Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Dream of Freedom

I totally agree with this thought from Danielle, and intend to act on her suggestion. Anyone else on board?


“The only way some of us will ever live in what we consider to be a perfect world is if those of us who promote nonsexual nudism keep spreading the word that there is no reason that we should ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be ashamed of our bodies, and what God gave us! . . . I feel like maybe if I say it enough times, the right person will hear it or see it, and help me and all the other nudists around the world take action. Let's try taking our clothes off for something other than sexual activity! . . . when you're a nudist, living in a society with a whole bunch of people who were trapped in the textile world, explaining to them the freedom and liberation that comes along with being a nudist can seem pretty daunting . . . The solution is going to require all of the nudists around the world to band together and fight for what we believe . . . It's my hope that one day when I get ready to have kids I'll be able to tell them that they don't have to wear clothes if they don't want to, and they will still be accepted and loved by society just as everyone else is. . . will that happen in my lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. I can tell you one thing for sure though. We've got to start somewhere. . . I truly believe that if we fight long enough and hard enough for what we truly believe, we just may see a change. If we don't fight, and we just accept that this is the way a society is, will we ever know whether it could have been different?” - Danielle

Monday, July 25, 2011

Even More Nude Drivers

“Saturday I drove 1.5 hours to Cherokee Lodge in Crossville, TN. It was my third time visiting so I was familiar with the place. Nice time there, got some work done on the laptop, went in the pool, laid out just a little bit, had a walk. Good time. Decided to drive home nude on the interstate. FIRST TIME ever doing this on the interstate. Figured no one could see as cars were only passing me and my windows are tinted. Drove this way for 60 miles when I look up and suddenly see what appears to be a cop car behind me. I freak out thinking someone saw me naked and called police. Luckily, the car passed me and it was a fire station car (car for fire dept.). Continued driving until I got into heavy traffic and I slipped my clothes on. “ – Jozimmer

“I have often driven naked. Since we are in the midst of a heat wave I have had a couple of opportunities to drive naked recently. I have an old two seater rag top and last night I was craving a twilight drive to cool down. I had a wrap at the ready and as I headed out of town, I rounded a corner and there were some people on the side walk. One of the individuals started jumping up and down. It seemed like he was trying to get a look in the car at my lap. I'm sure I past too quickly, but it made me think, that person actually thought I might be naked!” – Eddie

“We'll have a short SRT starting tomorrow. We are visiting friends and will do some naked driving while going to their home. It's a couple hours away but it's better than nothing and I love to drive naked for extended periods of time! That's why I'm looking forward to our trip up to NorCal after this short drive. 5 hour minimum naked drives with stops in between to enjoy a little leg stretch, au naturel, is what I'm talkin' bout!” - FireProf

“My used Jeep Wrangler came with after-market tinted side windows which makes it more difficult for fellow motorists to peer into my vehicle. Combined with the higher profile, I can drive comfortably and confidently nude. It doesn't have air-conditioning, so being naked inside is a bit of a survival necessity on these hot summer afternoons. For the record, I always wear my seat belt; I feel vulnerable (i.e. 'naked') without it.” – Au Naturale

“I had to take a trip of considerable distance so I started to play a game of trying to see how many drivers were actually wearing seat belts. Opposing traffic moves so quickly that it was almost impossible to tell unless the seat belt contrasted with their clothing. So being that difficult I reasoned that I may as well lose the shorts so a quick pull over was in order. As usual the drive was much more pleasant as always when unencumbered by clothing! The conclusion for anyone who is contemplating a nude drive but is still unsure, it would seem that the only ones who could see you are next to you traveling the same direction in a vehicle that is quite a bit above yours. I even tried to look into other vehicles on this trip and only one little sports car was I able to see from my pickup truck. Let’s get naked and drive!” - Nudewalker

“Lately I have been picking my wife up at her job driving there and back nude. It is after dark and about 20 minutes away, feels good not having any clothes on while driving, more comfortable and relaxed.“ Nimrod

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Home Nudists

Anyone else enjoy at-home nudism?


"I am naked almost all the time at home. Although the wife does not join me, she is fine when I do it. I am just really more comfortable. I do have to put shorts on when I work out in the yard. Such a shame especially on nicer days." - Behr

“My wife and I got a tai chi DVD as part of our new commitment to getting into better shape. We did not, however, invest in new workout clothes. We try to follow the workout three times a week and of course we do it nude.” – Glasgif

“I . . . am a nudist that gets naked at home because I really like getting nude at home. I don't go to nudist resorts because I don't have the time to go and I don't have any nudist friends to get naked with, so I just stay home and get naked.“ – Tampabaybucsfan

“For many years I have been interested in Nudism but as I do not have a partner with the same interests I practice nudism at home. It feels great - the freedom of no clothes, the air, and sun in moderation. Early sun is the best, but not for long. Doing everyday chores in the nude is a wonderful feeling. I always have a pair of shorts handy when the doorbell rings!” – Sorbent

“I love it when the sun shines and I can shed my clothes. I'm lucky to have a garden that as only one window overlooking it so can quite often sunbathe nude. I’m also lucky that my neighbor is totally ok with it, as I discovered a couple of summers back. I had my clothes off outside to catch some rays, music was playing and I was quite at peace with the world, I had my eyes closed when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Opening my eyes I was astonished to see my neighbor looking back at me, “Hi” she said “you look like you’re comfortable. Have you a bowl I could borrow”. I tried to cover up but she laughed at me telling me not to be so shy as she had no problem with my nudity. I stood up and quickly found the bowl she required, thinking she would want to leave, but no she asked if I was going to offer her a coffee, so we sat and chatted me naked her fully clothed. I told her I always had her down as a prude to which she replied although she would never get naked herself she could see no harm in other enjoying a nude lifestyle. . . We have now become close friends and she will often come for a chat on a hot summers day . . .” – Gibo1

“I . . . would have the house to myself when I got home from school and as soon as I got home all the clothes would come off. There was also an old gravel pit just outside the city, it had a wonderful man-made spring-fed lake . . . It was a great place to get naked and feel the warm summer breeze flowing over your skin. There is no better feeling than swimming nude, nothing digging into your skin, just total freedom. . . I keep my blinds closed so no one can see in . . . I think it is a great way to live and if you have never tried it, you should.” - JeffreyA

Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Nudists

PJ and I love living nude at home - it's the best way to live for sure. When we're working, we drop our clothes as soon as we enter the apartment, and we sleep nude of course. Clothes are just plain uncomfortable. The only disadvantage of home nudism is the need to keep the blinds closed and the apartment dark. That's one reason it's so nice to get back to our home at Shangri La resort whenever our work assigments end, so the sun can shine in.


Here are a few other people who enjoy home nudism. Would anyone else like to report about living nude at home?

"We are naked so much, at home, that it actually feels strange to wear clothes here at home. . . We've gone on vacation and will check in to hotel room. Walk through the door and start stripping to settle in and unpack. I find I can't really think unless I'm naked!" - FireProf

"If I am at home I am nude, till the weather turns cold. I try to work from home one or two days a week which gives me a little more nude time." - Mokayaker

"Me and the family live nude at home almost all the time. If the kids make plans for friends to come over, obviously we all put something on. It isn't well known around the kids schools that we're nudists. Other than that, living in Southern Cal. does allow us to go nude year round. " - Cocalsonice (woman)

"During the warm days I do everthong in the nude. I would just wear a towel to get my mail. Once in the safety of my home off the clothes go. I water my lawn and do my yard work in the buff " - Cencali

"I work out of my home office so I am nude all the time. Most of my friends know I am a nudist so if they drop by it is no big deal. For those that just knock on my door there is a sign stating.."Nudist lives inside , enter at your own discretion"..if they come in great if not great.. " - TexasnNewd

"Living alone I'm nude all the time, I see no reason to ever wear anything in my own home. If I have company and they are not nudist I will dress but all are wlcome to get nude and relax and enjoy." - NudeAdam

"I'm naked 15 seconds after coming home. I work and do the pool area upkeep naked. Neighbors don't mind. Even the cleaning ladies don't mind. It's a great life. . . I'm nude nearly 100% of the time. I work at home and sit out by my pool naked most the day. If I go out my clothes come off the second I get in the house. I live with my wife and 14 year old. She's a school teacher and is naked at home but my son only swims naked. . . The house is on a golf course and so far (7 years) the golfers don't mind but a hedge blocks most of their view anyway. The neighbors, lawn treatment, and landscapers don't mind. I routinely stand talking to my neighbor while being naked. I am careful not to be seen in the front of the house though. . . But the deck and lanai are our sanctuary." - LarryB

"Always nude at home on my days off and in the mornings before I have to go out. Our property is bordered by mature trees and bushes so I can freely enjoy the backyard, the pool, and do yardwork in the buff also. " - BareNBoop

"I am nude 100% of the time at home. Well, maybe 99.99% because I do throw a dress on if someone comes to the door. I rarely get visitors, but when I do, I put something on to answer the door. " - Ages (woman)

"I'm retired and have a naturist friendly apt. I spend most of my time nude, sleep nude, do household chores nude, cook nude. I'm happy to say I spend days at a time without putting on a stitch. I hate clothes although sometimes I'm forced to wear them when I go out on errands which fortunately doesn't happen much. I find that clothes itch, bind and pinch and anymore I can't wait to get them off! . . . I live alone for now, and there's no regular job to report for and most of the work I do now is benchwork at home so nudity is a normal state of affairs for me. In fact I am so used to being nude most of the time, when I do have to go out I find wearing clothes almost unbearable and can't wait to get home and be myself again." - Uriel2

"I'm nude all the time I'm home. I have some non nudist friends who will come over. They know I'm always nude at home and they accept it. If someone that is not in our social circle, neighbor etc., I just go into my room while my wife will talk with them. The only time I get dressed is when I go out to work or take my wife shopping or some out door activities. " - Nudycg

"I get comfortable almost as I'm walking through our gate after work unless it's chilly out. I'm nude most of the time in the house. If I'm chilly, I find that if I put on slippers (dearfoams), I am warmer. If worse comes to worse, I put a robe over my shoulders. . . Today my husband asked if he could take a look in my car to find something that he's misplaced. I just handed him the keys. I can usually get away with going out to where I park the car as there is much foliage. " - Cheri

"As soon as I get home I like to get nude and stay that way as much as possible, since I live by myself I don't have to worry about offending anyone. I travel to make a living so I enter a hotel room, lock the door, and get naked. " - Lv2BNaked

"I am nude at home whenever I can be. In the morning after my shower I am nude until I have to get ready for work, and when I get home off comes the clothes, I plan on retiring next year and plan on being free all the time " - nvnudedude

"I am nude at home any chance I get . . . I have always slept nude as long as I remember. My clothes fall whenever we are alone and I roam freely in the house and back yard area which is bordered by woods and private. Nudity is a sure thing especially in the deck area, spa, and pool when we are alone. Clothes are off so much that I can immediately feel irritated by fabric all over when I wear clothes. My wife laughs about when we come home from somewhere, the clothes fall off entering the back door! " - Nudepops

"We are lucky enough to live in Florida and we have a private backyard with pool, jacuzzi, and all of the trimmings. We're always nude at home in in the yard unless some textile friends come over. (We always tell people to call first!) Many of our friends are nudists as well, and we enjoy nude home parties with them, either at our place or theirs." - Nudesuncpl

"We are a nudist family at home - the kids and all. We have some rules that have to be followed, but bottom line, some one is nude at our home always - its just however you feel. Sometimes every one is nude which for us is just a normal day." - sarw15

". . . we're nude all the time at home - inside and outside in our backyard. There are times when we have friends and family over and have to remain dressed but when it's just us or our immediate family, we are nude - most of the time. Our family (children/spouses and grandkids) are well aware of our lifestyle and have partaken in being nude here with us on a few occasions . . . It doesn't matter how long I am home, I strip off every second I can." - FireProf

"Since I started working from home 6 years ago I am naked pretty much 24/7. The only time I am dressed for any length of time is when my wife and I have non-nudist guest, which most of them are. My wife is a nudist too but doesn't stay naked as much as I do." - Nakedfiddler

"Whenever I come into the house the clothes come off. I have been this way for over 20 years, Even at the college family housing I would be nude in the apt. I am a big guy and do not like wearing clothes because they feel too constraining for my comfort overall." - Ladyhawkseagle

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July's Been a Nude Month

July has been a wonderfully naked month for me and PJ!

The first week we drove nude from Las Cruces, NM, where we had worked, to our new home at Shangri La Ranch in New River, AZ. Nude is the only way for a nudist to travel. We love the feeling. Along the way we noticed so many wonderful areas to stop for a picnic or freehike, but we were too concerned with continuing on to our destination, though we did stop to see the “thing”, so I guess this was just a nude drive, not a real Skinny Road Trip.

Over six days we worked 72 hours building our new nature park/trail at Shangri La. It was wonderful getting up early before the heat became oppressive, working together nude, and jumping in the pool on occasion to cool down and relax from the heat - paradise. The owner gave us a golf cart to haul things; PJ is painting it.

Saturday we attended the Canyon State Naturists pool party. Naked fun was had by all who attended. The local Phoenix area naturist community is very active. We discussed planning some freehikes and starting an egroup to help with communication.

By Wednesday, we were on the road again for work. We drove nude all the way from Phoenix to Odessa, TX where we stopped for the night before continuing on to our assignment in Tyler, TX.

This past Saturday we visited the Ponderosa resort in Wills Point, TX. It is a small resort on ten acres, but has a wonderful clubhouse (one of the nicest we’ve ever seen) and a pleasant pool. We enjoyed soaking and visiting with 26 new naturist friends (12 women). (Naturists are always the nicest, friendliest people.) We highly recommend this small resort.

We ate at several fun restaurants and went to see the new Harry Potter movie. My only regret is not making the trip to Ponderosa a full-blown Skinny Road Trip – oh well, next time for sure.

We’re back to work, unfortunately clothed, till the end of the month. I'll report on our continuing naturist adventures then.

Even More Nude Drivers

“I have on several occasions done nude driving returning form my local nudist park- Most of it was via interstate and took about 50 minutes or so travel time. I just got into the car at the nudist park and drove home. I would keep a pair of shorts at my feet to slip on if I needed to-- So much fun!!!!” – Byron

“Have not taken a skinny road trip as such, but have driven nude on a number of occasions. They did all happen to be at night so the chance of being seen was very minimal, and they were on routes that I frequently travel that become rather desolate after dark. The most comfortable thing for me is the cool air across my body whether from the A/C or what nature happens to offer that evening. Add a nude walk back to the car after spending nude time at the beach, and you can have a pretty nice day.” – Nudeyooper

“Friday I left Colorado for SLC and decided to drive nude down I80 across Wyoming. I took all my clothes off and kept my shirt handy just in case. The sun was out it felt so good on me. I have tinted windows although they are not that dark. I must admit it was very invigorating to be passing, and to be passed by other cars and the semi -trucks completely in the buff. I loved it! There was construction going on and at one point I had to drive slowly past a flag man, which made me a bit nervous. It was all good though and I can't wait to drive naturally again. This is my summer vacation and I have deemed it my nude adventure. I plan on doing some nude atv'ing and free hiking near Zions and then with a newly met naturist friend near Escalante.” - John

“I have enjoyed "skinny road trips" without a specific destination, in the past. I will dress briefly only when necessary . . . when stopping to stretch at the more public places, while staying nude when stopping in secluded places. . . my kilts just lay open and flat on the seat much of the time. They wrap with Velcro, so that I can have one on in a flash if necessary. I highly recommend both the kilt and the skinny road trip, as comfortable and versatile extensions of the naturist life style.” - Dan

“My work involves driving all over England and Wales, and whenever possible I am naked. I often give guys lifts, and most of them strip before I drive off. Only one guy has refused a lift, leaving the passenger door wide open and shouting "Pervert!" – Carl c-s

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fire Prof's Skinny Road Trip

Here's another great Skinny Road Trip reported by Fire Prof. Does anyone else have a report?

"Our trip to Lake Havasu was great. Stopped for fuel and Starbucks. Once onboard with our morning snack and coffee, off came the clothes and turned up the heater in the truck! I was completely nude, the Prof was semi - she's still not completely comfortable being totally nude while in the vehicles.

5+hrs of naked driving. It warmed up pretty quick after we were on the road. Had to turn off the heater once we were in Palm Springs area. Even had to turn on the A/C for a while cuz it got hot out in the desert. I would have left it off and opened the windows but the Prof was working and didn't want her papers flying all over the place.

Arrived in Havasu and got into our friend’s home. They were out and left the house open for us. We settled in and they arrived soon after. We visited for a while and before ya know it, all 6 of us were nude enjoying each other’s company.

Left Havasu a few days later. Stopped right after we left our friends home for fuel and Starbucks. Got in the truck and off came the clothes. Nice ride home again. Drove through a State Agriculture check point in the nude. Talked with the Inspector - he didn't come close enough to the truck to be concerned.

Had to stop once more for fuel and a potty break so I slipped on the shorts and flip flops and went inside the gas station. Got back to the truck, NO ONE around on this intersection, slipped off the shorts, put the hose back in the pump, pushed the "no receipt" button, got back in the truck and drove off!

Got home, backed half way into the garage and unloaded the truck in the nude. Looked around for the neighbors - very quiet and no one out - window blinds closed - I parked the truck in the driveway and got out nude and walked inside the house.

What a great trip!" - Fire Prof

Monday, July 11, 2011

Skinny Road Trip Report

Jaybirdsen reports an enjoyable Skinny Road Trip below. Would anyone else like to do the same?

". . . the other day I decided to take a naked road trip up into the mountains above San Diego. While still in the city I drove with a shirt on and removed it as I entered the foothills on a beautiful very warm clear day. I drove with the windows open and the rear slider of the pickup open too. The hot air bathing my body was terrific. I passed several hamlets with egg farms, wineries, apple pie etc. I discovered a . . . beautiful country road that meandered through scrub oak divided into old farm pastures with old farm houses. . . The road eventually led on a winding path down hill through oaken glens with a beautiful view of a high desert lake below. I merged back onto another highway along the lake and eventually back to the spot of my time departure. It was a wonderful short day trip and I got dressed only to stop in a coffee shop for an early supper.' - Jaybirdsen

Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Nude Drivers

"I have driven naked many times. I have also been seen many times too. First time seen I was driving I-10 into Pensacola, Fl. and suddenly found myself in rush hour traffic. I was driving a small Toyota truck and I had a big RV get along side of me. I didn't cover up and a moment later the RV go in front of me and slowed down. So I passed it when I looked over the driver was trying hard to see me, so I let him. I got a thumbs up and noticed that his female partner had seen me first and must of told him. Another time a woman was driving a pickup truck and her husband was asleep. We were on the same level and she stayed along side of me for several miles smiling and looking before turning off. I have noticed that women in general are not upset at all about male nudity as long as no one catches them looking." - GANude

"I enjoy driving naked and when it is after dark on a hot day in the desert, driving sans clothes is an enjoyable aspect to what usually is a boring aspect of our lives. The last time I drove back toward LA from Palm Springs, I found driving nude made the trip far more comfortable. Since I have been pulled over only 3 times in the last 20 years, I don't worry about the CHP. During the day, if I am driving by myself, I will place a small piece of cloth over my loins - just enough to cover any Truck driver's view (not that they really look). With the air vent, this still provides enough air circulation around my genitals to make it more comfortable. If I am riding with my wife, she understands that should we be driving a significant distance, I will wear only a very thin pair of shorts. As she says, as long as I am covered and she does not need to drive, what does she care? So keep driving in the natural state!" - SoCalFreehiker

"I skinnydrive a Silverado to work nearly every morning. To my knowledge no one has noticed I am nude, even when it is too cold to be shirtless. I sometimes drive home that way as well in traffic and daylight and no one notices. Mine is not the tallest vehicle by any means, but it is taller than most cars. I stay in the right lane and make sure to stop where taller vehicles are not directly opposite me. It took some getting used to but gradually I realized that most people are intent on watching where they are going and not looking into other peoples vehicles." - Hymie

"The pleasure for me comes from driving totally naked, which I do often on long trips . . . I always keep light tan, wide leg shorts on the passenger seat which I can slip on in about two seconds, and flip-flops in the passenger floor well. On four lane highways, I'll momentarily place the shorts on my lap for a passing vehicle during the day. Someone looking down into the car sees me "wearing" shorts. I've actually driven all the way through metropolises that way, but it gets a little cumbersome in heavy traffic. When I'm with other naked passengers, we figure out some other strategy. . . Never had a problem, and have never covered up. . . Driving naked is a sensuous experience. Very relaxing and refreshing, if done carefully." - Al

"I drive naked every chance I get. I prefer to do it during the day but I drive naked at night as well. I always keep a pair of shorts handy in case a family pulls up in an SUV. Have never had a problem with truckers - in fact have had many sound off their horns as I pass them and/or give a thumbs up." - Lovetobenaked

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Skinny Road Trip

Here is an interesting first Skinny Road Trip experience:

“I was inspired enough today that on our trip to explore some campgrounds I decided to enjoy myself and do a Skinny Road Trip. Ok, the wife was upset at first; what if we get stopped, get in a wreck, or a trucker sees you. I told her before we left to try to see in the SUV with the window tint we have and she relaxed. So soon after climbing in the kilt came loose, shirt came off and the pleasant drive began. Most of the drive was on four lane roads, only a short time in an interstate highway, and only one small village to drive through before we reached the park. A quick cover up at the check in station and the park office crew gave us a map and told us to enjoy ourselves and pick out our favorite spots for camping. We drove and marked the map with the sites that we thought would accommodate our camper. When we left the campground proper a long road led to a picnic area overlooking the lake. From our vantage point we could see the beach which was sparsely populated due to the rain and a secluded table was found to enjoy our picnic lunch. Of course the kilt was off by this time and the wife joined in by being topless! We drove back by using mostly rural roads so we never bothered to dress, and the steady rain provided enough privacy to enjoy ourselves. It seemed all too soon that I was reaching for the garage door opener, pulled into the house and ended what was a perfect ride. Thanks Ken for the brilliant idea, and the link to the pictures as now I think the wife is intrigued!” - Nudewalker

Friday, July 8, 2011

Why I Drive Nude

I made a conscious decision to drive nude more often just several months ago as one aspect of a larger decision to be more fully a nudist. Prior to that nude driving was an occasional activity. Since, I decided I needed to be true to my nudist calling - an example to others. I was driving lots anyway, so I decided it was only right for a nudist to “drive” nude. My wife, PJ, understood and encouraged me.

I've enjoyed thinking of ways to drive nude without bothering or shocking or even being seen by others, and without getting caught and offending the authorities – naked driving needn’t be exhibitionistic.

I got the idea of creating my own nudist resort inside my car - a safe place to drive naked. Since, I have purchased window curtains, towels, and even an extra body pillow (the perfect device for passengers to block the window view or comfortably cover up when needed). I've redesigned a pair of shorts so I can sit on the back half (using it like a towel), but drop the front half for naked comfort, yet quickly Velcro it back up when needed. PJ has been sewing an equally easy outfit for women to uncover while driving, and quickly re-cover when needed.

People seem to have lost the idea of the "Road Trip" - driving the back roads and stopping to see the sights along the way, without caring about the distance traveled, without rushing down the highway from point A to point B. Skinny Road Tripping reintroduces leisurely travel.

Drive leisurely on the back-roads and you'll notice many places to stop for a freehike or nude picnic - hidden places to get some all-over sun.

And naturists of all ages can enjoy driving nude - Skinny Road Tripping needn't be only for the young crowd.

It's easy to find companions to share a “social” Skinny Road Trip. Yesterday, while floating in the pool at Shangra La resort, I mentioned taking a Skinny Road Trip to a visiting couple. After a few questions about the safety of driving nude, they quickly agreed that it would be a fun naturist activity to share. I suspect we'll Skinny Trip together soon.

Skinny Road Trips are a perfect, new way to enjoy naturism. It's really just the reverse of normal naturist travel. Instead of driving to a destination clothed and then undressing, you "travel" naked and dress when needed to gas up or to visit interesting sights. And you might also stop and remain undressed to enjoy the outdoors.

Skinny Road Trips are a great way to be more fully nudist. Try it and you'll like it. I sure do.

Has anyone else out there enjoyed a Skinny Road Trip?


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Naked Drivers

It's very interesting how many people enjoy driving naked. Some perhaps tend towards exhibitionism. If so, they definitely need naturism to fix their heads - from experience I know that works. Anyway, here are a few more people who enjoy driving naked:

"Enjoy driving nude whenever I can. A week ago I had to go out of town for business. On the way home that night I decided to shuck the clothes for the drive home. Was a great 70 mile drive." - Gwn Tulsa

"I drive nude quite often. A lot of times I will leave my shirt on so as to not attract attention to myself. People glance and see somebody dressed from the waist up and usually don't take a second look. I take a lot of drives in the very early AM. . . The freedom and the feeling of the breeze on my body just makes the stress melt away. I'll be taking another drive here in about an hour." - BillyJoeJimBob

"I was lucky enough to drive from AZ, Phoenix area to near Ft Worth, TX weekend before last. I was naked at least from the waist down most of the trip. My wife was naked at night. The whole trip seemed so much shorter that way. That is a long boring drive and to be able to go at least half naked is a bonus." - Rhinestonekevin

"I drove across the Mojave desert naked - real nice - Hot! I got out to take a picture of a flowering cactus and a car went by - no problem. Ate lunch off the side of the road naked and enjoyed the day immensely. I got stopped by the Kansas highway patrol and had to get dressed quickly but all was fine. I am always looking to see if I can see in anyone's car and can't so I don't worry." - Bruce B

“I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but driving naked has always been a thrill to me. I guess that it started small and grew from there. Maybe I was dared by one of my friends to drive without panties while wearing a mini-skirt; or it could have been me running late again and I could have forgotten my bra. Well, whatever it was, it was just the beginning. . . [On the way to my first day of school] I decided to just take off the skirt and blouse . . . When I got to school, I jumped out of my car and ran over to the passenger side and got dressed there. . . Ever since that day, I would get up early and put my clothes into the car and drive wherever I was heading totally nude. . . It's always given me a big thrill. I still do that to this day. My husband loves taking trips with me.” - Ciao.

Monday, July 4, 2011

What Do You Think About Driving Nude?

When I first considered driving nude I wondered if I had wandered too far from true naturist practice into exhibitionism. Yet. as a practicing naturist, driving naked never felt exhibitionistic, especially as I prepared my car to be a traveling resort so it was difficult for people to see in and easy to cover up. Now, having studied nude driving, I'm surprised how many nudists enjoy doing it. I'll post more nude driving experiences in the future, but here are a few to get started:

"I have driven clothesfree many times in the summer, the longest being about 70 miles to and from a nudist beach. It’s a wonderful feeling wearing just a seat belt (yes not even shoes!)." - NaturalAlien

"I'm particularly law-abiding, sticking right at the speed limit and letting the cell-phone go to voice-mail, when I'm driving naked. Getting pulled over or having a fender-bender is simply not an option. I think nakedness makes me a better and safer driver." - Bob X

"I have a sport kilt that wraps around and secures at the waist with Velcro. I put that on, sit down in the car, then open it up...voila, I'm naked! If I need to cover up, I just close it up in an instant." - RoofTop

"After spending an enjoyable naked afternoon at Bluff Creek Falls in Alabama, hiking around the place, I decided to do something I have never done before - drive home naked! It is about and hour and 15 minutes to my home and the only time I had to cover up was when I went through the drive-through at McDonalds . . . It was great and the fresh air was wonderful. I plan on doing that again real soon." - Garfield42

"I always drive to the Keys naked. . . Beyond Marathon the road is almost all 2 lane. I wrapped a sarong around me, got out and put the top down, secured my shorts in the armrest compartment and my sandals in the glove compartment. Once I got going, the sarong came off. What an amazing feeling. The breeze was fantastic, and the scenery was that much more beautiful - water more azure, trees greener. Wow. Actually, it's pretty much the same sensation as when I hike naked. My senses were heightened - no doubt about it. I am not foolish about these things, and when I went through one inhabited area that had a stop light, of course I wrapped the sarong around me temporarily. But the fun part was that I only had to do that for a minute or two the whole way. Redressed just before Key West." - Al

What's your opinion of driving naked - naturally nudist or too exhibitionistic or somewhere in between?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skinny Road Trip to Visit White Sands

We’ve driven nude many times for many miles, but Thursday, June 30, 2011, PJ and I took our first “official” Skinny Road Trip. It was fun and exhilarating.

Our Skinny Road Trip started from our apartment where we are currently living in Las Cruces, NM. Within a few blocks we were nude. Nude driving feels so nice – the sun shining through the windows and the cool air blowing across our naked bodies. A Skinny Road Trip is the reverse of driving clothed to a naturist venue. You drive nude, and put clothes on as needed to visit the sights along the way. A Skinny Road Trip is more about traveling and sightseeing and socializing in naked comfort than any destination. It’s not about exhibitionism. Naturists really don’t think about being nude while traveling; it just feels natural, the way life is supposed to be - great!

We drove naked for an hour across a mountain pass and along the highway through the barren and flat White Sands Missile Range to White Sands National Park. Just before the park entrance we had to dress quickly to pass through a Border Patrol Checkpoint.

Stopping at the Park gift shop, I just wore shorts and PJ wore shorts and a top. We asked a visitor from Florida to take our photo by the Park sign to document our visit.

Soon we were naked on the white sand, taking photos of our adventure. One lady on a distant sand dune probably saw us, but we didn’t care. Who knows what she thought; probably jealous of all the fun we were obviously having. PJ said she could spend hours walking nude and barefoot across the white sand, getting an all-over tan, but I persuaded her we needed to move on to our next destination.

So, we left the Park and drove naked, back along the same route towards Las Cruces. After crossing the mountain pass, we took a side road south along the base of the Organ Pipe Mountains. We had planned a short freehike on an improved trail we had noted the day before, but a car was parked at the trailhead, so we continued down the road a ways and stopped to take a few photos. No cars could be seen in either direction, so I didn’t bother to get dressed; I just jumped out of the car nude so PJ could take my photo with the rugged mountains in the background.

We then continued into Las Cruces. After arriving, we dressed and remained clothed the rest of the trip to eat at the Cracker Barrel and visit Old Town Mesilla where we shopped (purchased several dresses and a hand mirror showing a naked fat lady, and two statues for our new park at Shangri La Ranch), visited an old catholic church, and ate again at a wonderful Mexican restaurant – La Posta.

After a fun day and a half tank of gas, we returned to our apartment and undressed - the end of the first of many wonderful Skinny Road Trips.

We’d recommend this Skinny Road Trip to everyone. Our photos are posted at:

Is anyone else planning a Skinny Road Trip? Would anyone care to share a past Skinny Road Trip?

We will soon return to Phoenix where we plan to take some Skinny Road Trips with other naturist friends. We’ll share more then.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Driving Nude Advice

"I've driven naked several times and it's a fairly safe thing to do provided you obey the rules of the road and don't draw attention to yourself. Just think for a moment, when you're driving in your car, do really notice the other people in the other cars around you and, more specifically, what they're wearing? No! You do not. . . On the highway or rural back country roads, with the vehicle in motion, someone in another vehicle, or by the side of the road, would be lucky to get even a fleeting glimpse of your nude body. And even then it would only be the head, shoulders and chest . . . If you have tinted glass on the side windows it is even less likely that someone will see you. . . It is wise, however, to have something that you can quickly wrap yourself in, should the need arise. A solution to this problem, for guys, would be a kilt that has a waistband that buttons together on the side. With nothing on underneath, you could simply undo the buttons, throw the front part over to one side and remain sitting on the back part of the kilt while driving. When the need arises to cover up, just pull the front part over and do up the buttons. Velcro would probably work quicker than buttons, but may not be as secure when walking about in the kilt. It's your choice. For women, a tube dress made of stretchy Lycra/spandex could work quite well. The dress could be completely removed or pulled all way down to her ankles while sitting on the passenger side and could be quickly pulled up, if need be. There is no front or back to these type dresses, really, so she won't have to fuss around very much to get it on just right. If the woman is driving the car, the dress should be removed completely. If left around the ankles it could interfere with the operation of the pedals and that could be dangerous. Store it in the map pocket on the door or someplace where it can be reached quickly. Plan your route carefully, turn off the air conditioning and open the sunroof, if you dare. Happy Motoring!" - NakedNewf