Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nude Painting

“Another thing which is much more convenient in the nude is painting. If there is any painting to be done then it’s much better to be doing that in the nude and if paint does get on you, then you just jump into the shower afterwards. Much better then covering up and getting it all over your clothes.” - Paulo

Monday, January 30, 2012

Am I Really Fat?

Here is a great article about body image. Go to the link to see photos and the entire article.


Am I Really Fat?
Shannon Bradley-Colleary

I've been the same weight for approximately five years. 140 lbs. . . Clearly I'm in a healthy weight range. So I've decided to do something radical. I'm not going to lose weight. . . Well I'm done with it and this is why. [The photo of me -] 25-years old . . . 125 lbs. . . a size 4. . . doesn't like her body. She's broken it down into parts as if it were a car. Some parts are acceptable, others she hates. She thinks she has cellulite on her bum. . . She is me. 21 years ago. With a media-induced case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. . . I look at this girl now and wonder, "Why did she even wear any clothes? She could've just walked around naked all the time!" Whenever I get the chance I show everyone my nudes. Henry just sighs and says, "I see you've managed to get your nudes out again." My mom's group is sick of my nudes. The Jehovah's Witnesses have stopped coming by. Even the neighborhood realtors don't leave their flyers in our gate anymore for fear I'll chase them down the street with my photo album shrieking,"Look at my nudes! Wasn't I gorgeous?!" (And of course I won't be running for public office anytime soon ... wonder if they'd let me put my nudes up in the Oval Office?) . . . I don't have the same body I had in my nudes. But ... not bad. . . In 21 years from now I'll look back at this photo and think - I looked great. Why did I worry so much about sucking in my soft round belly? It barely showed! And my kids loved to snuggle on it, my husband too. Why didn't I enjoy the way I looked and especially the way I felt, which was extravagantly healthy? . . . Any woman worth her salt knows all about the photo-shopping and air brushing that runs rampant in the advertising industry, accosting us relentlessly with fake perfection. . . We all know that advertisers make it their business to manipulate us into hating ourselves so we'll buy their products. Still an image [nude] is worth a thousand words. As a society we are brainwashed into the perpetual quest for perfection and it's just NOT POSSIBLE. So I won't be losing weight. What I'll be doing is: Developing a healthier relationship with food. And maintaining a healthy weight.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Naked Cooking & Eating

Have you ever enjoyed cooking and eating nude?

PJ and I are home nudists so often cook and eat nude at home. We love dining nude at resort facilities. Most resorts schedule great nude potluck nights. We even enjoyed a wonderfully memorable Thansgiving meal with naked friends. Cooking and eating is certainly a great way to enjoy naturism during the cold winter months.

Here is a link to photos of home nudists, many who enjoy cooking and eating naturally: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/homenudists

Here are quotes from many people who enjoy cooking and eating nude:

"I do love to bake in my buns! . . . Every day's a party, when ya cook in your birthday best! . . . I had a roommate for a time that used to love to sit and chat while I raged about in the kitchen. She was never one to be nude socially, but rather enjoyed my naked expression. We still joke about telling others that we had the most delicious "Naked Lobster" last night! Really, they ask, how do you make it? Well, naked of course." - Truro-n-free

" Treated the wife to breakfast in bed with whole wheat English muffin sandwich including egg, cheese and bacon (fried earlier textile and stored), coffee and OJ. Prepared by a naked cook and served by a nude waiter. Great way to start a Saturday morning." - Nudewalker

"I always cook whilst nude at home (after washing my hands of course!). I'm been fortunate so far and had no dramas." - Nude-Not-Rude

"I cook naked quite often but always wear an apron. I know it's not completely nude but at least I'm naked underneath!" - Mark

"Well, I've never found lack of clothes more dangerous than with. I do occasionally wear an apron if splashing is likely, just like when dressed." - David K.

"As all of my time from when I get home is spent nude that also includes cooking. If care is taken there are no accidents." - Badger

"Will and my mom do most of the cooking here and more often than not, both do it nude. I, however, have been known to assist whoever cooks and am usually nude." - KC

"As the first thing I do when I get home is strip off. Invariably I will cook naked." - Steve P.

"When I do cook I usally cook in the nude. So far no accidents, knock on wood. Just have to be careful and that applies to either being clothed or nude while cooking." - Larry

"Baking nude is fun, at least the part of preparing the doe. No need to worry where all the flour goes. Easy to clean up afterwards, including a quick shower while the bake is in the oven!" - Cony

"I often cook naked - most splashes clean off skin easier and cheaper than from clothes. If there's a risk of painful splashes - hot water or spitting fat, perhaps - I'll put on a plastic apron." - Peter

"A t-shirt won't stop you from getting burnt if you spill boiling water or oil on yourself, which I thankfully haven't done yet. When cooking or washing dishes, however, the occasional stray droplet can stain otherwise nice clothing, so it only makes sense to remove them." - Nemo I.

"There's a lot of naked cooking at our place. Jen and I really don't give it much thought as it just fits into the routine. We don't fry many foods, but when we do, we take some precautions. Otherwise, cooking is a household task, which like all the others, is more comfortably done in the nude." - Rhonda

"As I do 90% of the cooking in our household, in warmer months sometimes you'll catch me nude. My wife always asks if there's anything she can do to help? Occasionally I say yes, but if I'm nude I stipulate she must be dressed in a similar fashion. Once or twice she's surprised me by doing so." - NudeGuy

"I do a lot of cooking while nude. Just recently I was at Lighthouse Beach "nude section" on Long Island NY and BBQ'd chicken. Anybody that passed by was offered a piece. The chicken was gone in a matter of minutes. One couple had brought a steak and asked me to cook it for them, which I did. If I am cooking something that splatters like fried chicken or bacon, I make sure I have something on." - Barewrabbit

". . . when in a naturist environment I do cook nude. I barbecued nude for about 30 people at the club, except for the glove - that charcoal gets damned hot. I prepared a meal for friends at Cap d'Adge in the nude, in fact everything is done nude there so that doesn't really count. If the conditions are right and the opportunity is there I'm generally nude and there is little point in getting dressed to prepare dinner!" - Pete K.

"If I'm nude when it's time to cook something, I'll put on an apron, just as I do when clothed, to protect whatever is under the apron from drips and splatters. . . I did some naked cooking today. Nothing spectacular, just a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (actually sliced cheese product and tomato) on pumpernickel bread. A little mayo on the tomato side, a bit too much pepper, some dried basil, celery salt; and butter in the frying pan. All without apron or any other article of clothing." - Naturgesetz

"Today was the day the church group prepares meatloaves and baked potatoes for the soup kitchen (each in his and/or her own home). . . I had about 3 1/2 hours of glorious nudity while I prepared and cooked three meatloaves according to the recipe on Lipton's onion soup mix packages . . . and then baked 18 potatoes. Had to put clothes on to deliver them to the collection point." - Naturgesetz

"I often do baking nude though it also depends on the general home temperature. Certainly with baking there is little or no hot fat risk but a great deal of "mess" potential while mixing ingredients. It's simply much easier to wash just me than to wash my clothes as well. The same rule applies to household chores and gardening. Obviously you have to be mindful of hazards and neighbours but if it's warm enough most things are better done in the buff. . . I do housework and cooking nude whenever it is warm enough and I'm on my own. Why? Simply because cooking is often messy and it's much easier to wash me than my clothes. Housework because that requires physical exercise and sometimes involves stretching, clothes just get in the way. The other reason is simply because I enjoy being naked and it's just another chance to be that way. . . My wife thinks it strange but generally tolerates it." - Freecospirit

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christina Hendricks

Almost the right attitude:

"I’m a very comfortable naked person. Not in front of other people, but at home and in front of my husband, I feel good not wearing clothes." - Christina Hendricks, Actress

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nude Geocaching

Nude Geocaching - Sounds like a great way to enjoy freehiking. Anyone else geocache nude like campnbare?


"I geocache nude quite often. I tend to look for caches away from town that require significant hiking. On warm/hot days, not too many folks go hiking, so that works pretty well for me. I have Central Florida's only designated Clothing Optional Cache." - Campnbare

Link to cache description: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache...7-2e5ed0c6481b

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What TV Harms Children More

I agree! Anyone else?


What TV Harms Children More: Seeing a Person Murdered or Seeing a Person Naked?

Judge H. Lee Sarokin


As the Supreme Court (FCC v Fox Television Stations) once again wrestles with government control of profanity and nudity on broadcast television, I marvel at the focus. Children can watch murders, rapes, kidnappings, stabbings and beatings a hundred times a day, but it appears they need protection from profanity and nudity! In considering the difficult First Amendment questions, should the Court be asking whether there is a need or justification for the regulations? The statute and regulations creates a "safe haven" -- safe from what?

The network that allowed Janet Jackson to bare her breast for a millisecond was fined $550,000. The supposed basis for these regulations is to protect our children. How are children harmed by seeing a bare breast or a naked behind? I am not talking here about pornography or obscenity - which also have their own definition problems - but language and nudity. What happens to the children of the country after seeing a breast or even an entire naked person? When we were kids we called them "dirty pictures" and somehow we have incorporated that concept into law (and survived and even enjoyed the experience). Every child has or will see someone naked during their lifetime. Are they somehow traumatized by seeing them when they are young?

And to me, the concern about profanity is even more ludicrous. How are children harmed by the old label of "curse words" a la George Carlin? If children hear those words and their parents don't want them to use them, they can say so. But there is no intrinsic harm in hearing them. All of us would draw some lines when it comes to what should be available on TV - broadcast and cable. "We know it when we see it," but that standard is different for everyone and too vague to provide guidance. The availability and competition of cable makes the restrictions even more problematic. It's like a father saying: "We don't allow that kind of language here - go next door if you want to hear it!"

Also, there is the irony of those who insist on regulating profanity and nudity on TV. Although many favor it, the social conservatives are the moving force - advocates of family values. But those are the same persons who insist that government should stay out of their private lives, and, at the same time, want it to tell TV broadcasters what they can say and show and families what they can see and hear. I am all for protecting children where they need protection, but my view is that far more harm comes from the barrage of violent, criminal activity on TV rather than from profanity and nudity.

Finally, if the Court should determine to allow "fleeting expletives" on TV in the name of free speech, it certainly will not cause anywhere near the harm to children that Citizens United has caused to the entire country.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fantasy Fest Cruise Reprise

PJ and I took a nude Fantasy Fest Cruise last November and I posted a number of photos of that crazy event at the time. Since then we've met with several friends who went on the cruise with us and gathered their photos as well. So here is our compilation, not naturist, certainly nuts, but still lots of fun and definitely worth a visit if you get the chance:



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Celebrate Benjamin Franklin's Birthday (Nude)

". . . did you know that in January patriotic nudists celebrate Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father, inventor, statesman and nudist? Known as "The First American," Benjamin Franklin is certainly one of the most revered figures in American history. From his many inventions including bifocals and the lightning rod, to his accomplishments as a politician and diplomat, and as a Founding Father of the United States of America, Franklin lived a colorful and highly influential life. . . Benjamin Franklin is only one of a number of famous nudists (or naturists) in history. Others known to have enjoyed skinny-dipping or other nude activities include John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Walt Whitman and Henry David Thoreau. In popular culture, Helen Mirren, Drew Barrymore, Alanis Morissette, Elle McPherson, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Heidi Klum and many others have indicated that they too enjoy shedding their clothes. . . So what are you waiting for? It's Benjamin Franklin's birthday on January 17, go ahead and honor his life and legacy by spending some time in your own birthday suit!" - Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat

PJ and I will celebrate Ben's birthday for sure. How about you?


Monday, January 9, 2012

Sharing Quietly Again

Here are some more thoughts about Sunbunny's Sharing Quietly suggestion on nudistclubhouse:

"Let's All Talk NUDE Quietly and Begin to Change the World! Apparel and other items with fun nudist/naturist related slogans are a PERFECT way to talk nude with non-nudists or closeted nudists." - Sunbunny

“At the gym, as I was walking out, I saw a woman wearing a T-shirt that said "Life is short. Play Naked". If I see her and the T-shirt again, I will ask her if that is her life style or if she just inherited the T-shirt. We'll see where it goes from there.” – Billygoat

“A few years ago in Northern Michigan and along Lake Michigan my wife spotted a shop that she just had to go into. It was just north of a small town in the country with nice grounds around the shop. After waiting a while I entered the shop and spotted an American Sunbathing Association decal on the side of the cash register. Minutes later finding the owner alone I complimented him on displaying the decal and this led to a very pleasant conversation. Once he learned that we too were members he told me that behind the tall solid privacy fence, about 300 feet from the shop was a large private area where friends, and select locals could come and enjoy the pool, lay in the sun and even enjoy the beach on Lake Michigan. Yes, we were invited but unfortunately we had to move on to meet friends further up the road. No, we never went back to avail ourselves of the offer to enjoy the facilities. Years later now in a higher position in the company, along with a senior status and a head of white hair, mentioning to others that we were nudist, usually invited extended conversation about nudism and several people, usually ladies who had complimented my tan, would join us at a nudist club/resort no matter what part of the country we were in. Being open, casual, not forceful, and not embarrassed that you are a nudist most usually bring on a positive response from those who do not know the truth about nudism. I even got my 78 year old mother to join me at a club in Florida.” – Gene P.

“When I owned my retail shop, I placed a Naturist Society sticker on the display cabinet glass right by the cash register. The sticker was in place for about 5 years, and must have been seen thousands of times, yet only one person in all that time made any comment to me about it. He said something like this: "Naturist Society? Nice magazine" with a lascivious grin on his face.” - Mike

“I was wearing one of my nude 5k t-shirts when I flew back from Florida (and the cruise) this past November. When I got on the plane going from Atlanta to Salt Lake the (apparently Salt Lake-based flight crew) stewardess asked me quite bluntly as I boarded the plan if I "really ran that race naked". She asked so openly, loudly, and bluntly even I was a little taken aback for a moment. But, trying not to act too startled, I simply replied, "Yes, I did". Then another passenger said something about doing it with the bulls (I'd guess they heard about the whole Spain tradition that way) and I replied "No bulls, I'm not that crazy". That was the end of it. There's only so much time when boarding a plane, but I found it interesting. I've noticed most, especially in Utah, don't dare say much about my nudist t-shirts, and if they do they usually just laugh, assuming they're jokes. I guess that's why I didn't expect quite that bold of a question. But, I guess everyone nearby on the plane knew after that. Nobody said any more about it, however.” – Lee

Sunbunny asked the following question - any suggestions?

"I am trying to think of something I can have printed on a T-Shirt that speaks to this almost backdoor approach. Anybody have any ideas?"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sharing Quietly

Recently on nudistclubhouse, Sunbunny made the following suggestion:

"Let's All Talk NUDE Quietly and Begin to Change the World! . . Apparel and other items with fun nudist/naturist related slogans are a PERFECT way to talk nude with non-nudists or closeted nudists."

She then asked the following question - any suggestions?

"I am trying to think of something I can have printed on a T-Shirt that speaks to this almost backdor approach. Anybody have any ideas?"

Here are a few responses from the site:

"I have some nudist resort t-shirts that would only be meaningful to anyone who knew of the resort, but I have been wearing some of my more obvious Naturist Society shirts out of the house lately." - Gynostim

"I . . . have . . . been asked a about a tee shirt that was provided by . . . the bare necessity cruise. That . . . was all I needed to open the conversation about nude recreation and the lifestyle." - Terrytan

" I have a sign posted on my door - Nudist lives here, dare to Bare T-Shirts, and bumper sticker and when asked if I am..." REALLY a NUDISY OMG!!!" I always smile and ask the person to join me sometime at the local nude beach...its a slow process...one person at a atime." - TexasnNewd

"One of the other things we do to . . . is to leave our naturist publications out and accessible to those that visit our home. . . they are in the magazine basket in the "powder room" all our guests use when they visit. . . We know that many people, including her mother, have used this bathroom and have seen our naturist publications but have yet to have anyone emerge from the bathroom with one to ask us about it." - Fireprof

"We have . . . our wallpaper picture on our laptop! . . . Just lent our laptop to my sister and her husband a few weeks ago, to look up some information and check their email while they were staying with us for a couple nights. Our brother in law commented on the picture and asked..."did y'all go skinny dippin' someplace together!?" I said, "yeah, the Caribbean!" He wanted to talk about it more but was interupted by his kids and never got to..except to say...."wow, y'all's pretty progressive!" - Fireprof

"I often wear a blue polo shirt with the logo from Cypress Cove and the words "Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa. " I'm perfectly willing to discuss it with anyone who raises the issue. A casual, "Oh, we went there once," is enough to start a conversation if the person is interested. . . A favorite "discussion starter" of mine is to casually mention, "Oh, yeah, we spent the weekend at a really nice resort near Tampa called Paradise Lakes (or whatever). If the person is "into" the idea of nudism, he or she will recognize the name and same something like, "I've heard of that place . . ." and the conversation rolls on." - Nudesuncpl

"I have three t-shirts that I like to wear in public . One is my AANR nature trails t-shirt,the second one is a bright green clothesfree.com shirt and my newest shirt is from Ocoee River Rafting which my brother-in-law gave me and it says RAFT NAKED it adds color to your cheeks which is also bright green. I've had a few people talk about them at work and I tell them I'm a naturist. Some will joke around about it, one lady said she has gone to nude beaches, but most were not interesred in trying it. So I can say I do some quiet advertising." - Cnbaresall

"One of our favorite T-shirts has a goofy bear and underneath are the words. "Bear Naked in Canada" It sure gives people a chuckle. We are proud as punch to wear it whether we are in the U.S. or home in Canada. " - Oddbutterfyl1

"A friend of mine over the weekend gave me a fridge magnet that I have now proudly put on the camper van dash. It says, "If I can't do it naked, it ain't worth doing." - Fuzzybare

"At work I have a scenic picture I took at Deep Creek Hot Springs as the screen saver on my computer. It does not show any people but it does show the beauty of the area. I have had two customers ask about where the picture was taken as it looked like a nice place to go to. In both cases I told them about the hot springs and how it is traditional for people to be nude there. The first person I told responded that would be fine and would have no problem going nude there. The second person was not comfortable with the idea and said that there was no way he would consider going there. I suppose that having a 50% positive response rate is good . . ." - JP

"I just received my AANR shirt today. . . It says live free live nude and I'm going to wear it everywhere." - Troy2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living Nude

". . . if society would allow people to be nude when they want to be, it would become a big, fat, nothing, zero, zed, null. After all, society has adjusted to less clothing. Just look at how people went about in public in 1906 as opposed to now to see what I mean. I see no less happening were nudity approached in this way. Eventually, everyone would incorporate it into the everyday scheme of things. . . just visit . . . nudist parks across this country and you’ll find people going about their day like any other people, only without clothing. That’s right; gardening, barbecuing, strolling, cycling, playing sports, swimming, reading, socializing—all without a stitch on. You’ll be “underwhelmed” by how normal the whole scene is once you get past the simple nakedness—just people going about their lives. And don’t go citing something bad that happened at a nudist park—something the media loves to do—as if those kinds of things don’t happen in a clothed environment. They happen, not because people are naked; they happen because people are people." - Tom Pine