Friday, April 27, 2012

Skinny Road Trip to Phoenix

Today I drove from Las Vegas to Phoenix (actually New River) – 4.5 hours – naked all the way. About half way I pulled off the highway onto a dirt road and stood by the car naked to take a wiz. I did throw a towel over me when I stopped at the Burger King to-go window, so not quite naked all the way. As I drove I watched for places to stop for a future nude picnic and freehike; there were many great places. I realized that this route is an “ideal” Skinny Road Trip! Wouldn’t it be fun to join a “group” of naturists on a nude drive through beautiful desert scenery, stop for a naked picnic and freehike along the way, and arrive in Las Vegas just in time for a show and perhaps a swim at a topless European-style pool? I’m sure the drive back would be equally memorable. Is anyone interested in joining PJ and I for this Skinny Road Trip? We love Vegas, and sharing naturism along the way seems the perfect way to go! Here are a few more thoughts from those who love Skinny Driving as much as me: “I can wear a pair of shorts while driving and I'm constantly tugging at the crotch because of pinching and binding...then wear another pair and not have that problem but an irritation someplace else. Most times, when I wear shorts and am driving...the shorts stay off til I get to where I'm going!” - FireProf “I went to a nude bowling event the other night. Afterwards, I was going to meet up with a friend at a bar about 25 minutes away. It was a cold night with some rain/snow mix. I only wore a pair of track pants & a hooded sweatshirt to the bowling, so for one, I could slip in and out of them easily, and two, I didn't have to take off my jeans, shirt, etc and leave them lying around. So when I left the bowling alley, I got into my truck, turned on the heated seats and slipped off my shoes and pants, leaving the sweatshirt on, but unzipped. I brought my jeans & t-shirt with me to wear at the bar. I drove like this for about half the way, then the car had warmed up enough that I took off the sweatshirt and drove nude the rest of the way. I stopped around the corner from the bar and got dressed in my truck (well, I actually opened my door and stood out on the running board nude to slip on my jeans).” – AlwaysNaked “We were traveling across the country and hit some long stretches of road in Texas where there is virtually nothing until you get to El Paso. Everyone in the car shucked off their clothes and we drove for 100’s of miles rarely seeing anyone else. When we came to more “civilization” we were happy to be in the land of good restaurants and gas stations again but getting dressed was a downer.” - Platypus “Had to go out to Rancho Cucamonga again today, as well as going to Ontario and Burbank before going into work. Out of a total distance of 147.4 miles I was able to drive 136.8 miles nude. As usual I will be driving home nude.” – JP “Over the last couple of weeks my boy (14) has been stripping down to his birthday suit in the car! So what is a mother to do? . . . I do the mad dash into the store and pray that he is all clothed when I get back. What do you think I find? One naked child chillin in the car BUT still has the seat belt on! Yup seat belt in place like this is the way driving is supposed to be. Free and uninhibited! . . . Well it looks like I have a lot more work to do with the “Keeping the clothes on while you’re in the Car” lesson. . . Who’d have thought that this was one of the lessons that would become a part of the teaching repertoire, but I guess it is. How do you explain to the public that the 14 year old kid in the front seat, naked but still wearing his seat belt, is ok . . .” – thefunnysideofautismin

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Driving Naked Time

Spring is here so it's about time to start driving named again - Hurray! Later in the week I'll be heading from Northern Utah, through Las Vegas, to Shangri La in New River, AZ. It should be a great trip for comfortable driving. I'll share how it went next week. Until then, here is a fine naked driving video by NakedHikerNW:http: // And here are a few quotes from others who enjoy naked driving: “My Mustang convertible is so low you have to sit DOWN to get into it. I often drive naked with the top down in summer. I drive through town. I stop at traffic lights. I don't bother with a "cover." I've never been hassled. Hardly anyone can see what pants you are wearing, even in a low car. And hardly any of those will bother looking. Most people are just paying attention to their own business.” - Bob “. . . we've had unseasonably warm temperatures here the past few days, so today I drove from Toronto back to Montreal, nude the entire way. I even had to stop to take a leak on the way so I pulled off the highway onto a back road and just got out of the truck while naked and just went on the side of the road. When I got home, I didn't feel like getting dressed, even though it was still light outside, so I opened the garage door and backed my truck half way in (it won't fit all the way in), and then got out and proceeded to unload everything from the truck and take it into the house. Once I was finished, I pulled the truck out into the driveway and just stepped out while still nude and went into the garage and then into the house. It felt absolutely wonderful.” – Always Naked “In addition to my normal drive to and from work every day I was able to get in a little extra nude driving time today. I had to go from Valencia to Simi Valley and back. I was driving nude for a total of 72 miles and 1 hour and 17 minutes in the middle of the day. This Monday I have to go out to Rancho Cucamonga before coming to work. I am looking forward to a few hours of nude driving time.” - JP “Took an hour+ drive home from getting my dad's motorhome and driving home naked!!! In a word...driving a motorhome naked is...AWESOME! What a great feeling and great way to drive relaxed and comfortable. . . I loved it and can't wait to do it a few times more before I return the motorhome next week! I think I'm gonna buy this motorhome and love every minute of ownership and driving nude in it!!” – FireProf “I just completed a 4500 mile Nakation trip across the lower states out west. I drove from South Texas to Northern California nude the entire time. . . Changing the flat tire by the side of the highway was interesting, and no one seemed to notice, or if they did, nothing was said. I managed to get State Line sign pics with no trouble, as well! I had a wonderful break at DeAnza Springs resort on the way. In spite of being 'shanghied' into water volleyball BEFORE I had a chance to unpack,I thoroughly enjoyed the people I met there. And, yes, the activities were great! A busy Family schedule kept me from a few things I wanted to do (going to the nude beach was one), But there is always the next time. While she slept most of the way, my sister and I had a lovely nude ride back to Texas, and now it's time to settle back into my own little nude world.” - Txbiker

Monday, April 9, 2012

8 Reasons You Should Be Naked More Often

I like these quotes from Kate Fridkis, 8 Reasons You Should Be Naked More Often (

“Standing in front of the mirror, I had a small epiphany. I should get to know my naked body. I should get good at being naked. Actually, everyone should. If I was a dictator, I’d mandate daily naked time.”

“Under all those clothes, this the way you actually look. The rest is a disguise. Isn’t it weird not to know your own naked body? . . . But no matter how separate from your body you feel, you are your body. And it is you. . . So you should get to know yourself. Naked.”

“For amazing sex, body confidence is an absolute necessity.”

“The better you feel naked, the better you’ll feel in clothes. Because clothes won’t just be about hiding things, they’ll be about celebrating things. I want my clothes to be a celebration.”

“Liking yourself naked is liking yourself exposed, flawed, complicated, and undone. If you can like yourself like that, you can face the world proud and naked!”

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nude Driving

Driving nude one must be careful to not offend other drivers of course; though other drivers seldom see you, the police probably won’t appreciate the un-sexual aspects of naturism. Still, being careful, which one should be when driving anyway, naked cross-country is a wonderful way to go. We’ve driven naked often – mostly on longer trips from Utah to Washington and to California. Here are thoughts from a few others who report enjoying Skinny Driving:

“Driving nude is a privilege. Many times I have driven to the nude beach and the resort. I will drive for 200 miles easy without a worry.” - NudeDrew

“I`ve recently taken up commuting to work nude. It`s about a half hour ride down the coast - all highway. It is very comfortable.” - NickCalifornia

“I drove a U-haul truck from Sacramento to LA with only my shoes on. I heard (unverified) that having shoes to safely operate the peddles is more of an issue than clothing. Great fun. Discretion won out at gas and snack stops. . . Gym shorts are handy. I was able to have a soda at a rest stop overlooking Pyramid Lake. I parked away from others and sat on the wall watching the moon over the lake & canyon - beautiful sight and feeling. . . My wife and I have driven 60 miles from a nude resort to home in the nude - great fun.” – 85Springer

“I have been driving naked for over 30 years. As soon as I get into the car after work, off come the cloths (unless I have to make a stop on the way home). The drive home is about 30 miles, mainly on the freeway from Valencia to the San Fernando Valley. After being at work all day, it is nice to be able to relax on the drive home. The longest drive I have done was on a five day trip in 1986 from home to the Grand Canyon, then to San Diego then back home. Other then stopping for gas, food, lodging and the time spent sight seeing I was able to stay nude almost all the time. . . I drive a 4 door sedan and keep a pair of shorts handy for when I have to pass a bus or large truck.” - Totaltanjim

“I have driven nude in many situations, many times. The furthest was from Joshua Tree, California, to Burningman in Gerlach, Nevada. . . I am observant of those around me, and cautious. Last week my girl friend and I drove nude from our hike - about 70 miles. Our next trip to Laughlin, Nevada was about 200 miles, nude to the hotel parking lot. My understanding of the law (in California) is that it is not illegal to be nude in your car, but if it becomes sexual, or somebody complains, then it is considered public nudity. As far as I can determine, [it is the] same in Nevada .” – Naked Bruce

“I stay as nude as I can. . . Two years ago I kept track of my nude driving miles. 2006 I drove over 2,000 miles in the nude. I'm an RVer. I've driven from Springdale, AR, up through KC, MO, up through IA into SD totally nude.” – Newt

“Several times when I would head up to the White Mountains from Tucson, I would get in my truck at work slip out of my clothes and drive the 200 miles to Showlow. When I got to the cabin it was dark and I didn`t have to worry about any neighbors so I just unloaded my truck and began enjoying my weekend. Just starting right out of work I was relaxed before I even left the city.” - Mpcarter

“It was a nice spring day here in Las Vegas, as my bride and I were packing up the truck to head back home from Sun Rancho Nudist resort just over 55 miles south of town. It was the end of a wonderful nude weekend at the resort with friends, games, Bar B Q and completely relaxing. As we finished packing up, I suggested to my wife we should extend our nude time until we get home, which required us to stay al natural for the 50+ mile trip, she agreed so we headed home without a stitch on. . . During the drive, we did not encounter any problems of any kind, and the fellow drivers didn`t have a clue we were naked as we drove down the freeway.” - Hornmeister

“I really enjoy the freedom of the road.” – NudeDrew