Monday, September 28, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 31, 2009

On May 31, 2009, PJ had to stay in Redlands to sew a costume for her grandson, so I drove up to Olive Dell alone to lead the freehike. June gloom has definitely hit, and it was very overcast. That’s probably why only Dave showed up. Still, we enjoyed a nice freehike together. We saw a beautiful purple boa along the way, a huge owl, five donkeys, and several rabbits.

After the freehike I watered the garden (the rabbits ate many of our flowers) and enjoyed watching the birds (Gold finches now completely cover the seed sock most of the time.)
Then I got another tennis lesson from Dave. Craig came down again, and we enjoyed playing a game of skinny tennis.

Afterwards, while I was creating a new garden in front of our trailer, Idaho Julie drove up. It was great to see her. She is probably getting a place for her parents at Olive Dell. They had snowbirded at Glen Eden a year ago and now totally miss living at a resort, but at Glen Eden it’s too difficult to find a permanent site. If she finds her parents a spot at Olive Dell we’ll see her and Gerry a lot more often.

A little while later Craig & Kelly and Homer & Ruth (residents) came by to see the progress on our garden. I took them on a short naked walking tour. It’s so interesting to unconsciously meet and visit with friends while naked. I talked with Julie about living at a resort, and how wonderful and natural it is to never have wear uncomfortable clothes. Her laundry is now mostly towels. And if outside family and friends won’t come visit – oh well – life is too short to miss the joys of living as you really are. Later, after answering a few emails, I dressed and drove back to our textile residence to meet up with PJ for dinner (my first meal all day). She’s nearly through with the costume. I missed enjoying the resort with her on this last day of May. Probably we’ll enjoy some time together at Olive Dell tomorrow.

Here is a link to a few photos of our visits during May:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Freehiking Slogan

“I'd rather be Naked Hiking!” – Swimlakeside

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 21 & 24, 2009

May 21st: Enjoyed the exercise of a freehike on the loop trail this morning before leaving for work.

May 24th: Harrol & Kitty stayed at our trailer in Olive Dell for a few days. We had to work for the first few days of their stay, but we arrived Sunday morning, just in time for the group freehike. Only five hiked but it was still enjoyable. We met a resident, Dave, for the first time.

After the hike Dave taught PJ and I how to play tennis. (The court is just below our site.) Craig, another resident, also showed up to play. We had a fun time chasing balls nude around the court. Dave was an excellent teacher. I suspect we will learn to enjoy Skinny Tennis at Olive Dell.

We then gardened for a while. Hopefully Harrol and Kitty weren’t too bored watching us from the deck. Eventually we joined them and enjoyed watching the birds on our feeder. Kitty had purchased a humming bird feeder and a seed sock. (Thanks so much!) The humming birds found the feeder almost immediately. Watching birds feed just feet away while experiencing naturism is wonderfully relaxing.

That evening we all enjoyed a game of nude UNO attack on the deck. Dave attended.

We’ll miss having Harrol and Kitty at Olive Dell. Hopefully they will return soon. Naturist friends are the best friends!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Freehiking Washington

[We] “. . . had a fabulous hike today, naked most of the time, though we met a surprising lot of people on a supposedly obscure trail! Lots of blueberries. It was also quite hot today, so we skinny dipped for a bit in the Beckler river near Skykomish.” - Dick

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 19-20, 2009

May 19th: This morning I freehiked the loop trail. I saw 15 donkeys 5 rabbits, and a hawk. I just love freehiking, and it’s so great to be able to just slip on shoes and socks and head out from our trailer.

May 20th: We stayed at Olive Dell Wednesday night. I sat on the deck and played my guitar (nude of course) for over an hour. I love the guitar - it had been way too long since I’d taken the time to play. Life just gets too busy in the textile world. I got to thinking that it might be nice to invite others for a nude jam session on Wednesday evenings. For millennia our ancient ancestors gathered together in the evening to play drums and musical instruments. It was part of being human, of being a community. We’ve lost that, along with much of our humanness, including our natural nudity. Yes, a naked musical get together is a good idea. PJ says she’d like to have a drum to play.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clothing Has To Go

“Freehiking is great. I don't mind hiking clothed if it’s cold; but if it is warm, the clothing has to go!” – yogaman

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 17-18, 2009

May 17th: This morning PJ and I arrived at Olive Dell for our first group hike. Eric from the resort was our first participant. We took the loop trail and had an enjoyable freehike together.

After the hike we gardened for a while, took a shower together, and then drove over to Moreno Valley (10 minutes away) to shop for some cloth for a costume PJ is making for her grandson. We also purchased some items for our garden including Stan and Stella - a bobble dead cat and dog – and a bird house and feeders. We got back and placed them in the garden. (See photo link at the bottom.) The film crew had come to the resort again to shoot a few more scenes. Later at the pool I talked to the female lead at the pool. She said they had mostly returned to relax and enjoy the sun.

May 18th: We drove over to the Terra Cotta Inn this morning to meet a naturist couple from Fontana. We didn’t stay long - we get board just laying naked in the sun. I know someone who said he stopped practicing naturism because it made him lazy, just lying by the pool in the sun. That's not my style. When I get naked, I have to get doing something; that's why I so love freehiking and nude gardening.

We shopped a while in Palm Springs – PJ found a clothing shop she loved. Then we headed back to Olive Dell for some nude gardening, and to stay the evening. It was a relief to return to our naked home.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Freehike Deep Creek Hot Springs

“There is a great nude hike in Southern California to Deep Creek Hot Springs. It's about 2 miles from the parking lot to the hot springs, and you can do all of it nude, then soak in the hot springs. For a full report check out .” – Dan

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 14-16, 2009

May 14th: I got up early and took a freehike up center trail to the top of the hill. I saw a deer along the way – my first at Olive Dell although I’d seen tracks. The hike was very enjoyable. When I got back it was time to leave for work.

May 16th: We were off this Saturday – hurray! We spent the morning at a huge Renaissance fair in Irwindale. It was great fun. So many people dressed up in period costumes. Some ladies dressed in sexy barbarian and fairy costumes. Many others’ necklines were so very low everything nearly popped out. This was much sexier than if they’d been nude. I find it so interesting how sexual head games have been such a large part of human history. Total nudity is certainly more modest that wearing skimpy rags or long dresses with popping boobs. (See photo link at the bottom.)

After attending the fair we drove back to Olive Dell to meet Johnslc who was visiting from Utah. It was so nice to see him again. We enjoyed sitting on our deck, enjoying our garden, and talking. After a while we walked down to the pool for a swim, and a soak in the spa. One of the dads at the resort, Matt, was playing in the water with four children – baby, three, five, and ten. (Children can live at Olive Dell. A few residents have lived there their entire lives.) It was such fun watching a naked family at play in the water. The three-year-old was especially fun. He was so unconsciously natural splashing, looking through the fence, and playing hide-and-seek from his dad. Mom was also in and around the pool area.

We then went to the restaurant and enjoyed a naked dinner together. (Johnslc’s first I think.) The food at Olive Dell is very good, and the company was even better. A nude meal is so very enjoyable.

Here is a nice note of thanks from Johnslc: “Thank you for your wonderful hospitality this afternoon. It was so great to see you again and I really enjoyed myself at Olive Dell. You are very well situated there and your fellow naturists are wonderful people--so relaxed and enjoyable. It was a joy to see entire families being together in the nudist environment. I really envy both of you for the lovely place you have to spend your time together as God intended us to be, and the relationship that you have with each other. I will let you know when I am coming back and will definitely get out to see you at Olive Dell. Again, thank you!”

Thanks for visiting us Johnslc. It was great to see you again. Everyone is always welcome to visit and stay with us – free is an inexpensive price, especially for Southern California.

While at dinner we found out that there was a USO dance that evening, so we drove back to our work apartment where PJ made a red, white, and blue bottom and top; I wore a patriotic tie – just a tie of course. They played 40’s dance music and we had great fun dancing – everyone thought we were pros. We love dancing - nude dancing is great, and we didn’t feel the sexual overtones that sometimes occurs at a resort.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Post Freehiking Signs

“Secure the area. When we freehike, we post very informative signs at the trailheads. This allows us to hike naked safely on trails that may see a few other visitors. After thinking about this, I've considered securing an area but not actually going naked on it. (Call it an experiment.) How would people react if it were a busier trail? Or a secluded park? Would people try the radios to make us get dressed? If not, we may be clear to freehike some much busier trails using this method. No matter if naked people are seen or not, the sign still plants the seed of naturism and makes them consider if they would actually be offended by simple locker-room style nudity.” – The Academic Naturist

Friday, September 18, 2009

Olive Dell Feels Like Home

On May 13, 2009 PJ and I visited Olive Dell and ate dinner with others at the monthly Nude Tailgate party. Only about 20 were in attendance. We brought cheesy hotdogs and beans. It was fun eating with other naturists. Don, who had lived at a resort for a good number of years, discussed how he seldom visited other naturist venues when he traveled because he lives at a resort full-time and doesn’t feel the need for naked entertainment outside the resort - his home. Interesting comment – I think I may be getting to that point. Naked is just the way we feel most comfortable – the way we live - and Olive Dell feels like our home. By the time we finished eating, there was just enough time for a shower and soak in the spa before a nice naked sleep.

The next day I got up early and took a freehike up center trail to the top of the hill. I saw a deer along the way – my first at Olive Dell although I’d seen tracks. The hike was very enjoyable. When I got back it was time to leave for work.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freehiking in Today's Financial Times

“These days, we are involved in two wars, a serious recession, financial problems on the state and national level, unemployment in great numbers and many other serious problems. It would seem that no one would be concerned about anyone choosing to hike nude in a basically deserted forest location.” - Don

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Red Springs Canyon Freehike, UT - July 2002

Here's a Skinnyhike Report from some years ago when I first started freehiking:

Red Springs Canyon is one of the best freehiking areas in Parowan Valley (Southern Utah). It’s much more isolated than Staircase Canyon, so it’s very unlikely that you will ever see anyone else. The canyons and washes are typically wide, and brush-free. There are no biting insects, and only a occasional fly. The scenery is spectacular. For these reasons, this is a great area to first learn the joys of freehiking.

To get to Red Springs Canyon, go north on Main Street from the intersection of Center and Main in Parowan, Utah, and take I-15 going North. At exit 82 (Paragonah), turn right, and then immediately left onto the East Frontage Road. Go north four miles to 2700 North, and turn right (by an open hay barn). Follow the main dirt road which turns left at 1200 East, then right at 2900 North towards the mountains. Park at the gate which blocks the road (at the last house). This is 9.5 miles, and about 7 minutes from the starting point.

The hills here are sandy red and white, with weathered red cliffs, and covered sparsely with Juniper and Pinion trees. Bald Green Mountain juts above these hills in the distance. The mouth of Red Springs Canyon is slightly right of straight ahead. From the car it looks like the canyon doesn’t go far because it turns right just past the entrance.

It’s a short five-minute walk up shallow, brush-free washes which pass through low sage brush, to the mouth of the canyon, where you’ll meet a small creek which flows year-round. Forty foot tall weathered red cliffs and trees guard both sides of the entrance.

It’s safe to disrobe and do some freehiking just inside the canyon, at the first Juniper tree by the creek. Two minutes further on, the creek drops down a beautiful 30 foot tall staircase of red sandstone, capped by a gravel conglomerate top layer. The cool waters of this spring will provide a refreshing splash at the end of your hike. It’s an easy climb, stepping up the dry red rocks around which the spring water flows, to reach the top of this watery staircase. In just a few feet, the canyon turns hard right, and the spring ends in grass, surrounded by tall reeds.

Soon the wide wash in the bottom of the canyon becomes sandy gravel, with a few large boulders. The canyon walls of red, weathered sallstone cliffs and red gravel with many Junipers and Pinions, rise steeply on both sides. These canyon walls provide your naked body cooling shade from the hot noon sun, making this canyon an ideal afternoon hike on hot days.

After a pleasant walk up the wide wash, a short slot canyon branches to the left, which dead ends at a tall cliff over which water occasionally falls during spring runoff. A deer trail branches from here into Hidden Valley (another excellent freehike). More easy walking brings you to a larger slot canyon to the left, which abruptly ends in an even a taller red cliff. A seldom used trail here leads into Hidden Wash (third spectacular hike). The main sandy wash ends at this point.

Just before the main wash ends, it branches; take the smaller wash straight head, on the right. It narrows quickly and becomes steeper. This wash varies from red gravel, to rocky areas, small cliffs, and large boulders, with many colors – red, black, purple, white, yellow, and grey. Several dead trees which have fallen across the wash are easily passed. Be sure to look back occasionally; below, in the distant, narrow mouth of the canyon, you’ll see farms, and dark Mount Magog across the valley.

As you continue to climb, the wash become steeper, and rockier, until it becomes almost a staircase of boulders. Occasional light, refreshing gusts of wind blowing past you, Junipers provide natural cooling as you exert yourself at this point. As you climb higher, the red side hills gradually become less steep, with fewer cliffs, and more trees.

About 35 minutes into the hike, the trail divides; take the central trail between the washes. As you drop back into the wash, it becomes sandy, flattens out, and winds past small red cliffs. At this point the wash becomes very small, so it’s often easier to walk the trails through the trees on either side. In a few more minutes, the wash splits again as it widens out into a tree filled valley. This is a good point to rest, and view Mount Magog in the distance below.

Turning back here makes the hike about one hour, round trip. However, the best views come after you leave the wash at this point and climb the steeper, sandy-red hill on the left. Look above you as you climb and you’ll see your goal, a small, beautiful red-rock mesa at the top of the red-sandy ridge. This is especially beautiful when the evening sun turns this mesa gold.

After about ten minutes you’ll reach the ridge line. Here is a fantastic view of weathered red and white sandstone and gravel valleys (Hidden Wash and Hidden Valley) which descend from the bald Green Mountain above. The north end of Parofree hikeey stretches out below, with Mount Magog in the distance across the valley. Climb up the barren ridge line until you reach the Red Rock Mesa at the very top of the ridge. As you near the top, be careful; the red gravel becomes a little lose for the first time. Turn back if this becomes frightening.

The view is about the same below the mesa, but it’s great to stand on the top, feel the wind caress your nude body, and view the spectacular red canyons, the green farms in Parowan valley, the distant Black Mountains, the rocky Toucher Mountains to the north, the nearby bald Green Mountain rising above Red Mesa, and the green forested hills and valleys which stretch to the south and east.

When it’s time to leave, going down the ridge to your left (as you face Parowan valley) is probably easier. The trip down the canyon takes almost as long as the trip up because of the steep staircase you climbed. Be sure to look up occasionally on the way down to view the beautiful valley below.

You’ll look forward to the end of the hike, especially on a hot summer day, because nothing feels better than sitting on one of the rock ledges and lllting the cool water of Red Springs fall over your shoulders – the perfect close to a perfect freehike.

The short distance back to the Juniper where you disrobed gives enough time to dry, and another five minutes walk brings you back to the car. The hike takes less than two hours; two and a half total to Parowan.

Note: It only takes a few minutes longer to drive through Paragonah as you return to Parowan, but there are several interesting places to visit if you have some extra time. You’ll notice some mounds of red dirt in the fields on the left, at the north edge of Paragonah. These mounds are the remains of an ancient Freemont Indian village (about 1300 AD). It’s interesting to pick up Indian pottery and an occasional arrow head here, but don’t dig; that’s illegal. The black cliffs at the south end of town feature many Indian Petroglyphs, an Indian gaming rock, and an Indian cave.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Freehiker Likes Sunshine More Than Water

“We tend to like sunshine more than water so mountain [free]hiking is more our preference.” – Pastor JW

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living Where You Can Freehike

May 12, 2009: It was misty outside today and a little gloomy – I couldn’t see the hills across the valley. Still, PJ encouraged my to take my morning freehike. I’m glad I did. Once I got started it really wasn’t cold at all. I hiked the loop trail and saw nine wild donkeys in the valley near the top. Most were still lying down asleep. Not much new or adventurism on the hike otherwise. Just a wonderful, invigorating freehike; I love hiking nude, even on a misty day.

PJ had packed the car while I was hiking, so when I returned I got dressed and we left Olive Dell for work.

There is such a contrast between being at the resort and work. In anticipation, we leave work to head to the resort feeling so joyful and pulling into Olive Dell is such a relief, a time of peace, a return to sanity - home. In contrast, returning to work after a visit is almost dreadful.

On the way home PJ and I discussed what people do that allows them to be able to live at a nudist resort. First of all, the costs are very modest. Membership at Olive Dell is $360 a year. A trailer must be found (one is currently available at the resort that includes all the outside amenities like a BBQ for $7000). The site fee can be just over $200 a month. Then you have normal living expenses. It’s a pretty inexpensive lifestyle. Many of the people we’ve met live offsite and come on weekends – that’s pretty much what we do.

Anyone else interested in living where you can freehike from your front door?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Highly Recommend Freehiking

“Been freehiking for a couple of years. Nothing more enjoyable than the freedom of enjoying the great outdoors with nothing inhibiting all the sensations the environment has to offer. The fact that I have also lost 30lbs is a bonus (not including the clothes). I highly recommend it to all hiking enthusiasts.” – dodger

Friday, September 11, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 11, 2009

On May 11, 2009, I got up early and freehiked the Dump Trail. I got within probably ten minutes of the Redlands Dump before turning around. It would probably only take 40 minutes to hike from Redlands to Olive Dell, and most of the hike could be done nude. It was a hazy day so the views of the valley from the top were not as spectacular as normal. I did see a rattle snake along the way.

When I returned, we worked nude in our garden. I finished digging a large portion of the trail while PJ cleaned her garden villages. Then we placed rocks along the trail. We have about finished a camp site to the side of our garden (take notice friends who’d like to visit.) It was a hot day so we stopped gardening just before lunch, walked to the clubhouse for a shower (by the way, taking a shower together is so nice, especially because we have the opportunity to scrub each other’s back), and drove down to Redlands and then Moreno Valley for lunch and shopping.
When we returned later in the afternoon I planted the flowers we’d purchased while PJ lined more of the path with rocks. Then we showered again and soaked with twelve people in the spa.

Naturism is such a wonderful social lifestyle. Living in a house in a typical neighborhood we hardly got to know our neighbors, let alone interact with them. Living at a naturist resort we get to know and interact with people every evening. Something else I notice is the complete lack of sexual overtone at a resort. We totally forget we’re naked working in our garden, and everyone is naked sitting at dinner or soaking in the hot tub. It’s all totally normal. No one is coming on to us in any sexual way; we never even think about sex.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nude Hike and Swim - The Only Way To Go

“I spent two days hiking nude in a California State Park. The only person I saw was a ranger that drove by on a back road; he just waved and kept going. Good thing he didn't ask me to put my shorts back on; I didn't realize I had accidentally dropped them a couple miles back. Oops! Found them on the way out the next day. A nude hike to a backcountry lake for a swim is the only way to go!” – Anonymous

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 1-10, 2009

May 3rd: Andrew visited us today to pickup a nude modeling book he’d written, that I have been editing. We took time to freehike to loop trail together. He loves Olive Dell.

May 4th: I freehiked the loop trail at Olive Dell again this morning. As I walked I identified 15 different flowering plant species. Being natural in nature is wonderful, amazing. PJ and I enjoyed spending lots of time in our nude garden today.

May 6th: PJ and I spent a nice evening at our trailer at Olive Dell. We enjoyed soaking in the spa with a few others.

May 7th: I took another fantastic freehike today.

May 10th: It was Mother’s Day and we had to work until 2:00 pm, even though it was our day off. Then we drove up to Olive Dell. We arrived, undressed, took our things to the trailer, and started working on our garden – what an escape, what a relief! After several hours, hot and sweaty, we walked to the clubhouse and showered. Then we ate a nice naked dinner. We soaked in the spa with a number of nice people. Soon it was time for a relaxing evening watching TV in bed. Our home away from work is simply heavenly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Freehiking - An Overwhelming Feeling of Joy

“I enjoy hiking in the nude, free and feel whole with Nature, the Earth and the Sky. It’s an overwhelming feeling of Joy. Having to do this in secret, almost hiding, does not feel right at all to me, but our Society has not understood that yet.” - Nudist in Palm Springs

Monday, September 7, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - April 27-30, 2009

April 27, 2009: After driving down to hill to pick up some items, PJ and I spent a number of hours gardening. Nude gardening is one of our favorite pastimes. Our site at Olive Dell Ranch has a spectacular rock garden area. We spent most of today digging and planting. PJ is building an entire city with small buildings and characters in our rock garden. But of course the best part of our garden is being natural in the shade and sun. With naked gardening you're cool even on a hot day - the sweat naturally cools you body, and of course there are no sweaty clothes to make you uncomfortable, and no laundry afterwards. And we don't have to worry about getting dirty - we just head to the outside showers at the clubhouse - heaven.

We then ate dinner nude in the resort restaurant, and soaked in the hot tub with several others, before heading back to the trailer for a nice nude sleep. We'd recommend nude gardening to everyone. And we’d recommend making a home at a nudist resort.

April 28, 2009: This morning we arose early in our trailer at Olive Dell. I checked my emails. PJ got inspired and started working on one of her little village scenes in the garden. I took a freehike for about an hour. The weather was perfect again – cool without being too cold – and the trail was beautiful. I met up with five wild donkeys right in the middle of the trail, and saw five others on the hillside across the canyon. I also saw several rabbits, a squirrel, several quail, and a beautiful red-headed hummingbird.

I returned just as PJ was finishing her garden village, and we hurriedly packed up and headed back to Redlands in time for work. The exercise – nude gardening and freehiking - has been physically very good for me – I’ve lost 18 pounds in the past month and have my diabetes well under control. Naturism certainly is healthy – at least for me.

April 30, 2009: We drove up to Olive Dell again to spend the night in our new trailer. Gardening, soaking, sleeping, and awaking for a freehike before leaving the resort in time to get back to work. Both PJ and I love this approach to living.

Here is a link to a few photos of our visits during April:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fantastic to be Naked

“It was a beautiful day here, and Trevor, Tony, Gary and myself met up at the Fingal Bay surf club, and had a great day, walking through the National Park to Samurai Beach and back. It was fantastic to be naked on such a glorious day.” - Finuka

Friday, September 4, 2009

Olive Dell Resort - April 26, 2009

We headed up to Olive Dell first thing this morning, and I took a very pleasant freehike; It was a little cool for PJ. A large flock of pigeons flew overhead just after I started. As I topped the first ridge I noticed a coyote running through the valley below. I saw eight donkeys along the way – one baby one. The weather was just right for a freehike.

I got back in time to sit outside the trailer to edit Andrew’s book for nude models. He showed up about the time we had to leave to visit an elderly friend and take her to the Follies in Palm Springs.

We returned to Olive Dell and our trailer late in the evening after Andrew had left. Sleeping nude at a nude resort - heaven. Olive Dell is really beginning to feel like our real home.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Freehiking and Sun Tanning in Utah Mountains

“I do quite a bit of sun tanning in the two canyons [Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons, Utah] on breaks and know of some great spots within 1/4 to 1 mile hike where I don't get disturbed. I love to [free] hike but also like to enjoy the sun (I am addicted to the sun) in seclusion. I like to go up anytime when I am not working. I work out of the house and am flexible. The hotter it is the higher I drive up the canyon. . . no clothes are better than those pesky tan lines.” - Leigh

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009: We headed up to Olive Dell first thing this morning, and I took a very pleasant freehike; It was a little cool for PJ. A large flock of pigeons flew overhead just after I started. As I topped the first ridge I noticed a coyote running through the valley below. I saw eight donkeys along the way – one baby one. The weather was just right for a hike. I got back in time to sit outside the trailer to edit Andrew’s book. He showed up about the time we had to leave to visit an elderly friend and take her to the Follies in Palm Springs. We returned to Olive Dell and our trailer late in the evening after Andrew had left. Olive Dell is really beginning to feel like our real home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Naked ramblers cause a stir on the Sussex Downs

A group of naked ramblers has sparked controversy by organising walks through popular beauty spots.

By Richard Savill (Published: 5:20PM BST 23 Aug 2009)

Unsuspecting dog walkers and horseriders encountered the group of 28 nude walkers on the South Downs Way above the Sussex village of South Harting.

Sheila Torrens, who was out with her six-month old border collie, Barney, said: “The chap in the lead said ‘We’re a group of naturist walkers. Do you have any objection to naked bodies?’

“I was slightly taken aback, and without thinking said I didn’t. They were wearing little wraps like Velcro skirts around their lower half, and there and then they took them off in front of me. I just averted my eyes and kept going.”

Ann Songhurst, 54, a part-time civil servant on a riding holiday, said: “We thought it was quite funny galloping up from the back of Harting Down to come across this line of bare bottoms with rucksacks. It was very oh-my-goodness-me.

“It was only later that we thought of the consequences of what it might have meant for young mothers with children meeting them.”

Barbara Bullard-Smith, 58, a retired sixth-form head teacher from Chichester who was leading riders from an equestrian bed and breakfast centre, Rural Rides, said: “When we realised the walkers were naked except for the odd camera, we turned the horses and gave them a gallop the other way.”

Martin Bullen, chairman of the Singles Outdoor Club, and a retired design engineer from Frome, Somerset, said “We hold 17 walks a year all over the south on mid-week days to reduce the probability of confronting the general public. It is not our intention to cause distress.”

A spokesman for British Naturism added: “We have many groups who like to get involved in walking. They have no wish to cause trouble and simple nudity is specifically not an offence under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act.”

SOC walking website: