Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get Naked - Live Healthy in the Sun

It’s sometimes hard to live a healthy naturist lifestyle. Living in Lubbock, Texas, I’ve totally missed getting nude in the sun. I know that’s VERY unhealthy! So today I did something about being healthy; I climbed to the roof of the building I manage, stripped down, and sunbathed for about an hour. To not get some sun is unfair to me and to my health. It's unfair for you as well, so I encourage everyone to get naked and live a healthy life in the sun.

Here are a few thoughts from others about the importance of sun to a healthy lifestyle:

“The naturists were the first social sunbathers, the first to turn what had been a medical necessity (to cure tuberculosis or combat rickets) into a way of life. Before about 1930, there was no real distinction between ‘sunbather’ and ‘nudist’. . . The nudists were devoted to healthy living and the great outdoors, and were simply sunbathers with attitude, fighting for things we now take for granted in our relationship with the Sun.” - Robert Mighall

“My Doctor actually suggested nude sunbathing as a treatment for my psoriasis.” - FLBareBear

“Sunbathing can help prevent more than 25 chronic diseases and save billions . . . evidence suggests that a deep tan, particularly in childhood and adolescent years, protects against melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer; and further evidence suggests that sunbathing, even when it causes sunburn, protects against diseases such as multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer. So tanning should properly be seen as a sign of health, as indeed it is by most members of the public, although care should be taken to avoid burning.” – Health Research Forum

“. . . regular and controlled nude sunbathing enhances resistance to disease, provides more effective and natural vitamin D and calcium balance, reduces the effect of stress, decreases blood pressure, decreases resting heart rate, decreases blood cholesterol, decreases excessive blood sugar, increases muscular strength and endurance, improves many skin diseases such as psoriasis, reduces depression, reduces risk of internal cancer as well as heart and blood vessel disease. . . If the thought comes to mind that NEARLY nude would pretty much accomplish the same thing, remember that there are important reasons to particularly expose the very body parts that ‘modesty’ might want covered. It is precisely the skin of the genitalia, buttocks, perianal areas and breasts which benefits most from the drying and cooling effect of free air flow as well as the drying antimicrobial and other desirable attributes of sunlight itself. Logically if any parts should be covered at all it would make more sense to cover the face and hands since the skin of these parts is already liable to more than its share of sunlight, etc. by ordinary daily activities in the clothed state. TOTALLY nude at appropriate times is really the only way the full benefits can be obtained.” - Dr. Conrad Manning, MD

“My numerous moles developed white circles around them and started going black whenever I went out in the sun, unless I used copious amounts of sunblock. I found that whenever I was on nudist beaches with the same amount of sun, and much less suntan cream, the opposite effect occurred. I tanned rather than burned, and my moles progressively disappeared as a result of sunbathing naturally, compared to sunbathing with clothes on. Recently, I have lived in parts of America where clothing is compulsory on the beaches and my skin problems started to return! Because of the personal health risk involved, I am reluctant to swim on a beach where I cannot be nude.” - John Veltheim

“According to a new survey 54% of Americans believe that state and local governments should set aside secluded areas of public land for people who enjoy nude sunbathing. . . This independent survey was conducted for NEF by the prestigious polling firm of Roper Public Affairs. The survey also revealed that 1 out of 4 American adults have gone ‘skinny dipping.’" - NEF/Roper Poll 2006, http://www.naturist education. org

“It would be a step toward better psychological and physical health if we could accept public nudity in a matter-of-fact way at least to a limited extent. Certainly no one would be harmed by such a practice in designated areas and at designated times for specific legitimate purposes as sunbathing, exercising and for various sports. Many people have enjoyed nude jogging, swimming, sunbathing and other similar activities in secluded places for years. Not everyone has convenient access to isolated places where this can be done privately without possible offense to others. It would be an appropriate use of public areas such as parks to have designated, clothes-optional, areas and times when legitimate nude activities are permitted. Actually, it could be argued that it's even more appropriate to turn the situation around and designate times and places where clothes must be worn (textile areas) so that those who are offended by the natural body state and who are unable or unwilling to separate nudity and sexuality, can assemble together without fear of having to deal with nature and the truth.” – Dr. Conrad Manning, MD

“I love the sun, I love being naked, I am proud of my body and I like getting to meet other naked people. This is the only place in London you can legally sunbathe naked. This is a very British problem - why are we so prudish in this country? In Germany every park has an area for naked people. It is a human right - everyone in the country should have somewhere to sunbathe naked.” – Michael Peacock

“Actor John Barrowman has a secret beauty regime - he likes sunbathing naked. The Doctor Who star insists stripping off in hot weather is ‘liberating’ . . . ‘I think nude sunbathing is fantastic. There is nothing more liberating than taking all your clothes off and lying in the sun - on the beach!’” –

“Sunbathing is the most healthful and rewarding life a person can lead. With complete exposure to sunshine and fresh air, it is little wonder why the body benefits from nudism. . . I wouldn’t trade this life for any other and when the time comes I plan to marry a nudist and raise my children as nudists.” - Seventeen-year-old female


  1. I would like to add a note that sunbathing doesn't cause skin cancer at all.It's the sun screens that one wears on their skin that causes skin cancer in the first place.

    Rather the chemicals that sun screens are loaded adsorb through your skin and into your bloodstream poisoning your body and skin with time.

    We have never used sunscreens, for any nude outdoor activity.

  2. I know I feel much better if I can get some nude outdoor time. It is especially important in winter. A dose of sunshine even in freezing temps if there is no wind can really improve my outlook on life. I also believe it can boost our immune systems. My wife and son spend much more time indoors than I do in winter and seem to be sick all the time. I seem to avoid getting sick most of the time. I know I am exposed to the same germs due to our close proximity but I just don't seem to get sick.

  3. Being HIV Positive, my oral daily dose of vitamin D is not enough, getting some sun is a necessity for my immune system. I think my doctor wouldn't argue with my prescription!

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