Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sequoians Naturist Resort

Since PJ and I were visiting a senior retirement facility near San Francisco, we decided to take a little time to visit the Sequoians Naturist Resort ( We were definitely ready for some quality naked time, and we had friends who were members and had told us it was a great place (Sid and Toni).

Unfortunately, the resort was closed on Friday. It turns out it is only open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday, from April to October, though members can visit anytime, and a few live there.

Still, we visited for a while with a member at the front gate. He shared lots of information about the resort.

The resort has had as many as 250 members, though they now have about 90.

It is a member-owned coop. The yearly fees were surprisingly low, $310 per person, and that combined with the cost for a site and utilities means that living at the Sequoins costs one person only about $1000 a year.

The resort is at the end of a beautiful, secluded, tree-filled canyon. There is a clubhouse and pool area (we could just see the roof). The resort area apparently has many wonderful hiking trails up both sides of the canyon. These trails would be totally tree-shaded. It looked like a wonderful place to freehike.

We were disappointed that we couldn’t get in on a weekday; we were ready for a freehike and skinnydip, so we can’t recommend it from actual experience, but we’re excited to go back on a weekend in the future.

The Sequoians looks like a great place to live if you like a very small community.

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  1. As a frequent visitor to Sequoians Naturist Resort, I am sorry about the problems you had on Friday. However their policy regarding visitors is clearly sated on their website.

    I hope that you can visit another time as their are some great hiking trails on their land and in the nearby regional parkland.