . . . It was a typically cool drizzly day, so I started out wearing shorts, t-shirt and a poncho. I hadn't gone a hundred yards before decided to just go with the poncho alone. . . On that trip I passed several people but I figured the poncho was sufficient covering, only my hiking shoes became soaked. While it was quite comfortable both times hiking either nude or practically so, there was no wind, even when it was raining, and that makes all the difference.” - Blue Train

Ken: I've freehiked through snow drifts. One warmer year I freehiked 18 times in January. A friend and I freehiked along the shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake one nice winter day. Sometimes you just need to get out in nature, even in the winter. As long as the sun is out, a nude body aclimitizes nicely.

Has anyone else enjoyed freehiking in colder months?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Freehikers Forget Cares

“Another curious thing that seems to happen to me is once I actually set off on a hike . . . if I'm also nude, is that all the things I think about between hikes, about hiking and the out of doors, no longer seem to matter very much. I sometimes fret about things to take along, where to go, and so on, but once I'm there, it doesn't matter. As often as not I just go and don't even decide where to put my foot until I'm somewhere in the general vicinity. I suspect that this degree of unplanned adventure is not always a good thing but, in a way, it is also something I'm aiming for. Childish spontanaiety, I believe it could be called.” – Blue Train

Ken: Freehiking has always relieved me of life's problems and cares. Perhaps that's why it's such an important aspect of my like, and why I miss it so much living in a place where I can't get out for a nude hike. Some places just aren't conducive to freehiking; and what a shame that is, because it is so very healthy, mentally and physically.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freehiking - The Cure

“My winter depression (SAD) certainly has been eased by hiking naked, and I have discussed this with my psychiatrist. He approves and is intrigued . . . I wonder whether he would consider writing me a prescription for ‘the cure”. Now that's ‘thinking outside the clothes’. . . ” - Dan

Monday, October 25, 2010

Boat Camping & Freehiking

“Went boat camping last week and found lotsa hiking to be had nearby. I set up camp on the shore of Lake Hatchineha, then clad only in watershoes and carrying a GPS went for a stroll. This was a Friday morning, and there was hardly any boat traffic on the lake. Figured I probably wouldn't see anyone, so didn't bother with 'emergency' Native American aprons. I only went about 2 miles, since I was wearing watershoes, not hiking shoes. . . Didn't see any people this trip, but watched a bald eagle pair circling overhead, and of course saw the usual rabbits, turtles, etc.”- Campingbare

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get Naked - Live Healthy in the Sun

It’s sometimes hard to live a healthy naturist lifestyle. Living in Lubbock, Texas, I’ve totally missed getting nude in the sun. I know that’s VERY unhealthy! So today I did something about being healthy; I climbed to the roof of the building I manage, stripped down, and sunbathed for about an hour. To not get some sun is unfair to me and to my health. It's unfair for you as well, so I encourage everyone to get naked and live a healthy life in the sun.

Here are a few thoughts from others about the importance of sun to a healthy lifestyle:

“The naturists were the first social sunbathers, the first to turn what had been a medical necessity (to cure tuberculosis or combat rickets) into a way of life. Before about 1930, there was no real distinction between ‘sunbather’ and ‘nudist’. . . The nudists were devoted to healthy living and the great outdoors, and were simply sunbathers with attitude, fighting for things we now take for granted in our relationship with the Sun.” - Robert Mighall

“My Doctor actually suggested nude sunbathing as a treatment for my psoriasis.” - FLBareBear

“Sunbathing can help prevent more than 25 chronic diseases and save billions . . . evidence suggests that a deep tan, particularly in childhood and adolescent years, protects against melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer; and further evidence suggests that sunbathing, even when it causes sunburn, protects against diseases such as multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer. So tanning should properly be seen as a sign of health, as indeed it is by most members of the public, although care should be taken to avoid burning.” – Health Research Forum

“. . . regular and controlled nude sunbathing enhances resistance to disease, provides more effective and natural vitamin D and calcium balance, reduces the effect of stress, decreases blood pressure, decreases resting heart rate, decreases blood cholesterol, decreases excessive blood sugar, increases muscular strength and endurance, improves many skin diseases such as psoriasis, reduces depression, reduces risk of internal cancer as well as heart and blood vessel disease. . . If the thought comes to mind that NEARLY nude would pretty much accomplish the same thing, remember that there are important reasons to particularly expose the very body parts that ‘modesty’ might want covered. It is precisely the skin of the genitalia, buttocks, perianal areas and breasts which benefits most from the drying and cooling effect of free air flow as well as the drying antimicrobial and other desirable attributes of sunlight itself. Logically if any parts should be covered at all it would make more sense to cover the face and hands since the skin of these parts is already liable to more than its share of sunlight, etc. by ordinary daily activities in the clothed state. TOTALLY nude at appropriate times is really the only way the full benefits can be obtained.” - Dr. Conrad Manning, MD

“My numerous moles developed white circles around them and started going black whenever I went out in the sun, unless I used copious amounts of sunblock. I found that whenever I was on nudist beaches with the same amount of sun, and much less suntan cream, the opposite effect occurred. I tanned rather than burned, and my moles progressively disappeared as a result of sunbathing naturally, compared to sunbathing with clothes on. Recently, I have lived in parts of America where clothing is compulsory on the beaches and my skin problems started to return! Because of the personal health risk involved, I am reluctant to swim on a beach where I cannot be nude.” - John Veltheim

“According to a new survey 54% of Americans believe that state and local governments should set aside secluded areas of public land for people who enjoy nude sunbathing. . . This independent survey was conducted for NEF by the prestigious polling firm of Roper Public Affairs. The survey also revealed that 1 out of 4 American adults have gone ‘skinny dipping.’" - NEF/Roper Poll 2006, http://www.naturist education. org

“It would be a step toward better psychological and physical health if we could accept public nudity in a matter-of-fact way at least to a limited extent. Certainly no one would be harmed by such a practice in designated areas and at designated times for specific legitimate purposes as sunbathing, exercising and for various sports. Many people have enjoyed nude jogging, swimming, sunbathing and other similar activities in secluded places for years. Not everyone has convenient access to isolated places where this can be done privately without possible offense to others. It would be an appropriate use of public areas such as parks to have designated, clothes-optional, areas and times when legitimate nude activities are permitted. Actually, it could be argued that it's even more appropriate to turn the situation around and designate times and places where clothes must be worn (textile areas) so that those who are offended by the natural body state and who are unable or unwilling to separate nudity and sexuality, can assemble together without fear of having to deal with nature and the truth.” – Dr. Conrad Manning, MD

“I love the sun, I love being naked, I am proud of my body and I like getting to meet other naked people. This is the only place in London you can legally sunbathe naked. This is a very British problem - why are we so prudish in this country? In Germany every park has an area for naked people. It is a human right - everyone in the country should have somewhere to sunbathe naked.” – Michael Peacock

“Actor John Barrowman has a secret beauty regime - he likes sunbathing naked. The Doctor Who star insists stripping off in hot weather is ‘liberating’ . . . ‘I think nude sunbathing is fantastic. There is nothing more liberating than taking all your clothes off and lying in the sun - on the beach!’” –

“Sunbathing is the most healthful and rewarding life a person can lead. With complete exposure to sunshine and fresh air, it is little wonder why the body benefits from nudism. . . I wouldn’t trade this life for any other and when the time comes I plan to marry a nudist and raise my children as nudists.” - Seventeen-year-old female

Friday, October 22, 2010

Must Someone Hike Nude?

Must a person always hike nude, or can one express the freehiking attitude even partially clothed on a busy trail, and patiently enjoy a secluded moment for total naked freedom? As Dan expresses below, I think a person can.


“Next, determined to get some true naked time, I headed into the town of Blue Hill and out one of the back streets to a trailhead at the base of the town's name sake. This is a 900 ft mound of rocks overlooking the harbor, fairgrounds, and surrounding country side. It has a nicely maintained network of hiking trails and is very popular. It is about a 600 ft climb up from the car to the summit with many pleasant challenges along the way. Though there were 14 cars in the lot and another half dozen at the other lot a half mile down the road, I encountered but two small groups and a lone hiker while on the summit. Many walk there dogs on the lower slopes, never venturing any further up. It being Columbus Day, I kept the kilt on till I found a secluded ledge, on the southwest slope at the summit, just past a power line and just off the main trail. I surmised from a faint foot path that very few bother to come this way, probably because of the power line. I found my spot, took off the kilt, and laid out a small picnic and enjoyed the afternoon sun. The loan hiker came over, snapped a photo of the harbor, and left, never looking in my direction from the other side of the small stand of brush. After a while, I chanced a nice little nap. I spent the entire rest of the afternoon just being in the moment, from one spot in the universe. The views out across Penobscot Bay over to the Camden Hills in one direction and over to Cadillac Mountain on Mt Desert Isle in the other, where magnificent. Meanwhile, I could look down between my feet and keep tabs on the constant flow of visitors passing below across the lower slopes to and from their cars. Around 4:30, as a chill started to seep into the air, I put my kilt back on and returned down a different path to the other trailhead, and then deadheaded back down the road to my car. Columbus Day proved, in the end, to be an excellent day to go salt water swimming and nude sun bathing downeast.” - Dan

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nude Mushrooming

“Well, I took advantage of my new excuse to hike naked and went out yesterday to pick mushrooms. It was pretty warm out and windless, though raining lightly when I got to forest area I knew to have good crops of chanterelles. I stripped, put on rubber boots and a rain hat, let the dog out of the back of the pickup, and entered the trees for an hour and a half walk and mushrooming expedition. Since I didn't have a compass with me I was pretty careful to stay near an old closed logging road and adjoining skid trails. When it's overcast around here it's hard to tell directions, especially when you've got your head down looking for 'shrooms. I explored several game trails and skid trails, walking a couple of miles, and collecting about a pound of chanterelles, enough for a few meals for my wife and me. The warm air, the scents of the forest, the light rain on my bare shoulders and chest all made for a great walk in the woods. I can now thoroughly recommend naked mushrooming!” – Woods Buff

I've only mushroomed once in Indiana, and that was before I understood naturism. I suspect nude mushrooming would be great. Anyone else tried it?


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Woman Freehikers

“. . . while backpacking nude, as I have met women on occasion who gave me the thumbs up when their male companion was not looking, though he was obviously uncomfortable-even annoyed, thinking that she may be embarrassed by our encounter. On the contrary, a few of these women may have been wishing that they could try what I was doing.” – Dan

PJ loves freehiking, especially when hiking with other women, who like to talk like women do; men just don't seem to speak womanese very well. So it helps if a freehiking group has at least a few actice women members to attract more women.

Do any woman out there enjoy freehiking?

Friday, October 15, 2010

For-Profit Freehiking Trails

“Pennsylvania once mentioned a fee to use state facilities for hiking, biking and such. Maybe for an extra fee it could be done naked? Better yet for a fee you can wear clothing, for an additional fee one could use high tech gear!” – Nude Walker

Not a bad idea. If your property controlled access to a great hiking area, why not make that a business? Perhaps you could have trails or days especially for freehikers? Or perhaps you could teach textile hikers to be tolerant of freehikers who share the trails? I wish I owned such a property. Perhaps we could contact property owners to see if they would entertain a for-profit freehiking trail? Maybe this would even work in the flatlands of Texas where PJ and I currently reside?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Starting Freehiking

“I started looking for more places to go naked outside, and that was how I got into hiking nude. Started just by going out to the bush area near my house by myself. At first I would get naked, and just sort of stand around in the trees, I guess terrified somebody would see me. But not long before I was walking the trails short distances and exploring a bit. But I guess that was pretty much the start for me of something I've been doing for a few decades now. Of course as you get older and get a car, you can go farther from home, find better places, and explore farther afield. Different places, more experiences, but the same ‘special’ feeling we all know.” – Life Long Nudist

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Freehikers

“Adam and Eve were the 1st freehikers.”

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning Naked Adventures

“I started sleeping nude at 13 and found out that I enjoyed going commando soon after that. Once I took my first nude hike in the woods near my house I was hooked and have enjoyed being naked at any oppertunity after that. Going on 51 now and I get to enjoy being nude a lot more now that the kids have moved out and my wife and I are starting our second phase of marriage ‘our time’. I plan on having many naked adventures from now on!” – Eagle59

Ken - Me too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where to Freehike?

“I hear bemoanings of ‘There ain't nowhere to hike nude’ all the time yet if you just look around, there are all sorts of opportunities to shuck the clothes and enjoy nature somewhat on its own terms. My visit to Alpen Falls . . . began as a visit to Scenic Hot Springs on a needed check up of conditions, and turned into a day-long foray into seeking out where this or that pullout or dirt track went . . . how can you possibly enjoy and participate with what nature is displaying if your body is shielded with water-repellent clothes? It just feels oh-so-glorious to stand there and soak (literally) it all in.” - Rick

West Texas freehiking? Haven't found it yet, but still looking.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inexpensive Freehiking

“. . . hiking (naked) is about the cheapest highly enjoyable entertainment available. Where else can I hike out the back door, and for the cost of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, be absolutely and thoroughly entertained while leaving all the worlds cares behind for the whole day?” – John

How completely true. Resorts cost, vacations cost, but freehiking can be nearly cost-free, as long as you have a little time and live in the right location. Unfortunately, PJ and I have been working for a month in western Texas, and we haven't found a place to get out for a freehike. It's unhealthy and about to drive me wormy. Any solutions from my readers?


Friday, October 8, 2010

Freehiking Barefoot

“Hiking nude is freeing . . . natural . . . wonderful. Hiking nude without even your shoes is . . . sublime. I get few opportunities to do it barefoot in the Cascades . . . footwear almost always being a necessity to protect the feet. Hiking back to my car with my shoes slung over my shoulders, the feel of years of overburden giving just so under the soles of my feet can only be described as sensuous. Purists call it 'free-hiking' and it is definitely that. Having to put my shoes back on was almost as if I was putting clothes back on. Was I still nude?” – Rick

This spring, one participant ran the entire Bare Burro 5k at Olive Dell Ranch without shoes (or clothes of course). I've only freehiked barefoot once, in sand - it was nice, but quickly got too hot. Anyone else enjoy barefoot freehiking or running?


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rock Lodge Freehike

This coming week-end the hills surrounding Rock Lodge Club will be ablaze with fall color. Come experience that with us on our Fall Foliage Hike on Saturday, October 9th. Weather prediction is SUNNY!

We will meet in front of the Bungalow at 11am.

This will be an easy hike lasting about 4 hours at a leisurely pace to do the full hike. (or take the shortened version) Our route will take us on some brand new trails over the mountain to the spring, and then through the valley to the "Indian Cave". The cave will be our picnic lunch stop. Bring a snack or sandwich for lunch.

In spite of lots of recent rain it has been a dry summer so - sorry - we *MAY* not be able to have a campfire.

Anyone who does not wish to continue hiking after lunch will be escorted back to Rock Lodge at that time. The rest of us will head out into the Rock Lodge Outback to experience some more new trails and to enjoy more of those brilliant golden and scarlet leaves.

Our hike is clothing optional (of course!). Some years most of us have hiked naked - other years it has been too cold. Come prepared for anything. Even if we hike naked, bring some sort of cover-up for when we are not on Rock Lodge property. In any event, sturdy shoes or boots are recommended. And, of course, bring water as well as your lunch.

After the hike, stick around and enjoy our lake, our sauna, our hot-tub, and the camaraderie that exists at Rock Lodge Club.

Please let us know in advance if you plan to join us or call 973-697-9721.

Rock Lodge Club
P.O. Box 86
119 Rock Lodge Road
Stockholm, NJ 07460

PJ and I certainly wish we could attend. We love freehiking when the fall colors arrive. One of our most memorable freehikes was the Rattle Snake Trail in northern Utah. Here is a link to photos of that freehike:

Has anyone else enjoyed a fall-colors freehike?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

End of the Freehiking Season?

“No . . . , not the end of naked hiking season. Just the onset of a different naked hiking season. Though all day naked hikes in the snow are pretty much out of the question, short free hikes in the snow are quite possible and enjoyable. And when the sun, wind, and temperature co-operates, the possibilities for an hour or two of freedom are not to be passed up. . . Several years back, with the onset of cooler weather and shorter days, I resorted to living in a sort of denial of the passing of summer, and just kept hiking naked through the winter whenever I had a decent opportunity. Low and behold, my SAD abated for the first time in years. I have gleefully continued ever since. Don't buy into textile myths about the cold. Create your own.” - Dan

I remember one January a few years back when I freehiked 18 times. Does anyone else appreciate freehiking during the cooler seasons of the year?


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Going Naked Walk

“Going naked turns an ordinary walk into an adventure!” – Woodsbuff

I love freehiking adventures. I just wish PJ and I could find a place for adventure in Lubbock Texas where we are working for a month. Any ideas?


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Discovering & Naming Freehiking Trails

“I’ve done 5 hikes in the last 8 days – 4 of them mostly naked and one 5+ mile naked night hike by bright moonlight - but I had the most pleasant hike of my life today - and, of course, it was naked. We have now completed every spur in ‘our’ series of trails we discovered about 4 months ago. The only other footsteps we have seen to date are animals. . . The great part about our trailhead is that it has a makeshift parking lot for ONE car. Anyway, getting out of the car at 74 degrees, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky made it easy to shake the shorts and any worries right away. 6.3 miles naked car door to car door. Dee took her camelback with our few essentials so I was completely free of equipment. It doesn’t get any better than that. When you get so used to hiking a particular trail naked with no sign of people you tend to become extremely carefree very quickly. Your thoughts are all about nature and looking for the wildlife that left their prints along the trail. Any day-to-day concerns are the farthest thing from your mind. I’m sure that would probably happen even if we were hiking textile, but it makes it much better when the air is touching your entire body. At some point, I’m sure I’ll be as shocked to see another person on our trail as they will be to see us hiking naked, but I think that is extremely unlikely . . . we have decided to name the “our” trail “DJ”, and then name the spurs DJ1, DJ2, etc.” – Happy Hikers

Like the Happy Hikers, I love finding trails for freehiking, and I've loved later sharing these trails with other naturists. Anyone else love discovering new, little used trails where freehiking can be truely free? If so, please share a story about that.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Rediscover Childhood

“. . . I discovered social nudism and rediscovered that childhood feeling of abandon. No clothes to weigh me down. Free from my burdens, even if only symbolically. I’m liberated. But why public nudity, you may ask? Yes, I could certainly be naked in my home. But there is a different feeling when you are naked in nature rather than hiding indoors. The sun and wind caressing every inch of your skin is tantalizing and you can feel one with nature.” – Blogger in the Buff

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunbathing in Odessa Texas

PJ and I are still working way too hard in Odessa Texas, so little time to post. The only nearby place we've found to get some sun is the roof of the building we manage. (I spent some relaxing nude time there yesterday.)

No place for nakedness - why would anyone want to stay in Odessa?

We've been reassigned to Lubbock for a month. Anyone know of any naturist events there?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reinvigorating Nakedness

Sorry I've not posted for some time. PJ and I have been very busy trying to make a living, and decided to accept a part-time management position with our previous company. We accepted a position for six weeks in Texas, where we have spent several weeks. During the trip to Texas, we lost the hard drive on my computer, and that made posting even more difficult - problems, problems, oh well.

Anyway, it has been a little difficult to post, and even to spend time naked, except after work in our apartment of course. Clothes get so very stifling - yuck!

Last Sunday afternoon I did take the opportunity to climb to the top of the building we manage to sunbath nude for an hour. It was heavenly after being wrapped up in clothes for so long. The feel of the sun and breeze blowing across my naked body was so enjoyable. It reinvigorated me. It reminded me just how healthy naturism can be.

Does anyone else find spending time naked a reinvigorating experience?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Appalachian Trail Freehike

“I spent some time on the Appalachian Trail last week and got to do part of it naked. I did not see another person the whole time so I could have done the whole thing naked.” - Mitswop

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sequoians Naturist Resort

Since PJ and I were visiting a senior retirement facility near San Francisco, we decided to take a little time to visit the Sequoians Naturist Resort ( We were definitely ready for some quality naked time, and we had friends who were members and had told us it was a great place (Sid and Toni).

Unfortunately, the resort was closed on Friday. It turns out it is only open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday, from April to October, though members can visit anytime, and a few live there.

Still, we visited for a while with a member at the front gate. He shared lots of information about the resort.

The resort has had as many as 250 members, though they now have about 90.

It is a member-owned coop. The yearly fees were surprisingly low, $310 per person, and that combined with the cost for a site and utilities means that living at the Sequoins costs one person only about $1000 a year.

The resort is at the end of a beautiful, secluded, tree-filled canyon. There is a clubhouse and pool area (we could just see the roof). The resort area apparently has many wonderful hiking trails up both sides of the canyon. These trails would be totally tree-shaded. It looked like a wonderful place to freehike.

We were disappointed that we couldn’t get in on a weekday; we were ready for a freehike and skinnydip, so we can’t recommend it from actual experience, but we’re excited to go back on a weekend in the future.

The Sequoians looks like a great place to live if you like a very small community.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wives and Freehiking

“I rarely go out with anyone hiking, not so much because my wife doesn't like hiking, but rather because she doesn't like the woods. . . Just the same, the few times we've been out together have been delightful. It makes the outing a lot more enjoyable and easier, somehow. I even managed to hike nude with her once.” – Blue Train

Wouldn't it be nice if spouses participated? I'm grateful PJ comes along. I'm one lucky guy.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting Someone While Freehiking

“I went on my fifth nude hike and for the first time, encountered textiled people. On my previous four hikes, since the family is still asleep, I've been fortunate in that I could arise, pack, load the car, drive two hours to the trail head, park in a convenient copse of trees, hike for several hours and then drive back home, all the while nude. My hiking companion, a beagle, always remained nude, too.

On my fifth hike, road construction prevented me from reaching my chosen trail, so I had to make quick alternate plans. [From] The new trail head . . . We hiked about four more miles and gained almost 2,500 feet in elevation before we ran into a man and woman, after rounding a switchback.

There was no time to take evasive action and the man immediately turned uphill and said something to the woman. I was definitely on their radar. As I got closer, I smiled and said, ‘Boy! The trail didn't look this steep on the map!’ The man seemed to relax a bit and simply uttered, ‘Yeah...’ The woman was leading her dog and since the trail was on the steep side of a mountain, I stepped uphill to let her pass. As the dogs exchanged the prerequisite greeting, I asked how she was. In an un-naturally high voice, tainted with a bit of forced nonchalance, she said she was fine and asked how I was. . .

The trail continued to steepen . . . We slowly worked our way up to the 10,000 foot plateau . . . The sun was beating on us, trying to burn a hole in my neck and shoulders, and for some reason, the vegetation surrounding the trail refused to provide much shade. Three hours later, when we completed our descent . . . I got into my car . . . and thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioner playing across my entire body on the trip home. . . nude hiking, even on the worst of days, is better than clothed hiking on the best of them.” – Au Naturel

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Son's Visit

My oldest son and his fiancé visited us at Olive Dell Ranch Friday and Saturday. They had never visited a naturist venue of any kind before; it was so gratifying that they were willing.

One of the biggest drawbacks to living at a naturist resort is the concern that family will misunderstand and be afraid to visit. Because we loved the resort atmosphere – living a nude lifestyle - we rationalized our decision to move to the resort with the thought that our kids who live some distance away couldn’t afford to visit us anyway, so we’d just be satisfied visiting them. We’ve kept quiet about living at a naturist resort. Well, keeping quiet didn’t work very well; I think they all know where we live now, but that’s certainly more honest, so probably for the best.

Anyway, my son and his fiancé got to the resort later Friday afternoon, so after eating out with them and touring the Mission Inn, it was nearly dark by the time we arrived. They saw only one naked man driving in.

We sat on our deck to enjoy the sunset - we didn’t get naked, and neither did they. It seemed that being naked with mom and dad was going to be a little too much information. We did get a chance to talk a lot about naturism.

As it got darker, they wanted to visit the restroom and take a shower, so I took them for a tour of the patio and clubhouse. They seemed okay with meeting several naked friends on the patio.
Later that evening they took a shower together in the group shower. They were too tired to sit in the hot tub.

Saturday morning we walked the Olive Dell Nature Trail and Dellymaze Park – clothed. We passed the sign dedicated to our grandkids. I explained that I hoped one day all of our grandkids might walk Grandkid’s Gulch where the sign is posted.

Too soon, they needed to travel on to their next location. We left the resort for breakfast, and on the way out passed several more naked people.

During the visit we stayed clothed, and they did as well - except during their shower. Still, they said they felt comfortable visiting us, and didn’t mind at all seeing a few naked people. It was at least a start, and it was nice to hear my son say, “You’re my dad, and it doesn’t matter where you live – I’d visit you anyway.”

So, they didn’t take to the naturist lifestyle right away. Perhaps they will never need it, but this was certainly a positive first step – there’s hope for the future.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Plan on Having Some Great Stories

“Regardless of our ages, we need to get in as much nude hiking as we can. It will be much harder when we need the assistance of a walker and require oxygen. I plan on having some great stories to tell when I'm in 'the home'.” – Au Naturel


Concerning the younger generation, my oldest son is visiting us at Olive Dell Ranch today - his first visit to a naturist resort. Hopefully it goes well. Wish us luck. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Night Freehiking Trail Discovery

“I recently “discovered” a loop trail about a quarter mile from the house that would be perfect for an after dark naked bike ride or naked hike. I say I “discovered” it because I have known about it for several years but since it basically runs through a 20 mile field I never even considered it to take a hike given how close the mountains are to our house. That trail first caught my attention a couple months ago when I was coming home late on a full moon night when I thought “Now THAT would be a great trail to hike naked at night”

Anyone else discovered a freehiking trail recently?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freehiking and Freedom

“It’s ironic that we often speak of freedom in some vague way when talking about hiking nude, yet when nude we sometimes have to go to great lengths or distances and exercise great care to avoid problems with our being nude. It may or may not be fair but one thing you begin to question is how much freedom you are giving up just to be nude. It's probably still worth it.” – Happy Hikers

The freedom to practice naturism in general, and freehiking in particular, isn't free. It requires sacrifice. Perhaps the sacrifice to leave the blinds closed and live in the dark at home. Or, the sacrifice and cost to travel some distance to a nude location. Or, the sacrifice of personal comfort to share naturism with others, or to be the first to take off clothing, or to remain clothed when others are reluctant. Or, the the potential loose of freedom from being seen freehiking. Some exceptional people sacrifice jobs and even relationships with others for the freedom to just to be nude as God intended.

But, without the sacifice of those from the past, we would all be forced to live dressed in Victorian prudishness. So how can we thank those who pioneered today's more relaxed dress code, and those from the past who sacrificed so much for naked freedom? Sacrifice - share naturism now.

Two questions come to mind: (1) What have you sacrificed for naked freedom? (2) What will you be willing to sacrifice for naked freedom in the future?

Any answers from my readers?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Need Shorts?

"I've done a few hikes where I never needed to put on shorts, door to door (car door that is), the entire time of the hike, the longest being perhaps eight hours. But that was a matter of luck. I expect to need the shorts now and then, which of course is why they're there, and having to put them on doesn't spoil anything. I've given up trying to reach any sort of goals of time, distance, or staying nude, mostly. Even so, I can think of a few places where I don't think I would ever need the shorts, though there can be surprises. On one of those all-nude hikes, I still had the shorts and they eventually went into the pack, same with another hike.” – Blue Train

Monday, August 9, 2010

Freehiking North of Phoenix

Sorry, we've been away from the computer for a few days - PJ and I took a frequently-nude sailboat trip to Santa Cruz Island off the California coast. (The trip report with photos is coming soon.) Here is a freehiking thought from Desertsax to get things started again:

“[I’ve freehiked] . . . at least twice a month for over a decade. . . We hike in 'State Trust Land' in the north part of Phoenix. . . Our 'secret place' is a 2600-acre island of lush desert, with the occasional hiker/ATV/mtn bike/equestrian. On 90% of the hikes we see nobody else the whole time. If we do, it's usually while they're far off, and we can step behind a bush, and perhaps slip on a long t-shirt as a cover up. There are hundreds of these places around the state, but this one is minutes from the house, and has convenient and safe parking. . . I usually hike with one or two friends.” - Desertsax

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freehiking is Addictive

“I (male) have been a nudist for many years, but only recently have discovered naked hiking. Wow. It's addictive. I introduced my new wife to nudism shortly after we met, taking her to a resort in the Caribbean with an au-natural beach. She took to it like a duck to water, now I can hardly get her to put clothes on! Since then we have been to numerous nude resorts around the country, some of them large enough to have bike riding and hiking trails. This past winter we spent quite a lot of time in Tucson and found many wonderful lightly traveled desert trails where we could disrobe and hike for miles. Fortunately, here in Colorado we have secluded places with trails that you can hike for days without seeing a soul. Our latest adventure was at Valley View Hot Springs, a wonderful clothing optional place in central Colorado. There are trails nearby that go up the mountains into wilderness where we hiked for eight miles without ever putting on a thing from the time we left our campsite until our return. We love being able to extend our nude lifestyle beyond our home, resorts, and beaches!” - Like2BNude

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SoCal Freehikers Report – Cedar Creek Trail

On July 29, 2010, ten members of the SoCal Freehikers gathered to hike the Cedar Springs Trail above Idyllwild, California – 8 men and 2 women. This trail is a seven-mile round-trip hike rated year-round and moderate. In “140 Hikes In and Around Palm Springs”, this is hike #93: Jo Pond Trail to Cedar Spring. It was a wonderful hiking trail.

PJ and I carpooled with friends the just over one hour trip from Olive Dell Ranch where we live. Talking about the area and anticipating the hike on the way made the drive time go fast.

We waited at the trail head until most of those who were expected had arrived. It was great to see our freehiking buddies – especially those who were hiking with us for the first time. There is always a special camaraderie with others who understand the joy of freehiking.

Gil, our leader for this freehike, explained that we would have to hike clothed for a short distance at first because we were near a scout camp - we could hear the kids below. At 9:15 we started up the trail. Soon we were past the camp boundary and were able to undress – so much more comfortable than walking in sweaty clothes.

The trail was improved and easy to follow. The first part meandered through meadows and shady groves of oak. Then the trail climbed for 1.5 miles up switch backs, making for a fairly easy uphill climb.

Scenery along the way was unforgettable. Yucca, prickly pear, Manzanita, scrub oak, so many other types of vegetation, wonderfully colored granite, amazing vistas – so much to see and feel. Walking along the trail mostly single file, the breeze cooling our bodies, gathering at lookout points to rest and enjoy the view - freehiking with good friends in nature – it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Climbing from just over 5000 feet to over 6800 feet in about two hours, we reached the top of the ridge where the trail crossed the Pacific Coast Trail at Desert Divide. We paused to eat lunch in the shade of an oak. Here was a geocache filled with trail foods that some members of the group exchanged with items they had brought. The entire town of Palm Springs could be seen down the canyon in the distance below.

After lunch we decided to turn back rather than to continue down the slope to Cedar Spring. PJ led a fast pace back down the trail. Along the way we paused several times under shady oak trees to rest. Near the end of the trail we dressed, and soon after greeted the only other person we saw on the trail – a young man riding a mountain bike.

Soon we returned to our vehicles, and said goodbye to our SoCal Freehiking friends. This was such an enjoyable hike for all - unforgettable. It’s too sad other members missed this exceptional freehike. Hopefully many members will attend our next hike; we’ll share the location soon.

We’re still looking for new areas to hike. Let us know of any likely locations.

Here are a few photos from this wonderful Cedar Creek freehike (be sure to click on “show all” near the bottom to see all of the photos):

Monday, August 2, 2010

Freehiking in Spain

I'd love to freehike in Spain one day. Anyone else interested?

“I have lived and worked in Spain for a few years now and regularly hike naked in the beautiful mountain areas north of Madrid. Spain is well known for its relaxed attitudes towards nudism as many of its beaches are clothing optional and together with its wonderful climate & sparsely populated areas it’s a perfect place to experiment getting your kit off in nature. Spain has some fantastic scenery to explore and plenty of animals and birds to observe while out in the wilderness, it’s great.” – The Naked Rambler

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Body Breathes Sign of Relief

“I love to hike naked and take several hikes each week during the summer, and once or twice a month in the winter, when the weather cooperates. When I get to one of my trailheads and take off my clothes and stand naked again, it's like my body breathes a sigh of relief at being cooped up in clothes since the last hike.” – BillBill

Friday, July 30, 2010

Freehiking and Skinny Dipping with Nature

“Yesterday I was hiking naked in a light rain and paused for one of those it's-all-good experiences with a squirrel. We 'chatted' for the longest time. I suppose he'd never seen all the parts of a two-legged before - kept running back and forth on the low branch studying me - we were both very comfortable in our skins. And tonight, I was skinny dipping with a loon diving about 10 yards away. There we were, both of us sliding quietly through the water in synch with our environment. That stuff doesn't happen to guys in board shorts.” - Alfresco10

How many of you have had similar experiences? I know I have. Whether wild donkeys or owls or deer or coyotes or quail or lizards or snakes or insects, I've loved observing animals and nature while freehiking. It's part of what makes freehiking so very enjoyable.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cedar Springs Freehike Tomorrow

Thursday, July 29th, the SoCal Freehikers will hike to Cedar Springs, above Idyllwild. Gil will guide this freehike. Please respond to this email if you will attend.

So far these SoCal Freehikers will be attending tomorrow’s Cedar Springs Hike: Ken, PJ, Rich, Penny, Gil, Rollerboy, Dad, Andy, Steve.

It should be a great freehike! See you all there.

Cedar Springs Freehike Directions coming from the west:

From Highway 10, take SR 243 to Idyllwild from Banning. Go through Idyllwild and take SR 74 east into Garne Valley (about 10 miles) to Morris Ranch Rd. (The Garner Valley Fire Station is on the corner of Morris Ranch Rd and SR 74.) Turn left and go 3.5 miles to the trailhead which is just about the end of the road, on the right.

Directions coming from Palm Springs: Take SR 74 from Palm Desert and drive 28 miles to Morris Ranch Rd and turn right 3.5 miles.

We will leave from the trailhead by 9 am. It is a 7 mile round trip hike rated year-round and moderate. In “140 Hikes In and Around Palm Springs”, this is hike #93: Jo Pond trail to Cedar Spring. It will probably be hot so bring plenty of water. The first part is through meadows with groves of oak. Then the trail climbs for 1.5 miles up switch backs until reaching the top of the Pacific Coast Trail at Desert Divide. Then we head down to the Springs. It may be a little buggy in the trees - gnats mostly. We will have some great views.

Ken & Gil

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naked Camping & Freehiking Weekend

“Driving out of the driveway naked . . . started the naked weekend. . . perfect weather and almost no breeze whatsoever. The campfire smoke went almost perfectly straight up and temps in the upper 80s all three days with cool-ish nights very suitable to stay naked by the warmth of the fire. . . After setting up camp and having dinner we watched the best ‘television’ in the world as it burned for hours. Saturday . . . was the most relaxing and enjoyable day . . . Dee made us breakfast and then we both just laid around naked for about two hours reading and talking before heading out for a couple hours hiking. . . poking down some abandoned trails and a few game trails (without a backpack) made it one of the most enjoyable naked hikes I’ve ever taken. . . Sunday morning we took our time breaking camp and then drove to another similar batch of trails. Dee was more interested in reading so she hung out at the truck while I headed out for a few miles on a nearly concealed trail. . . So 48+ hours after I pulled out of the driveway naked I put my shorts back on about 5 minutes from the house on the drive home. With the exception of that pair of shorts, I had no dirty clothes for the entire weekend – not even a pair of socks. – John

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Naturism at Olive Dell Ranch

One of the nicest things about where we live - Olive Dell Ranch - is that parents can raise their kids in its naturist environment. This seems unique in this era of irrational fear about child predators. When I was a child, my mother would send me outside to play with my friends. We'd play all day and sometimes into the night. My parents were not afraid we might get kidnapped and abused. Today parents act as if there were pedophiles behind every bush, so my grown children fear leaving their children outside alone anywhere.

We'll, things haven't changed at Olive Dell. Children often visit our place, and we're all nude.

Yesterday PJ was out of town. Late in the afternoon I walked down to the clubhouse to shower. Afterwards, I slipped in the pool, naked as required of course. I was the only adult in the pool, along with five children - two boys and three girls - ranging in age from one year to 14 years old. The one-year-old boy's mother was sitting at poolside of course, and the 12-year-old boy's dad was sitting some distance away on the patio talking with others, but the three girls' parents were not to be seen.

One old man swimming naked with five youths without concern - unheard of in this crazy world in which we now live.

Naturism is right headed. I love living as a naturist!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cedar Springs Freehike Directions

Thursday, July 29th, the SoCal Freehikers will hike to Cedar Springs, above Idyllwild. Gil will guide this freehike. Please email me for directions and carpool locations if you'd like to attend at:

We will leave from the trailhead by 9 am. It is a 7 mile round trip hike rated year-round and moderate. In “140 Hikes In and Around Palm Springs”, this is hike #93: Jo Pond trail to Cedar Spring. It will probably be hot so bring plenty of water. The first part is through meadows with groves of oak. Then the trail climbs for 1.5 miles up switch backs until reaching the top of the Pacific Coast Trail at Desert Divide. Then we head down to the Springs. It may be a little buggy in the trees - gnats mostly. We will have some great views.

It should be a great freehike! See you there. (Be sure to respond if you can attend.)

(If you are interested in our nude hiking group would you please join the egroup at this link, and introduce yourself:

Ken & Gil

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Freehiking by City Creek

Does anyone else freehike in city areas like Aqui Zinaga?

“I may not be in big wilderness . . . But the creek in my city has many deer, raccoons, skunks, foxes, birds, etc., and I have seen many of these wonderful creatures during my naked walks around the creek. One circuit of the trail takes me about an hour and a bit. I usually do two circuits in a night with little breaks down by the rapids to listen to the music of the rushing waters, and also take breaks at a few other places. My nude walks usually start about Midnight and I often end up noticing the coming of a new day when the sun starts to rise about 5- 5:30 am. I enjoy my walks nearly every weekend during the summer and sometimes during the midweek if I have the next day off. I also go nude walking in the early spring and late fall as long as there weather is cooperative. As a conservative guess I would say that I hike nude at least 30 times a year for a minimum of 2 hours each.” – Aqui Zinaga

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Olive Dell Ranch Pirate

I have been working on a new trail in Dellymaze Park at Olive Dell Ranch - a way to get to a giant rock where PJ wanted to erect a large pirate.

Well, PJ finished building the pirate about the same time I finished the new trail, and we've spent the last week assembling it.

The chicken-wire pirate, filled with leftover items from the rummage sale (plus lots more) on Olive Dell’s annual Pirate's Weekend Memorial Day celebration, is huge - probably 12 feet tall - and I'm sure it’s destined to become an Olive Dell Ranch landmark.

Here are a few photos of the final assembly:

What do you all think?

You're welcome to visit us to see the pirate in real life - any interest?


Monday, July 19, 2010

Check Trails First

“I was in Ocala awhile ago and was able to . . . walk there on three different days and hike nude two of those days. I spent the first day just checking the trails and roads that crisscross the area. There weren't many people using the hiking trails the first day so I felt safe enough to plan to return to hike nude. . . When I returned the second day I got nude but I stayed off the trails and roads altogether and walked though the woods. . . I did see some wildlife - deer, turkeys, armadillo, and a large turtle/tortoise.” - Donbe

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Full Moon Freehike

“Full Moon. . . This is actually the best time of the month for a nightly naked hike . . . So I went yesterday to our nature reserve, stripped, took of everything . . . including watch, glasses, shoes, socks, the lot. . . and went off, for a two hours hike. . . there is no better way to experience complete freedom, to experience nature in all it glory, just you the way you are supposed to be, with God and his creation. You don’t see the animals, but the sounds of so many creatures is all around you. The rustling of the wind in the trees, a gently cool breeze stroking your skin. No artificial light but . . . moonlight which gives everything that special, spooky is the wrong word, appearance. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is fantastic. . . no worry about meeting any one, you can enjoy it completely relaxed. Dip in the river, lay down in bed of pine leaves. Sometimes you surprise an animal, an antelope or something, that sees, or smells or hears you before you do, and takes of into the bush. The hair in you neck stands up for a few seconds, but that is it.” - Habakukrsa

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freehiking Opportunities Won't Come Again

“. . . my sister in law and her husband became caretakers of a gold mine . . . Situated on a river below Reno Nevada . . . One day I decided to hike to the actual mine site . . . The sound of the river, the birds, the forest, no clothes - it doesn't get any better - it was a pioneer experience - a week of bare hiking and bare living. I did great gold panning . . . even better . . . naked. . . I have been to resorts with my wife, but it is the call of the Wild to walk and hike in creation, to . . . leave no trace. . . I am drawn to. It is breathing and feeling the power of nature as it penetrates my senses. Enjoy your days my friends; they won’t come again. - Naken

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Group Freehikes on Saturday and Sunday Mornings

Just thought I should add one additional freehiking event to the SoCal Freehiker's schedule. Normally every Saturday and Sunday I freehike the hills behind Olive Dell Resort for about an hour. Anyone would be welcome to join me. I can get you in for free, and any partner you bring along, even if that person doesn't hike with us, can get in for the entire day for only $10. I usually leave by 8:30 am during the summer. Just call or email in advance if you'd like to join PJ and I.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thundering Quiet of a Desert Freehike

“Fall nude hiking weather has definitely returned to the desert. I went out to Anza Borrego via De Anza Springs yesterday. The weather was perfect around 70 with a slight breeze to bathe the body . . . What struck me the most was the thundering quiet of the desert in the fall. It was deafening. As I pressed on through washes and small canyons I was awed by how utterly serene and peaceful the desert can be, some might even say dead though that is not the case. The cacophony of silence was broken only by the random lizard scampering across the trail ahead of me and once by a pair of blue jays that flew passed me into a side canyon. For the most part just silence and sun. . . With my clothes miles away and other than the trail I was walking on there were no signs or sounds of civilization and one has the feeling of being alone in the universe as well as naked. I cannot rightly describe it; it is just a feeling of total peace and serenity for me.” - Jay

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black's Beach Freehike

“I did take two hikes in La Jolla . . . at Black's Beach. . . Once at the bottom of the trail to Black's I dropped the clothes and started my free hiking. It is a flat hike, but barefoot in the sand is quite nice. I hiked north all the way to where the textiles started showing up from the north right neat that metal buoy that is on the beach. . . about a mile or so in each direction, so a good two miles nude hiking each day. Wearing only my shorts on the hill it was a lovely two days. I spent an extra hour in the sun each day.” – Nekkid Couple

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Olive Dell Ranch Freehike

On Friday, July 9th, three members of the SoCal Freehikers (a smaller group than normal) took a very pleasant hike in the hills above the resort. We met at the clubhouse before 9:00 am, and started by hiking up a new trail Ken had cut – Pirate’s Path, part of Dellymaze Park.

From there, we hiked to the top of Mount Kilborn, and continued north along the ridgeline. The weather was beautiful, the sun warming our skin, and the breezes wafting past our nude bodies, but the valley was filled with haze, so we could only imagine the beautiful views of Riverside, San Bernardino, Redlands, and the surrounding cities below.

As always, it was enjoyable introducing ourselves, sharing thoughts and experiences as we freehiked. Naturists have so much in common – it’s so comforting to know one isn’t alone in the need to be nude.

We saw three wild burros (walking nude of course) on the trail ahead just before turning back. We returned via the Olive Dell Nature Trail.

Afterwards, we soaked for a time in the pool and talked with others in the patio area - a relaxing end to a good freehike.

We decided that Friday was not a very good day to hike because so many were busy preparing for weekend family events, so I think we’ll stick with hikes on the second and last Thursdays of each month, as scheduled.

The Socal Freehiker’s next hike will be July 29th, on the Deer Springs Trail, near Idyllwild. This is a mountain freehike, led by Gil, so it should be great. I’ve not visited the area; if you have, please share a description so other members get an idea about the terrain. (Directions and times will be posted soon.) Please respond to this email to let us know if you are planning to attend.

And be sure to let us know if you’ve discovered any other great freehiking areas where you would be willing to lead a hike.

Here is a link to a few photos of our group freehike above Olive Dell Ranch:


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Freehiking Inspires a Sermon

“For me I find it really helps me draw closer to God when I am naked before him. Today I went and prayed at the flat rock area where I always go to when I need inspiration for a sermon I'm preparing. I also did some hiking. . . It is so good to have wonderful seclusion and yet have a great view of God's creation (the Australian bush).” - Bruce

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freehiking in a Garden of Eden

“Indeed, walking in the woods, surrounded by all of God’s GREAT handiwork - the sights, smells and sensations, precisely as God created us to do (‘naked and unashamed’) is a phenomenal experience. I have come across all sorts of animals. I noticed that when I am dressed, the deer run and scatter as soon as they see me. However, when I have been undressed, they have come almost right up to me. In fact, they were so close, ‘I’ was uncomfortable and actually had to chase them away. It kind of gave me a sense of what Adam and Eve may have felt in the Garden, where man was not yet a threat - or a meal.” - Natman

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freehiking's a Spiritual Connection to Nature

“I feel connected to my surroundings more when I am nude in nature. I have had so many encounters with wildlife from deer to coyotes and once a moose. It seemed as though the animals didn't quite know what to make of me. I have also encountered clothed hikers and in almost every case they have been positive. For me a solo nude hike in a remote forest is a spiritual experience. It renews my soul and fills me with joy. I take my time and I seem to observe my surroundings more. I feel the wind and sunlight on my body I am getting the fullest experience I can. A nude walk during a gentle rain is an experience difficult to top. It is something difficult to explain it's like explaining ice cream to someone who has never tasted ice cream. I know that this is a minority within a minority of the population but there is something so incredible, so wonderful about it that only those of us doing it can know. I encourage you all to get there and give it a try.” - Alan

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend at Olive Dell Resort

July 4th weekend was great at Olive Dell Resort. Friends visited us from Utah – it was nice to see them again. They arrived Friday night and we enjoyed a good meal in the restaurant – nude of course.

Saturday we ate breakfast, and then participated in the nude games, lead by Craig. It was lots of fun. I worked on clearing a new trail in Dellmaze Park, and got super dirty, but dirt easily washes off a naked guy. That evening we all enjoyed the Red, White, and Blue dance – I wore a tie, just a tie. PJ and I practiced the club swing steps we’d learned several weeks ago at the Glen Eden AANR West festival.

Sunday we mostly relaxed, though I did spend some time clearing the trail again. That evening a large group of fun naturists sang karaoke for nearly five hours. Some left early to climb the hills above Olive Dell to view the fireworks in the valleys below, but we couldn’t leave because I was the KJ.

Monday I finished clearing the trail, and spent some time with Errol in the meadow above the resort laying out a Disc Golf course for next month’s competition – anyone for nude disc golf?

All in all, it was a very enjoyable naturist July 4th celebration.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Freehiking Zion Nat'l Park

I love freehiking in Southern Utah. So does Naked Bruce and his girlfriend:

“My girlfriend and I did an overnight backpacking trip into Hop Valley in Zion Nat'l Park. I was able to spend the entire hike from the car in and out completely naked! . . . What a great hike - beautiful rocks, no noise, solitude. We were able to drive home to SoCal nude most of the time. I live in an area of the desert near Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, and hike most mornings in the nude . . .” - Naked Bruce

Sunday, July 4, 2010


On June 27th, PJ and I freehiked and shot rifles with friends in the high desert, north of Victorville, California. It was a very nice day, although a little hot for comfortable hiking. As you can see from the photos, this area of California’s high desert is very barren, but nudity, along with lots of water and good company, made the hike enjoyable.

It’s wonderful to be comfortable freehiking with friends. We’re grateful they wanted to share with us this area that they love.

Here are a few photos of our high desert adventure:


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Freehiking Saxon Shore Way

According to the Eureka Naturist Club webmaster, the Saxon Shore Way is an excellent remote thames-estuary riverbank trail ideal for freehiking. The Saxon Shore Way ( is a public footpath and cycle track along the kent coastline, starting near Gravesend in Kent (about 20 minutes from Eureka).

Anyone had the opportunity to freehike this trail or anywhere else in the United Kingdom?

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Explained Naturist Hiking to Her

“I had just crossed a creek and was stepping up into a clearing when I startled two ladies standing at the edge of the trail, the younger one stated, ‘What do you think your doing walking around here with your penis exposed?’ I was also startled upon seeing them and had to get my composure together and apologize for startling them. I than explained that I was a nudist and didn't expect to see anyone on the trail. The older lady in her 60's laughed and said that this would be a great story to tell their friends later about the naked man. She said it wasn't a bad idea and that it would certainly be cooler than the sweat they were wearing. The younger lady had calmed down and seemed a little more accepting of my nudity and we soon parted ways. . . I . . . spent a couple more hours enjoying the trails and creek but saw nobody else. I think my apology for startling them and explaining that I was a nudist along with the older lady’s acceptance made my situation easier . . .” - GABare

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advantages to Freehiking in the Rain

“I've been able to get in a lot of nude hiking this year. It has been a rainy summer which worked to my benefit. Most people don't hike in the rain and don't like clingy wet clothes hanging on them, and stay away from hiking trails anytime it is raining. I carry a zip lock food storage bag and stash my clothes and cell phone and return to retrieve them hours later. It feels great not to have any clothes with you and feel the warm rain on your skin. On several occasions the sun would come out and I'd dry off and put dry clothes on just before getting back to the parking area. On a couple of occasions people arriving as the rain quit have asked me how I stayed dry. I told them I stored my clothes in a plastic bag and hiked nude. One couple said, ‘Hey, that is a good idea.’ I have been able to hike two to three times a week nude three to five hours at a time around a local lake and on different hiking trails around New River Gorge. There are several trails with a single trail head, so you know if no one is parked there you can safety walk in nude, it is the return trip that is risky.” – Maturwvcouple

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Desert Freehiking

“The weather has improved enough to get back out to the desert. . . for a couple five mile hikes. It is still nice being able to leave everything in my vehicle and strike out nude. . . I've been drawn to a kumeyaay area where I've finally spotted some petroglyphs. There are a few desert flowers starting to bloom . . . I hiked out about 2-3 miles to a flat sandy area with a rock outcropping . . . I was again pondering the previous inhabitants and was looking at some rock carvings. The day was much more pleasant than yesterday and I was enjoying the warm breeze leaning on my hiking pole. . . my eyes were drawn upward to spy a golden eagle riding the thermals above me. I watched him in envy a few minutes and returned my attention to the hum which turned out to be a swarm of bees that were taking advantage of the early blossoms of the tall bush next to me. . . Even with the wind the temperature was not bad and since nude hiking opportunities are much appreciated by me I pressed on further into the desert. . . Much of the area is referred to as Badlands for it is desolate and the terrain appears harsh at times from a distance. I think it is only when you walk amongst it that the beauty and thriving life is evident if you’re open to it and being naked your whole body is open.” - Jay

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I certainly had a good Bahama beach tan

“A few years ago my wife and I spent a year in the Bahamas. Not far from where we lived was a "nude beach." After visiting it a few times we decided it was called nude because it was nude of people. I had always wanted to be nude outside but the only chance I had was in our own private back yard. Now was my chance. . . Where we first started walking the beach there was a curve and as soon as we had rounded it I would slip off my swim suit and carry it for 3 or 4 miles while we collected shells and then when we returned I would slip it back on just before the curve. . . Then later I would lock all my clothes, shorts, tee, swimsuit and sandals in the trunk of the car. This was great! Then one day as we turned around to walk back we saw three couples walking down the beach toward us. There was no place to hide so I just "toughed" it out. Seems they were from a cruise ship and asked many questions about the island and life on it. Nobody seemed to care (except me) that I was the only completely naked guy among 8 people. We walked back the 4 or 5 miles to our car chatting all the while. Only as we were saying goodbyes did one of them mention that I certainly had a good tan.” - Beachnude

Monday, June 28, 2010

Chautauqua Gorge Freehike

“I met the Northcoast Naturists group . . . we hiked along the creek bank a bit until we arrived at the painted rock where we undressed . . . It was more of a freehike than a skinny-dipping outing. We didn’t spend a lot of time at the falls but it was refreshing to take a dip. . . At the point where we had originally come down into the gorge we . . . dressed and made our way back up to the top. Outside of walking some short trails in a nudist camp, this was my first freehike. I’ve never really had much of an interest in hiking but my hike through the Chautauqua Gorge was rather enjoyable. I could describe it in the usual terms: the warmth of the sun, the breeze on my skin and the cool wetness of the water but they don’t adequately convey what I felt. It’s something that has to be experienced firsthand to really be understood.” – Rick

Saturday, June 26, 2010


SoCal Freehiker’s hiked to Deep Creek hot springs on Thursday, June 24th, 2010. Six members were able to schedule time for the hike – again all guys, because PJ got sick, but I’m sure we’ll have the ladies in the group join the next hike. (Sorry others were unable to attend; we’ll try to vary the days from now on to include more members.)

I arrived at Bowen Ranch a little late, but most were waiting, naked in the parking lot when I arrived - thanks.

The two mile hike down to the springs was easy. The weather was nice and warm, with a cooling breeze – not a cloud in the sky. The high desert scenery along the way was beautiful. I noticed and photographed a few flowers.

We passed one clothed couple on the way down. As they passed, I mentioned to them that it seemed too warm for clothes, but they didn’t respond.

When we arrived, we sat on rocks to remove our shoes in order to wade across the stream to the hot pools. The water was perhaps two feet deep and very peasant – not cold at all.

We first gathered in a shady area to eat our lunch and talk.

Then for several hours we soaked in the hot pools, swam in the river, and talked. It was very enjoyable.

We met several locals who shared some other areas we might freehike in the future. I’ll take a little time to visit these areas so we can schedule them if they look good. Anyone interested in joining my explorations?

Perhaps 50 people were at the springs, though the area is large enough so it didn’t feel crowded at all. At least half of the people remained clothed, especially the younger visitors – strange – but no one mentioned our nudity, or seemed to care.

Mid-afternoon, we decided to leave. The sun was hot but the breeze blowing past our nude bodies kept the temperature just right for the freehike out.

We passed several other clothed people on the way out. None commented about our nakedness, though they didn’t stop to talk.

A special thanks to Ron of Deep Creek Volunteers fame who led the hike.

Gil volunteered to lead out next hike. It will be to the Idlewild area, on probably Friday, July 9th. He’ll get back to us with the exact time, location, directions, etc. Hopefully all will be able to attend. It is such a wonderful experience, freehiking with good friends, being one with nature.

Here is a link to a few photos from the Deep Creek hike:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arizona Hot Springs Freehike and Camp

“I had a great naked hiking and camping experience last weekend at the Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs, downstream from Hoover Dam. . . There were three of us, a 62 year old woman, a 46 year old man, and me, a 59 year old man. We had never met but we bonded quickly and formed a pretty good team. . . We hiked in nude from the highway to the river (about 2 miles), then along the river to our camp spot below the main beach and camping area. We encountered several groups along the way, but as usual, our nudity was not a problem. . . We spent the weekend getting in and out of the cold river, hiking to and soaking in the pools, and just generally hanging out in a beautiful area. We were generally casual about our nudity and were seen by many people, including passing boaters, with no incidents. At one point, a guy came walking down to where we were hanging out at the beach. We invited him to join us, and he dropped his shorts and sat with us for a while. . . All in all, a great celebration of nudity and good companionship in the great outdoors!” – Canyon Hawk

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Freehiking Naked Woods

“Tramping naked through a deep carpet of rusty leaves in some places, and new snow in other places, was an exceptional experience. The woods looks completely different when it is naked, taking on a different color pallet of longer shadows, muted greens, an infinite number of shades of browns and grays, contrasted with an azure sky, and the deep blues of the distant Lake Willoughby while the low angle sun lent a warm glow to everything not seen in the summer. Again, I was acutely aware of a different kind of quiet broken only by the sound of a different kind of breeze cutting through the naked trees, the hammering of several woodpeckers fattening up for the coming winter, the chatter of some crows announcing my presence, and the distant warmth of the sun on my skin.” - FreewalkerMA

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wife Suggests Freehiking Trip

“My wife enjoys backyard and nude beach naturism but is not into nude hiking as I am, though she appreciates the difference in my outlook after a trip to Deep Creek hot springs for example. She must have noticed my stress level lately and surprised me when she suggested I needed a hiking getaway to the mountains and told me to get lost for a week or until I got it out of my system. I packed lightly and headed north to the Sierras east of Fresno. I've free hiked many areas in the national forest over the years but never on such an extended trip.

I couldn't wait to reach my destination before getting started. I stopped at a rest stop north of Bakersfield on Hwy 99 took off my shirt and shoes and shorts and drove naked staying mostly in the right lane until the next stop some 40 miles north. After stopping for supplies at a market in the foothills above Fresno, I again drove nude up into the mountains until reaching my destination.

. . . The next several days were spent nude driving, hiking and mountain biking in the sierras between 5k and 8k elevation. After coffee and breakfast on the deck feeding the bluejays I'd start my day. The weather warmed up and was beautiful. I didn't really keep track but I was nude most of the day every day. . . The next morning I drove out to the area early and nude. Seeing no other cars I left my shorts in the car and with hat, keys and walking stick took off nude down the trail. . . This trail was beautiful, meandering through meadow and forest through gradual hills for what seemed miles and miles. For me there is no greater recreation activity then walking nude in the sunshine through a forest and meadow like this. . . on the return trip to my clothes I noticed a granite ridge overlooking a small dell. I walked out on the granite and stood overlooking the pine covered area below. I was standing in the sun under a thin canopy of tall Jeffery, yellow and sugar pine trees. You can't get this with clothes on. I stood there eyes closed slowly breathing the pine-scented air, sun warming my body (about 75f) with a gentle warm breeze wafting up from the ground around my legs swirling around my body as if mother nature were giving me a wonderful hug. I looked at my body, the body of a lone creature contrasted against the granite, ground, wildflowers and trees of this area. I felt dwarfed by such a magnificent spectacle as all the worldly stress of everyday life melted away in insignificance compared to such beauty. Thank you God for this moment and day.” - Jay

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unconscious Naturist Living

Living full-time in a naturist community is a totally different experience than visiting a resort or beach or freehiking a trail to experience social nudity, and then returning to the clothed world. A naturist ‘experience’ provides excited anticipation, the feeling of naked freedom, and a clothed release. A person remains self-conscious, especially when nude with dressed people. In contrast, naturist living becomes unconscious - the normal, natural way to live. One is not self-conscious even when with clothed people. I prefer ‘living’ as a naturist.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Freehiking's Spiritual Connection

“I have thought about this for awhile, looking for a way to express how I feel about hiking, the outdoors and being naked. . . I have often thought that there is a spiritual feeling from being in nature. Yesterday’s USA Today had an article in the life section that spoke of a preacher, rabbi and scholar who give more or less sermons in the great outdoors. How one can open up and loose all connection to the outside world and let nature direct you to God. Most important to me was the fact that before churches God spoke to his people through nature and even Jesus did most of his teaching outdoors. I don't pretend to be overly religious but I often feel that connection when I am alone in the woods. . . Being naked . . . just comfortable shoes and your true self to connect with nature and your God.” – Nude Walker

Friday, June 18, 2010

Announcing Deep Creek Freehike

SoCal Freehikers Next Freehike to

Next Thursday, June 24th, the SoCal Freehikers will hike nude into and out of Deep Creek Hot Springs near Hesperia, California. Everyone is welcome!
Please respond to this email if you are able to attend.

Deep Creek Hot Springs is a popular, clothing optional, skinny-dipping spot on U.S. Forest Service land, with hot springs, a cold creek, beach-like areas and rocks to hang out on, and other people - men, women, children, with clothes on and/or off.

The trailhead to Deep Creek is about an hour north of San Bernardino. The last 6 miles of driving is on a dirt road, though four-wheel drive is NOT required.

For carpooling, we will meet and leave from the far corner of the parking lot (nearest corner to the turn off the main road) of the San Bernardino Walmart (4001 Hallmark Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA 92407). Here is a Mapquest link to it:

We will depart from Walmart promptly at 8:30 am, in order to arrive at Bowen Ranch and start hiking in by 10:00 am.

If you'd prefer to organize your own driving, you can find driving and hiking directions at this website:

We will park at Bowen Ranch which is private property (and also clothing optional). Parking costs $5 per vehicle.

The spot where we park the vehicles is about half a mile past the Bowen Ranch House. From there it's a 2-mile hike, descending 900 feet, to Deep Creek Hot Springs. This means your return hike will be two miles with a 900 foot ascent. Good for the heart.

If this is your first time to Deep Creek and you are not hiking with the group, you should be aware that as you near the springs the trail will fork. While it is very tempting to take the left fork, which obviously leads directly down to the springs that you see on your left, you actually want to take the RIGHT FORK for a much safer, easier descent.

Getting to the hot springs themselves requires fording the cold creek. Water may be several feet high. It is a good idea to change to water shoes to cross the creek and get around to the different hot springs.

You should bring drinking water, food, something to sit on (a towel is good enough), sunblock, gas money for carpooling, a five-dollar bill for parking, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to try to carry out some of the litter left behind by less responsible people.

Your departure time from Deep Creek is whenever you and the carload you came with wants to leave. If you decide to leave in the early afternoon, you will be making that 900-foot ascent with a full sun beating down on your back. It’s more comfortable to wait until the sun gets closer to the western horizon, even though it means driving home in the dark.

Remember to respond to this email if you are able to attend, and email me with questions at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SoCal Freehiker’s First Hike – Olive Dell Ranch - Report

I am writing Saturday morning from Glen Eden where a few freehikers are camping and enjoying the AANR West summer festival. We attended a nice dance last night – more naked than is usual so very nice - and then soaked and talked in the hot tub until 11:00 pm, when we returned to our tents for the night. (I’ll share more when the weekend is over.)

Thursday, July 10, 2010, the SoCal Freehikers group held its “first” nude hike in the hills above Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, CA. Members began arriving at 8:15. By 9:05 twelve members had gathered on the patio, stripped in uniform, ready for the hike. (All guys this time - PJ would have come along if any women had attended - I’m sure some will next time.)

The weather was overcast, and it was a little cool just standing on the patio, but perfect for a hike as exercise quickly warms the body. Ah, naked, the best exercise of all.

Ken led the way, starting up the newly opened Olive Dell Nature Trail. He pointed out the names of native California plants along the trail, and several knowledgeable members of the group added comments.

Half way along the Nature Trail the group branched off to hike up the fire road to the top of Picnic Table Point. (Those who ran the Bare Burro 5K will remember this area.) Walking the road made it easier to bunch up a little, talk, and get to know each other – one of the nicest things to do on a group freehike.

A slight breeze cooled out naked bodies nicely as we reached the crest of the hill at the old picnic table. The temperature was now perfect. We paused at this place for a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful view of the resort, nestled in the upper valley of Reche Canyon, 1.5 miles below.
Then, we continued freehiking up the hill and along the ridge to the upper meadow, until we reached the gate. We hiked up the hill to visit the memorial site, and again enjoy the view. Then we started back.

We took a different route, returning along the next ridge south, where we could see all of Reche Canyon, the road, and the houses below. It was beautiful.

Half way down we observed a rattle snake warming itself in a small, clear patch of dirt. That was exciting, and somewhat unusual. A snake is an amazing animal that just wants to be left alone, so after talking a few photos, we did just that.

The rest of the hike was very enjoyable and uneventful. We did pause for a group photo to document the hike on the last peak overlooking the resort. As we walked down the trail, we met up with one additional freehiker who had hit traffic from LA, so had started hiking late.
We returned to the resort via the rest of the Nature Trail, and after about two hours got back just in time to move our cars for the garbage truck. (I should have known that Thursday was garbage day at the resort so we could have parked below the main parking lot. Bobby, the owner was cool about it though.)

Afterwards, I talked with Bobby. He was a little concerned that only guys used the patio area and hot tubs after the hike. He prefers to keep a fairly balanced gender mix on the patio. Interestingly, he though gay couples were just fine, since “they tend to hang with their partners.” He was mostly concerned that some single guys would act inappropriately around lady visitors. I explained that we would certainly have more female participants on future hikes, which helped. He suggested that partners who don’t hike come along to enjoy the facilities while they wait for hiking spouses – a good idea. Entrance is free in the future for group members who are just hiking. In the future, the day fee for those who will stay after to use the resort facilities will be his lowest rate - $10 - a deal.)

After moving the cars we walked over to Dellymaze Park where my wife PJ gave us a fun tour of the amazingly creative features she has incorporated. Everyone should come to Olive Dell if only to visit the totally unique Dellymaze Park. There is nothing quite like it at any naturist, or textile destination for that matter.

We met for a few minutes to discuss when and where members would like to hike in the future. Thursday works good for those who had participated. Several suggested that we vary the weekdays a little and occasionally do weekend hikes so others could come. Several also suggest potential places to hike. As an assignment, I will revise the schedule a little to vary the days, and other members were asked to try out a few areas/trails to see if they could be used by a group of happy freehikers without disturbing texiles. (Be sure to let us know how these trials turn out so we can add hikes to the schedule.)

Until these revisions are made, we’ll continue hiking as scheduled according to the following guidelines:
· Freehike the 2nd Thursday of each month.
· Freehike the last Thursday of each month.
· Camp/freehike one weekend each month (for those who can stay) at a place corresponding to one of the Thursday freehikes.

As a reminder, details for each hike including exact meeting places and times will be published each month on the new email group: . Please join this group as soon as possible so we can reduce the number of emails that must be sent.
SoCal Freehiker’s next group hike will be to “Deep Creek”, Thursday, June 24th. We will start hiking from Bowen ranch at 10:00 am, so some of the members will have to arise early. I’ll forward a reminder and directions later. Hopefully, everyone can attend. Please email us so we know you’re attending.

I’ll post a report about a freehike PJ and I took to Deep Creek later.

Here are links to a few sites about this fun hiking/soaking spot:

And here is a link to a few photos of SoCal Freehiker’s first freehike at Olive Dell Ranch:

See you all at SoCal Freehiker’s next hike on the 24th at Deep Creek.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Freehiking a Lake Shore

“Got my first naked hike of the year in today. It was in the mid seventies and sunny, I was able to canoe to a remote part of the local lake. Since there were only three boats on the entire lake (and since you can hear them a mile away), I was able to go nude and hike around the shoreline from 11:00 am till 5:00 pm. It felt great, such a stress free feeling of freedom. Now I'm sitting here nude, sipping wine and looking forward to more warm weather.” – Maturewvcouple

Monday, June 7, 2010

Freehiking Yosemite National Park - Meeting Ladies

“I was in Yosemite National Park a few Springs ago . . . a beautiful day, sunny and looking to get warm . . . by the time I got to the top of the falls it was mid-morning and I reckoned this was about the place that most tourists stop, take their pics and head back for home. . . I wondered if I dared risk taking off my clothes. . . But I hadn't seen anyone for a while so I reckoned I should just give it a go. No sooner had I got my clothes off then I heard steps behind me. A woman with her young daughter were walking up the path behind me . . . I got the shock of my life but did my best to keep my cool and told them I hoped I hadn't startled them. She . . . suggested . . . that my clothes might have got soaked in the spray of the waterfall on the way up. . . She even said they had taken their own clothes off through that part . . . Then off they went. . . I can't have been going for more than a few minutes when I heard someone else behind me! No time to cover up, so I turned to brazen it out. It was a female park ranger! Now I was really busted! But she wished me good morning with nothing more than a smile... and a warning that she was about to meet a bunch of teenagers waiting round the next bend and I might want to cover up. . . from that point on, for the next five or six hours, I walked up and back along the valley trail, completely nude, without meeting a single person. . . I'm very grateful to the two women I bumped into for being so chilled and not scaring me out of my first proper hike!” - Greystoke

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Olive Dell Ranch May 2010

In addition to many exciting adventures such as leaving our jobs and taking a vacation up the Central California coast, May at Olive Dell Ranch was so interesting that the month just seemed to fly by. We worked hard weeding and cleaning up Dellymaze Park and the Olive Dell Nature Trail. (They are both in great shape for a visit.) We helped make the resort’s traditional Memorial Day Pirate’s Weekend a success, and had lots of fun.

Each morning we tried to take time to freehike the hills above the resort. Freehiking is such a motivating way to exercise.

We got together with friends many times, including flying model planes in the meadow above the resort – nude of course. All in all, May was a rewarding month. Here are a few photos from the May 2010:


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Canuding and Nude Rafting Video

Alex Nackt's video/slideshow of canuding and nude rafting on the Isar River Bike Ride in Germany: .

It sure looks fun, and the textile onlookers don't seem concerned.

Naturist practice in Germany is pretty amazing.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Freehiking - Minimalist, Primativist

“. . . when you are nude and have managed to not take along too many things, you can practically float along the trail. Not just smooth, flat trails but any trail. You can manage pretty well by leaving more things behind. It might be minimalist but it is also primativist . . . And it's more fun - but mainly because you're naked.” – Blue Train