Saturday, February 26, 2011

El Passo Morning Freehike

Today, Wednesday, February 23rd, I was blessed to be able to spend the morning freehiking east of El Paso. Freehiking is such wonderful exercise, and combined with an understanding of the importance of vitamin D, I know it is wonderfully healthy.

I followed the wide rocky wash from the main dirt road up into the hidden valley I had visited during my hike on Saturday, clear to the end of the wash, and then hiked a few minutes over to the ridge where I was greeted with a wonderfully expansive view of the valley - El Paso in the distance. (See photos at: )

As I hiked back to the car, several questions came to mind:

First - Why am I so completely comfortable hiking nude? Why does freehiking feel so normal and natural?

I've wondered at the way I’ve become so totally comfortable over the years hiking nude. I used to anyways be alert, listening carefully for the least indication that I might run into someone. Now I can’t even imagine why someone would hike in sweaty clothes - yucky. I’ve probably become too relaxed with nude hiking. Saturday people were shooting some distance from my hiking route, and I suspect they noticed me, but as a confirmed naturist I find that doesn’t matter at all anymore. I have only very seldom met clothed hikers on the trail, and am not motivated at all by exhibitionism, but I’ve about ceased worrying about meeting a textile. After all, I’m a nudist, and nude is how God intended us to hike.

Second - Why does freehiking make working more productive?

After freehiking, I find myself much more relaxed and creative at work. After a few freehikes this weekend, and without lots of effort, I came up with a creative way to solve a marketing issue – something that had not been thought up before. I’m relaxed and simply more productive at work.

Finally - Where are the west Texas nudists? Are there are any other nudists/freehikers in all of western Texas?

PJ and I took a traveling work assignment, partially with the intention of meeting new naturist friends. We didn’t discover any in Odessa or Lubbock, and now, even advertising our presence in El Paso and sharing the existence of some wonderful freehiking areas, no one volunteers to participate. Why? I suspect it is cultural. But that’s another discussion.

For now, let us know if you’re a west Texas naturist who would like some nice naturist friends. Perhaps we can get together to enjoy freehikling in the healthy, west Texas sun.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deep Creek Freehiker

Here's a nice account about freehiking into Deep Creek. We've also enjoyed this freehike several times. (See these past reports on this blog: Deep Creek Freehike - June 2010, Freehike Deep Creek Hot Springs - September 2009, Deep Creek Hot Springs Freehike - May 2009)

"I arrived at the [Deep Creek] trailhead parking at 10 A.M. The parking area, like the trail leading to the hot springs, is arid with only shrub vegetation. No one was in sight and I was eager to start the trail. Outside my vehicle I immediately started to remove my clothing.. footware, shirt, pants, and finally.. my briefs. I was totally naked. A feeling of nervous excitement shivered through and tingled the very core of my body.

For hiking attire, I quickly put on a pair of short cut woolen socks, tennis shoes, and a baseball cap.

The air temperature . . . was cool yet very comfortable for hiking under a cloudless blue sky. The warming sun felt great upon my body. I immediately started for the trail. I'm on my way! Not a stitch . . . just an enormous feeling of stimulating exhilaration by the sensation of being buck nekkid!

. . . Three minutes into my walk, surprise!, a departing hiker. Another surprise is that the lone San Diego area male is also hiking nude; an aspect I didn't expect to encounter. I felt fully comfortable approaching him as he represented an affirmation to me. We chatted briefly and were each on our separate ways. . .

As I continued my hike to the hot springs, I realized how wonderfully alive I felt, and how astonishingly perfect God's creations are. My heart was lightly pounding with the exercise; the rising sun was warming my naked body; the feeling of a very slight breeze was softly caressing me; and the feeling of my penis being unrestricted by clothing and free to move as I walked was all so natural and marvelous. Why did I ever take so long to experience this trail openly naked?

. . . It was 10:30 as I arrived at the hot springs. . . I slipped into the largest pool which had a middle aged hippie-like couple from the Lucerne Valley. Soon four attractive young women (I would estimate in their early twenties) appeared on the opposite side of the stream from us, near where they had been camping. In groups of two, they stripped naked and . . . selected our large pool and warmed themselves. I learned that they were from the Santa Monica area.

. . . By early afternoon, the southern most pools were in the shade for the remainder of the day and a cool wind was starting; so I started an early return trip. . . While returning, the hike always takes me longer as the trail is uphill. I was throughly enjoying every minute of this splendid naked experience. The temperature now in the mid 70's felt perfect; and being totally naked, the lite perspiration from my body was evaporating at peak efficiency. I only had a few more minutes and I would be back at my vehicle. So far, I had encountered no one.

. . . Opps! As I turned a corner, there ahead of me was suddenly a fully clothed couple hiking down the very narrow, single file trail. The suddenness of their close proximity surprised me probably as much as my appearance to them. The male's mouth tightened a little as we approached. . . I casually greeted him as I passed by. His female companion was walking about 20 feet behind him. As I was about to pass her, she raised her eyes . . . and gave me an approving, big warm smile. It felt good.

Gee, that was very pleasant I thought. Ignoring the surprise element, I hadn't felt the least bit awkward about suddenly coming upon them being totally naked. . . No sooner had I thought this and turned another small bend, then another fully clothed couple appeared, descending down the trail a distance before me. This time, the couple had a much longer period to view me as we approached one another. The male on the narrow trail walked about forty feet ahead of his female companion. As the distance between us shortened, the male's face showed no unusual expression. We both exchanged friendly greetings as we nonchalantly passed by. Approaching his companion, who had been fully eyeing . . . my nakedness, observing me with the widest approving grin. In passing her I greeted her also and briefly commented on the cooling hot springs' weather conditions.

As I hiked on, I realized that my earlier anxiety of hiking a populated trail nude was totally unfounded. It was easy. As I reached my vehicle, I felt so good being naked that I didn't want it to end. I drove back through Bowen Ranch 'au naturel'.

In all fairness, I should note that clothed hikers on this particular trail are headed to a location where nudity is well known. Consequently, these hikers experiencing an unexpected encounter with a nude hiker may not be as much surprised as elsewhere.

I found my overall experience hiking this popular National Forest trail to be fantastic! It was only a matter of getting out and openly doing it. To allow myself to be cloaked solely by God's created skin. To experience the natural way my body was meant to feel and witness the elements; and touch with harmony the inherited latent gene in the mind which validates all the senses when the body is purely in accordance with the way our early ancestors hunted and lived for thousands of years. This experience has opened a whole new dimension in hiking for me. It felt so good, so relaxing, and so very natural.

For suitable trails, I have now shown myself that being totally naked and coming upon clothed hikers is not a concern. More than not, as lovers of nature themselves, I suspect clothed hikers totally approve of seeing the freedom expressed in a fellow hiker having the balls to hike nude and do what something inside them wishes they were doing themselves. Yes, I hope to continue this experience of hiking totally naked in many more places." - From the Western Association for Naturist Recreation

Monday, February 21, 2011

El Paso Freehike

On February 18 & 19, 2011, PJ and I finally had the chance to get away from work to freehike for the first time in about six months. We explored the hills east of El Paso, Texas, and found a great spot to wander nude for an hour or so – we named it Trashshooter Valley.

It was such a relaxing relief to feel the breeze on my bare skin once more. I get anxious every time I take a break from freehiking. How I missed the healthy sun and exercise. Nothing beats freehiking as a healthy lifestyle!

Saturday PJ was involved shopping, so I returned to check out a near-by spot – Poleline Road. For an hour and a half I hiked naked on the Poleline Road up into the hills, through glorious desert vegetation, with wonderful vistas. After reaching a mountain pass, the road descended into a hidden valley. I continued up a wide gravel wash with cactus on both sides.

What a glorious feeling the sun hot on my nude body, the light winds wafting past cooling the sweat – vitamin D in abundance. This is the way life was meant to be lived – naked and free - walking nude through the desert in February. Too soon I had returned to the car, and headed back home for a shower – only 30 minutes away.

Here are some photos from the freehikes:

Did I mention I love freehiking! Do you love it too?

If you live near El Paso you'd be welcome to join our freehikes; it would be great to form a freehiking group here. We will probably freehike several times a week for the next month or so.

In April we will return to Colton California to organize the second Bare Burro 5k at Olive Dell Ranch. You can learn more about that at

We look forward to seeing our naked friends again, and to meeting new friends - perhaps even in El Paso.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nude Employment Make-over

Here's a success story about a couple totally changing their work from textile-related to nude-related. Any ideas from my readers about ways to become involved in naturist-related work?

In 1989, Nancy Tiemann was 36 and living in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Tom. "We were both desperately in need of a getaway," says the one-time banking officer. When Tom suggested they join a boat trip to Belize chartered by a group of nudists, Nancy was horrified. Tom, 66, a former lawyer, handed her a brochure on nudism and told her he thought the trip could be a lot of fun. After many discussions, she reluctantly agreed to give the experience a try - under one condition: "I won't tell a soul; no one ever needs to know!"

. . . For Nancy, something unexpected happened in Belize. "It was so refreshing to find out how wrong I had been with my preconceived ideas on nudity and being nude with others," she says. "A nudist was born."

Had it not been for her husband's dramatic suggestion, Nancy, 53, says she might never have discovered nudism, which is now a source of joy in her life - and career. Shortly after their trip, the couple launched Bare Necessities Tour and Travel, a travel agency devoted to the nudist vacationer. It has since chartered more than 40 cruise ships carrying more than 25,000 nudist travelers." - Lifewire

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Naked Worker

"I have had many opportunities to work naked. . . I always do inside painting nude as I don't want to mess up my clothes. . . About 5 years ago, I visited a nude model in Roxbury New York. We got along so well that I spent the weekend at his home. Sunday evening his wife came home from her art gallery and shed her clothes as well as soon as she entered the house. He mentioned that I designed small buildings and she wanted an artist studio. I drew up some sketches after asking many questions. She liked it. She also wanted a small barn. I drew that too. I was asked to build them but said no. I did say I would help them build them and guide them step by step. We spent the entire summer naked in the mountains. It was a wonderful summer. . . We only got dressed once a week for trips into town for groceries and building supplies.

I also got a job painting a house one summer maybe 10 years ago painting a house for one of my nude computer customers. 3/4s of the house was well protected and could be painted while naked. I love such jobs.

. . . my wife has no complaint about me being naked at home. All of our friends and family, employer, pastors, even 3 of my children's spouses or future spouses have seen me naked. Nudity is no big deal any longer. We have seven children and me being naked at home bothers two of the boys, but not the girls.

. . . As for working naked, I am looking for that next opportunity." - Bobby Ray

Congrats to Bobby Ray. Anyone else have nude employment experiences to share?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nude Employment

“Styledash, an online Weblog that tracks styles and trends, reports that the latest trend in telecommuting is working in the nude. One in eight men and one in 14 women responded to a poll saying they prefer to work in the buff. The article states that one clothing-optional resort that was interviewed stated that a whopping 80% of their clientele are not on vacation, but working.” – AANR

Nearly everyone has to work to make a living. Work normally gets in the way of healthy naturist practice. At times I just ache for the opportunity to work nude. To be in the sun, to live life the way I most enjoy - healthy, naked. Are these feelings true for you too?

A spectrum of nude employment possibilities exist:

The “At Home” naturist:

While not really work-related, some people live naked at home. Off come the clothes as soon as these people come home from work – what a relief! The “At Home” naturist often does personal work at home; consider this report:

“I've often worked nude at home. In our first house about 25 years ago I worked nude finishing off the basement except for the painting. This was entirely with the blessing of my wife . . . Overall, it makes for a much more pleasant and interesting experience and is easily possible at normal chilly wintertime house temperatures, even in the basement.” – Blue Train

I’ve worked at home nude as well. Mudding sheetrock nude is the only way to go. The only disadvantage of “At Home” naturist practice is that the curtains and blinds must usually remain closed, so after a time one gets feeling a little like a mole. A reluctant spouse can also impact “At Home” naturism. Lucky for me, PJ and I are both at “At Home” naturists; how about you?

The “Vacation” naturist:

Many people practice naturism mostly while on vacation at beaches, resorts, and cruises. This is a very enjoyable, and a totally relaxing way to vacation, but again, this is not really work-related. PJ and I also enjoy “Vacation” naturism. On our last vacation we visited Sunsport Gardens and Haulover Beach. Are you a “Vacation” naturist as well?

Now for some categories of truly work-related naturist practice.

The “Work at Home” naturist:

Some people are able to bring “aspects” of their work home, to be done while nude, as these school teachers report:

“I grade papers nude.” – Vanessa

“I grade papers nude, too!” – Charles L.

The “Work from Home” naturist:

PJ and I are good friends with a nudist couple – the wife works from home using the computer. Computer work is what really makes working nude “from” home a real possibility as these people have discovered:

“I have a home office, and of course I work nude. If you can, why wouldn't you work nude?” – Texas Nude

“For the past year I've been allowed to telecommute for work for 4 out of 5 days. (I only go into the office on Tuesdays, with few exceptions.) As you can imagine, I don't wear much, if anything, when I'm working from home.” – Alan P.

“I have been working nude at home as a telecommuter since mid-2001. What a pleasure. My stress level has reduced, and my job satisfaction and overall happy disposition as an employee (to say nothing of my productivity!) have increased tremendously since being able to work from home, nude about 90% of the year . . . I can hardly remember a conference call or other interaction with my co-workers over the past six years that hasn't been done nude . . . I would never again take a job in an office or anywhere else where I would be required to be dressed all day. . . Working nude from home the past six years has only reinforced our desire to live out the rest of our lives as full-time nudists.” – NoCollarWorker

“I enjoy being able to earn my living while sitting naked at the computer.” - Mark

I’d certainly recommend focusing on computer-related employment if one wishes naturist-related employment. Is anyone else out there lucky enough to be able to work as a naturist “from” home?

The “Work from Resorts” naturist:

This is closely related to the “Work from Home” category, and closely tied to the computer. Consider this lucky person:

“I was in Denver for a conference this past weekend and in no hurry to go home, so decided to spend a couple of days at Mountain Air Ranch. . . The wireless Internet was working very well, so I was able to ‘work remotely’ including being on conference calls . . . My coworkers on the phone had no idea how ‘remotely’ I was working! One of them did hear birds chirping in the background, so I mentioned I was working outside in the sun.” - Joe

The “Work Outdoors” naturist:

PJ and I love being free outdoors. We are freehikers, and are always looking for another place to get away to hike and feel the sun all over. We are currently working in El Paso. Yesterday I discovered a likely freehiking location. If anyone is interested in joining us for a nude hike, let us know.

Here is a fellow who has discovered outdoor nude employment:

“I think there are more opportunities to be nude in the workplace than one would think . . . I had a job that required visits to rather remote locations, and often I was alone for those visits. I found I could drive there naked, or in just a shirt, and did it often . . . The job also entailed collecting GPS data on the locations of roads and trails sometimes. I did this naked most of the time as it was hot and much more comfortable. I figured while hiking no one would know that I was a government worker and I had nothing to fear about being reported since it would have been reported to me . . . I also know I wasn't the only one in the agency that chose minimal attire - it was well known, and accepted, that our hydrologist did his stream surveys with nothing other than his equipment belt. . . Naked cubicles may not be very common, but there are a lot of other occasions where lack of clothing does not have to equal lack of income.” – Daves-ndt

The “Private Office” naturist:

Private office naturism takes a little more courage, but Larry1 finds it not only possible but very enjoyable as well as sociable:

“I have an office where I work and I do get to spend time nude working on classes that I am teach my officers or doing other types of paperwork. I do have a co-worker who is also a nudist and she will sometimes come in to help me with the paper work and she will be nude also. Although I wish I could work someplace where I could be nude all the time, I do not see that happening in my line of work.” – Larry1

Here’s another private office naturist:

“I own my own company and I know when other employees will be in the office and when no one will be there. I routinely work naked in my office early in the mornings before my employees arrive and on weekends when I am the only one in the office. I find it as freeing as hiking naked. On weekends I am often on the phone with customers conducting work and of course they have no idea I am naked as I carry on business as usual. It's a shame I can't be naked at work all the time. I truly enjoy it.” – Mnthikenude9

Recently, a business in England tried a ‘Naked Friday.’ It definitely improved office productivity according to Tom:

“A group of office staff have discovered they work better together when they are NAKED. Workers at design and marketing company onebestway in Newcastle upon Tyne stripped off at the encouragement of their boss, who thought the move would boost business. . . The event, dubbed Naked Friday, was deemed a huge success and is even credited with turning around the firm’s fortunes. Front-of-house manager Sam Jackson, 23, told The Sun: ‘It was brilliant. Now that we’ve seen each other naked, there are no barriers. We weren’t put under any pressure. If we wanted to come in clothed or in our underwear, we could. But I love my body and I wasn’t ashamed.’ During the week leading up to the strip-off, the workers were encouraged to photocopy parts of their bodies to make them more confident about themselves. A nude model was also brought in for the workers to sketch and talk to. Sam added: ‘It took a week of David being in the office for us to build up courage. The first few steps were very nerve-wracking, but once I got to my desk and got used to it, I felt totally comfortable. It was emotional but we found we were much more able to talk to each other honestly – and have been since. The company has improved massively.’ Managing Director Mike Owen, 40, said: 'We're either brave or mad. But I did tell everyone they didn't have to do it - only if it felt right.'”

The “Independent Business” naturist:

Thinking about nude employment makes me want to start my own business where employees could work free. Each morning could start with a group nude hike to get people ready for the day. I’ll bet it would be productive, and certainly more fun.
Here are several people who report being able to work nude in an independent business setting:

“We are a small company, with warehouse and offices, and there is always someone undressed here or there in the warehouse; especially in the summer. I have worked in the office on my own time in the nude, and many times in the warehouse. Being a small company, we have little traffic and our warehouse is not open to the public. There have been many times in the summer that we have been building or stocking the shelving and wearing nothing other than our shoes to protect our feet. . . I have the best job!” – Bunsuner

“Actually, about 20-some years ago I had a small warehouse business and before it got big enough to have employees, other than the UPS man every afternoon, nobody ever came through the door. It was strictly mail order and phone ins. So on hot days and without air conditioning, I would strip down and carry on business as usual. I wonder what my customers would have thought if they knew I was taking their orders wearing nothing but a smile. Everyone is crazy in their own way – well, except for me of course.” – Happy Hikers

Private contracting sometimes offers opportunities for nude employment:

“I accepted a flooring job for a friend of a friend. She wanted her basement floor covered with hardwood laminate flooring. I Started on Friday evening . . . and finished Monday evening. The basement consisted of a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and the hallway. I was able to do the entire job in the nude over the course of the four days (evenings actually).” – Aqui Zinaga

The “Late Night” naturist worker:

Working at night can offer opportunities for nude employment as shaved and Love2bnude52 discovered:

“[I have] . . . done security work for over 30 years and found some jobs [with] a chance to go nude . . . [I] worked a night shift for about 3 years at a factory making batches of juice up for the production lines. I worked with my wife and no one else and most nights I would work in the nude as the work could be hot and [I] found it comfortable. I suppose the company may have wondered how come my overalls hardly ever got dirty, but over the years I have had many jobs that I could work naked as [I] usually worked alone or with wife. . . I did have a night job in a warehouse - me and another guy . . . one hot night I jokingly said [we] should work naked [to] be cooler . . . he says yeah ok, and stripped off, so I did to and [we] worked naked together for about a year.” - Shaved

“I actually was encouraged by my boss to work in the nude if I was comfortable. I worked midnight to 5:30 in the morning at a . . . bookstore. No monkey business but I did work nude for about 4 months. It was fun and even had the blessings of the local law enforcement. It was the perfect job if only I could make a living at it.” – Love2bnude52

The “Full Time” naturist worker:

A good number of people are employed at naturist resorts. I’ve noticed that the workers are often required to be clothed. What’s that about?

I remember talking about nude employment with the manager of Silver Valley Sun Club. He’d left his ‘normal’ job to work nude – management allowed it there. I was envious.

Working at a resort has never seemed an option for me. Perhaps I need to explore it further. Anyone else wanted to work nude full time at a naturist resort?

Thinking about nude employment definitely makes me more creative and open to different options. It’s time for PJ and I to get serious about making a living nude. Or perhaps, as we get older, nude part time employment, or even nude retirement. How about you?

“If possible, compute in the nude.” - From the book "Supercharging MS-Dos" by Microsoft Press, under the section "Static Electricity Is A Killer"

Friday, February 11, 2011

Children Swimming Naked

This is definitely how children should be raised:

"I took three of my children to my local public swimming pool yesterday (Sunday). Now, my children prefer to swim without any swimmers on and so, my nine year old hopped in and swam around naked in the swimming pool. Nobody said anything and nobody looked upset that my nine year old was naked in the pool. Last time she hopped in water naked was at a beach which saw a line of parents strip their own children naked and sent them back in the water." - Naked Wombat

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharing Bare - What Are Naturist Photos?

You must understand what naturist photos are if your intention is to increase understanding of naturism by sharing bare.

In my opinion, naturist photos do not emphasize the genitals (boob and crouch and dangling dick shots), portray sexually suggestive poses, try to attract a sexual relationship, or emphasize body jewelry, especially if the person in the photo is aroused or clearly trying to elicit arousal in others. Naturism is simply not about sex.

With naturist photos, the context of the photo is as important as the nakedness. The focus should be "look at me doing something while nude" rather than "look at my nude body". For that reason, it is really not important if the photo is a front or back shot, although front shots probably portray openness about naturism better so are better for the naturist cause.

Group photos often illustrate naturism better than individual photos.

Here are some photos that I would describe as naturist (you may have to copy this link into your browser to see the photos):

What do you think; are these naturist photos that portray naturism positively?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Concerns about Sharing Bare

"I hate to put a damper on sharing nude photo's on line, but I do feel it necessary to put in my two cents worth as it relates to our legal system. In one of Kens photo messages, I believe I saw a young girl who looked to be well under the age of 18. I could be wrong, as I'm not an attorney, but showing an underage child's nude body could be considered as child porn. Also, I would think a Photo Release should be signed by all those who's photo is shared online. Any one else have these concerns, or any input on this subject?" - Dan

Ken: I agree that care should be taken when sharing photos of children; I usually avoid them for the reasons you listed. I always ask adults when taking photos if it is okay, and have a personal policy of only posting back shots unless I know the person is totally okay with nude face photos. It's probably a good idea to get photo releases.

It is too bad that our society is so hung up on equating nude photos with pornography, it's so very hypocritical, but that's the very reason naturists need to share bare photography more often.

Imagine the benefits if naturists would keep a family photo album on the coffee table with nude vacation or beach or hiking photos mixed in with clothed shots, or hang an artistic nude photo or display a nude statue in the living room. Why not put together a naturist information kit with some brochures and photos to share with interested friends?

At some point naturists must stop hiding, accept who they are and what they do, come out of the closet, and willingly share bare, or naturism will never flourish.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Share Bare Concerns

Guy: Ken, we believe in sharing our naturist photos with anyone, including family. We think that the more people are exposed to photos of nudists in normal situations, the less shocked they are. To coin a phrase from I believe Mae West, 'People who are easily shocked should be shocked more often'.

We recently put a bunch of photos on a digital photo frame and interspersed 1 nudist photo for every 4-5 clothed photos. It's photos of family, friends and events so everyone that comes over checks it out and no one has been bothered by the nudist photos, including our grandkids.

We've even been nude on TV 4 times and would do it again to promote a more positive image of nudism and body acceptance.

So I think that it helps others understand that nudists are just normal people who do things everyone else does, just without clothes.

O: Here is another perspective,

While I think that those who can and will share photos do much to enhance the image and dispel negative perceptions of the nudist lifestyle, it is important to recognize that some people are unable to do so. I was in a profession in which such photos would have caused severe professional repercussions to myself and the credibility of my employer. I had to stick with legal nudist activities and not expose (no pun intended) myself to indiscreet people. This included the avoidance of cameras and not posting photographs. We have all seen some of the ruin this has caused for people. Frankly, I am surprised people are not more hesitant, textile attitudes being what they are in this country.

Another thing I would hate to see happen to anyone, is to have family and friends find out third hand or before the person is ready to reveal a nudist lifestyle. The Internet and social networking sites are a hotbed for potential interpersonal problems. I hope there is respect for someones choice not to post nude photos. I get tired of being asked to so so.

I am a card carrying AANR member and do visit clubs and legally nude areas. I am looking forward to my first (local naturist) event soon. Keep up the good work all, but please be cognizant and accepting of the other side of the coin.

Anabasis: I have considered sharing photos on naturist sites but I worry that it might come back to haunt me and I would regret doing it. What are your thoughts?

Ken: I love Guy's fearless, open approach, yet I totally understand O's reluntance and concerns. I have two thoughts:

1. As far as waiting until one is ready to tell family and friends before sharing a photo, it's far better to let family and friends know from the first on your own terms than to have them find out later, before you have a chance to explain what naturism is and isn't. From experience, I know they will find out. It doesn't take a nude photograph for people to find out - just word-of-mouth, and that's nearly impossible to stop, Internet, photo, or not.

2. One can always compromise and allow back photos but not front photos. After all, the most important aspect of a naturist photo is the context anyway, not the naked body.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Share Bare Photography

"It is my opinion that unapologetic and beautifully presented photographs of nudist families enjoying their freedom to be nude is one of the best ways to express the nudist idea. Our nudist community must become more forthright with their non-nudist friends by telling them of their involvement and enjoyment of nudism. Nudist photographs depicting family nudist activities will help them tell the vastly misunderstood nudist story. And if nudist organizations wish to attract more young people to nudism, then photographs of young nudists should be shown enjoying youthful nude activities. Let’s share the nudist story by presenting interesting and compelling nudist photography and see our nudist organizations grow." - Don Keister

I agree. Nude images make for great advertising, that's one reason the Internet has been so successful. Naturists should recognize this and share more. The site contains links to many freehiking photos. Maybe as a result people will warm up to the freehiking idea, get nude outdoors more often, and normalize freehiking for all who currently love it like me.

Just one example - recently I posted about shooting nude photos with road/location signs in the background - what a great way to document a nude diary.

Naturist photography can greatly influence naturism.

Anyone out there willing to share bare?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raising Children as Naturists

"I was raised in a family that frequented nudist clubs and beaches. I have fond memories of Cypress Cove and the original Sunny Palms. And nudity around the house was rather common. For me, it was a great gift to grow up that way - a gift my wife and I are giving to our own kids. So from personal experience raising kids as nudists can be a good thing

As an aside, I also know that there are people in the world that would abuse that notion, but then, many ways of life are subject to the same abuse. I wouldn't abandon my way of life because someone else does something evil in the name of nudism. To me that person was never a nudist in the first place. It's the same argument many Catholics say about the church, just because a few priests engage in, err, uh, "Catholic" behavior with kids doesn't sway them from the church." - The Naturist Journal