Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advantages to Freehiking in the Rain

“I've been able to get in a lot of nude hiking this year. It has been a rainy summer which worked to my benefit. Most people don't hike in the rain and don't like clingy wet clothes hanging on them, and stay away from hiking trails anytime it is raining. I carry a zip lock food storage bag and stash my clothes and cell phone and return to retrieve them hours later. It feels great not to have any clothes with you and feel the warm rain on your skin. On several occasions the sun would come out and I'd dry off and put dry clothes on just before getting back to the parking area. On a couple of occasions people arriving as the rain quit have asked me how I stayed dry. I told them I stored my clothes in a plastic bag and hiked nude. One couple said, ‘Hey, that is a good idea.’ I have been able to hike two to three times a week nude three to five hours at a time around a local lake and on different hiking trails around New River Gorge. There are several trails with a single trail head, so you know if no one is parked there you can safety walk in nude, it is the return trip that is risky.” – Maturwvcouple

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