Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arizona Hot Springs Freehike and Camp

“I had a great naked hiking and camping experience last weekend at the Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs, downstream from Hoover Dam. . . There were three of us, a 62 year old woman, a 46 year old man, and me, a 59 year old man. We had never met but we bonded quickly and formed a pretty good team. . . We hiked in nude from the highway to the river (about 2 miles), then along the river to our camp spot below the main beach and camping area. We encountered several groups along the way, but as usual, our nudity was not a problem. . . We spent the weekend getting in and out of the cold river, hiking to and soaking in the pools, and just generally hanging out in a beautiful area. We were generally casual about our nudity and were seen by many people, including passing boaters, with no incidents. At one point, a guy came walking down to where we were hanging out at the beach. We invited him to join us, and he dropped his shorts and sat with us for a while. . . All in all, a great celebration of nudity and good companionship in the great outdoors!” – Canyon Hawk

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