Monday, June 29, 2009

Side Pack for Freehiking

“Nothing feels better that getting out in nature and getting nude and taking a hike. This year I have done away with the backpack and have a camo side pack that goes over my shoulder and a water bottle attached. When I hike I go during weekday when most folks are at work or school.” - Gabare

Green River Trip & Freehikes - Oct. 2006

October 8th, PJ and I drove from Salt Lake City to Moab, Utah, to float the Green River with our friends, Larry and Bob. We had some extra time Monday, so we visited Arches National Park, just outside Moab. Monday evening we met with Larry and Bob to get organized and plan our transportation to the river Tuesday morning. We were excited to get started.

Tuesday as the shuttle van took us down a long dirt road to Ruby Ranch our driver explained that the area had just gotten over record rain storms. He explained if it rained much more he might not be able to pick us up at Mineral Bottom on Saturday as planned. We explained we had to get out so we could return to California in time to catch a flight to Orlando. We decided to risk it, so the driver dropped us off with our canoes and equipment at a muddy beach near Ruby Ranch.

We loaded the canoes, got naked, and paddled down stream. The river was very high and yucky-muddy; apparently this isn’t usually the case. However, the scenery was wonderful from the very start. The river banks were bordered by thick tamarisk, and red cliffs rose high on both sides. After a few hours I noticed a wash leading up from the river; we stopped and took a wonderful freehike. The rain had left warm pools of water in the bottom of the red-walled wash.

Splashing through the pools cooled our naked bodies which had been nicely warmed by the sun. We even found a pool big enough for all of us to soak in and talk. We noticed some cliff dwelling high up in the cliffs. This was the best hike we took the entire trip, but not the only one.

We reached our first camp site fairly early, pulled the canoes up a shallow river near the camp, and unloaded the equipment. This camp was on a sandy dirt ledge perhaps twenty feet above the river, at the base of an amazingly tall red-rock cliff. The “almost a trail” from the river, through the mud and tamarisk, and up to the camp was pretty tough going. Still it was nice to get settled and eat together. Two unfortunate things happened that first night. PJ lost her sunglasses while helping another party find a campsite, and our air mattress developed a leak. This was the last night we had a comfortable sleep during the entire trip. Oh well.

The next morning we packed and paddled on down river again. The entire stretch of the river we floated was smooth and slow moving. It was relaxing to paddle slowly, or just float along and feel the warm sun on our bodies. Our backs got sore from just sitting (next time we’re taking a seat with a back rest), so we stopped at a likely looking wash to rest our backs and take another freehike. Instead of extending far back into the cliffs, this wash quickly rose up from the river and after a short time we emerged high up above the river and canoes. The views were beautiful, and the sun and breeze felt great as they caressed our naked bodies. We collected some nice rocks near the top, and soon returned to the canoes.

That night, Wednesday evening, we camped near some small cliffs at the side of the river. The banks were very muddy. PJ slipped and slid down the muddy bank while tying up the canoes – fortunately mud easily washes off naked bodies – unfortunately PJ hurt her knee. We set up camp, and Bob and I went for a freehike. On the way I slipped on some rocks and really bruised my hand and skinned up my leg, so I returned to camp early. So there we were, two naked warriors, both wounded, without an air mattress. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep well that night. We hurt so bad, PJ and I played a “guess-that-tune” game to pass the time, singing into the night and early in the morning; this was fun. Also on the positive side, this was a beautiful place to camp and we took a nice picture of PJ’s signature pose.

We got up early the next morning, ate breakfast, and headed down river. The scenery was again amazing. We were hurting to much to stop and hike this day, but floating along the river, watching Great Blue Herons, and feeling the warm sun on our bodies kept things quit enjoyable. It was even fun listening to Larry and Bob argue in the other canoe. (For a while we thought they might get really angry and drown each other, but they eventually apologized.) We just kept on paddling.

Thursday evening we stopped early again to camp. The bank at this campsite was perhaps 10 feet high, and very muddy; we weren’t sure we could even get out. I dropped PJ off at the mouth of a small river to see if we might stop there; she just about sank out of sight in quick sand. We finally found an area where we could dig some stairs in the mud bank, and climb up to the camp. It was all slick and messy, but we made it, set up camp, and ate dinner. The ground was hard again this night, and the singing continued.

Friday we got up early, ate breakfast, packed the canoes, and headed on down the river. The scenery along this stretch of the river was the most spectacular of all. We paddled right along the edge of amazingly tall, red-rock cliffs. We paddled for hours around a goose-neck in the river. Our naked bodies soaked up lots of warm sun. We stopped three times: Once to see the area where many past visitors had carved rock art and their names. Then, we stopped at an area where uranium mining had been done in the past, and freehiked up to an abandoned mine.
As it got later in the afternoon we stopped at a canyon to look for a campsite. We didn’t find a good spot to camp, but we took a marvelous freehike up the canyon, looking for a natural arch the van driver had told us about. We ran out of time before we got to the top of the cliffs where the arch was supposed to be, but we took time to wash off and soak in a warm, rain-filled red-rock pool in the wash bed. Not only does the sun and air feel great when you hike nude, but it is sure easy and natural to just jump in a pool and cool off along the way.

After the freehike, we paddled downstream to hopefully find a campsite before dark. We got lucky. We found a giant sandbar. This was the only place we camped the entire trip where we didn’t have to fight muddy banks. We set up camp, ate dinner, and went to bed early. Even though the ground was sandy, it was still hard sleeping, so PJ and I sang ourselves to sleep again, anticipating the end of the trip by lunch-time the next day. The weather had been sunny and warm; it looked like we wouldn’t have to worry about getting picked up. At 4:00 am that night we heard rain drops on the tent. We just kept singing.

We got up to showers Saturday morning. Larry said he’d miss our singing. We ate breakfast, packed up the canoes, and paddled off down the river hoping we’d be able to get out; PJ and I were definitely ready. It rained the entire time as we paddled several hours to our pick-up point - Mineral Bottom – no nudity this day. We arrived by about 11:00 am, unloaded the canoes, pulled them up the bank, and waited in the rain. Pick up time was supposed to be 12:00 noon.

We passed the time talking with an older gentleman with a long beard who stayed in a trailer at Mineral Bottom. I’m sure he didn’t get a chance to talk with many people, so we couldn’t get him to stop talking. He had some pretty crazy ideas about staying healthy by moving around all the time, even when asleep.

We kept close watch on the dirt road that dropped into Mineral Bottom, afraid our ride might not make it in because of the rain. Noon passed – no van. 1:00 pm passed – no van – we were worried. Finally, about 1:30 a white Suburban drove down the road. It turned out that the van and trailer couldn’t make it down to us, so the owner of the company jumped in the Suburban to give it a try; we were very grateful.

The trip back was exciting, in fact scary. The muddy single-lane dirt road switched back and forth straight up a 1000 foot red-rock cliff. At every turn we threw mud in our wake. You didn’t dare look down - the cliff dropped forever just a few feet from the vehicle – way too exciting. We were definitely happy to reach the top safely – alive.

So, we survived our Green River trip. It was certainly an adventure. Larry said it was the most difficult trip he’d even taken down the Green River, and he’d done it many times before. On the positive side, we saw some wonderful scenery, got in some quality sunning and freehiking, and learned a lot about each other. Would we do it again? Probably, now that we’ve gotten over some of the pain. We learned a lot; next time we’ll pick a time with much less rain and mud, take a better air mattress and a seat with a back, as well as an extra pair of sun glasses. We’ll drink lots more water. We’ll freehike even more, but be more careful, and stay just as nude – maybe even more.

You can see some photos of our trip at:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Southern Ohio Freehike

“My wife and I freehiked the beautiful 5 miles of trails through the woods and fields of beautiful Cedar Trails in southern Ohio. No scratches, no discomfort, no sweaty clothes clinging to the skin, no bug bites, and not a care in the world.” - Nudiarist

Grassy Mountains Freehike - June 2008

On June 8th, Lee, J., Steve, and Ken drove about an hour west from Salt Lake City to the desert Grassy Mountains. The weather was cool, but great, and the sky was clear – just right for a freehike. We parked and undressed at the truck, and enjoyed the feel of being natural outdoors as we hiked along a road at the based of some interesting, rocky desert hills. The bright, white Salt Flats could be seen in the distance. (You can see photos from the hike at:

In addition to the beautiful desert scenery, we saw several pretty flowers, and some horned toads (that didn’t mind four naked people; in fact one choose to pose for a photo).

It was fun talking as we hiked nude, especially since this was J.’s first formal freehike, though she’s had many naturist-like experiences in the past. She’s fairly new to Utah, an artist and art model.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beachwalking - Like Childhood Again

“For me, the sheer joy, and it is like childhood again in a way, of roaming around totally buck naked without a care, is such a draw that I do seek it whenever possible. That is why beachwalking in the buff recently was so wonderful. I had a bottle of water in my hand, but nothing on my body whatsoever, below the cap and sunglasses.” - Doodndanood

Grassy Mountains Freehike - Aug. 2007

Wednesday August 22 the Freehiking Utah Group took a wonderful hike in the Grassy Mountains west of Salt Lake City. We gathered at 12:30 at Saltaire, and by 12:45 we were driving to the trail. The group was small – it seems there is more interest and people have more time in the spring – each fall interest seems to wane some. Only three participated – the regulars Ken, Ben, and Steve; since other ladies hadn’t signed up PJ decided to stay home and sew.

The weather looked a little rainy so we headed west were water seldom falls. Good decision – sun with temperatures in the 90s.

When we arrived, we parked at the base of the hills, undressed, and started up the seldom-used dirt road that wound up through the hills. As always; the sun felt so nice, warm, and wonderful on our naked bodies. The scenery was brown, dry, with sage brush, a few pinion and juniper trees, and many rocky hills and mountains. A few hearty flowers dotted the hillsides. The area is beautiful in its own way, especially since we were enjoying it in our best suits - birthday.

As we hiked we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. Nude hiking buddies are the greatest.

Along the way we investigated a shallow cave, and scared up some chucker’s (game birds) that were enjoying a water collection area. Several military jets flew fairly low above us; the area is near Hill Field practice bombing range. We had wanted to hike far enough to look out over the Salt Flats, but after an hour and a half we reached a high point on the road, and Ken at least had about run out of energy, so we turned back. The hike down was enjoyable as the breezes cooled our nude bodies. Soon we reached the parked truck and headed home.

We stopped for a cold soft drink on the way, and got back to Salt Lake City by about 5:30 - the end of another wonderful freehike.

Here are some photos from this hike:
( ).

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Amazing for Sure

[Hiking Nude] “It's amazing for sure. At first I was a little hesitant. Kept the shorts at hand just in case. But by the end of the day all my clothes were in my backpack. Nothing on but shoes, hat and sunglasses. Then I spent two hours hiking over rocks and such with no backpack. Just felt [great] to [be] free, it was crazy fun. Can't wait to go again.” - Rex

Model for Organizing a Nude Hiking Club

(I had the following article published in the May 2008 issue of N Magazine.)

“I love to hike nude!” “Me too; it’s the feeling of sun and the breeze on my whole body – nothing like it.” “Yeah, the feeling of hiking without sweaty clothes – they’re so yucky.” “If I couldn’t hike nude, I don’t think I’d hike.” “I love the exercise – freehiking makes me healthy.” “So much beauty – I feel one with nature. “It gives me a spiritual feeling too. “And I enjoy talking with others as we hike.” “I’ve made so many close, really life-long friends hiking nude.”

How It All Started

I love everything about hiking nude – the feeling, the exercise, the beauty, and how it’s fixed my head. I frequently hiked nude on my own when I lived in Southern Utah from 1995-2002. Nude hiking became such a wonderful, freeing experience that I call it freehiking.

Maybe individuals have always freehiked (hiked nude) in the Utah valleys and mountains? After all, it’s something nude you can do in Utah where there isn’t much water - no one swims in the Great Salt Lake anymore. Now, I think Utah might be the freehiking hiking capital of the United States.

I’ve heard that a group called the Utah Naturists took a few group freehikes during the 1990’s. A fellow called Edge who’d freehiked the mountains above the Salt Lake Valley for years announced informal, small-group hikes starting about 2000. I first learned of the group freehikes first in 2003 when Lee Penrod announced them on several local egroups; he posted a monthly schedule in 2004. I couldn’t attend as I’d moved to California, but I understand the hikes attracted 4-8, mostly men who only attended once. Oh well, it was a start. Lee kept hiking.

Organization and Growth

I moved back to Utah in June 2005, and decided to attend the first scheduled group freehike of the year. I almost chickened out; it was cold; besides, this was my first group nude experience even though I’d freehiked alone for years. But I knew it was important for me to experience a GROUP nude hike.

Lee Penrod met me near the Great Salt Lake and the clouds parted just long enough for the two of us to the brave the cold and head out to Stansbury Island on the shore of the Great Salt Lake. Getting undressed at the trailhead – I’d done it often alone; it felt strange doing it along with someone else. But as soon as we started hiking the strangeness disappeared. The sun, the breeze, being one with nature, and something new – someone to talk with - what a wonderful first group hike.

I attended again and again. That year I met several other hikers - some came once, some twice. Lee, Steve, and I became the consistent core group members. That year Lee traveled to Vernal in Eastern Utah to hike with several others; it was the group’s first travel hike.

Our schedule expanded in 2006 to include one hike a month near Salt Lake City and a second travel hike at another Utah location. Something else very important happened that year - I met and married PJ. You should have seen her on our first freehike together, just the two of us. She’d been nervous. Then she took off her clothes: “Wow, what a great feeling.” Off we hiked. She hasn’t stopped since; she got it - lucky her - lucky me.

PJ’s attendance at the hikes changed things – women and couples showed up, and kept coming. Something else happened; I started writing and posting reports of our hikes, and we took photos to combine with the reports. (We had been reluctant to shoot photos assuming some hikers would object - none have; they’ve felt safe as long as we only use back shots - no face/front photos. So we’ve kept that policy; it works well for us. Most of our members are unable to be open about naturism; we’re in Utah after all. Besides, we use photos mostly to establish context for our reports.) We became known as the Freehiking Utah Group. The reports and photos added interest and attracted more new people. At least 3 couples and 5 individuals consistently attended during 2006. (The photos included with this article are just a few from past Trip Reports.)

We changed the schedule some in 2007, planning two hikes a month (a local Salt Lake City are hike during the week and a Saturday travel hike hoping to involve more people). Our first hike of 2007 set a record – 14 attended. The group continued to grow and change. Hikers from as far away as Alabama, Minnesota, and Michigan attended.


Some members expanded our group hikes to include other activities – canuding, nude houseboating, hotspringing, and visiting resorts around the Western U.S. In July 2007, about the same time Lee and I gave a presentation on forming a nude hiking group at the TNS Western Gathering at Lupin Lodge, we formed the Skinny Trippers Club to encourage and help organize naturist travel and hiking wherever interested members live. With that, our name changed. Skinny Trippers focus on planning, participating in, and reporting naturist travels and activities (especially freehiking) – as groups or as individuals. Our reports are called Skinny Trip Reports or Skinny Hike Reports or Skinny Event Reports or just plain Skinny Reports. While still reasonably small and personal, the Skinny Trippers Club now has members from around the world. Anyone with interest can join (

The Skinny Trippers’ 2008 schedule includes regular monthly hikes around Utah, other naturist activities, and a full travel agenda. We still don’t have formal leadership, just interested participants and volunteer Skinny Guides. The Club’s plans always include meeting new hikers and freehiking with them.

Lessons Learned

What have we learned as we organized a freehiking group? First, we’ve learned where to hike. That always seems to be a topic of interest – “Where should I go?” It’s pretty simple really – hike where others don’t hike; we’re naturists after all, not exhibitionists. Don’t hike the “pretty” established trails. Pick seldom used trails, dirt roads, washes, or get naked a long distance from the trailhead. These seldom used places have their own unique beauty. Pick areas with little underbrush, few trees, and few bugs. The Utah valleys and mountains are perfect.
What days are best to hike? We seldom see anyone on weekdays. Weekends can get crowded near the cities so we plan our Saturday travel hikes to places away from others. That has worked well.

How long should group hikes last? An hour, maybe two, three at most. If you want to retain women and couples, don’t kill them off with long hikes, and set a slower pace - put the fast guys at the rear. We’ve found we can meet, drive about three hours, hike, and return comfortably on a Saturday. Longer than three hours and we need to plan camping as well. (We’ve done that; it’s fun for sure, but fewer people can attend.)

What should hikers wear? Nothing of course, but it’s important to have something available should you run on to a textiled person. We’ve found that a wrap (PJ makes them for both men and women Club members) works better than shorts. You can whip a wrap on in a moment instead of dancing all over the place and falling down trying to put shorts on over hiking shoes – how embarrassing.

Finally, and really most importantly, you must plan, schedule, and DOCUMENT your hikes with a report posted on interested egroups. This takes commitment and time, but I’m convinced it’s the only way to build and maintain interest. And one final, related thought – the documentation of hikes can’t include sharing peoples’ full names or face photos. (That’s why this article doesn’t include frontal photos.) This has nothing to do with being embarrassed or hiding, but with privacy, and it's not an excuse - its reality (ask any celebrity). Privacy is totally necessary for most of our hikers. Without a promise of privacy and trust our group would have never grown.

Call to Form Other Freehiking Clubs

The Skinny Trippers would like to encourage others to form Freehiking Clubs around the world. Let us know about your group. Contact us with questions at the Skinny Tripper egroup: We’d love to visit and hike with your group. Sharing hikes with others expands freehiking opportunities for all. Freehiking with friends – what an amazing thing to do!

Here is a link to the photos published with the article: )

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hamma Hamma River Freehiking

“I've had the joy of walking through a forest nude, feeling the spongy ground under my feet and the forest air kissing my skin. My husband and I strolled nude down the Hamma Hamma River in Washington. . . On several occasions, I've gone skinny-dipping. I've always enjoyed the tremendous sensuousness of swimming nude.” - Crystal

First Diamond Fork Freehike - June 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007, several members of the Freehiking Utah Group met to take our new friends (who had traveled all the way from Minnesota ) on a hike to the premier hot springs in Utah – Diamond Fork (also called 5th Water). PJ, Ken, Ben, and Cherie met Warren and Gloria at their Midvale motel, and traveled south on I-15, then up Spanish Fork Canyon and the turnoff to Sheep Creek, to the upper trailhead. Several cars were already parked at the trailhead. We expected we might meet people on a weekend in this popular area.

We started down the trial and mostly got nude when we could no longer see the road. (The girls were a little more cautious because this place is so busy.) The trail down to the springs is about 2.5 miles. It’s a little steep and rocky in places, but really not too difficult. A pretty stream runs by the trail the entire way, and we paused to take photos of four different waterfalls – the forth drops down near the hot pools.

Much of the way we hiked through shady groves of evergreen trees. The temperature was just right. The sky was filled with fluffy white clouds. It was a perfect day.

On the way down we passed one clothed couple, and several campers. They didn’t seem to mind that we were mostly nude; Diamond Fork is the place where nudity is most accepted in Utah , soaking that is, but some people still don’t expect to see people hiking nude.

In an hour we reached the hot springs . Two nude men were soaking in the spring nearest the falls, but luckily no one was in the largest pool, so we quickly slid in. It was quite clear. Two hot steams and one cool one fed the pool. The pool temperature was just right, at least for me. I could have stayed all day, which is unusual as I overheat quickly in very hot water. The sound of the waterfall mixed with our voices as we soaked and talked.

After a while a nude man came along and invited us to visit him and other nudists in an upper pond. (We later visited for just a few minutes as we were leaving.) He kindly took several photos of us in the largest pool. (See the photos of this trip at: )

After a little more soaking, PJ got excited to have a photo of her signature pose at the falls so she climbed on top and Ken took some photos. Then she got below the falls along with the rest of the group for some more photos. She was surprised by a bull snake that was hiding by the rocks near the falls – exciting, they are harmless.

After some more soaking, we all decided it was time to hike out and get something to eat - no one had eaten all day. Besides, several clothed people had showed up. One mother and her son hiked past and said “Hi”; she sat in the pond with the two nude guys, so I guess she was all right with nudity, even though she didn’t participate. Several other women in bikinis hiked past and said “Hi”. We decided it was getting too crowded so we started back.

The hike out was a little difficult. The sun was hotter, and the steeper areas proved a little tiring. Gloria got a little dizzy, and PJ got a side ache. Cherie, however, charged ahead and beat everyone out. (Ben found that very interesting. ) It didn’t take too long before we made it back to the cars and got dressed. The frozen water from Ben’s big bottle sure tasted great.

We all enjoyed the hike and soak at diamond Fork. Freehiking and soaking nude with your friends can’t be beat. It’s a very special thing. Warren and Gloria have quickly become forever friends. We all gathered at the Cracker Barrel in Springville to eat a great meal. What a wonderful day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wife's First Freehike

“[My wife] shares my interest in hiking, so we've done that a lot together. At one point on one of our hikes together near Provo, UT, I decided to be funny, and when I was a bit behind her on the trail, I slipped off the bottom half my clothes and caught back up to her, just to see her reaction. She laughed, but told me not to put them back on. Later, we went off the trail a bit, and we both shed our clothes and just enjoyed the feel of the sun and wind on our skin. No one else saw us, and when we headed back to the trail, she put hers back on, though I stayed naked for most of the way back.” - Cori

Diamond Fork Hot Springs Freehike - June 2007

The Freehiking Utah Group traveled to Diamond Fork for its normal 4th Wednesday group hike on June 27, 2007. A smaller group than normal attended this hike - Ken, Ben, Sean, Jason, Steve, Russ, and Marty. PJ didn’t come for the first time in quite a while (no other women had RSVPed and she was busy sewing her naturist clothes to sell at the TNS Western Naturist Gathering at Lupin Lodge in July), though she would have come if other women had attended.

We met at 12:30 in the Salt Lake City area to share rides, then traveled south on I-15, picked up a hiker in Springville, and drove up Spanish Fork Canyon to the lower trailhead.

The lower Diamond Fork trail is about the same 2.5 mile distance as the upper trail we’d hiked a few weeks earlier. It’s perhaps a little steeper than the upper trail, but not much, and it does have an advantage – you’re able to walk downhill on your way back. It’s greener, with more trees, and has a bigger river, but the falls are not as nice. It passes through a very picturesque mountain valley with many trees. It makes for a beautiful hike.

The parking is not as convenient at the lower trailhead. We had to park along the main road about ½ mile below the trailhead, so we wore on shorts or kits a ways before we were able to get naked. The weather was hot, with little breeze, which isn’t nearly as bad when you are hiking nude. It’s always nice to work up a naked sweat so even a little breeze cools you along the way. The sky was dark blue, with just a few puffy clouds.

Diamond Fork is a busy hot spring, so we met a few people even during midweek. We dressed quickly when we saw someone coming, and I don’t think we embarrassed anyone too badly. Besides, if there is anyplace in Utah where people expect nudity, its Diamond Fork, so we didn’t have any problems.

A family with several teenage daughters was soaking clothed at the lower springs when we arrived. The dad watched protectively, and told us he was concerned for the teenage girls, so we passed by (clothed of course) and hiked to the upper pools which tend to be more naturist oriented. No one else was at the upper pools. The water was very hot when we arrived, but Ben opened the inflow from the river, and the temperature was soon just right for everyone. The upper pools are very well maintained; ideal soaking.

We soaked and talked for about one hour. It was truly relaxing, with only a slight sulfur smell. The trees and mountains, and the sound of the river running by the pools added to the wonderful sensory experience. Hot springs can be glorious after a hot hike, and conversation with naturist friends is the way hot springs are supposed to be enjoyed.

After a while the dad from below hiked up to let us know they were leaving so we could have the lower pools by the water fall to ourselves. We decided it was time to leave anyway, so we packed up and headed back down the trail. We stopped for just a few minutes to look at the lower pools. The hike back was easy and pretty uneventful, until just before the road when we passed several teenage couples, who just laughed a little, but otherwise were fine. (All part of the Diamond Fork experience.)

We were certainly ready to head home when we got back to the cars. We had to wear our shorts and kilts on the busier road, so we didn’t hang around to talk like we normally do when we can be naked by the cars. Besides, this hike took a little longer than normal so we just got in our cars and headed home. We got back to Salt Lake City about 7:00 pm, after a wonderful hiking and hot springing experience.

Our only disappointment on this hike was the smaller than normal number of participants. More said they were coming, but apparently got busy. Summer can get so crazy with family events, etc., but we do me miss our friends when they can’t attend. This was the first group hike for two of our members; we hope they’ll return next hike, along with everyone else.

You can look at photos of our hike to Diamond Fork by going to this link:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Freehiking with My Dog

“I walk naked with my dog most days. I tend to choose quiet places, largely because we meet more wildlife that way, but I do occasionally meet other people and to date I have never had a bad reaction from anyone.” - Ian

Cedar Fort Freehike - May 2007

Wednesday, May 30th, the Freehiking Utah Group took a fun afternoon hike. Thirteen members actually hiked (a record), and we were excited to host visiting hikers from Alabama (2), Michigan (2), Minnesota (1), as well as 8 regulars. (I guess the word about our successful nude hiking group is getting out.)

The weather was perfect again – hardly a cloud in the sky – with temperatures in the 80s. We parked near our normal hiking spot and headed up the rocky trail. After going a short distance past the fence we got undressed. (This was the place PJ undressed to take her first nude hike. It was fun to recount how she was nervous at first, but after taking off her clothes said “this is cool” and almost danced for joy up the hill.) It always feels so wonderful to be outdoors surrounded by nature, the sun, and a warm breeze. Nude hiking is amazing!

The trail led along the base beautiful green-colored mountains, and this trail is especially nice as it goes through thick juniper and pinion pine trees. (Unfortunately it seems development is starting in the area so we might not be able to take this particular hike again.) Occasionally the trail opened up to reveal expansive views of the valley, Utah Lake , the Wasatch Front Mountains , Mount Timpanogas , and Mount Nebo – see photos:

As we hiked we enjoyed talking and sharing feelings with friends as we basked naked in the wonder of nature. This hike was especially memorable because of our new friends from outside Utah . It was nice to share our naturist experiences and discuss the beauty of Utah. Naturists are simply the friendliest people there are. The sun and breeze on our naked bodies was so enjoyable and kept us cool.

After hiking for about 1½ hours, we stopped at the crest of a hill to observe the view, and then started back. As we neared the cars we passed a man on an ATV, but we were all sufficiently dressed by then to avoid embarrassment. Far too soon we arrived back at the cars, and it wasn’t long before we were on the road heading back to our homes. What a wonderful naturist day this had been. Sometimes getting to the hike is a hassle, but we always realize sometime during the hike or afterwards just how rewarding freehiking can be. It certainly beats working on a sunny weekday afternoon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Irish Luck Freehike

“St Patrick's Day brought us some Irish Luck. My girlfriend and I went freehiking (for the first time ever) during the only 72+ degree day in March. We hiked a 3 mile trail that is absolutely perfect for freehiking. It has a clear wide path, wide open fields, a river, and not a house in sight. There was nobody else there, no bugs, no snow, and not much mud.” – Academic Naturist

Parowan Valley Freehike - Nov. 2007

On Wednesday, November 14, 2007, PJ and I got up early, finished packing for our trip to Las Vegas and Saline Valley, met Lee and Cherie (Cherie was going early to Las Vegas with us), and drove south to Parowan to meet and take a freehike with a new Skinny Tripper who lives in the Cedar City Area – Ken S. (Unfortunately, Ken’s wife had to work and wasn’t able to attend the hike.)

We met Ken at The Gap west of Parowan. But there were a few people around the hills doing something with the sage brush, and it was windy and a little too cool when we arrived, so we decided to drive 20 minutes to another hiking area north of Parowan - Red Springs Canyon.

This is one canyon in a red-rock area that has several beautiful canyons cut by water below a rounded-green mountain. A year-round spring flows down a red cliff near the start of Red Springs Canyon. This is one of the most beautiful areas we hike, and we have reported on it before (see photos: ).

We arrived and started the freehike. The girls started hiking dressed as it was still cool, but they were undressed by the time we reached the water fall and had gotten out of the wind. (Hiking nude is always warmer than clothed as long as there is little wind because the body can more easily regulate itself.) I led us up the first branch canyon. It is a beautiful, totally private hike after you get into the branch canyon, but this requires climbing a steep side hill along a deep slot canyon. This was a little much for Cherie who decided to turn back, so PJ returned with her.

Both Kens continued and had a nice but short up the canyon. It was enjoyable talking about our naturist and life experiences. After about a half hour we turned back, soon met the girls at the cars, and were saying goodbye.

We left with an invitation for Ken and his wife to come visit us for nude karaoke. Hopefully they’ll be able to in the future. This short freehike was enjoyed by all. It was nice to meet and make friends with a new Skinny Hiker.

Here are a few photos from our hike:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lose Your Sense of Wilderness

“Should you drop me, stark naked, into many (not all) kinds of terrain, I would not mind much. I lost my wilderness when I lost my fear. . . Once you lose your 'sense of wilderness' you gain something much more precious - the sense of existing as a part of the natural world. This is not something that ends when you come out of the woods. It's a life lesson . . . It's about experiencing nature in a direct way, and it's also about experiencing yourself in a direct way after you've removed your masks and set aside your filters of preconception. . . What makes wilderness natural is the fact that you are immersed in the natural world. Once you put clothing on in a deep woods spot, you aren't part of the wilderness anymore, you are in direct touch with civilization. You are wearing a mask that protects you not just physically, but also mentally from the wilderness.” - Shane

Parowan Valley Freehike - Aug. 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007 the Freehiking Utah Group traveled to Parowan Valley, north of Cedar City, to share in some fantastic nude hiking. The Parowan valley is surrounded by
many amazing trails which are seldom if ever used.

Five members of the group participated – Ken, PJ, Ben, Cherie, Steve, Kitty, and Harrol. We met in SLC at 7:00 am to share rides, and by 10:30 had arrived in Parowan.

We decided to hike a different area than last year, near the Parowan Gap, where we stopped before hiking to see the unbelievable Indian petroglyphs that cover the rocks along the sides of this unique geologic feature (see photos of this hike at: )

After, we parked off the side of the road just before the Gap to hike up Brown Cliff Canyon. A few minutes of walking from the cars and it was safe to undress. The day was warm, but the breeze blowing down the canyon, and along the ridges made hiking very comfortable, cooling our naked bodies. It was ideal nude hiking weather.

We enjoyed talking as we walked with our friends. This is always one of the most enjoyable aspects of nude hiking.

The hills in this area are brown, becoming reddish as you near the top. The valley is narrow, with weathered brown cliffs on both sides. Sage brush, Juniper, and Pinion trees sparsely covered the hillsides. The trail follows a wide, easily hiked wash that rises towards the crest of the hill. It gets a little steep near to top. Kitty and Harrol decided to turn back at this point (Harrol is still nursing his ankles).

The rest of the group continued to the top, and then hiked for about another half hour through some hills and valleys to reach the crest of the hill overlooking Parowan valley. The view was beautiful - the green fields in the valley, and the dried lake bed of Little Salt Lake spread out from the base of the hills below us. We could see the towns of Parowan, Paragonah, Summit, and even the west side of Cedar City in the distance. Brian Head Peak and ski resort area could be seen atop the hills across the valley. This is such a beautiful area of Utah.

We spent some time resting and talking at the highest point along the ridge. We took several group photos. PJ climbed on a large rock balancing on top of the cliffs overlooking the hills to get a photo of her signature pose. Ben climbed up on the rock to get his photo as well; the rest of us we too afraid of the drop below to participate.

I pointed out the place a friend had written the word “HIKEN” with rocks on a freehike nearly six years before. It was till there.

Steve ate a little lunch. The rest of the group had decided to meet Harrol and Kitty at the Parowan Café after the hike. We’d definitely be hungry by then.

Soon it was time to hike back to the car. The hike back was mostly uneventful. I led the group so we didn’t get lost in the hills. Climbing down the steep area as we dropped into Brown Cliff Canyon was a little scary as the gravel was loose, but we all made it back without injury. Too soon it was time to dress and drive into Parowan.

We stopped to eat lunch at the Parowan Café where Kitty and Harrol were waiting for us. The service was slow, but the food was very good. It’s just a small-town, old-fashioned place to eat. After filling the car with gasoline we drove back to Salt Lake City, getting back a little later than normal – about 7:30 – the end of a wonderful freehiking day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Complete Freehike

“A hike is not complete without skinny-dipping in isolated mountain lakes and sunning in the nude.” – Mt. Vernon, Washington Man

It Takes a Lifetime

"It takes a lifetime to learn to climb the mountain free." - Kenneth Jaines

Parowan Valley Freehike - Aug. 2006

Thursday, the Freehiking Utah Group traveled once again to Parowan Valley, north of Cedar City, and hiked Red Spring and Hidden Canyons. Five members of the group participated - Ken & PJ, Bob, Ben, and Steve. Ken and PJ went down the evening before to get a head start on their trip to California. Ben and Steve met in SLC at 7:00 am. Bob came down from central Utah. At 10:30 we met by the Paragonah exit, and drove north a few miles to the trailhead.

After a few minutes walking, it was safe to undress, and we freehiked up the canyon.

The hills in this area are sandy red and white, with weathered red cliffs, covered sparsely with Juniper and Pinion trees. A bald green mountain juts above these hills in the distance. Tall weathered red cliffs and trees guard both sides of the entrance to this canyon, and a small stream flows out of it year-round. Just after entering the canyon the stream splashes down a red cliff, producing a small but picturesque waterfall. It was easy to step across the falling streams of water and climb up the cliff. The spring that forms the stream stops a short distance above the fall, and the canyon floor becomes a wide wash of sandy gravel and slick rock, wide enough to walk side by side. Weathered hillsides of red dirt and sandstone rise steeply on both sides.

The day was warm, but an occasional breeze down the canyon, and shade from nearby trees cooled our naked bodies, making this an ideal hike.

About 10 minutes into the hike, we left the main wash and followed a deer trail which led, sometimes steeply, up the hillside, through the cliffs, and above a steep slot canyon into hidden valley. This is also a wash which winds through the red hills. Pinion and juniper trees abound. Past floods had washed interesting rock formations along the way. We paused occasionally to take a few photos (see ).

After about an hour of freehiking we reached a fairly long stretch of slick rock with several ledges. We sat on one talked for a short time. It’s so enjoyable to sit naked with close friends and enjoy a good conversation and beautiful scenery. Bob mentioned that nudity is not in any way about sex. It's about enjoying nature with friends as god intended - with our own beautiful bodies. At this point Ken and PJ choose to start back (we were tired from moving, and wanted to get down the road to California).

The rest remained and chatted for a bit on the rocks and then realized that it was time for them to head back also. The scenery was just as spectacular on the way back. PJ and I paused to look over into the slot canyon; it was fantastic from above. We also spent a few minutes enjoying the waterfall before returning to the cars.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Colorado Freehike

“I parked at the trailhead, no other cars there. Clouds dark, but winds calm. Started a fast-paced hike, feeling warm... hmm, no one at the trailhead, no one on sight... why not! I take everything off and bundle things in the cargo shorts, and off I go! The trail is beautiful, winds through pines, with quite a bit of uphill to work a sweat - even if it was only in the 60s and storm-threatening! The wind picks up and the hike moves out of the canyon to more exposed slopes, but I'm having a great time so just leave the clothes off. It even sprinkles a bit (this would be my first nude hike in the rain). . . I take some time to sit and enjoy the view. . . It really got windy at the top so I put a shirt on and booked back down. I was more cautious heading down, figuring I could still run into someone coming up, but never did. Getting into more protected areas it was warm enough I took the shirt off and completed the hike, taking about 2 hours (leisurely), and putting shorts back on a few hundred yards before the parking lot. Weather held for me, just a sprinkle and a bit of wind up top. . . I sooooo wish society was more accepting about freehiking - just amazingly preferable in every way.” - Port

Parowan Valley Freehike - May 2006

Thursday, the Freehiking Utah Group traveled to Parowan Valley, and hiked Red Canyon, north of Paragonah. Six members of the group participated - two couples, Ken & PJ, Steve & Dawn, and also Ben & Dave. We met in SLC at 6:30 and headed south, arriving at the trailhead (after one car getting lost for a time) at about 10:30. It was safe to disrobe at the cars in the mouth of the canyon.

The hills in this area are sandy red and white, with weathered red cliffs, covered sparsely with Juniper and Pinion trees. A bald green mountain juts above these hills in the distance. Tall weathered red cliffs and trees guard both sides of the entrance to Red Canyon. The wide wash in the bottom of the canyon is sandy gravel and slick rock. It was wide enough that we could often walk side by side. There are weathered sandstone cliffs on both sides, carved by the wind and water into interesting shapes. One rock looks like a red stone version of Lot’s wife, frozen in time. A tall red cliff along the trail shows signs of an eagle nest (we saw an eagle flying as we entered the canyon). The day was warm, but an occasional breeze down the canyon, and shade from nearby trees cooled our naked bodies, making this an ideal hike.

About 40 minutes into the freehike, the trail divided. We took the left branch that climbed up a wide box canyon. About 15 minutes later we reached a ledge where we sat and ate a little lunch.
Then we started back. Dave took a few photos on our return (see ).

The scenery seemed new, and was just as spectacular on the way down the canyon. Someone commented that the area reminded him of Moab. We had occasional views of the beautiful valley below the mouth of the canyon. It was such a wonderful freehike that we were reluctant to dress when we reached the cars. After the freehike the couples visited the remains of a nearby ancient Freemont Indian village (about 1300 AD), and picked up some Indian pottery.

All agreed it was a great freehike, and look forward to our next hikes.

Lack of Pockets

“The thing about hiking in the nude is the distinct lack of pockets. I was forced to fold up the maps and stuff it in my sock. Lesson learned. The second lesson learned is to bring enough water if it is hot out. Even without clothes, staying cool is not easy if it is 90 degrees out. And don't forget to put on bug spray before you start hiking.” - Nudisttravel

Shangri La Resort Freehike - Jan. 07

I had to work in the Phoenix area this week anyway so PJ and I took advantage of the chance to stay at Shangri La instead of a hotel. Besides, we’d wanted to visit it for some time.

We left Thursday the 18th and drove to Page, Arizona where we stayed overnight. On Friday we got up early and drove south. By Friday afternoon we arrived at the resort in New River, north of Phoenix.

Shangri La is fairly small and surrounded by cactus-filled desert. It sits at the base of Daisy Peak. The hiking trails are mostly off-site, but can carefully be used nude.

We checked into an older, but nice one bedroom house. There was lots of room for PJ to sew; something she wanted to do while I was working. They had many smaller and less expensive accommodations.

The resort has two pools but both were too cold to use. There is a smaller but very nice spa. There is a wonderful clubhouse with a great dance floor, a large fireplace, and a separate big-screen TV room. There’s a fun fireplace outside as well. There were many RV parking spots and a good number of permanent trailers where people lived. Other amenities include tennis court, washers and dryings, a game room, and even a sewing room. Internet is available but only near the office.

As soon as we arrived, we checked into an older, but nice one bedroom house. We immediately got naked, unloaded the car, and relaxed.

The weather was cool; still we took a short freehike in the surrounding desert near the resort. While hiking a group of people who had circled up chairs in front of their motor homes invited us to join them. It turned out they were all from Canada. They were very friendly. We had a great time visiting with them during our stay.

Friday evening we sang karaoke; we just love nude karaoke.

Saturday we freehiked up to the base of Daisy Mountain, checked out the cactus, and took some photos.

We collected some dead cactus skeletons to share with our grandkinds.

We attended the nude dance. It was the best dance we’ve ever attended at a resort – great dance floor and dance music, little sexual undertone.

We ate a number of meals at the resort. They have a nice, personal kitchen, and a beautiful clubhouse dining room. It always super to eat nude. Still, we went out for dinner at a nice restaurant Saturday night; we always like to get out and visit the area as well.

We watched the many Quail that gathered outside our place each morning and evening.

It was cold enough to snow on Daisy peak one morning.

We found Shangri La the friendliest resort we’ve ever visited. The dance was the best we’ve ever attended. Shangri La is a great place to visit, especially in the winter.

Where can readers find more information? (Website, phone number), (623) 465-5959, (800) 465-8760

At what Internet link can readers see photos of this experience?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Wish I had the Guts to do That

“I kept wondering what other hikers would say if they saw me hiking nude. It was early afternoon and I knew others would still be coming in to the lake. The nude portion hiking in was great, so I decided to hike out nude . . . I was so jumpy, I wound up putting my shorts on twice when I heard someone coming. I wasn't enjoying the hike as I was so busy listening and looking for others. But then, after rounding a blind curve on the trail and having no time to cover up, there was a couple coming at me. I said hi as I came upon them. The guy looked surprised but said hello and the girl looked me over and smiled. I felt relieved again that people just didn't seem to care I was hiking nude. I paused at the top of a hill and moved my shorts to the bottom of the pack so I couldn't get to them as fast. Not that I really wanted a lot of people to see me nude, but I needed to get a broader sense of reactions to decide if nude hiking was an acceptable activity and wouldn't offend most people. So, down the trail I went. I came across about 30 hikers on the way out with no negative reactions that I could sense except for a few surprised looks. The interactions were much the same as if I was hiking 'normal' - most people said hi and some passed by with no reaction. Two females hiking together stopped and talked to me about my dog for a bit and didn't mention my nudity, then wandered on. . . There have been some negative reactions over the years, but very minimal considering the number of hikers that have come across me. I'd guess that around 400 hikers have seen me in 8 years of nude hiking . . . The positive reactions have been numerous and have been subtle as smiles, to verbal comments like "Alright!" or "I wish I had the guts to do that" and "That's what I should be doing". . . I came across a lone female hiker who said "I've got to tell my husband about this!" She told me she had always wanted to hike nude, but couldn't get her husband to do it and didn't feel safe hiking nude alone being female. . . I was hanging out nude at my favorite spot . . . when a female and her two male companions came down the side trail to where I was. They could see I was nude, but didn't seem to care. . . When I was returning nude . . . I ran across them again . . . She said, "Alright, that's what we should be doing!" . . . I . . . started on my way down. I turned back and noticed they had stopped and she was removing her clothes! It felt good that I had inspired someone else to try nude hiking!” - Steve

Bear Lake Camp & Freehike - July 2007

We had a great time at the July 2007 Bear Lake campout and freehike (I guess that's Bare Lake for us). For those who haven't been to Bear Lake, it's a large lake (11 x 22 miles) on the Utah/Idaho border. As can be seen from the photos from this skinny trip (see ) , the lake is a beautiful sky blue color, surrounded by many beautiful sandy beach areas.

PJ and I left the afternoon of Thursday, July 12th, and drove from Salt Lake City to Evanston, WY, then northwest to the lake. The drive from Salt Lake City takes about 2.5 hours.

The beach area where we camped and swam nude is on the east side of the lake, just across the Idaho border. It's secluded from the view of those driving past on the road, and out of sight of other nearby campsites. It's even shaded by several large cottonwood trees, and several smaller trees help block the view of passing boats. The area is sandy with just a few rocks.

Steve had arrived just before us, and Dave and Rhonda arrived soon after. We all proceeded to set up camp. Last year a wind sprang up and blew Steve's tent 30 feet down the beach; he'd fixed that by tacking the tent corners down with big boulders. The campsite and boulders were still there for him to use this year. On the first evening, our small group of friends enjoyed being nude as we ate and talked until dusk when the mosquitoes came out. We went to bed early. We had some fun thunder and lightning Thursday evening, but we had very little rain, and everyone slept just fine.

Friday morning we got up early, had breakfast (naked of course), got ready for our first freehike, and headed south along the lake. We parked at a boat ramp parking area (the same place as last year), and headed up the dirt road. Within five minutes we were hiking naked. Hiking naked always feels great with the warm sun and the cooling breeze on your body. We paused to look back at the lake and take a photo (see link above).

We decided to hike the easier trail to the right that leads to a small hill overlooking the Lake, and Laketown. The view of the lake expanded more and more as we hiked. We often turned around to take in this wonderful sight. The hills are a little barren in this area, sparsely covered with sage brush and juniper trees.

After about 45 minutes we reached the summit. The beautifully blue lake stretched into the distance, with green fields below. Mountains rose behind us. Our nude bodies basked in the sun and breeze. It was awe inspiring. Nude hiking is so amazing; why would anyone hike clothed?

We started back down the trail and soon returned to the cars.

We drove back to our private camp, looking forward to washing the dust off in the crystal clear water of the lake. As soon as we returned to camp we headed down to the beach, stripped off our hiking clothes, and walked out into the water. The water was chilly as we got in, but not too cool to be enjoyable, especially after a sweaty hike. We floated together and talked about the hike and how great it felt to skinny drip and wash off the dust from the trail.

Friday evening several more freehiking group members arrived - Kenny, Cherie, Bob & Barb,
Lary, Rocketman & wife. We gathered in a circle and enjoyed talking about our naturist experiences. Several set up tents. Several others decided they're rather stay in local motels. That evening we again retired early to avoid the mosquitoes. And the wind returned.

We arose to a beautiful morning at the lake. We made fun of Lary who's tent had collapsed in the night; he'd slept through the night on his gigantic air mattress, with the tent right on top. We ate breakfast, mostly broke camp so we wouldn't have to pack in the heat of the day, and got ready for Saturday's freehike. As we were getting ready, Vaughan & Mary arrived.

We decided to return to the same easy trail again, since most had not hiked it Friday. We again took photos as we climbed the small hill that overlooked the Lake. The day was warm and beautiful, as was the view of the lake from the summit. As always, it was so wonderful hiking nude with good friends. In too short a time we had returned close enough to the parking area that we had to dress.

Once more we drove back to our private camp by the lake, and washed the dust off in the crystal clear lake water. After 45 minutes or so of soaking and playing in the cool, refreshing water, and washing off the dust and sweat, we reluctantly got out. It was time to head home.

We returned to Salt Lake City by 5:00 pm as planned, tired, but just in time for the local nude swim, the finish of another wonderful Skinny Trip, camp, and hike. We only wish more of our friends had been able to attend.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clothes are a Darned Nuisance

“Clothes are a darned nuisance . . . If you're warm enough, it's much better not to wear clothes. Out in the countryside I do feel much more in tune with nature. I can feel the breeze on my skin and the sun on my back. It's like being back in paradise.” - Tony Baldwin

Bear Lake Fun - July 2006

Wow, was Bear Lake on the border of Utah and Idaho fun! PJ and Ken got packed and headed out Wednesday afternoon and arrived about 5:00 pm, just after Ken and Kay had arrived, and just before Steve. Together the naturist friends set up their tents. The camping area is just across the Idaho border on the east side of the lake. It’s secluded from the view of those driving past on the road, and out of sight of other nearby campsites. It’s even shaded by several large cottonwood trees, and several smaller trees help block the view of passing boats. The area is sandy with just a few rocks.

A storm blew in during set up, and Steve’s tent ended up 30 feet down the beach, but after tacking it down with big boulders we were set for a fun naturist campout. The sky was very overcast, producing a beautiful sunset, and a few raindrops, so we didn’t go swimming that night; we ate nude, played a fun game of nude UNO (a card game), and hiked nude on the beach at dusk. We went to bed early looking forward to the morning freehike.

Thursday morning the campers got up early, had breakfast (naked of course), and partially packed up, then headed south to meet up with the hikers who were not able to camp over. Ben and Todd had started out from Salt Lake City early in the morning. John came from Wyoming. Steve drove up a little late from Layton. We all met at the trailhead, and headed out. Within five minutes we were able to get naked. As always, hiking naked felt so good - the warm sun on our bodies, and the light breeze which cooled and caressed us.

A fantastic view of blue Bear Lake expanded more and more as we hiked. We often turned around to take in this wonderful sight. The hills were covered with sage brush and juniper trees. We hiked up the dirt road to the point it branched in several directions. The guys mostly headed up the trail towards the summit, a more difficult hike, with an amazing view of the Lake. The couples took the middle trail which was less demanding, but still beautifully scenic, as you can see from the attached photos ( ). This trail bordered some rock-slide areas of red sandstone, covered with decorative liken; PJ of course collected a prime specimen for her hiking rock collection.

Ken and Kay decided to head back down to the beach, and Ken and PJ hiked another hill with a great view of the lake (see the photo of PJ, arms extended). They met up with the guys returning from the summit on this hill. Then, all headed back to the beach. What a wonderful two-hour freehike. Getting dressed just before returning to the cars was the worst part of the hike by far, but we were really looking forward to washing the dust off in the crystal clear water of the lake.

We drove back to the private camp, and headed down to the beach in anticipation. Ken and Kay had already arrived. We quickly undressed at the private beach, and out we went. A Ski-do came by, but nothing stopped the ten naked freehiking, now skinny dipping buddies, from getting wet. The sun felt great on our bodies, and the water was unexpectedly warm and pleasant. We floated together and talked about the freehike and how great it felt to skinny drip and wash off the dust from the trail. Steve and Todd frolicked like two fish. After 45 minutes or so it was time for some to head out to get back to Salt Lake City by 5:00 pm, so we reluctantly waded to the shore, got dressed, and said goodbye to Ben, John, Todd, and both Steve’s.

Ken and PJ and Ken and Kay finished breaking camp, and drove down to Merlin’s for a burger, and a famous raspberry milkshake. Then they both headed back to Salt Lake City, the finish of another wonderful Freehiking Utah Group hike.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Don't Dive into a Bush

“A common error that newcomers to naturist walking make is that they dive into a bush when they see someone. That makes quite the wrong impression. People think, 'What on earth is that fellow up to in that bush?' Whereas if they see you're a fellow walker and you don't wish to cause them any threat, most people are perfectly pleasant. . . I have never had an embarrassing moment, and I have been walking for some 12 years. I have never had any complaints from the public, though I have met hundreds of them. The general reaction is pleasant. The vital thing is not to make them think that you're a pervert on the loose or that you intend them some harm.” - Tony Baldwin

Return to Antelope Island - Oct. 2008

On October 19th our good Skinny Tripping friends from the St. George area came up north to visit us for a few days. We decided to visit Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.

On the island we first headed south to visit the old original Garr Farm. Again, it was interesting, historic, and fun. We again saw the Great Horned Owl. And PJ took a successful lasso lesson from the Park Guide.

Afterwards, we drove north to the park campground, and as no one was there, we decided to take a freehike. The trail was very open and well traveled, but since no one was around we decided to go for it. The temperature was just right for an outdoor nude hike. The scenery, the island, the hills, and the lake were all spectacular. I wouldn’t recommend this as a freehiking trail however, as the trail is too frequented. We experienced a beautiful sunset over the Great Salt Lake as we left Antelope Island.

(See photos at )

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Pleasurable Liberating Experience

“It was hot in town, but here, in the shade of the forest, a cooling breeze plays lightly across my buttocks and a walk through a field of thigh-high ferns offers its own ticklish pleasures. Sitting on a log to eat a baguette is painful, but - apart from the occasional nettle, an insect bite on the arm and the nagging fear that a fully-clothed rambler might appear at any moment - it is a pleasurable, yes even liberating experience.” – Stephen Moss

Dances with Buffaloes - Sept. 2008

Most of the summer we’d been wanting to learn the techniques for kayaking on the Great Salt Lake from a close friend, in hopes that we might then be able to arrange a Skinny Trip. On September 28th our chance finally arrived. We rented a kayak, and met our friend at his favorite launch point off of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.

Clothed, we inflated our kayak, the type the store recommended, and headed out into the lake behind our friend (not a naturist). Unfortunately, we found that while an inflatable kayak might be okay for a river, it was way wrong for a large body of water. We could hardly paddle, and immediately got wet – wet salty clothes, yuck! Still, we had a fun time.

We learned kayaking, but even though no one else was on the water, lots of people were on the shore, so we realized the launch point was not going to work for a naturist event. We need to explore other launch points before scheduling a future Great Salt Lake Skinny Trip. We’ll just have to see how the weather holds out this year.

After getting back to the dock, and spraying away the salt with fresh water, we thanked our friend and sent him off, while we stayed to explore the Island.

We first headed south to visit the old original Garr Farm, about 10 miles south of the marina. It was all very interesting and historic. We even got a photo of a Great Horned Owl.

The scenery, the island, the hills, the lake, and the flowers were all spectacular. On the way back PJ wanted to stop several places to take some photos. We saw a number of antelopes and buffalos (bison). At one photogenic turnout I noticed a buffalo near the lake below a steep area that hid the hillside. This was just too much for me, frustrated by wearing clothes all day, so off came my clothes, and I was soon down freehiking nude amongst the buffalo – crazy I know, but I loved every minute. I had been literally itching (from salt and mosquito bites) for a freehike.

What a wonderful feeling, free with nature amongst amazing wildlife. Who else has ever been fortunate enough to have such an experience?

Jane proceeded to join in by taking photos of her crazy naked husband. (See photos at )

After, we visited several other photogenic areas, and returned home by dark.

Our trip to Antelope Island was very interesting, educational, and fun, and although it was planned as a textile trip we even found a way to turn it into an enjoyable and totally unique Skinny Trip. We’d recommend the experience to all of our friends.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ranger at State Park

“Last summer I was hiking in a state park that never gets many visitors, almost none in the summer. There were no cars in the parking lot, so I figured a freehike was in order to some backcountry lakes. At one point I had to walk about 200 yards along a dirt service road that connected two trails. Wouldn't you know it, that was when a ranger came driving along the road. He just waved as he drove by. It was hot and dry, and I was headed to the lakes, I assume it wasn't the first time he had run across a skinnydipper in transit. As it turns out, it's a good thing he didn't ask me to put my shots back on, I had accidentally dropped them from my pack a couple miles back and didn't find them until the next day on my way out. Oops!” - Bobinca

Wildwood Naturist Resort, TX – Mar. 2007

In March 2007 I took a business trip to Texas. PJ and I flew in a few days early and drove northwest to the Wildwood Naturist Resort and stayed two nights.

Since it was still early spring, and midweek, the resort was quiet. The resort is just west of Decatur in the middle of a hilly, somewhat wooded farming area. The only indication of an entrance is a street sign that says “Wildwood”. We entered the gate and drove up a graveled road to the clubhouse that sits in the middle of the property. The owner checked us in, and gave us a brief walking tour. The resort has a very nice clubhouse with an excellent dance floor, and a small game room. There are two very nice pools (too cold for swimming), and a spa (not operational when we were there). The cabin we rented was nice. There is a nice camping spot, RV hookups, tennis court, and a small community of full-time resident trailers.

The best feature of Wildwood is the freehiking trail that meanders across the hills and through the trees and meadows around the resort. PJ hiked part of the trail with me but she was feeling a little under the weather, so I carried on alone and freehiked the entire trail. The resort hosts a nude 5K run there every year – its part of a series sponsored by a number of resorts in Texas.

Web Address: - Phone - 940-627-2280

At what Internet link can readers see photos of this experience?

Have you tried nude hiking?

“Last year I started on a lifelong wish to do overnight [free]hiking. I started with a three day hike around the southern tip of our state . . . I had a wonderful time. Went with a number of Christian friends. I'm looking forward to more. My newfound desire for physical activity has augmented my desire for nude activity as I now love to go swimming too, without the bathers (swimming costume) of course. I also have a place about 30 minutes from home where I can hike nude. Have you tried nude hiking? It is the best!” - Alfie

Texas Star Ranch Resort Freehike – Mar. 2007

In March 2007 I took a business trip to Texas. During the trip PJ and I visited Star Ranch naturist resort near Austin – the home of the Sahnoans.

Star Ranch has one of the nicest settings for a naturist resort we’ve ever experienced. It sits on 110 acres of hilly, forested land. Driving in felt almost like entering a campground at Yellowstone National Park. There are lots of tall pines, with cabins nestled underneath, along sandy dirt roads. You arrive at the office and recreation building soon after arriving. We checked in and rented a nice, but older cabin for the weekend. We had just enough time to get settled and take a walk around the cabin area before it got dark. Star Ranch just felt right.

Saturday we got up early and ate breakfast with the members who mostly lived on site (it was a slow weekend for visitors). Breakfast was informal (mostly nude) and enjoyable - we meet many nice people, including a family from our egroup. We soaked in a small but nice indoor pool/spa with our friends. (The outdoor pool was closed for maintenance, but it was large and looked like it would be very nice.)

Saturday afternoon our friends took use on a freehike to find some wild berries. There are about two miles of trails at Star Ranch. We took several other freehikes ourselves later in the day. It’s always feels so wonderful to walk naked around the neighborhood greeting your neighbors, warmed by the sun. There were no resort activities Saturday evening, so we enjoyed singing nude karaoke at our friend’s cabin. Several other members showed up to listen.

Sunday morning we had to leave early to get back to the airport in Dallas for our return flight. We felt sorry to have to leave our new friends at Star Ranch so soon.

Where can readers find more information? - Web - Phone - (866) 705-5978

At this Internet link readers can see photos of this experience? -

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clothed Hikers Approve

“I suspect clothed hikers totally approve of seeing the freedom expressed in a fellow hiker having the balls to hike nude and do what something inside them wishes they were doing themselves.” - Deep Creek Hot Springs Freehiker

Willamettans Resort

In July, 2007, we visited the Willamettans Resort. We arrived just in time to unpack and go to sleep. The next day we went exploring. Willamettans is quite large with a large lodge with a pool, hot tub (both closed while we visited), lovely showers, exercise equipment, television, and pool table. Just down the road is a lovely little gift shop, and a wonderful bar with a karaoke stage. Across the street are tennis and volleyball courts. The Resort has a small golf course, an archery range, and many lovely trailer and park model sites. ( See photos: )

Ben freehiked and ran along some adjoining logging roads - he enjoyed the area a lot. PJ and I also took a short freehike with a couple of the local residents. The people, as always, were very friendly. We visited the gift shop and bought some t-shirts, then left and headed south. We all liked the Willamettans Resort, and hope to return and spend more time in the future.

Experience Nature

“You get out to experience nature, right? Well get out there as natural as you can. Feel the sun and breezes on the largest sensory organ on the human body . . . the skin.” – Rick

A Little Freehiking at Bagby Hot Springs

We left Squaw Mountain on a quest to find Bagby Hot Springs. It was quite a drive for our car pulling a trailer, but after several false turns we found the trailhead. Even on a weekday it was a very busy parking lot and a highly developed trail. We dressed in our kilts (made by PJ) and shoes, and carrying water bottles and towels, headed up the trail. We all hate hiking in clothes, but hiking nude wasn't common on the trail, so we stayed mostly clothed (Ben managed to be nude much of the way, following behind PJ and I.)

We arrived at the hot springs hoping to see others nude, at least soaking in the tubs, but the only people we saw initially were all in bathing suits. We were a little discouraged, but weren't giving up. We found a smaller tub house, and approached it thinking maybe it was empty. It wasn't; there was a couple soaking in the tub, nude, but from their reaction we realized they were pretty embarrassed to be invaded by three naturists. In any case, they said they were about done, and while we worried we had caused them to leave, they only stayed and little while longer and then left. As we waited, we stripped off, deciding it was time and that we weren't especially visible from the others there anyway, except maybe for the ones in the tub.

We hopped in the tub, soaked for a while, had fun splashing the cold water that moderated the temperature, and Ken took a few photos ( ). After a nice soak, we got dressed and visited some of the other hot spring tubs. To our surprise one whole section of the larger bathhouse was filled with nude people.

On the way back we were able to do a little more freehiking. This is not the best spot for freehiking, but it was definitely worth visiting for a soak.

Hooked on Nude Hiking

“. . . it started raining while I was hiking, and in no time at all I was soaked. My heavy, soaking wet blue jeans soon began chafing my inner thighs as I walked. I doubted I would meet anyone in the rain, so I removed the jeans and hiked nude. . . When the rain quit, I just kept hiking nude. It dawned on me that the day before had been Labor day and I had only seen one hiker after leaving the road. The odds of meeting someone the next several days were minimal. I just decided I would do without the clothes for the rest of the week, which I did. I only dressed when I got within sight of the road. Ever since then, I have been hooked on nude hiking.” - Cheef

Squaw Mountain Resort Freehiking

In July 2007 Ken, PJ, and Ben headed through Portland, Oregon to Squaw Mountain naturist resort. We were afraid we couldn't get though the gate when we arrived, but as we tried to call a member came through the gate from the other end and let us in. We drove into the resort and were greeted warmly as we checked in at the office. We paid for a room in the lodge, which was comfortable and quite reasonably priced. After getting settled in the room, we all took a short freehike down the valley to a small stream. The vegetation was very think - much different than hiking in Utah. My foot was very tender - gout - so PJ and I headed back to the lodge and then to the very unique, wooden shower house, and Ben took off for an extended freehike around the logging roads which surround this resort.

We talked with the manager and others at the resort and invited them to join us for nude karaoke at the lodge. We set up our karaoke machine, and got started. Several of the members at the resort joined in, though most only watched for a while. PJ, Ben, and I spent the evening taking turns practicing karaoke songs. After singing ourselves out we all headed to bed.

The next morning Ben arose up early and ran all around the resort and adjoining logging roads.

I got up and took photos of the resort ( ). Soon it was time to leave. We all liked this small, friendly resort, the oldest naturist resort west of the Mississippi.

You Can Freehike Any Trail

“I have found that any mountain trail (except those along exposed ridges) can work for nude hiking, as long as 1) there is only one entrance (even better if it is up-and-back rather than a loop), 2) yours is the first car at the trailhead, 3) you walk at least at an average pace, and 4) you put your shorts on for the return trip in case anyone has arrived after you. I have also found that warm rainy days can work to the advantage of the nude hiker - most hikers stay home if it is going to rain.” - Milt

Lake Mead Nude Beach Dec. 5-8, 2008

Work had been so demanding that PJ and I were overjoyed when the chance came for some travel and private time away from Ogden, Utah. We had arranged to trade several workdays, so had four days off in a row on the weekend of December 5-8, 2008. We headed south to one of our favorite places – Las Vegas.

We arrived Friday in time to see the show La Reve at the Wynn hotel. Great show!

Then on Saturday we decided to take a drive south to Lake Mead to see if we could find the Nude Beach. We followed these directions:

Take Freeway/Boulder Highway (South) to Lake Mead Drive in Henderson . Turn left (East) at the red light onto E. Lake Mead Drive/Route 147, and go 3 or 4 miles to a left (North) onto the road to Calville Bay. After passing the Government Boat Launch area on the right, proceed 3 miles to a right onto 8.0 Mile Road (IE: The road at the 8th mile marker, exactly 4.8 miles later from the Overton/Hoover Dam fork). Proceed about 2.5 miles on this gravel road taking EVERY left when the road forks, until you reach the parking area. From the parking area it is about 500 yards to the beach, following the trails up the North side of the parking area and out a ways (about a 5 min. hike).

There was no one at the beach this December Saturday, but the weather was nice so we got some sun, took a freehike around the area, and even jumped in the water – not much colder than Bear Lake in July, but a little cold for comfort. (You can see a few photos of the beach and surrounding area at: )

Saturday night we visited the Freemont Street experience. Then, we returned to the beach for a short while on Sunday, but the weather wasn’t as nice. Still, we enjoyed some naked time together. There are apparently many private beaches on Lake Mead, and combined with all there is to do in Las Vegas, this would be a good place for a Group Skinny Trip.

I Bathe in the Breeze

“You know; it’s not rude to bathe in the nude, in the shower, a spa or the bath. Well out in the scrub, I walk in the nude; so I "bathe in the breeze" on the path!” – Luis Cortes

Bare Backers Resort Freehike - 2006

PJ and I visited Bare Backers Resort near Boise, located in a beautiful mountain setting above a unique reservoir. Members had built their own cabins, or had trailers. Several camping spots were also available. The cabin was small and clean, with just enough room for a queen bed. The toilet, an outhouse, was also clean.

When we arrived we quickly got undressed and walked about five minutes to the clubhouse. A small but very nice pool was situated above the clubhouse. Tall majestic pine trees stood above it. We jumped in the pool and had a relaxing swim. It always feels great to swim nude. As we were getting out, the members showed up and invited us to join them in the hot tub just outside the clubhouse. We accepted of course.

One thing we’ve learned about naturists is that they are maybe the friendliest people in the world. Non-judgmental, kind, and anxious to get to know you; not how the world thinks about you – education, job, status, etc., but the real you, even though they probably only know your first name. We enjoyed talking with them a while about life and naturism as we soaked in the hot tub.

Afterwards, we headed back and arrived at the cabin just before dark.

We arose early in the morning just as the sun was coming up, and decided to go for a freehike. We love to hike naked, especially in the morning. A trail started just behind the cabin, so with nothing on but socks and tennis shoes we were off. The trail was nearly level for quite a distance across the side of the mountain. In the valley below were a few cabins, but we felt safe being naked as they were far enough away. After about 20 minutes the trail became steeper, with long switch backs. Not detoured, we kept climbing. After nearly an hour we reached the ridge and were rewarded with a spectacular view of the valley and reservoir below. (See The trip back was downhill, and easy. This resort features one of the nicest freehiking trails of any we’ve visited.

We headed over to the clubhouse as soon as we returned. We uncovered the pool and had a refreshing swim all by ourselves. Then played several games of horseshoes (I won), and badminton (PJ won). I took a shower outside the clubhouse. As we were about to leave to get down the road, a member and his wife showed up and invited us to swim with them; unfortunately, we needed to leave by 10:00 am so we had to refuse. They wished us well and we said we’d try to return. All in all, our stay overnight at the Bare Backers Resort was a joy – inexpensive, and a wonderful naturist event we’ll remember for a long time. We recommend this resort to all, even if you can only stay on a weeknight. It was beautiful, relaxing, and just like being at our own mountain retreat.

I Wish I Had The Guts To Do That

“I’ve met people on the trail several times while hiking nude. Most just nod, say hello, maybe giggle a bit, then move on. And I ran into one woman once who, when she saw me, said, ‘I wish I had the guts to do that.’ I told her, ‘Why not?’ She thought about it a minute, then just took her clothes off. We hiked along together for about a half-hour.” - Rusty Stevens

Valley View Hot Springs - June 2007

On June 21-25, 2007, Ken and PJ, Harrol and Kitty, and Ben and Glenda met in Colorado at Valley View Hot Springs. What we found is probably the very best place to introduce someone to naturism. And it's a spectacular place to freehike.

The atmosphere at this resort is very unusual. It many ways it feels more like a leftover 60’s hippy colony than a naturist resort. While some people like us were naked most of the time, others took clothing-optional literally and were only naked in the pools. Naked and clothed people interacted comfortably together without a second thought. Many of the people we met treated the resort as their only naturist experience – though they visited often each year. We met a daughter who had invited her mother from the east coast each year for the past five years. The mom told everyone at home, including her husband that they visited and soaked in a hot springs during the visits, but never told anyone they did it naked. (PJ’s decided this ideal example for introducing our kids to naturism.) The atmosphere was totally relaxed – naked was just how one soaked.

The resort is part of the Orient Land Trust, a non-profit environmental entity dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, wildlife habitat, open space, and historic and geologic features of the northern San Luis Valley for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Features of the lands protected by Orient Land Trust include a large bat colony, hot springs, alternative energy use, high altitude dark skies for astronomy, exposed active geological fault, limestone caves, numerous trails into a wilderness area, historic buildings, town sites at an abandoned iron mine, and a working ranch. Visitors to Orient Land Trust experience these features in a naturist (clothing-optional) setting and may camp or stay in rustic lodging from the mining days. The number of visitors is limited based on space available and environmental impact. (See for more information)

The resort is located in a beautiful, expansive valley, very sparsely populated. Majestic mountains raise high above the valley and the resort. It is a wonderful setting for a naturist venue. (See photos of our visit at: )

Ken, PJ, and Ben arrived Friday about lunch time, checked in, and met Harrol, Kitty, and Glenda at our cabin – the Willows – which had been a store when the Orient Mine operated in the early part of the 20th century. It had a living room with kitchen and four double bunk beds in the back room. We quickly stripped down and got comfortable, then unpacked and parked the car.

Soon we were all floating in the largest hot spring, a short five minute walk up the hill from the cabin. The water temperature was in the mid nineties - just right. It was deep enough for you to use a noodle to float, or you could sit comfortably on one of the large rocks rising from the bottom. This is the largest natural hot pool we’ve every experienced. Several other friendly people were already soaking, but there was lots of room, and we enjoyed meeting and visiting with these new friends.

After soaking for some time, we moved on to other pools. There are three main pools, and several more on an upper trail. The water temperature varies, but is comfortable in all, and all are in beautiful settings. (See photos)

Later that afternoon we met Jerry and Linda walking naked across the parking lot. They were visiting with a naturist group from the Denver area. They had discovered we were going to Valley View at the same time through the NudeUtah site, so we had arranged activities with them. Naturists are such wonderful people; we now have several good new friends from Colorado.

That evening most of us hiked to the bat cave (the remains of the collapsed Orient Mine). Only Ben stayed long enough to watch the bats, which were limited because the weather had been so cold. This meant there were more mosquitoes than normal in the evening.

After cooking and eating a nice dinner (you must bring in your own food), we played Atomic Uno until too late; this was a fun activity we did every night of our visit. Then we got ready for bed.

The bathroom facilities were just across the dirt road from our cabin. They were unique – unisex, rustic, but nice. The toilets were all contained in stalls, and the showers were private. There was one totally private bathroom and shower.

Saturday we took a morning freehike with several members of the Denver group. The scenery was spectacular. We walked past the tailing and ruins of the old mine/town. The wild flowers were blooming spectacularly. PJ had to stop early – she experienced a little elevation sickness the first two days of our visit (the elevation of the resort is over 8000 feet). Ben and Glenda hiked much further than the rest of the group.

Saturday afternoon we swam in the pool. It is very long, and its soothing, warm water flows from the natural hot springs. Chlorine is not used, and the bottom is a little mossy. Many children splashed and played in the pool – more than we’ve ever experienced at another resort. One family with the Denver group had five children (Aged approximately 13 (G), 11(B), 8(G), 5(B), 3(B)). I think they said this was their first family naturist experience, though you would never know it; they were naked together around the resort all weekend and all obviously loved the pool.

Ken, Ben, and Glenda took another freehike in the late afternoon, but the mosquitoes got the better of them, so they ended up in the top hot springs.

Saturday evening we ate pot luck dinner in the Pavilion above our cabin with the Denver group. Glenda went to the office to enjoy an astronomy lecture and view of the stars and planets. Ben and Ken freehiked to the Bat Cave; ten times more bats had arrived during the day. It was very interesting to watch the flights from the cave. When they returned we all enjoyed another game of cards, before crashing into bed and enjoying a great sleep.

For many of us Sunday was dedicated to soaking, visiting, sunning, and resting. We enjoyed the amazing sauna which contained a cool-temperature soaking pool. Ben, Kitty, and Glenda went for a freehike; Kitty and Glenda hiked slower, classifying and enjoying the wildflowers, while Ben climbed the rugged trail to above 12,000 feet – even he was exhausted when he returned. Still his constant comment was “too little time, too many trails”.

Sunday afternoon we said goodbye to our new friends from Denver. That evening we were invited to a sing-along in the group cabin across the road. (It had been a brothel in the mining days.) People played all kinds of instruments, and sang mostly sixties songs – it reminded us of a fun hippy gathering. Ken and Kitty felt bad they hadn’t brought their guitars along – next time for sure. In fact, we’ll take the karaoke machine next time as well. The day ended with dinner, Ben’s hike to the bat cave, and cards. It was a little overcast, so the astronomy lecture was cancelled.

Monday morning we arose early, packed, and got dressed – too bad – it had been wonderful to spend most of the weekend together unconsciously nude. We said goodbye to Harrol, Kitty, and Glenda, and drove north and west to Salt Lake City. We talked lots along the way, and after about 8 hours arrived home, tired, but grateful for our wonderful naturist friends, and our visit to the best place ever to introduce someone to naturism – Valley View Hot Springs.

Australia Bush Walkers

“My wife and I are keen naked bush walkers. We have hiked many extreme tours (naked) all over Australia and the World. Our absolute favourite area is the Northwest of Western Australia - in December and January - spent the last four years there for our holidays. It is paradise on Earth. We climbed the second highest mountain in WA (Mt. Bruce - naked - twice) and spent many days in Wittenoom Gorge, Bee Gorge and the Karijini Gorges (also naked) - one of the most stunning places we've seen (and we **do** get around a bit).” - karijini49

Valley View Hot Springs - 2008

July 3-6, 2008 PJ & I and Popeye & Bangles visited Valley View Hot Springs, part of the Orient Land Trust in Colorado. It is such a scenic area nestled at the base of such majestic mountains in a wide, expansive central-Colorado valley.

As we drove into the camping area we noticed a fellow Skinny Tripper’s Yellow FJ Cruiser – Harrol and wife. We had planned to go with them in June, but were forced to cancel, so we were glad they had returned. We set up camp near their site.

The Valley View camping area surrounds several old rental cabins that had once been a small mining town. The camp sites are spread through many brushy treed areas, so one can have lots of privacy, yet there are many open meadows as well. And the mixed-sex bath/toilet facility is nearby. It’s a very nice, rustic camp.

The afternoon of the 4th we spent some time soaking in the largest Hot Spring pool. We met and visited with some very interesting people. One fellow owned a condo Cap Daug, the naturist town in France. It was very informative talking with him about his experiences there; we’d love to visit sometime. As always, naturists are the friendliest people to get to know. We found some beautiful rocks and jewels on the gravel bottom of the largest hot pool. And it was wonderful to just float and watch the fireflies that evening.

Soon it was time to return to the tent for a wonderful night’s sleep.

The next morning the six of us – Skinny Trippers all – freehiked along the base of the mountains for perhaps six miles. What a wonderful hike –light breezes caressed our skin, the sun warmed our naked bodies (in fact I got a little too much sun). We identified wild-flowers and insects along the way. We paused in the shade near a bubbling stream. We rested together under a large evergreen tree. We visited the old mining ruins. We took many photos. We got some exercise. We talked and enjoyed each other’s company. We enjoyed nature as God intended, with our good friends. For what more could one ask?

That evening we hiked to the collapsed entrance to the mine to watch the bat flight. How amazing, watching thousands of bats fly from the cave in their natural way while we stood below in our natural state.

The next day we visited the upper springs for some soaking before leaving. Valley View has some of the best hot springs in the U.S. We love it, and think it’s perhaps the very best place to introduce naturism to someone, because people of all levels from totally clothed to totally naked mingle together without any bias or discomfort.

Too soon it was time for us to pack up and head back to Utah, the end of a wonderful Skinny Trip.

Here is a link to some of the photos we took at Valley View on this Skinny Trip:

It’s Absolutely Magical

“You’re more a part of the world when you’re not wearing a whole bunch of clothing. It connects you to the wilderness so much. You get up in the high country, in the tundra, and have a light breeze blowing, and it’s absolutely magical.” – George Walker

Freehiking Etiquette & Tips

These freehiking tips are excerpted from the following sources:

1. Avoid trails where there are likely to be clothed hikers. It's best to avoid confrontation if at all possible.

2. Use 'out and back' trails. That way if there are no vehicles at the trailhead you can be pretty sure that at least on the outward journey you will have the trail to yourself.

3. Look for signs that others have been on the trail before you, and if you do meet someone coming the other way, ask them if they have seen anyone else on the trail.

4. Avoid trails where there are likely to be children and family groups. People who would normally react with a smile when meeting a nude hiker can easily take offence if they feel their children are threatened.

5. If possible, freehike with others. A lone freehiker is more likely to be seen in a bad light than a group. A group with both men and women will also generally be seen in a better light than an all-male one.

6. If possible freehike on weekdays rather than on weekends.

7. Be aware of where the trail will take you - you don't want to find yourself in a residential area.

8. Watch for approaching hikers, and be prepared to cover up quickly. If you are alert you will see or hear them long before they are aware of you.

9. If you are caught by surprise, act naturally, normally, and openly. Don't dive into the bushes or act in some other guilty or suspicious manner.

10. Take off sunglasses to greet or talk to others.

11. Be aware of weather conditions. Take clothing that would be required if it started raining or there was a sudden drop in temperature.

12. Put your clothes back on if you have to traverse areas where it is likely you may slip and find yourself sliding down rough or rocky ground. Nude gravel rash is best avoided.

13. Carry sufficient food and fluids for the duration of your walk, and be aware that freehiking makes dehydration occur more quickly.

14. If you or your location require, carry plenty of sunscreen and mosquito repellant.

15. Tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back.

16. Invite a friend!

Freehiking Opens a New Dimension in Hiking

“I found my overall experience hiking [the Deep Creek Hot Springs] trail to be fantastic! It was only a matter of getting out and openly doing it. To allow myself to be cloaked solely by God's created skin. To experience the natural way my body was meant to feel and witness the elements; and touch with harmony the inherited latent gene in the mind which validates all the senses when the body is purely in accordance with the way our early ancestors hunted and lived for thousands of years. This experience has opened a whole new dimension in hiking for me. It felt so good, so relaxing, and so very natural.” – Deep Creek Hot Springs Freehiker

Sun Island Resort Freehikes - 2006

During our visit to Sun Island near San Diego, California over the Labor Day weekend in 2006 PJ and I took a freehike to some farmhouse ruins in the hills above the resort. (See photos: ) The temperature was just right. The hill overlooked the resort. New homes had been constructed near the resort, and we were sure several homeowners saw us from afar, but they didn’t seem to pay attention. Signs along the way said to watch for snakes, but we didn’t see any – we almost never do when we hike.

We showered after retuning (we just love how natural and easy it is to shower, whenever you feel sweaty or dirty, at a naturist resort; no one even thinks about jumping in a group shower with others of both sexes). We went to the pool, and it wasn’t long before we were involved in the water volleyball game that occurs three times each day on weekends. The residents are justifiably proud of this group activity; it wasn’t uncommon for fifty naked people to get involved in this fun, noncompetitive sport. We also spent time sunbathing; PJ really likes the warmth of this activity, plus she likes being a lovely brown all over.

The next morning we got up early and took our morning freehike to the ruins again. The hiking trail at the resort is nice, and could easily be longer if you don’t mind getting out in the weeds a little. We ate breakfast with a nice couple (Cy and Toni) from the bay area. They belong to a small resort up north, and invited us to visit them. As always, we were amazed how easy it is to make nudist friends.

We then spent lots of time relaxing at the pool (in and out of it). Lots of guests were arriving for the weekend. We ran into some friends we’d met just a week before at Au Natural in Las Vegas, and had a short visit. When it got too hot in the afternoon, we dressed (sigh) and drove about three miles to a casino for lunch/dinner (we don’t gamble, but the Chinese food was exceptional).
Our next day at Sun Island we got up early and again took a nice freehike to the ruins, showered, then ate breakfast with CY and Toni. We also took some time to enjoy the pool and sunbathe. A naturist resort can be oh so relaxing; there’s no better way to prepare for a big work week.

We were amazed at the number of families with children of all ages who participated. The resort had a big blow-up water slide that definitely attracted the kids. They were in constant motion climbing the steps and sliding with a splash into the pool at the bottom. The slide had two big water guns. Two young kids grabbed these guns to spray their mother and father. At another time a grandfather, grandmother, father, pretty teenage daughter, and two sons played volleyball together with others in the pool. An older family group arrived on Sunday, sat up chairs in a circle on the grass under a shade tree, and played a very competitive game of land volleyball; this appeared to be a regular activity for this family. It was so refreshing to see families play so freely and naturally together. Naturism and families can just go together. We’re so jealous; our families don’t understand or participate (yet).

The next day we got up and took our usual freehike, and shower. We enjoyed the pool and the sun, ate lunch again at the nearby casino, and played some water volleyball in the afternoon. Things were winding down at the resort. We relaxed naked and talked with a few people around the pool until dusk. Then got packed ourselves, and hit the sack early as we had to leave the next day.

We had to leave early for a 9:00 am appointment in San Diego, but felt so refreshed by our relaxing stay at a very friendly resort. That’s the key to the Sun Island Resort – friendliness. It’s small, and doesn’t always have enough people for every event (karaoke, for instance), but the residents were very friendly. We experienced no sexual overtone at the events, and many families participated. We saw children of all ages. This is the most family-friendly resort we’ve ever visited. We’d recommend this resort to anyone of any age.

(Note: Sun Island was sold in 2008 and is no longer a naturist venue. To bad. It had a nice hiking trail.)