Friday, July 31, 2009

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Freehiking Goofy?

“There was a time that I used to laugh at the idea of nude hiking . . . I remember seeing photos of a nude hike posted at Valley View Hot Springs in Colorado (they were wearing only their hiking boots and backpacks), and I thought it was the goofiest thing I had ever seen. But since then I've been hiking on various occasions without my sweaty clothes on. It makes so much practical sense, and is far more comfortable . . . I've taken a real liking to it.” – Alan Palmer

Freehiking Near Tooele Utah - Aug. 2006

Freehiking Utah Group’s local hike was as fun and exciting as always. Eight members participated - Ken and PJ, Steve and Dee, Ben, Steve from up north, Bill, and Mark. Again, we met near the Great Salt Lake to share rides to the trailhead. It was a beautiful, warm day with magnificently clear blue skies.

We undressed at the trailhead, and started up the single-track path. For the first 15 minutes or so we hiked up an open hillside, with beautiful views of the valley below. The hot sun caressed our naked bodies, and a light breeze occasionally cooled us. How indescribable it all feels – body, sun, sweat, nature, breeze - when you hike nude.

Soon we entered the canyon which was bordered by beautiful mountains (see the photos taken of the area: ), and the trail was canopied by shrub oak and maple trees, offering lots of shade. The ascent was moderate; perfect for exercise.

We hiked fairly steadily on this hike with fewer stops because some members had to leave early. Still, we enjoyed lots of nice conversation. Ken pointed out many butterflies along the way.

Ben and Ken tried out some Hiker Kilts PJ had made. They’re light to carry, and designed to be quickly and easily put on if you happen to meet someone on the trail who might be offended by nudity.

What a wonderful experience it is to hike natural with your best friends. This freehike felt a little nostalgic, almost sad; as it will be the last hike for several members this season (work is starting up again). Ken and PJ had to turn back early to get to work. The other members continued on to see more shaded and canopied trail as it gains elevation at an increasingly greater rate of ascent up the canyon. Along the way, we passed a spring, which Ben thinks is drinkable (he's done it and he's not dead yet).

After hiking about 1.5 hours and about 2.5 miles, with over 2,000 feet of elevation gain, peaking at around 7,500 feet, all of the group members turned around, except for Ben. Ben figured many members of the group were very capable hikers and that the remaining group would be more than fine, but decided he needed more and secretly hoped he could finish the nearly 4 mile long trail to the nearly 9,000 foot ridge line and still meet the rest of the group back at the trail head (however unwise, given his leg which has been recovering from a stress fracture in recent months and bothering him just a bit in recent days, that idea may have been). Although only Ben got to see it, and has yet to haul a camera up there to document it, the views of two valleys from the ridge line is spectacular. Ben didn't see much of the hike back down because he was running too fast, trying to meet back up with the group. But, for everyone else, the hike down the trail presented amazing, unique views of the Great Salt Lake. Upon approaching the trailhead, Ben initially thought everyone had already gone, but pleasantly realized they were just getting into a vehicle and taking off - he had made it, very, very barely. He bid another fond and quick farewell to some wonderful friends, as remarkably (stupidly?) he still hadn't had enough and decided to and did go for another couple of miles before returning home. This was another fun trail we’ll want to hike again.

As we dressed at the trailhead, we were again reminded how amazing freehiking feels – by far the worst part of each hike is getting dressed again. How wonderful it would be for other members to join with us and share this experience.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Most Unfazed By Freehikers

“In an unscientific poll with 4,923 page views and 58 comments, found that 86% of users thought back country skinny dipping was ‘fun’ compared to only 14% who felt it a ‘nuisance’. This suggests that most of the people we freehike past in remote areas will be unfazed by nudity. Still, we have to be alert to the sensitivities of the other 14 %.” – & Milt

Tooele Utah Hike - July 2006

The Freehiking Utah Group local freehike in July was a wonderful adventure, and a record setter - nine members participated - Ken and PJ, Steve and Dee, Ken and Kay, Ben, Steve from up north, and our newest member John. We met at a Salt Lake City and trail-convenient location and shared rides to the trailhead itself, near Tooele, since the trail is only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles.

The day was very nice – warm with blue skies (although it did cloud up a little just as we left). We undressed at the trailhead, and started up the single-track path. Occasionally a light breeze cooled our bodies, although it would have been nicer with a little more breeze. (Hiking clothed would have definitely felt uncomfortable; I have no idea why anyone would want to hike in sweaty clothes. Clearly the body is much better able to regulate temperature without being impeded by clothing.)

The area was beautiful the photos taken show ( ). The hills were mostly dry on the north side of the canyon with interesting rock formations, and wonderfully green on the south side of the canyon. Much of the trail was canopied by shrub oak and maple trees, offering lots of shade. Most agreed it was one of the nicest trails we’d hiked locally. The trail ascends at a moderate slope; perfect for exercise. We hiked slowly with lots of stops for rest and conversation so no one had to struggle to keep up. Along the way we saw some lovely flowers and vegetation, including some interesting mushrooms (again, see photos and/or just in case you were wondering what those were).

It’s wonderful to experience nature as you hike, and freehiking natural makes the link to nature so much stronger. Freehiking is really a spiritual experience, made more interesting and enjoyable when shared with good friends.

After hiking about 1½ hours and about 1½ miles, with 900 feet of elevation gain peaking at close to 6,500 feet, we started back down the trail. If this trail has a weakness, it is that we didn’t reach a summit with a great view, although we did see a few side trails that would have led to a view. We’ll have to try one the next time we hike this trail.

As always, the hike down the trail presented new, wonderful views. The valley could be seen at places and the green hills of the canyon were especially nice.

Just as we neared the end of the hike we experienced a little excitement. We almost ran into a family hiking up the trail with two dogs. This was surprising, since so few people ever hike this area on the weekdays, or even weekends – a family, on a weekday, hiking all the way up from parking in the valley below (in a car), what were the odds? We were not sure they even saw us naked; Ken quickly put on his shorts and walked down the trail to talk with them. They seemed just fine and headed out another direction, and we reached the vehicles in just a few minutes.
As we dressed we all agreed how wonderful the hike had been.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freehiking Africa

“I now live in Africa and I have been hiking naked ever since. It is for me the ultimate experience of freedom and relaxation. Here in Africa being naked is absolutely taboo when you talk about it, but when you do it and meet some one there is no problem. Just put on my short if I have it with me, and say that it is too hot. I once met a young lady, and when she saw me she stopped and asked very shy "may I pass?" I said "of course", but we first had a nice chat about the beauty of nature. I usually go for a walk in a nearby game reserve. (No dangerous game though) I grew up in the tropics and I am used to walk bare foot. I still do it. So when I go for a naked hike, I am NAKED, except for the key of my car. Some time ago, I went for a 24 hour hike from 0 am to 24 pm, walking from the house with only a packet of sandwiches with me. It was full moon. I met some hyenas and one leopard. During the day hours I slept in a pine forest on a bed of pine needles. If possible, I also travel naked in my car. As an average I only have silly pieces of cloth around my body for not more then 3 hours a day. Hate it.” - Habakuk

Southern Utah Photo Shoot Rocks Camp - June 2008

On day three of the Antoine Southern Utah Photo Shoot we left early from Green River and drove west to the Rocks Campsite. Again, we were soon naked at this fantastic setting of giant boulders sitting on a hilltop above a wonderful yellow-colored canyon.

We had planned to freehike down into the canyon for the photo shoot, but Antoine was so amazed by the rocks that we stayed the entire time at the campsite. I searched for interesting angles while she directed Lee and PJ in different poses. The natural spaces between the giant boulders provided some of the best shots of the entire shoot.

After lunch time, exhausted, we packed up and headed back to Salt Lake City, returning home in the early evening.

Here is a link to some of the photos taken at the Rocks Campsite, day three of our Southern Utah photo shoot (others will be added in the future as Antoine finishes some of the shots she took):

Also, although PJ and I couldn’t participate, Antoine took Lee to the Salt Flats the next day to shoot some additional photos. Here is a link to a few of the photos she took at the Salt Flats:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blacks Beach Freehike - July 2009

“I made a short trip to Blacks Beach yesterday afternoon, mainly to get a good nude walk in. I figure two roundtrips of the nude area is about 5 miles and add to that the hike up the bluffs and it's a pretty good aerobic workout. I was pleased to see a good mixed crowd of young and old couples and singles out sunning, swimming and strolling the beach. The water was almost tropical for California and was very welcoming indeed.” - Jaybirdsen

“The Rocks" Camp Freehike - Sept. 2007

Saturday, September 29th, PJ and I got up early to go for a hike near “The Rocks” camping area. The weather forecast didn’t look good, but we decided to go anyway. We met up with Popeye and Bangles in Salt Lake City and drove south past Salina to “The Rocks” camp area to meet up with Larry and Kitty who had camped overnight.

We hadn’t been able to find the camp on a previous hike, but Popeye and Bangles had been there before so this time it was easy to find, though our car did bottom out a little twice on one rough section of the dirt access road.

When we arrived we found Larry and Kitty digging out from the evening windstorm – I guess sand had about filled the front part of their tent during the night.

“The Rocks” camping area is unique. It sits at a rise on a ridge that looks over a valley filled with yellowish brown sandstone cliffs and rock formations. The area surrounding the campsite is fairly flat until you reach a circle of huge light-brown boulders. “The Rocks” camp is right in the middle of this circle of boulders, protected some from the weather and from the view of anyone else in the area. In fact you can pull a vehicle right up into “The Rocks” so no one can tell you’re there. Juniper and pinion trees grow sparsely around the campsite, including a few inside the boulder circle. It’s a wonderful, private camp – just right for a small group of naturist friends.

The weather was threatening so we decided to immediately go for a freehike. We want to be sure we did at least a little hiking before it stormed. Some of us started out nude even though it was a little cool. As we worked our way through the cliffs down into the canyon most got undressed; hiking always warms your body, in fact I find it’s normally warmer to hike nude than clothed unless it’s windy.

Part way down PJ and I got distracted by some interesting cliffs, so we left the group to do a little photography; PJ likes to have her photo taken with interesting rock formations. We could spend days playing nude and shooting photos around rocks and cliffs.

The rest of the group continued hiking down the canyon. After a short time we all headed back up the hill to meet up with another naturist friend, Bob, who was scheduled to arrive shortly. This ended our first, short freehike.

Bob arrived just as we returned to the camping area. After visiting for a while he led us on another short freehike to a beautiful canyon lookout. We would have hiked further, but the wind was rising and the weather was really starting to be a concern. Still it was nice to visit with Bob again – time well spent.

We returned to the protection of “The Rocks” and talked for a while before it was time for PJ and me to return as we had a family event to attend the next day. The others stayed for a while but soon drove to Bob’s place for the night. They took a freehike to another beautiful area the next day.

The weather was bad on our way back – it even snowed some. Still it was a great day. It was interesting to find “The Rocks” camp finally, to visit with Bob, to enjoy some freehiking, and to shoot a few nice photos. All in all, it was a very nice Skinny Trip.

(See the photos of this Skinny Trip at: )

Saturday, July 25, 2009

“I love to be out in nature, the way God intended me, without a scrap of clothing, so that I can feel the sun, and, if it`s not too cold, the gentle wind. I really feel close to God and nature, when I am naked in nature.” - Jonathon

St. George Freehike – Thanksgiving 2007

On Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd we had just returned from an abbreviated Skinny Trip to Saline Hot Springs to the Saint George area in Southern. We had stayed at Harrow and Kitty’s place Wednesday night, and got up early to prepare for a wonderful, nude Thanksgiving dinner.

Us guys – Larry, Lee, and me – couldn’t find anything productive to do so we decided to check out the area to find a good freehiking spot. Larry was our guide.

We drove south and west of Saint George, and soon arrived at a likely spot – a wide wash next to a beautiful blood-red mesa. It didn’t take before Lee and I were undressed and headed down the wash. It turned out to be a wonderful place for a freehike, as can be seen from these photos: .

The weather was perfect, we got some great exercise, discovered some spectacular scenery, enjoyed the feelings of well-being one always experiences when hiking nude, and got back just in time for a wonderful nude dinner with friends. What could be better?

PJ and I left later that day to return to Salt Lake City, but will always remember this Thanksgiving, especially because of the wonderful Red-Mesa freehike.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Designate Freehiking Trails

“I can understand that we all have to live in this world together. But I would certainly enjoy doing the hike in the nude and I wouldn't want to be deprived of it. It's nice to feel the sun on your skin. Maybe they should designate a couple of trails and people would know they might come across naturists there.” - Barbara Foley

Stansbury Mountains Freehike - June 2008

On June 18th, Lee, RO, Two Steves, and Ken drove about an hour west from Salt Lake City to freehike the Stansbury Mountains. (We had planned to take the Mining Camp hike, but Lee had visited the area the day before and the bugs were unbearable.) This day the weather was perfect for a freehike. We parked and undressed at the truck, then covered up for a moment as two motorcycles headed up the trail going south, so we headed north.

The trail climbed up through spectacular high-mountain scenery, and our sweat cooled our bodies just enough to keep us comfortable. There were no bugs. Beautiful wildflowers were out in abundance. In just 45 minutes we reached the summit and looked out on Stansbury Island on the shore of the Great Salt Lake.

(You can see photos from the hike at: )

Too soon we returned from another wonderful freehike with wonderful friends.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Natural AC

“Hiking in the summer (or just being outside) is uncomfortably sweaty. The body has a natural form of AC, and it doesn't work when it's wrapped in cotton.” - AcademicNaturist

Stansbury Mountains Freehike - April 2008

During the first week of April it was great to meet a Skinny Tripper from Canada, BC. Ddoger came to Salt Lake City for LDS General Conference. PJ and I met him for dinner Thursday night and had a fun time talking (unfortunately clothed); he loves to talk.

Friday Ddoger, Lee, and I took a freehike west of the Stansbury Mountains (west of Salt Lake City). (We had hoped to hike to Diamond Fork for a soak, but the weather didn’t cooperate.)

(PJ decided to stay at home as Ddoger’s spouse is still reluctant and PJ didn’t want to create potential problems.)

We forgot the camera (too bad), but enjoyed a short hike (perhaps 1 ½ hours) through the foothills and juniper trees at the base of the mountains. Ddoger said the area looked very much like his place in Canada. I asked if the Skinny Trippers might plan a visit there. He said as soon as his wife came to understand; hopefully that will be soon.

The area was beautiful, and as always the sun and light breeze felt great on our naked bodies as we hiked.

It was great to talk, compare ideas, and get to know each other. What other positive activity besides naturism offers such a chance to meet people and quickly get to know them in such a personal way? It was great to meet and hike with Ddoger.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't Leave Your Brain Behind

“I've hiked and freehiked often in the Pacific Northwest. Leaving clothes behind doesn't mean leaving your brain behind - so being prepared is no different either way. Unencumbered is more comfortable, fewer bugs, and better memories.” – Tom

Stansbury Island Freehike Oct. - 2008

The first snow of fall 2008 fell overnight – it’s certainly too cold for a freehike today.

Monday, less than a week ago, Lee and I got together for perhaps our last freehike together for the year. PJ had encouraged me to go, bless her, even though she was too involved with lots of other activities to come along.

I drove south from Ogden, Utah, and met up with Lee at the Flying J, north of Tooele, Utah. I jumped in Lee’s truck, and he drove us to Stansbury Island. No one was out on this quiet Monday, so we were able to dressed and start from the main trailhead.

The weather was perfect for a freehike – high seventies, very few clouds, no breeze. The sun warmed us and felt so wonderful on our naked bodies as we climbed the trail up to the main pass, then down a little and along the cliffs marking old Lake Bonneville’s ancient shoreline.

Stansbury Island is dry and wide open, with expansive views of the Great Salt Lake, salt ponds, Stansbury Mountains, and Tooele Valley. The scenery is spectacular in its own unique way.

As we hiked we conversed about hiking and naturism, and the disappointments and joys of life. It was natural and very enjoyable freehiking with such a good friend. After about four miles we turned around as I’d told PJ I’d be back about 5:00pm.

Nearing the end of the hike, as we descended to the truck, I realized just how meaningful this hike was. Just 3 ½ years earlier this had been the same location Lee (then Ben) and I had first hiked together – my first social naturist experience. So much had happened since that hike. Both of our lives had changed in so many ways. And now PJ and I have different employment that has taken us to Southern California. I usually hold my feelings too close inside – even a naturist has private emotions that can’t quite emerge. It’s so wonderful that friendships last forever.

Too soon, our (likely) last hike of the season was completed. We were dressed (at least I was) and heading home. But this will always remain a freehike filled with wonderful memories.

Thanks Lee.

You can view photos of the Stansbury Island hiking area at: )

Monday, July 20, 2009

Naked, I Am Part of Nature

“Freehiking brings one closer to nature, and the Creator, than is otherwise possible. Clothed, I feel like an observer of nature. Naked, I am a part of nature. I delight in experiencing nature through my largest and most sensitive organ, my skin.” - Paul in Carson City

Stansbury Island Freehike - June 2006

Wednesday, the Freehiking Utah Group hiked Stansbury Island, in the Great Salt Lake. Seven members of the group participated - two couples, Ken and PJ, Ken and Kay, and also Ben, Bill, and the Utahspringhiker. Since this was our monthly local hike, I’m sure we would have had more attendance if the weather had not been marginal in Salt Lake valley, but the weather at the Island was wonderful - (a lesson for all to note in the future - not always true, but I've spent many days watching and marveling as storm clouds dissipate just before reaching the Island).

Stansbury Island is a dry desert, almost barren environment, although we did see a few nice wildflowers. The attraction on this hike is the spectacular, wide-open views from a wonderful trail which follows the old shoreline of ancient Lake Bonneville. The trail starts with a fairly steep climb and then levels off hundreds of feet above the valley floor. In the end, we hiked in a one-way loop for 2 1/2 hours and for an estimated 4 miles, gaining (and dropping) an estimated 1,000 feet (note to self: consider bringing a gps for these...).

At places you see beautiful views of the Great Salt Lake, and the salt evaporation ponds. Grey sandstone cliffs, striated with layers of brownish sandstone, crop out along the trail, and you occasionally cross slick rock where ancient waterfalls once flowed.

Some of the members were concerned at first that the temperature would be too cool, not realizing that you can sometimes feel warmer hiking naked than you do with clothes on - (hard to believe, but its true.) So the weather for the hike turned out to be perfect – a sky filled with big fluffy clouds, and a nice breeze around each corner. The hikers couldn’t resist raising their arms occasionally to fully take advantage of the wonderful, cooling breeze. Nude hiking is the best, especially when you go with the best of friends. Ken (of Ken and Kay) took a few photos of the hiking friends along the trail (see ).

This was such a wonderful hike. (If you hadn't heard, Utah is the freehiking capital of America!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Freehiking Palm Springs

“I live in the desert near Palm Springs where I hike naked more than I do with clothes on. There's plenty of empty desert where I never encounter another hiker. It's more comfortable to hike naked in hot weather and I don't get tan lines.” – Ron

South Fork Freehike - Aug. 2008

Our new job leaves us with very little free time – we work long hours together. So when we found ourselves on Wednesday afternoon with a little free time, we quickly determined to do some exploration and find a place to freehike near Odgen, Utah. We’re naturists after all and just have to get away and be nude in nature on occasion.

Staring about 3:30 pm, we drove up Odgen Canyon to explore. The drive was beautiful. We stopped to visit a Monastery near Huntsville, then continued up the South Fork. Sadly, the land bordering the road is mostly private. We didn’t find good public access until we nearly reached the summit, just prior to the turnoff to Blacksmith Fork.

There we found several interesting alternatives for a freehike. We choose one near some beaver ponds. Soon I was naked, enjoying the feel of the warm air on my body. PJ stayed clothed on this “first time” trail. I’m not sure why, but I appreciate so much her total willingness to go along and let me be naked, even when she’s not as comfortable.

Perhaps PJ was a little concerned about the water snakes and other wildlife we saw on the trail. There were also many cattle grazing along the way, but they didn’t seem to mind a naked guy too much – they just moved on up the valley.

This was just a short “exploratory” freehike; after a half hour or so we turned back. Still the hike was such a welcome relief from our busy workday schedule. We just love being naturists and the release and relaxation it provides. Textiles are definitely missing one of the best parts of life - taking off your clothing and enjoying nature.

(Sorry, no photos on this hike.)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nothing Like the Freedom of Freehiking

“I had the pleasure of hiking nude at a clothes-free resort in southern Ohio, which has about 5 miles of trails through woods, up hills and through meadows. There is nothing like the freedom of freehiking.” - Nudiarist

Scull Valley Freehike - Nov. 2008

Just a short Skinny Report today. Monday I “had” to get out of the workplace (where PJ and I now also live), and the weather looked good, so I contacted Lee and we got together for an afternoon freehike in Scull Valley (about the same area we hiked earlier with dodger). (PJ had lots of things she wanted to accomplish, so she sent me off on my own - it's amazing to be married to a wife who totally understands.)

The scenery was wonderful (sorry, no photos this trip), and the temperature was in the low 60s, just right for a freehike, after we got going. And it was great to talk and get caught up on life.
We hiked for a coupe of hours. What a great way to unwind.

Every time I go for a freehike I'm and more and more convinced of how enjoyable and good and right and wonderfully beneficial naturism, and especially freehiking, is for my life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Freehiking is Addictive

“I've never heard of anyone saying they tried naked hiking and regretted or disliked it! It is true that it is addictive. I personally believe it to be the most healthy addiction possible though. Clothed hikers I've seen have all been either neutral or understanding and accepting. Perhaps even empathetic and intrigued.” - Jonathan W

Southern Utah Photo Shoot Freehike - June 2008

On day two of the Antoine Southern Utah Photo Shoot we left early from Moab and drove north and west to the South entrance of the San Rafael Swell. Further north on the dirt road, at the old swinging bridge campground, we turned right and drove to the camping area we’d visited earlier in the year.

Soon we were naked, freehiking up the red rock canyon. Almost immediately we noticed some amazing sculptured rocks and cliffs. That’s as far as we got.

While Antoine shot photos of PJ and Lee, I freehiked the surrounding hills and found some wonderful petrified wood and beautiful orange churt.

About lunch time, hot and tired, we packed up and drove into Castledale for a nice burger and fries. The cold drinks were especially welcome. We stopped to rest at a park in the shade of some ancient trees. Then we drove back to the Swell.

We found another very interesting location for more photos and freehiking, and then returned to the first location of the day for one final shot before the sunset.

Again, Antoine was pleased with the beautiful location and the photos, and we all enjoyed some fantastic time nude in nature with the hot sun warming our bodies.

We drove back to Green River and found a hotel for the night, and ate some dinner, anxious for the next morning and day shoot at the Rocks Camp, but that’s another report.

Here is a link to some of the photos taken in the San Rafael Swell area, day two of our Southern Utah photo shoot (others will be added in the future as Antoine finishes some of the shots she took):

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Clothing has to Go!

“Freehiking is great. I don't mind hiking clothed if it’s cold; but if it is warm, the clothing has to go!” - yogaman

San Rafael Swell Freehike - Sept. 2007

We cancelled the Freehiking Utah Group hike to Price on Saturday, September 22, because the weather was supposed to be rainy all day. Still, Ben, Cherie, and I decided to travel down to meet Aaron and at least check out the area's potential for a future hike. We didn't expect we'd get to hike naked - wrong - big time!

We left Salt Lake City 45 minutes late (about 8:45) and drove about two hours south to meet Aaron in Price. He led us south through Buckhorn Draw to the Little Grand Canyon of the San Rafael River. The scenery on the way was fantastic. We passed the Buckhorn Wash Rock Art Panel (at which we stopped to take photos on the way back). Just past the old San Rafael Bridge and campground we parked, stripped down, and started hiking.

The trail ran along the San Rafael River, a slow moving, greenish colored stream about 10 to 15 feet wide. Majestic red-rock cliffs and rock formations rose high on both sides of the river. Tamarac, cottonwood trees, and juniper trees partly filled the valley along the river, adding a touch of green to the otherwise dry and rocky scenery. It was spectacular.

The trail was worn and easy to follow, with very few footprints. It was mostly flat making for a very easy hike. The temperature was just right for a nude hike - not cool at all, but not overbearingly hot either. The slight breeze was wonderfully refreshing on our nude bodies. The sky started blue, but clouds slowly moved in to fill the sky - rain was on the way, but not arriving quickly.

We hiked for quite a distance along the river until we reached an area with some interesting specimens of petrified wood. Ken collected a nice specimen.

Then we turned back to hike a branch canyon we had passed. We thought it might go only a small distance, but instead it turned into a large wash with high cliffs on each side. There were no footprints in this area. We were truly isolated from the world in a fantastically beautiful place. We hiked some distance until we realized that the canyon wasn't likely to end soon, the weather was slowly getting more ominous, and the time was passing quickly, so we headed back.

On our return we hiked down the wash to the river. The bank was muddy, with many animal tracks (perhaps cat tracks). The water was cool, but it would have felt very nice on a nude body on a hot day. As we returned we had to cover up as several other hikers passed. Aaron said it was quite unusual to meet people hiking in this area.

Very soon we returned to the car, and had to dress. The weather was moving in more quickly, but we were up Price Canyon before it got bad.

Don't miss this freehiking this area if you can possibly make it. It is a marvelous area as can be seen from the photos we took. (See this link: )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Highly Recommend Freehiking

“Been freehiking for a couple of years. Nothing is more enjoyable than the freedom of enjoying the great outdoors with nothing inhibiting all the sensations the environment has to offer. The fact that I have also lost 30 lbs is a bonus. . . I highly recommend it to all hiking enthusiasts.” - ddoger

Salt Flats & Wendover Freehike - Oct. 2008

It was the opening weekend of Utah’s deer hunt – not a good time to go freehiking, yet PJ and I were definitely in the mood to get out of Dodge (Ogden, Utah) for some freedom. Lee volunteered to come along, and we determined to drive clear out of the Utah hunting mess and visit Wendover, Nevada. Besides, they have a great buffet there, and gambling if you enjoy that. PJ and Lee and I don’t.

Other Skinny Trippers were invited to go along, but couldn’t so they missed out. Too bad, because we found a great place to freehike.

We intended hiking on the Salt Flats, but unfortunately, they were flooded. We did get a few interesting photos of reflections in the briny water though. (See photos at: )

In the hills directly west of the Salt Flats (actually still in Utah) we found a spectacular rocky area to hike. We parked the car just off a main dirt road, undressed, and headed into the hills along a side dirt road. (We didn’t see anyone else on these roads all day.) The sun was bright, the weather was cool – perfect for freehiking and enjoying the outdoors naked.

PJ has recent gotten very interested in taking photos and Lee modeled for her; she took many interesting shots. (I didn’t want to break the camera so during the photo shoot I hiked around the side hills looking at interesting rock formations.)

We found one place where the dirt road went up over a hill and dead ended at a perfect Skinny camping area, with an unbelievably spectacular view. (The photos don’t do this view justice.)
We also found several interesting natural arches, and a rock tower that looked like a dragon head. The views of the valley below were breathtaking in nearly every direction.

At the end of the freehike PJ took additional photos of Lee modeling in a dry lake bed.

Then we drove into Wendover for a very satisfying buffet meal, before returning to our homes in the Salt Lake City area.

We all loved our day, tanning free in the sun. What a wonderful feeling. What a fantastic way to live – nude and free as God intended

This area would make an ideal place to spend a weekend camping and hiking free.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hiding Does Not Feel Right

“I enjoy hiking in the nude, free and feel whole with Nature, the Earth and the Sky. It’s an overwhelming feeling of Joy. Having to do this in secret, almost hiding, does not feel right at all to me, but our Society has not understood that yet.” - Nudist in Palm Springs

Fremont Junction Freehike - May 2007

Saturday, May 12th, the Freehiking Utah Group took its first nude travel hike of 2007. Eight members gathered in Salt Lake City at 7:00 am, five men and three women. We divided up into three cars, and headed south down I-15 to Cipeo, then east past Salina about 30 miles. We arrived at the hiking location about 10:15, but then spent half an hour looking for several members of the Group who had gone early to camp. We couldn't find them (too bad, 4 or 5 group members were camping; we suspect they had a great hike as well; send a report). We parked where we thought they had camped, got undressed, and started the hike.

The weather was perfect – sun, fluffy clouds, temperature about 90 degrees. It's always wonderful to feel the warm sun and light breezes on your body. This was the first nude hike for one of the women and you could tell she fell in love with the feeling immediately. You become so at one with nature - hiking simply can't be the same with clothes on. Freehiking is so freeing - away with hot, sweaty, filthy hiking clothes forever!

We freehiked a short distance from the camp area to the edge of a cliff, and were immediately greeted with a spectacular view of the valley below. (See some photos of the hike at The ground was sandy and smooth red-brown rock. We saw occasional black-lava boulders sitting on the sandstone. Beautiful orange, black, and green lichen covered many of the rocks. As we hiked, we talked and enjoyed pointing out interesting rock formations, plants, trees (juniper and pinion), and amazing views. (Enjoying nature with naked friends is such a wonderful gift.) We enjoyed the sun and breeze on our naked bodies as we hiked.

As we started up a mesa, topped with a line of sandstone cliffs, we found some very interesting crystals no one could identify. Ken and PJ picked up several to share with their grandkids.

We climbed through slot canyons to the top of the mesa. That was really fun, although a few group members found the rocks a little steep, so Ben stayed back with them to hike around the base of the cliffs. We always make accommodation for less adventurous members, and for those who are not used to hiking quickly over long distances. Our group hikes are more about enjoying nature together in the nude, than exercising and sweating and rushing down the trail. Those who had climed to the top rested at the very tip of the last cliff, and enjoyed the spectacular canyons below. We took photos of PJ’s famous pose. Then they climbed down to meet up with those who hiked around the base of the mesa.

Ken led the group below the cliffs of another mesa. We stopped to take a photo of the entire group under an interesting rock formation, and soon stopped at a large flat rock where we could sit and eat a bite of lunch. It's so enjoyable to talk and share your feelings with friends as you bask naked in the wonder of nature.

After lunch we continued hiking along the base of the mesa, pointing out interesting sandstone formations, and wonderful scenery. We eventually reached another cliff edge, overlooking a small valley. An interesting sandstone peak rose above the skyline at the head of the valley. We took some nice photos standing on a exciting and beautiful tip of sandstone which extended 10 feet or more out from the cliff edge, over the valley. (In the photos it's a little difficult to see just how far it really extended out from the cliff because of the hills below.)

The group then started back towards the cars, circling around another small mesa, and across a field of sparse brush (not tall enough to scratch us or impede our progress, although Ben managed to get a prickly pear cactus needle in his toe). When we reached the dirt road leading to the cars, the group tried thumbing for a ride. (No luck - no one was around, even on a weekend; oh well, I'm sure we'd have shocked them so badly they'd have simply driven by, averting their eyes.)

Far too soon we arrived back at the cars. D&L were staying to camp for the night, so we said goodbye, and spent a little time just talking about our experiences. C mentioned how much she enjoyed her first nude hike; she'll definitely come next time. We took our time getting dressed; being naked outdoors feels so good and natural that you always hate to get back into confining clothes. In fact, I suspect most of us didn't; driving naked feels great as well, and no one ever notices as you drive down the freeway.

As we headed up the road so we could get back to Salt Lake City by about 5:00, we all felt grateful for good friends and a great nude hike. We arrived just in time to attend the nude swim. What a great way to end a naturist day, floating and talking with other friends in a warm-water pool.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nude Hiking is Practical and Comfortable

“I find that being nude has a real benefit when it comes to hiking, it`s sooooo much more practical and comfortable, than having restrictive clothes, make you all hot and sweaty and chafing, plus you can do it in lower temps, when just hanging out sunbathing nude would be too chilly.” - Phil

Fremont Junction Freehike - Mar. 2006

The Freehiking Utah Group held its first group hike of the year Thursday, March 23rd (mid-week you never meet other textiled hikers). Only four of us were able to attend – Ben Miller, Kenfreehiker, Captain Curmudgeon, and Botwo (our local guide). We hiked at Fremont Junction near Salina. We left Salt Lake City at 6:55, and arrived in only 2 hours and 35 minutes.

The spring breeze on our nude bodies felt great, though a little cool at first, but the temperature became perfect after we started hiking. The area was beautiful, and very private – no other footprints - no emergency clothing needed. The hike was slow and easy, mostly over level ground on the top of a mesa.

We took lots of time to view nature. We hiked through pinion pine areas and open flats. There was no scratchy underbrush. The scenery was wonderful – wide open views of high desert valleys, scattered black lava boulders on cream colored sandstone, unbelievably weathered boulders as big as a house, and fantastic views of the Muddy Creek drainage from the edge of the high mesa. (photos can be seen at .)

We all got a nice overall sunbath on this great 6.5 mile loop hike, which took 3.5 hours.

We returned to Salt Lake City by 4:30.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Why does he hike nude?

“There’s not much to discuss. It’s freedom. First, freedom in your head; then, freedom of the body.” - Konrad Hepenstrick

Rattle Snake Trail Freehike - Sept. 2008

Monday afternoon PJ and I found ourselves with some free time. We’d wanted to take a freehike to see the fall colors before the weather turned and the leaves all fell. Why not today?

We decided to try and find a new trail in Sardine Canyon in Northern Utah where the leaves were particularly spectacular. I knew of a trail that often got traffic this time of year, but decided we could at least drive there to see if cars were parked at the trailhead, so we headed north. And surprise, no cars; we had Rattle Snake Trail to ourselves.

The trail starts just a few miles from the north end of the canyon. Just a short distance up the trail we were able to undress and begin enjoying nature the way God intended.

And talk about spectacular scenery - the leaves were all colors of red, orange, and yellow. Often the branches reached from both sides over the dirt road that switched back and forth into the hills, making for an easy climb. Majestic mountains poked their peaks above openings in the forest canapĂ©. The sun filtered down and warmed our bodies. The views, the feelings, and enjoying each other’s company. The hike was indescribable. We had planned to take a short hike, but walked for more than two hours, and still didn’t reach the end of the trail.
We returned to the car without ever meeting a person. And as always, what a shame to get dressed. We can’t understand why people are so intent on wearing clothes to hike when all clothes do is make the hike sweaty and uncomfortable, and worse, separate people from experiencing “all” the feeling and wonders of nature.

Rattle Snake Trail is one of the most spectacular places we’ve ever freehiked. Hopefully you also might be able to visit before all of the leaves drop. Great hiking to everyone.

You can view photos of this amazing trail and our freehike at )

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freehiking the Alps

“In recent years, it has become fashionable for a growing number of Swiss and some foreigners to wander in the Alps clad in little more than hiking shoes and sun screen. Last summer, the number of nude hikers increased to such an extent that the hills often seemed alive with the sound of everything but the swish of trousers. . . in Switzerland there is no law against hiking in the nude.” – John Tagliabue

Oquirrh Mountain Freehike - Apr. 2007

On a Wednesday in 2007 the Freehiking Utah Group took its first nude hike for the year. We gathered at 12:30 near Salt Lake City , and by 12:45 we were driving to the trail. Twelve members participated, ten guys and two gals, and two others showed up to say ?Hi? and let us know they were getting ready for the next hike. The weather was perfect for a hike ? sun, fluffy clouds, temperature about 75 degrees. We drove to a trail on the south side of the Oquirrh Mountain range, past Tooele.

We immediately undressed at the trailhead (what a relief), and headed up a dirt road to the start of the trail. Those new to the group may have felt a little uncomfortable getting undressed at the vehicles, but it only took a few steps for all to feel totally comfortable naked outdoors. It was wonderful, as always; the sun felt so nice and warm, the breeze caressed and cooled our bodies, and the scenery was beautiful. The grey, dirt, single-track trail wound its way through the foothills at the base of the mountains. Juniper and pinion evergreen tress provided some shade along the way. We climbed up and down a few low hills, getting great exercise.

Nude hiking is at least partly about feeling totally one with nature; you simply can?t feel the same closeness to nature in clothes. Nude hiking is so freeing! It?s no wonder so few people hike any more; you almost never meet a clothed person on the trail; who would want to hike in hot, sweaty, filthy clothes. People just can?t have a total, natural hiking experience in clothes.

Another great thing about freehiking is talking to, and getting to know good hiking buddies as you share the trail together. We all enjoyed getting to know each other, and sharing past family and naturist experiences. It always amazes me how much naturists have in common.

Ken led the group; he figured anyone could keep up with an old fat man so no one needed to worry about falling behind. Ben and Bill hiked in the rear; good thing, they could run up the hills and leave us in the dust. Bill took some nice photos from the back of the group. (See ). PJ moved back and forth talking to nearly everyone; as you may know, PJ?s one of the friendliest naturists you could ever meet. We paused at a ridge for one couple to catch up. As we looked back down hill they were doing their own photo shoot, but no one minded at all. Nude hiking is mostly about having fun, and everyone was having fun.

After hiking several miles along the foothills, we reached the steepest point in the hike. We huffed and puffed our way to the top of a hill, and were greeted by a fantastic view of the valley below and the snow capped peak above. Time for PJs signature pose, and Ken even got in the act with PJ this time (see photos). Then it was time to head back down the trail. We picked up a few members along the way who had decided to take things a little easier. The breeze felt especially nice on our moist bodies as we raised our arms so the breeze could reach every part of us.

As we neared the end of the trail, a loud, nearby voice suddenly announced ?This is a test of the Tooele emergency response system?. We were all a little shocked; we doubted anyone would want twelve naked hikers rushing out of the hills because of an emergency. Fortunately, we decided it was just a large speaker on a high-power line down the hill a way. PJ had hiked ahead of the group just before the voice rang out, so when we caught up she was dressed, just in case we had visitors. We didn?t. Soon we were all back to the vehicles. As always it?s sad to get dressed at the end of a hike, nudity feels so good outside, but since this was the first hike of the year, it was also a relief to get back and rest. Many in the group will nurse tired muscles and slight sunburns for the next few days.

We estimated we had hiked about five miles. As we headed down the road to get back to Salt Lake city by about 5:00, we all felt grateful for good friends and a great nude hike. Hopefully more will join us in the future, especially our school teaching friends who will soon be done with work for the year; we bet you?re all jealous.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Naked Hiker Day

“Naked Hiker Day was a blast! I hiked from about nine in the morning to four in the afternoon completely in the nude! What an awesome day! It was sunny, sunny, sunny! Up at elevations of 9,000 and 10,000 ft the air temperature stayed very comfortable. Hiking along the cool drafts of breeze felt wonderful all along my totally exposed body. The warm rays of the sun were free to hit along skin rarely exposed to the sun, creating wonderful large amounts of vitamin D reserves for the winter! Lunch was had at a small sandy ridge. The wind that was light and playful throughout the day settled down completely during lunchtime and the warm air just hung out. It felt just like the beach, out there on the sand engulfed in toasty warm lazy air! We hiked on carrying only about a liter of water, since the supply is so ample throughout the Sierra. When we needed water we journeyed over to a beautiful meadow to draw water from a small stream that ran silently through it. The day ended with lively conversations around a campfire at beautiful Chicken Spring Lake.” – Eric, Nakedwords

Molly’s Nipple Freehike - June 2008

I have been finishing my report and photo journal the last couple of days, something PJ and I prepare each year to share with our children some day in the future, and realized I had missed one Skinny Hike Report – our hike to the top of Molly’s Nipple.

Early in June this year we stopped at Harrows in the St. George area, and they drove us to the upper base of Molly’s Nipple above Hurricane. We climbed to the top clothed as this is a popular textile hike. However, as we reached the top Ken couldn’t stand his sweaty clothes any longer, so he undressed and stayed that way as we hiked down.

The view from the top of Molly’s Nipple was beautiful as can be seen in these photos:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Baden-Powell Freehike

“Baden-Powell had incredible views . . . The mountain dropped off dramatically down to canyons far below. We could see the High Desert off in the distance. The 9,407 ft summit was incredible. There were only little pockets of snow left on the trail to play in on the way up. The air was clear and much cooler than down below! There were amazing old pine trees, all gnarled and twisted like life sized bonsais. . . The best part was no one was around but Jen and I, so I quickly ditched my clothes and hiked up to the summit! I made a little flag out of a trekking pole and my kilt to wave above the peak. . . When we decided to head back down to our packs there was still no on coming up the trail, so I continued back down in the nude! It was a very happy exciting reward after the long challenging climb.” – Eric, Nakedwords

Moab & Arches National Park - June 2008

Earlier in the year the artist Antoine had planned to travel from her home in Indiana to do a nude photo shoot around Utah. (Lee had helped her plan it.) PJ was excited to participate, but we decided we couldn’t really afford to participate, except to perhaps guide one day at the San Rafael Swell. As the time for the shoot arrived, at the last moment, Antoine discovered that all of her “female” models had cancelled, and she asked our help – she’d pick up our costs. So after meeting at a local Mexican restaurant in Sandy, Utah to discuss her plans, we quickly grabbed a few things (naturists don’t need much), and headed south with her and Lee for the first day’s shoot in Moab.

We got stated late, so didn’t arrive at the inexpensive cabin/camp ground that had been rented just north of Moab until after 1:00 am - so our first night was short. Still, we arose early and drove into Moab, and then east along the Colorado River to a canyon area Lee had visited in the past. (On the way we passed the ‘nude beach’ area on the Colorado River that only a few years ago been quite active. Sadly, it is no longer a naturist area; it has been replaced by a textile camping area.)

We got a little lost, so missed the area Lee had planned to visit. That turned out to be fortunate as we discovered a truly amazing red-rock wash instead. The wash was a little difficult to access (although we again lucked out by finding an easy access point by climbing over a small hill), so there was no chance we’d run into any textiles.

We freehiked up the wash for some distance, stopping frequently to take photos. PJ found some interesting holes to crawl into. Lee found a way up a high cliff wall. - the photos of him standing against this amazing rock backdrop reminded me of the old “Where’s Waldo” pictures – where’s Lee in this photo?

The deep-red cliffs on both sides of this slot-like canyon, the sparse juniper trees, and the contrasting blue skies above offered unbelievable scenery. And that is all in addition to the warm sun on our naked bodies. It was all wonderful, and Antoine didn’t mind hiking clothed through this beautiful area with three fun naturists. (We couldn’t persuade her to join in the naked fun - she was concentrating so much on finding just the right shot.)

We freehiked as far as we could until more cliffs blocked the way, although we certainly could have climbed over these cliffs - the canyon seemed to go on forever. But we were hot and tired so we turned around and hiked down the wash to the dirt road where it met a small stream near our car. PJ and I immediately splashed in and lay down in the wonderfully cooling water. Wow! Cool water, spectacular scenery, warm day, and all naked - what a refreshing feeling.

After, we drove into town for a nice lunch. There was still time to visit another area, so we took Antoine to Arches National Park. We saw several natural arches and found several areas that were private enough to shoot some photos. Some of Antoine’s best photos during the entire shoot were taken in the National Park.

Finished at the National Park, we still had time to visit one additional area, so we drove back to the area Lee had originally wanted to go – and found it. We had a nice freehike and took even more fun photos as the sun set. Then we returned to stay again at the cabin/campground, looking forward to our second day, shooting photos at the San Rafael Swell, but that’s a report for another day.

Here is a link to some of the photos taken in the Moab area, the first day of our Southern Utah photo shoot:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrate our Bodies

“Men, and women, lets celebrate our bodies! Let’s go out into the sunshine and shout out our love for ourselves! Find the nearest mountain top and go look out over all you see. Imagine you are a vibrating particle of light hanging in the air, caught, paused in time. Realize that this pure energy, this delicate love, this incredible purity, this raw essence is your body. Turn any off-perceptions of your body upside down, challenge them deeply. . . Go and be Happy! Be Nude!” – Eric, Nakedwords

Neesy's First Freehiker - Oct. 2007

Thursday morning I asked our guest, Neesey, if she'd like to experience a freehike, something she'd never tried before as she'd been a practicing naturist for less than a month. She said sure, so I contacted Lee and by noon the four of us (Lee, Neesey, PJ, and myself) were driving towards the desert west of Salt Lake City.

The weather was just right for a freehike - warm, not hot, and not a cloud in the sky. We parked on a side dirt road about a mile from some barren, rocky hills where Lee often hiked in the late fall, and quickly undressed. Neesey was totally unconcerned about getting nude. Even though this was her first freehike, we hand learned over the past month that she was a born naturist.

We freehiked up the dirt road into a shallow canyon that rose above the desert flats. It didn't matter at all that the scenery was barren; the feeling of sun and air on our nude bodies made up for the lack of scenery. Besides, the high desert has its own very unique beauty.

We talked about life as we walked; Lee and Neesey had a nice talk about the problems of being married to someone who doesn't understand naturism. Before the conversation got too negative I interrupted to change the subject to the beauty of being nude in nature.

In about an hour the road crested the hill. In the distance below we saw a beautiful view of the Great Salt Lake, with the Wasatch Mountains beyond. Just below us was an old abandoned mine - our planned destination. Unfortunately a van was parked near the mine, and a man was target shooting. (Lee had never seen anyone in this area before and we had seen no recent vehicle tracks - he must have driven in from the other direction.) The girls slipped on wraps to avoid being seen, although he was probably too far away to realize we were all naked.

As the shooting started, we decided we'd need to turn around and head back - nude again of course. The cooling breeze felt so nice. We continued our enjoyable conversation and the gift of being one with the sun, the breeze, and good friends in a nature - naturally. It's so wonderful to hike naked with friends. Going down hill is always a little quicker, so it wasn't long before we had returned to the truck and were forced to get dressed - always the saddest part of a freehike.

We returned to Salt Lake City before 4:00 pm - a short hike really, but a wonderful hike for all, especially Neesey who said she loved her first freehike and wanted to go again soon.

(See the photos for this hike at: )

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do All the Summits Nude

“I think I am definitely going to do all the summits nude! I love the experience of dropping the pack by the trail, and running up to the peak naked! . . . I'm sure there are many more nude summits in my future.” – Eric, Nakedwords

Lakeshore Mountain Freehike - Nov. 2008

Rand had emailed Lee and I earlier in the week saying he’d like to take a freehike before the season ended, so on Thursday, November 8th , we met west of Salt Lake City and drove out to the west desert to the area we had hiked with Neesey and PJ in October.

The weather was just right, especially for November in northern Utah - warm and not a cloud in the sky. We parked on a side dirt road about a mile from the rocky hills, undressed, and hiked up the dirt road into a shallow canyon that rose above the desert flats. The high desert has its own very unique beauty, even though it is barren, and the feeling of sun and air on our nude bodies was wonderful. Freehiking brings you so close to nature and God – it’s the only way to hike.

As we hiked we shared naturist experiences and learned about Rand and his family. It’s always fun to meet a Skinny Tripper for the first time; they quickly become best friends.

In about an hour the road crested the hill. In the distance below we saw a beautiful view of the Great Salt Lake, with the Wasatch Mountains beyond. Just below us was an old abandoned mine - our planned destination. We took a group photo – actually we couldn’t figure out how to do it with rand’s camera, so we took a group shadow shot.

After a short rest at the top of the hill we decided to head back as Rand and I felt little out of shape for the hike down to the mine (actually the hike out). We continued our enjoyable conversation and the gift of being one with the sun, the breeze, and good friends in a nature - naturally. Going down hill is always a little quicker, so it wasn't long before we had returned to the truck and were forced to get dressed - always the saddest part of a freehike.

We returned to Salt Lake City by about 5:30 pm - a short but wonderful end of season freehike.

(See the photos for this hike at: )

The Wonder of God's Creation

“I belong to a naturist walking group (not Christian as such, but some of the members are themselves Christian) where I can enjoy discrete naked hikes in the wonder of God's Creation - this is simply just awesome!” - Ceci

Lake Powell Boating, Freehiking - Sept. 2007

After months of planning over the Internet, it was time! Our Lake Powell adventure was ready to begin. Saturday September 1, 2007, PJ and I drove from Salt Lake City south to meet in Richfield, Utah with Skinny Trippers from Southern Utah and California – Dave (Captain), Don, Chris, Rich, Harrow, and Kitty. Why Richfield? Grocery shopping - we all had a food list, we all got a cart, and off we all went on a shopping expedition. I’m sure the grocery clerk thought we were crazy when we checked out seven carts full of groceries – I know I did – but we weren’t going to be hungry on our trip, for sure.

With the shopping done, we traveled west though some beautiful red-rock country, especially Capital Reef National Park and the other worldly gray hills beyond, to Hanksville where Larry, Kitty, PJ, and I stopped for dinner, and then drove further south to a nice hotel near the Lake. (The others continued on to the Lake to sleep on the boat.)

Sunday we all met a Bullfrog Marina and after some getting ready and waiting, loaded the boat, held a short meeting about boating rules, headed down the lake, and were soon all comfortably naked.

Progress on a houseboat is slow, but the weather was wonderful, and the scenery was fantastic, so none of us cared. I won’t even try to describe the scenery because it’s basically indescribable (see photos below), except to say that the combination of red sandstone cliffs and rock formations, blue water, and blue sky was indescribably beautiful. That combined along with the feel of warm sun and light breeze (caused by the moving boat) on our nude bodies left us feeling amazingly, totally relaxed and joyful.

After several hours we stopped and all jumped in the water for our first of many nude swims. The water was just right – refreshing.

Sunday night we parked the boat in a side canyon with beautiful high cliffs. (I’ll let Captain Dave share the names of the canyons we visited if he gets a chance to respond to this Skinny Trip Report.) (Parking a houseboat is a tense and adventurous operation.) We were soon enjoying the water, swimming, eating, resting, and even singing karaoke on the top deck at night – our voices echoing off the canyon walls.

Monday we boated up many wonderful red-rock canyons in this area of the Lake, visited a waterfall where we climbed a rope, saw a beautiful arch, and freehiked up a streambed to another waterfall where we played in a pond and climbed the cliffs, boated past ancient Indian ruins – all naked. What an enjoyable naturist day!

Tuesday morning we moved the houseboat to a different location further down the Lake, and parked it in a more open area. We took a freehike from the boat to see some Indian petroglyphs, and Don set up his telescope to view stars and constellations at night.

Wednesday we visited several more canyons, took several more freehikes, and found several areas with beautiful, unique petrified wood – entire logs of it. We all found a piece to keep as a souvenir. PJ and I took a separate freehike in search of petrified wood.

That afternoon we boated to see Rainbow Bridge. This is normally a busy area, but we lucked out and were the only ones there, so we were able to free-hike the trail in and out. This natural arch, the largest in the world, was absolutely amazing. This was a wonderful freehike.

Thursday we again moved the boat and freehiked to another beautiful nearby natural arch.

That afternoon we boated up other wonderful canyons, the cliffs reaching high above us, and hiked up to another natural arch. After a wonderful dinner we again sang nude karaoke.
Friday we moved to a large cavernous area where the red cliffs formed a roof over the boat.

Two other boats were tied together in this cove, filled with young college age boys and girls, but that didn’t stop us - we all jumped off the boat for a nude swim. Of course that brought a chorus of shouts and cheers from the nearby boats. It wasn’t long until one young man decided to swim over and join us for a naked trip down the slide. The girls flashed us. It was clear they really didn’t understand that naturism is not about sex, but oh well, I’m sure we gave them something to think about.

We boated to some amazing natural arches just above water level in this canyon, and visited several other canyons that were so narrow the boat could barely travel through without touching the cliff walls on both sides. That evening we took we took one last freehike in a beautiful red-rock area. Again, it was all truly amazing.

Saturday morning it was time to start the long boat ride back. The scenery was great all along the way. At one point a boat pulled up and someone called out, “Are Ken and PJ on your boat?” Surprised, we looked down from the top deck to see another Skinny Tripper, Rocketman and his wife (naked of course) in a speed boat. They were just starting a fun weekend on the Lake. We talked for a few minutes, waved goodbye, and kept moving.

Saturday evening we parked the boat in the canyon just before Bullfrog marina. There was time for one last hike and swim, and one last night of nude karaoke and star watching - the last night on the lake.

Sunday we were up early and boated back to marina - time to get dressed after being comfortably nude for an entire week – too bad. We cleaned up the boat, emptied the waste, got the boat ready for the next people, parked on the beach, unloaded, said goodbye to our new friends, and were soon on the road headed home. By evening PJ and I were back in Salt Lake City.

What a Skinny Trip! How to describe our experience? Amazingly, fantastically, unbelievably beautiful - totally relaxing and exhausting at the same time - wonderfully adventurous - sun and everywhere water (wow) - friendships forever - way too much to eat - perhaps the most unforgettable naturist experience of our lives. Lake Powell is a Skinny Trip “everyone” should take at least once in their lifetime.

If you’re thinking about doing this trip yourself next year, contact David H. (one of our Skinny Trippers at ) our houseboat Captain. You’ll definitely be glad you did.

You can see lots of photos of our trip at these two links: