Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Outdoors

Christmas is nearly here; is yours going to be white?

If so, maybe these photos of people camping and hiking and having fun while being naked outdoors will inspire you to think about warmer days to come:

PJ and I wish you all a Merry Chhristmas and Happy Holidays.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Naked Gardeners

Naked gardeners are a unique type of home nudist, since they often have to bare the (potential) ridicule of neighbors. Dispite this however, naked gardeners persist because naked gardening just feels sooooo right!

Backyard naked gardening it is perhaps the most commmon nude activity. In fact a special day, World Naked Gardening Day, is set aside for those who enjoy digging and planting and mowing and cutting naked in the back yard.

PJ and I love naked gardening so much that we now design and develop large gardens at nudist resorts - first at Olive Del Ranch and now at Shangri La Ranch.

In the future I'll send more desccriptions and photos of our current naked garden in New River, AZ, but for now, here is a link to some naked gardening photos: Perhaps these photos will inspire you to plan and plant a naked garden this coming spring.

Does anyone plan on doing that?

If not, why not?

Here are a few more throughts from people who enjoy being nude at home:

“My husband began going nude by not getting dressed after he got out of the shower. I was more cautious, afraid that the neighbors could see through the windows, though he swears their house is too far away, and if we can't see in their house, how could they see in ours? Then he began doing some of his yard work in the nude. . . Over the last couple years, our landscape plants have grown and unless the neighbors are standing on the property line, we've got a fair amount of privacy. I took it by steps, doing my gardening in just a long t-shirt, then a shorter shirt, then doing the mowing in just a t-shirt. Last year I finally got the courage to remove the t-shirt and now the two of us spend all our at-home time nude. . . Back in late April we had a really warm day and my older daughter brought out a huge plastic swimming pool. She and her husband were, by that time, aware that we were always naked at home. She really surprised us when she, her husband, her sister, and both her toddler daughters arrived completely au naturel as well. The only cloth items they had brought with them were towels! . . . today, our July 4 barbecue will be completely nude.” – PrincessCleo

“. . . we are 99.9% home nudists as well as; social nudists, driving nude nudists, backyard nudists, chore nudists, vacationing nudists...the list is endless. It's such second nature and so much a part of our lives that...the Prof is sick and has been for the last couple days but...when she got home from work, today, she immediately stripped off her clothes to be comfortable...even when not feeling well. I had the window washer guy here this morning and wore a pair of shorts while he was in the house...but when he went outside...I took them off and just cracked the door when he was done to hand him the check. I couldn't stand wearing clothes any longer in our home!” - FireProf

“It is very relaxing to spend the entire day nude. I try to do so as often as possible. I was off work yesterday and today and I only got dressed to go out and mow the yard, and to go to the gym; I got naked again as soon as I finished these activities. Now that the weather is warmer and the kids have moved out, I spend as much time naked at home as possible. My wife is getting used to it and is even coming to expect it now, the other day I got up and put on some shorts and she wanted to know where I was going because I had on clothes!” – Eagle59

"I worked from home today. Did my work on the patio under the gazebo, nude the whole time. I'm probably clothed at home less than an hour a week and that includes waiting for my Sweetheart to get ready. I don't get dressed until she says "let's go," I know I still have 10 minutes! . . . About the only time I'm clothed at home is when I'm about to walk out the door to go someplace! My Sweetheart and I love being clothes free. We purchased a double chaise lounge for the patio and a gazebo to shield from the neighbors second story windows. We can pull the lounge partially out from the gazebo in the mornings to get some sun without exposing ourselves to the neighbors (I don't really care but trying not to offend anyone and be a good neighbor). Enjoying coffee and talking to each other like this in the mornings is about the best way to start a day I can think of. I generally take the trash out, do light yard work and clean up after the dog in the nude. Don't know if I've been spotted but haven't had any complaints either.” – Greg

“My husband and I are fortunate to live in a place where we can safely be nude both inside and outside year round. Our property is not a resort but it feels like it thanks to years of hard work planting bamboos, pines and other trees. My husband hates wearing clothes and since he rarely leaves the property, he seldom has to. I tend to go out more often and therefore wear clothes far more often than he does. Can't complain, though, we have created and enjoy a wonderful naturist working/living situation. – SimplyLiving

“This weekend was nice and sunny, so I spent the entire weekend out doing some yard work, cleaning the pool, and tanning nude. Wife joined me on Sunday. Yesterday while cleaning the pool I saw my neighbor and her boyfriend out in her yard they didn't act like they saw us but we didn't care.” – Deleted

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Nudists

PJ and I are home nudists. The first thing we do when we get home is take off our...yuck clothes!

How many of you are also home nudists?

Here are photos of some home nudist activities:

And some thoughts from other home nudists follow.


“I am retired now and am living in a retirement community that is textile. I have to wear clothes when I am outside my apartment but when I'm inside my apartment I live naked all the time” - Patrick C

“My outdoor nakedness changes as the weather does. Obviously, in fall and winter I can't be nude outdoors. In fall, depending on weather, I may be able to go for a nude hike as it may be warm enough for it. That being said, in fall and winter, I remain nude at home just as I do in spring and summer. If my apartment is too cold, I may turn heat up slightly. A few x-mas ago a friend made me these really great heavy wool socks that keep my feet warm but I also own a heavy flannel shirt with sleeves cut off and that keeps me warm when it is cold.” - Croydon

“I am nude at home as often as I can. I`ve done laundry, cleaned house, watch tv, just hang out nude in my home all the time and visit next-door nudist neighbors for coffee n` chatting in nude. It`s just as normal as doing chores with clothes on, only I feel more at ease and comfortable. I seem to get more done in the nude. I live in a clothing optional Apartment- some of tenants are nudists, too.“ – Pirateman

“I am always naked at home. It is my home, why would I be uncomfortable in my home? Everybody that would come over knows I am nudist, anyway. But there are various salesmen and repairmen, and I just tell them if they have a problem with me being naked, I`ll do business with someone else. (hasn`t happened yet) It`s just rude to expect someone to conform to your rules in their house.” - Fatnudist

“I`ve been naked a number of times, out in the garden or the barn, especially, when visitors have come over, and won a big smile. (These are people, male and female, that I know - not the UPS guy.) They like the at-homeness and evident comfort of it. The sense that they are in a special, protected, space. That they are trusted. The reminder, for people my age, of free-er times past.” – Steveikona

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Water and Nudity

Water and naked - they just go together, naturally. Bathing costumes have never been appropriate at the beach or in the pool or at a hot spring or while boating and participating in other water sports.

People in the water are always happier naked as can be seen from these photos:


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Naked Sports

What sports do you enjoy?

Do you play your sport naked?

Why noy?

These people do:

Did you know that most every sport can be enjoyed even more if played naked?


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get Naked After Work At Therme Erding

"Some people go to the local bar after a long day at the office to unwind, but how about getting naked with your co-workers instead for some after work decompression time? On the outskirts of Munich, in a place called Bavaria, co-workers aren’t heading out for drinks on a Friday night. For 40 euros or $55.00US, they’re heading to Therme Erding, Europe’s largest thermal spa where clothing is not allowed in the largest section of the 36-acre playground called Vitality Oasis where an electronic bracelet gets you through the gate of this Eden."

I love this idea and simply have to visit some time. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a US version?

Read the rest of the article at


Friday, December 2, 2011

Is textilism a disease?

I've notice, even at a nudist resort, that one person clothed quickly leads to two, then to three, etc., until most of the group becomes self-conscious, and gets dressed.

Because textilism causes this reaction, I think Clothing Optional just doesn't work.

People innocently introducee cothing optional policies thinking this will help newbies be more comfortable until they get nude. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The more common reaction is for others to get clothed. It's much better for newbies to just join in - taking off their clothes.

How do you feel about clothing optional policies?

Here's an interesting article that illustrates the power of textilism:

HAMILTON: My naked truth about Niagara’s YMCA

“Hearing of the news . . . made me think back to what we believed to be the innocent days of our own youth; back to the days when boys swam naked in school and social organization’s pools and didn’t feel threatened by so doing. . . I will start by talking about my personal embarrassments and one of my favorite places — the Niagara YMCA. . . the Young “Men’s” Christian Association. . . in those days, because it was an all-male organization, most of us swam in the nude. . . I’d shower and enter the pool for my laps. But then, something slightly unusual occurred. While in the shower, a man and his young son came out of the pool wearing swim trunks. Sometimes, some of the more modest guys would wear trunks. I dismissed the two as that being the case. . . My routine was to run into the mostly empty pool room and immediately dive from the diving board and into the pool to immediately overcome the shock of the temperature change. Then I would do my laps. Thusly, I raced in to do what I always did on that particular Wednesday . . . I opened the door and ran out onto the diving board. Despite the rough surface of the diving board, I slid nearly to the end of it before coming to a complete stop, nearly falling into the water before I turned, horrified, and raced back into the sanctity of the men’s shower room. There was a different atmosphere in the pool that day. Usually there were just a couple of nude swimmers taking their laps or lounging in the Jacuzzi; but this time, the room was unusually filled with both color and noise. There were blues, yellows, greens, reds, pinks and purple one-piece and two-piece bathing suits, both in and out of the water. The underlying noise consisted of the bass laughter of men and boys - while the shrilling voices of soprano mothers, and the alto shrieks of their little girls echoed and amplified off the room’s tiled walls. It was Family Night at the “Y,” and there I had stood on the diving board, as the saying goes, as naked as a jay bird. . . That was the most embarrassing moment of my life and it took me months before I returned to the Y. But I did return, and always with a pair of swimming trucks.” – Ken Hamilton, Niagara Gazette

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Vitamin Myth

While on the road I picked up a 2007 Reader's Digest and read an interesting article about vitamins. Here's a summary. Any thoughts?


The Vitamin Myth
Neena Samuel
Reader’s Digest – Nov 2007

- Antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, Beta Carotene, E, and C) can increase a person’s risk of dying by up to 16%. (Journal of the American Medical Association)

So avoid these 10 vitamins:

- A – Too much can blur vision; cause headaches and vomiting; and lead to liver, bone, and central nervous system problems.

- Beta Carotene – Can lead to lung cancer in smokers and three times the risk of aggressive prostrate cancer.

- E – Can thin the blood and lead to a risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

- C – No evidence it prevents colds, heart disease, cataracts, or cancer.

- Selenium – May result in higher risk of diabetes.

- Folic Acid – Useful during pregnancy, but no evidence for it preventing heart disease, cancer, depression, or Alzheimer’s.

- B (Niacin) – May treat high-cholesterol under a doctor’s care, but may cause liver damage.

- Lycopene – No cancer fighting protection.

- Iron – Can worsen ulcers.

- Zinc – May weaken the immune system, interact with certain drugs, and reduce HDL (good cholesterol).

Real benefits:

Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and bone health, and reduces cancer and other diseases. “There seems to be little downside to . . . vitamin D . . .”

Friday, November 25, 2011


Comment: To tell you the truth, I don't feel "obligated" to do anything in the nude. I just do so because I like it.

What an interesting dicotomy presented in the above comment, as if the only possible positions were the "obligation" to practice naturism, or just "liking" to be nude. What about being a naturist for physical or social or mental health reasons, or because it's good for the family, or because it's a better moral stance, or to protest something, or to be an example for others? And thinking about these reasons, I suspect practicing naturism just might raise to the level of an "obligation?"

Does anyone out there besides me feel an "obligation" to practice and share naturism?


Friday, November 18, 2011

Legal Confusion Over Naked Hiking In Switzerland

It would be so very sad if Europe, the birthplace of modern nudism/naturism, gave in to textile craziness.


A Swiss court has upheld a fine issued to a man for hiking naked past a family picnic in the region of Appenzell, reports the BBC.

The man was fined 100 Swiss Franks ($108) for his naked stroll but appealed the decision since there is no law against public nudity in Switzerland. There is, however, a law against public indecency and this court decision will set a precedent for the whole country: naked hiking is illegal.

However, The Local reports that the court was split over the decision against nude hiking. The publication also published a conflicting report to the BBC saying that the activity is only banned in Appenzell and not in the whole of Switzerland.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NASWE Anyone?

In a previous blog I asked “Why don’t we have a NAWK (Naked American Walking Tour)?”

This would be much like the NEWT (Nude European Walking Tour).

One reason is it would have to be named NAWT not NAWK, and NAWT sounds like it can’t be done.

But I was serious in asking that question.

Let’s dream for a moment.

Because it would be held in America, it would have to be less open than the European version (that’s just how American culture is) so it couldn’t very easily be a “tour”. But it easily could be a naked campout with a series of freehikes in a remote area of a beautiful wilderness destination.

For example, would anyone attend if the nude camp and freehike were along the rim of the Grand Canyon?

I know of an area where that is entirely possible.

Logistic-wise, those who attend from far away could fly into Las Vegas and enjoy a few interesting days before being picked up for a three hour ride to the campsite. (Perhaps some attendees would enjoy riding naked during this part of the event – entirely possible in this more remote area of the US.) Some might rent a car and visit other nearby red-rock attractions like Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park after the camp/freehike.

Whichever, attendees would spend a week camping nude and freehiking and photographing the fabulously scenic Grand Canyon.

As far as a name goes, maybe it could be named the NASWE (Nude American Southwest Experience). (Any suggestions for a better name/acronym?) It could be held at a different location each year. The Grand Canyon would just be first.

Perhaps next June would be a good time?

What do you think? Would you attend?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Naked European Walking Tour

Video of day five of the 2011 Naked European Walking Tour:

Wow, beautiful scenery. It looks like lots of fun with many smiling faces, at least until the authorities showed up. (They seemed to be understanding.) The hike seems to have grown a lot larger.

I hope PJ and I can attend next year. It will be held the first week in July: Sunday 1st July to Saturday 7th July 2012, in the Austrian Alps south of Munich. To register your interest (and to join the mailing list) simply send an email to Rich at: . PJ and I registered.

Anyone know if English only speakers get along okay?

Anyone else interested in going along with us? We’ll keep everyone informed.


PS – Why don’t we have a NAWK (Naked American Walking Tour)? It would have to be less open than the European version, but there's no reason it couldn't take place. We’d certainly attend.

PPS - A more detailed review of the planned NEWT hike can be found at

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 5

One of our favorite on-board activities was dance lessons. We signed up for salsa (two classes) and rumba (two classes), along with about twelve other couples. For some reason we were about the only ones who attended nude. (Clothism is a disease that spreads, but real nudists resist being intimidated by textiles.)

The instructors were excellent. They patiently taught us the basics of Latin dance. As a result I’ve finally learned the Latin hip sway so feel much more confident when dancing to Latin music.

We spent one night dancing naked to disco music in the Frankenstein room. It too was mostly clothed.

Monday we docked at the Grand Turk islands. This was a clothed excursion day. We took a bus tour and learned that the local economy had been based on slave labor producing salt. Large brown, brackish salt evaporation ponds still cover large areas of the island. We also visited a lighthouse.

The island was not impressive, but the surrounding sea was beautifully sparkling clear, so when we returned from the bus tour we immediately got our swim suits (yuck) from the ship, rented equipment, and went snorkeling. Wow, what an enjoyable experience! We saw barracuda, sting ray, squid, flounders, parrot fish, and dozens of other species of sea life. It was gratifying to be able to introduce snorkeling to our friend Lee. Snorkeling at Grand Turk was definitely memorable. (See photos at

That evening the ship sponsored a Halloween party. PJ spent hours creating a costume using the beads she’d gathered at Fantasy Fest. We spent the evening partying, walking the ship, dancing, and generally having fun. PJ participated in a pumpkin carving contest. Even though she didn’t win, I loved her pumpkin. (See photos at

At the end of the evening we enjoyed a tasty pizza meal with friends before hitting the sack. Tomorrow would be our last day at sea.

Before concluding this report, I’d like to share a few observations about the people. I will cast these thoughts within the context of my understanding of naturism.

The cruise was advertised as “clothing optional”, not just naturist, so there were few actual naturist events (perhaps only the beach excursion at Half Moon Cay and basking in the sun on lounges around the pool).

When eating, attending shows, partying, singing, dancing, and wandering around the ship the majority of people stayed clothed. Oh, a few people, including PJ and I and our friends, stayed nude most of the time, but that was the exception.

We ate with one couple who said they were definitely not nudists; they had only joined the cruise to attend Fantasy Fest. Skimpy, sexually suggestive clothing was commonplace. The majority wore everyday vacation clothing.

The staff remained clothed of course. They had been given special training about naturist beliefs before the cruise.

It was interesting to see a few dedicated naked people mixing with clothed people of all stripes. While fortunately not obvious, we noticed some cabin doors suggesting swinger-like activity.

In general, while there were people with many different lifestyles, only a few appeared to be “real” naturists. I’m sure some were first-timers with an incomplete understanding of naturism. Many of our fellow cruisers had been to naturist resorts a few times, and many practiced naturism situationally like in the pool area, but few were “members” of a nudist resort or chose to live as naturists.

I suspect a nude cruise would be a great venue for sharing naturist history, philosophy, and practices. There were workshops on many topics, including Tantra (divine sexuality) so why not one about naturism?

This cruise has persuaded me even more that a person’s “intention” is most important to being a naturist. Practicing of naturism naturally normalizes the body, so promiscuity and related sexual agendas are reduced. It was evident that some cruiser’s “intention” was sexual in nature – their biggest agenda item. Clothing was used to broadcast that intention. As one guest put it, clothing is not only for protection but also for drawing attention to certain body parts. I asked this scantily clad guest what he intended – silence.

While not a conclusive guide, and perhaps too judgmental, nudists tend to like being nude in most circumstances, whereas wearing clothing, particularly sexually-oriented clothing, indicates intensions that are not naturist.

Of course naturists enjoy sex with committed partners, but sexuality is not the main focus. Rather, naturism is counter-sexual because it normalizes the body.

But enough philosophical thought, the final day at sea PJ and I arose early to enjoy a pleasant nude breakfast on the top deck. The sea was rolling calmly, the ship rocking gently.

We visited the photo gallery (we purchased quit a collect of photos that I will share in a future post).

Then we enjoyed a relaxing morning without friends. I liked that.

We spent the afternoon taking our final dance lessons. We love dancing together nude. It’s interesting how quickly nude becomes comfortable, normal.

After the dance class we soaked our feet in to pool where nearly everyone was naked – what a relief.

Then we returned to out room to pack. It was sad to think that this was the last day of our cruise, but then again, after eight days we felt tired and ready for a change.

We ate a clothed meal for the last time in the formal dining room – outstanding as normal.

Then PJ and I got ready for our last professional photo – nude.

After having our picture taken, we returned to the room to finish packing, followed by one last meeting with friends at the all-night pizza bar. Then off to sleep.

We debarked Wednesday morning, the end of a marvelous nakation, the return to the abnormal textile world. Oh well, I suppose all good things must come to an end. We had enjoyed living life with many like-minded people of our own species, shopping and eating and singing and dancing and attending entertainment nude, relaxing on a sunny beach and boat nude, snorkeling nude, as well as experiencing Fantasy Fest – our weirdest experience ever.

We fondly look forward to our next nakation. One thing for sure, we enjoyed cruising nude much more than cruising clothed. Hopefully, nude is how we’ll always be able to cruise again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 4

In addition to enjoying some sights in Key West (see photos at ), Saturday morning found us sailing nude on a large catamaran out to a reef for nude snorkeling. Naked, we waved to naked passengers on the ship as we left the dock.

On the way out we sunned on the top deck and took photos (see ). Crew girls even got topless!

Then, splash, we were snorkeling naked. The water was choppy so not as clear as we’ve experienced before, but holding hands with PJ as we snorkeled together pointing out fish, naked in the sea, was special and exciting. We even saw a shark! A little scary!!

We returned shortly after lunch, just in time to get ready for Fantasy Fest.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 3

Key West Fantasy Fest is unforgettably crazy!

Friday afternoon the ship docked at Key West. We disembarked for the first of several visits to Key West Duval Street and the Fantasy Fest weekend.

It’s all about crazy people - walking everywhere, nearly unclothed, in body paint and crazy costumes.

Saturday afternoon we prepared for the actual Fantasy Fest celebration and parade. We left the ship wearing very little. I wore shoes and my short hiker kilt; PJ wore a t-shirt and panties. Soon we were both wearing hats with dreadlocks, and PJ was topless and covered with beads (something that grew more extensive throughout the day and into the night).

We walked up and down Duval Street all afternoon, taking photos of the crazies (including ourselves).

As the sun began to set, we positioned ourselves at a convenient spot and waited for the parade to begin, then enjoyed 1.5 hours watching crazy floats.

We returned to the ship just as the rain started. (I know some people’s body paint washed off leaving then illegally nude.)

Fantasy Fest is its own weird experience - certainly not a naturist event - and impossible to fully discribe. I suppose the only way to get close is to share photos of some of the crazier things we saw:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nakation Cruise Part 2 - New Photos

I've added many new photos to the Half Moon Cay section of our Nakation Cruise Part 2 report. You can check them out at

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 2

It’s surreal!

October 25, 2011 - Tuesday morning was spent getting on the ship – the Carnival Miracle. By lunch time the entire world had changed from textile to nudist. We discovered 2000 people of our own species. The experience was at the same time freedom and shock – so much to take in. How to describe it? Maybe with a few snippets of what we experienced:

We walked up to the top floor to watch the ship depart. We were required to remain clothed until entering international waters. I could feel peoples’ need to be free of clothes. I expected an announcement followed by a cheer from the crowd. Not so. People, us included, just got fed up with waiting, and got naked. By the time the announcement was made the only people still clothed were those who didn’t seem to care. No cheer. Oh well.

We toured the ship. It was unbelievably decorated as can be seen in these photos

Shopping nude was wonderful! PJ and I visited the shops – no shirts, no bottoms, not even shoes – nothing – just a wonderful freedom. The shop clerks mostly seemed oblivious to helping a naked couple. We shopped several time nude; it’s the only way to shop.

Clothing was required in the Fancy restaurants. For that reason Lee and others usually choose to eat at the less formal buffet on the top deck where clothing was always optional. PJ and I often chose to eat dinner in to textile restaurant because the food was prepared and served with such flair, but we ate most of the other meals in the more relaxed top-side buffet. We loved dining with old and new naked friends.

We sang nude karaoke several nights. What more can I say than “I love nude karaoke!” PJ and I share such a loving connection when singing nude together - songs such as Strawberry Wine and Jackson.

We didn’t sun much on the many lounge chairs on the top deck – that’s just not our style. But many people spent much of their time lounging in the sun. That’s when everyone got naked – I suppose even those who were reluctant.

The second day of the cruise was spent at Carnival’s private island, Half Moon Cay. This beautiful island experience was indescribable. We were ferried from the ship to the beach (clothed – I don’t know why). Hundreds of people basked in the sun, splashed in the warm sea, and walked along the soft sand as warm tropical breezes caressed their nude bodies. Our friend Lee ran miles along the beach amazed at this fantastic naturist experience. We took a number of photos (see We enjoyed a naked buffet lunch. We swam with and fed sting rays (in swim suits to avoid losing dangling parts), and snorkeled. We even swooshed down a water slide – naked. Bare bodies on a Caribbean island beach – what could be more relaxing and romantic? The day could have lasted forever, but too soon ended.

Back on the ship, we played several rounds of miniature golf on the top deck (see photos at ) as the sun warmed our naked bodies. The artificial grass got quite hot. I scored a 21. It was tons of fun!

We also swooshed down the ship’s spiral water slide. What a blast! (See photos at ).

The second day at sea we had time to look for new friends. The cruise directory listed people’s first names and home city. We put notes on the doors of those who lived near us, and decorated our door with photos and a note pad. (Note: next cruise we’ll come prepared with door decorations and personal cards.) We met and visited with several people; some we may retain as friends as they come into our lives. However, I’m not sure this exercise was worth the effort; we found that a cruise is not ideal for gathering new friends.

However, it’s amazing the difference cruising nude makes to making peoples’ acquaintance. On a clothed cruise we hardly met anyone. On the nude cruise we constantly introduced ourselves to discover where people were from.

One evening we volunteered as contestants in a game show – three stands with an announcer asking trivia questions. (Now this was a new naturist experience for us.) I won a first place trophy and a second place medal, and PJ won a second place medal. (I would have won first both times but the announcer favored the nude gal next to me - I was sent to stand with my nose against the wall, once she grabbed my hand and put it on her breast just as the question was read, and a second time she reached over and tickled my but just as the question was read.) The entire experience was great fun!

What else? We attended a number of shows put on by the ship’s performers – singers, dancers, and comedians. They were great. The Beatles show was fantastic. Being part of a naturist audience is very nice.

There is so much more about a naturist cruise, the entire experience is nearly incomprehensible, though I’ll try to describe more in part 3. You must try it for yourself. It’s just – well – surreal.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise – Part 1

October 20, 2011 - Our nakation has begun!

Thursday morning we flew from Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with our good naturist friends, Larry and Kitty. Friday was a clothed day spent enjoying the scenery and shopping.

Then, Saturday we picked up another naturist friend (Lee) at the airport and drove north to Sunsport Gardens ( ), a small nudist resort owned by Morley Schafer, where we enjoyed walking the jungle-like trails, soaking in the pool, and sunning. We’d visited Sunsport before last-year’s cruise (See )

At Sunsport we met several new naked friends including Ed and Susan who were cruising with us. Naturists always amaze me with their openness and willingness to share.

Friday night we attended the resort’s nude dance. It was a fun, small crowd. We left early for a restful nude sleep.

Sunsport’s cabins are perfect for a relaxing nakation. The resort has a very nice lake with kayaks and other facilities like tennis courts. The vegetation and flowers were spectacular, amazing for two naturists from the desert southwest. It had a Garden-of-Eden feel.

Even though relaxing naked at the resort was wonderful, PJ and I couldn’t resist traveling to Miami Sunday to visit Jungle Island. It was a textile place of course, but it was a place of wonder and education about animals. We visited again after the cruise. We’d recommend everyone visit this informative zoo, especially those with children. (Fun photos we took before the cruise, including Jungle Island are found here: )

We returned to Ft. Lauderdale to stay Sunday night with friends.

Monday we drove back to Miami and spent the day at Haulover Beach. Haulover is astonishing! After parking, and walking the boardwalk through a smelly, swampy area, we suddenly reached a heavenly beach stretching from nearby high-rise towers on the left, down a sandy beach to distant towers on the right. About ½ mile of beach is officially designated clothing optional, so we quickly stripped naked. (As is always the case, the clothing optional section of the beach was packed while the clothed section was empty. You’d think that other places would get that message, if only for financial reasons.)

A Bare Necessities booth was set up specifically for the cruise. PJ got two free Bare Necessities patches – one on her breast and one on her lower back (see photos). We arranged our towels on two rented lounge chairs and basked in the sun for a short time.

Then, for several hours we explored the beach, picked up sea shells and chunks of coral rock, and splashed and bobbed in the warm Atlantic waters. Being nude in nature was exquisite!

We visited with a food vendor while buying lunch. I asked if he ever participated with the surrounding naked crowd. He said he wasn’t against it, but was so busy working every day. His children had visited, but the day after his nine year old daughter had asked why some men wore penis rings. Embarrassed, he had excused it as a life-style choice. I commented how wonderful it was that naturism had fostered this open, educational experience with his kids. Then he explained that his wife (Jewish) was too “conservative” to visit – reluctant spouse syndrome strikes again – too bad, so sad, so many missed opportunities for sharing experiences. I’m so grateful PJ and I don’t miss out.

Too soon our day at Haulover Beach ended – time to rinse off in the outdoor shower with other nude bathers, dress, and return to Ft. Lauderdale. There is always a feel of freedom-lost when returning to the textile world.

That evening we jogged/walked for about seven miles from the hotel to the beach shops where PJ bought several cruise-dresses, an athletic end to a wonderful day. We fell asleep with dreams of the next day’s nude cruise. (The report about our nakation will continue.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last week, PJ and I spent five days at our home at Shangri La Ranch extending the Nature Trail to Dinosaur Island. (You can see photos of our efforts at What do you think of our efforts so far?

During that time Shangri La hosted the fall AANR West Festival. Lots of nudists attended. Here are a few things we noticed at the festival:

• Naked people were everywhere doing very little besides lying in the sun and soaking in the pool. I once knew a naturist who quit the lifestyle because he said it made him lazy. That’s not true for us. PJ and I can’t sit still or soak for more than 15 minutes or so before it’s time to get out working on the trail. We “can’t” understand how people can enjoy lazing about for as long as many seem to do. And looking at naked people quickly gets boring. How do you feel about being lazy in the sun?

• A few people were involved playing games – water volleyball, horseshoes, etc. We should have gotten more involved in that. Do you enjoy playing games/sports nude?

• There were no workshops like one sees at TNS gatherings. Too bad - a little education is always nice. Do you enjoy nude workshops as well?

• Friday karaoke was fun, even though it wasn’t a large crowd. In fact, karaoke is always more fun when there’s a small crowd because you get to sing more, so karaoke was great! Do you enjoy singing nude karaoke?

• I noticed the dance was crowded, and mostly clothed (sexy). PJ and I missed it, having lots to do finishing up the trail before leaving for work Sunday morning. We didn’t feel like we missed much; dances at resorts just don’t seem to measure up to naturist principles. How do you feel about dances at resorts?

• We noticed just a few people walking the trails. They did comment on what a nice job we were doing. That was gratifying. Still, I wish more would walk and enjoy them. Do you like walking the trails at nudist resorts?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Many Nude Driving Miles

The end of October we drove from Phoenix to Midland, TX. I was nude almost the entire way. PJ stayed bottomless much of the way (she’s afraid those in high profile vehicles might see her topless – a legitimate concern).

Several weeks later I again drove nude most of the way from Midlands, to Las Cruces, and then north to the Denver area.

On our way back from Denver to Phoenix we remained clothed. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because we started driving in cold weather country?

Anyway, as a naturist I still feel a responsibility to drive naked, and I love PJ for understanding this need. Here are a few others who enjoy nude driving:

“Clothing is a legal nuisance!! I wear it because I have to. I don't when there is no purpose. I just drove a motorhome about 70+ miles in the nude and there's really NO reason for me to have worn clothes to drive it. Clothes don't make you drive safer...but I can honestly say...driving naked made me drive safer! . . . On the drive home...I did get out of the motorhome twice and slipped on a pair of shorts. Walked into Starbucks for a drink on the way home and then into a dept. store to pick up something for my wife. Wouldn't it have been just fine to walk into Starbucks naked, order my drink and get back in the motorhome, drive to the dept. store, park, walk in, get the pair of pants and leave? There's really NO purpose for the clothing. People get embarrassed too easily and if they were really doesn't harm them or bother them...they are just saying those things so no one will think they are perverted, creepy or some sort of sex fiend!” - FireProf

“I started out Saturday morning about 7 am to drive to Dear Park nudist camp. When I got in my car I thought about the naked driving . . . so I got nude for my hour drive down. Did not have to cover at any time, and it was a great way to start the weekend. Made it all the way to the gate, checked in, and made my way to the little cabin I got for the night. Met some great people . . . Stayed naked all day and night, go up the next morning and set out for Deep Creek. I continued on being naked, had to throw shorts on to get gas (major bummer). Other than that I stayed naked all the way to the little check at Bowen Ranch. Parked close to the trail head, got out and met some textiles who were kind of shocked when I got out bare pickle. On the trial came across a few people, and a family. Only got good mornings, no attitude from anyone. Plenty of people at the bottom being Sunday and all. Had great time relaxing and swimming around. Hiked my way out (not as easy getting out as in) got in my car and headed for home. I had to throw some clothes on to stop at Carls for a burger. But undressed in the car and made it all the way to my garage. I already am thinking up another weekend trip that I can try. I must thank my lovely wife who does not enjoy the freedom as I do, but who is extremely understanding and supportive!” - td2hike

“Last Saturday was the first time in my car, I drove completely naked. The trip went from home to my naturist swimming lake. That is about 40 kilometers. The ride was through villages and a small town. I am already a little proud that I had the courage to do it. There was not any problem. I drove in the morning. I had the feeling of inner freedom. Easy to make what you want. If you have also the desire, do it. But dump a towel next to you, so you can cover the most important thing of you, if you must do it! I will drive again! This is sure!” – Purnatur

“After a failed attempt to visit diamond fork on this recent trip, facing a four hour drive, and remembering the recent talks of driving nude, I decided to try it for the first time! After all it was getting dark and in my vehicle no one could really tell what I was or wasn't wearing on the highway! Prior to leaving I . . . thought, this would be allot nicer trip without clothes. So I just put on some light easily removable shorts, flip flops and a T-shirt, in order to get out of the place and gas up, etc. After gassing up I could hardly wait to get naked, I was excited for this experience so I removed my shirt before leaving the gas station. Soon thereafter on the outskirts of town I was able to slip off my shorts. It was great, relaxing and comfortable. In fact after a while I forgot I was naked, and almost stopped and got out of the car before realizing it! It was so nice that I didn’t even want to stop for bathroom breaks for fear of having to put back on clothes. I avoided clothes even at bathroom breaks by finding a very quiet deserted rest stop running in quickly with nothing but flip flops, and of course i carried my shorts, just in case - not needed. . . for the first time ever I was disappoint to actually arrive at home because I had to get dressed in order to walk up the driveway into the house. All in all a great experience and I will definitely try to travel that way as often as I can!” - Southern Utah Nudist

“I have been a nudist for years, and weather permitting, when its warm weather, I enjoy driving COMPLETELY naked - not even any shoes on. I am a long distance truck driver, and I often get the opportunity to see others driving in various states of dress, or undress . . . driving topless, bottomless, and of course COMPLETELY NUDE! If you have often wondered what it would be like, try it at night, when it is rather difficult for anyone to see you are naked, then after you feel more comfortable driving naked at night, do it in the daytime too. I, of course, keep a small hand towel on the seat beside of me, to cover up, when I need to, and a pair of shorts to slip on such as when passing a school bus full of kids, or a church van, or any other circumstance, where nudity would be considered LEWD - I'm NOT into flashing children, nor do I try to flash everyone, I just enjoy the feeling and freedoms of driving naked. Everyone should try it, and most likely you would enjoy it, and do it more often. . . next time you see a big truck, and the driver isn't wearing a shirt, he MIGHT be driving naked, as I have seen lots of others in big trucks driving naked over the years. Get out and ENJOY driving NAKED!” – Nudeisnotlewd

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Working at Shangri La Ranch

If you haven't kept up with us (I know it's difficult), PJ and I moved from Olive Dell Ranch this past July, and now maintain our home (trailer) at Shangri La Ranch in New River, AZ. Horst, the owner, loves having us re-create our park, etc. He gave us a golf cart and allows us to use all of the resort tools.

It's wonderful working together naked in the sun, and taking a work-break nude in the pool.

Unfortunately, we can only be at the resort a week or so a month because our textile job takes us all over the southwest, and beyond. Although that has advantages as well - we visit naturist reorts every chance we get when traveling. (We'll probably visit Mountainair in Colorado tomorrow.)

During September we spent several weeks working at Shangri La Ranch. We built a storage shed, took delivery of a load of old wood we'll use to build a decorative wall, finished cleaning up the cactus garden (though we still have many features to add), and finished the first portion of the Shangri La River Walk (all in the nude of course). We have many creative ideas about the Ranch and lots of future work to do. Here are a few photos of our progress so far.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Last Freehike - Photos

I came to understand that I was a naturist as I began freehiking. I suspect a person can't fully appreciate naturism until he or she tries freehiking - a nudist, maybe, but not a naturist. It's a type of conversion - the feel of the elements around your entire body is simply amazing.

The freehiking season is nearing the end (except for those of us crazy enough to freehike in winter - one winter I freehiked 18 times in January), but it's not too late to get in one more freehike before the snow flies.

Here are some photos of people freehiking that might inspire you to take that one more freehike(, or perhaps even your first. If you do, I promise you'll love it.

Is anyone with me?


Friday, September 30, 2011

Show Up At Show Me Acres

If you’re ever even near Missouri, be sure to show up at Show Me Acres. It’s the classiest small nudist resort PJ and I have ever visited. It’s only open on weekends, and only the owners live there full-time, but wow!

The gate isn’t even locked. The camping areas are great. The pool is wonderful. The freehiking is fabulous (about 400 acres covered with nature trails). The clubhouse and apartments are the best we’ve ever seen. And, the people? Well they’re naturists, so they’re great too.

The owners are building something very special in the central Missouri hills.

Be sure to visit this “highly-recommended” small resort if you get the chance.

Has anyone else had the privilege of visiting Show Me Acres?

Here are some photos:


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nude Home Sweet Home

PJ and I can hardly wait to finish work, go to the apartment, and take off our clothes. Nude at home is the right way to be as the following individuals agree. Do you also love living nude?


“When I was around 17 years old, I started as a home nudist . . . It all began when I went to shower . . . I noticed there was no wash cloth in the shower, so I stepped out . . . and walked down the hall to retrieve a wash cloth from the closet. . . at that moment . . . I turned and saw my mom standing there with a wry . . . 'hah I caught you" kind of expression. . . So I just said to heck with it . . . and walked back into the bathroom to have my shower. . . It wasn't long after this episode that my mom started walking to and from the shower naked as well as the rest of the house casually (something entirely new), save for a towel wrap around the head. I had a nice chat with my mother shortly after that, specifically about nudity at home, telling her that since she had already seen me in my full glory and since she had become more care-free, I was going to stop worrying about it, and walk around nude as I wish . . . and to this she had no objection, and has joined me in doing this (she even convinced my father and little sister . . . by telling them that by being nude at home, we could save on washing clothes, and that we are just family, so we really shouldn't worry about it). Since that fateful day, I have happily been a home nudist primarily, although we have had a few nude family outings, as well as the occasional skinny dip (the most memorable of which was at a hotel pool, in which another family came in, saw us naked and asked if they could join us . . .“ – Bobbeee

“As far as I can remember, I've always slept in the nude. When I was 19, I got my own apartment, it didn't take very long for me to get lazy and not get dressed when I got up. So nude I stay until time to leave. I got so used to it that I striped down as soon as I walked back in. At the age of 28 I meet my wife. We spent lots of time together naked . . . I can now be nude around our home all I want, keeping a housecoat close by case one of the kids or anybody shows up unexpected.” - OilcanJack

“I am naked almost all the time I am home. I haven't worn pjs since I was 14 and I don't dress in the morning unless I'm going out. When I get home, the clothes come off. If the doorbell rings, I check who is there through the peep hole and most times I don't cover up before opening the door. There is a sign saying "CLOTHING OPTIONAL PAST THIS POINT" beside the front door and hooks inside for those who care to join me to hang their clothes on. Some of my callers undress and some don't, but most of them know I am a home nudist and just act naturally either clothed or naked.” - phph

“My sister and I were raised by our mother (our dad passed away when we were very young). She had made it a practice to walk around nude most of the time. My sister and I would go nude when the mood struck us. . . I still walk around the house nude all the time. My wife . . . was raised the same way and doesn't see a problem with it. So whenever my sister comes over we all hang out and sunbathe or just visit nude.“ – Playnaked40

“What's the point in wearing clothes when you are in your place? My husband and I both regularly walk around our place without clothes - both inside and outside. It's natural, and makes it so much easier when you don't have to worry about putting on something.” – Addiebaby

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Austrian Skinnyhike Report

"I drove from Munich to Warth, Vorarlberg in Austria, on the Sunday afternoon with Polly . . . The day dawned blue and we set off from the Hochkrumbachpass at 10:00 towards the Widdersteinhuette. I quickly stripped off my t-shirt + shorts and we were heading steadily up the slope towards the hut above when two middle-aged women came trundling down and passed us with a minimal exchange of good cheer. Another walker, and more uphill, and after an hour or so, Polly and I reached the traversing trail from the hut which goes along the base of the soaring cliffs of the Widderstein above us. Here we had a stupendous view of the Salopaner ski region, a remote lake and mild forests tucked away on the other side of the valley.

We met our first "Gormley", a metal man built and installed by the British Artist Anthony Gormley who specialises in placing these "installations" in interesting positions around the globe. He has a naked man on Waterloo bridge, and several in the Vorarlberg region. We were going to "pick up" a few on our way around the high traversing trail which snuck under the steep cliffs above, and wended it's way to the end of the ridge, a Gormley half-way along the flat path below, and another on the shoulder of the ridge ahead of us.

Two more walkers, one descending from the Widderstein itself. We saw a number of mountain gophers, or Murmel-Tier to the locals, or heard their high pitched peep-peeping, as we approached their dry holes in the ground.

Polly went tear-arsing after them, and of course they nipped under ground just before she got too close. I managed to stop her a couple of times with a well-timed "Frisbee" distraction call. I managed to get quite close to one particular gopher for the camera.

We strode on, with Polly taking a dip in a snow lake and the opportunity for a refreshing drink. Another couple, and a small family, and an exchange of pleasantries, before I headed across the valley to the ridge on the opposite side.

One more Gormley, right on the shoulder again, where I broke my camera trying to get a clever shot of us, Polly, the Gormley and I, by precariously balancing my camera on top of my rucksack, on a loose and rocky slope... with predictable consequences.

Walking along the ridge was simply gorgeous, a view down to Schroecken on one side and across to the Braunarlspitze massife, the Widderstein behind us, and all around huge rocks pushing their way up through the mountainous turf, a gentle breeze to accompany the bright warm sunshine at 2000m.

We kept along the narrow ridge, passing two male walkers, another couple, and finally a man and two fairly mature ladies. The first lady exclaimed with a smile when she saw me: "my goodness, a naked man - what are we two 'jungfrauen', (young girls, implying maidens/virgins), to do - we have never seen such a thing!" I had to laugh, and they passed with otherwise good grace, but who knows what they made of the equally naked metal Gormley they were about to encounter on the cusp of the ridge we were all walking along.

I reached the top of the Hoeferspitze (2131m) at approx 13:00 and time for a short lunch break. At the actual summit was the customary cross and sign-in book, and an appallingly high number of what appeared to be bloated flying ants, so we tucked down on the windy side for a bite.

The views were glorious, the position serene, but when one's walking, one has to keep moving. Polly and I set off to retrace our steps along the ridge back to the last Gormley (which the maidens would have passed quite recently), and then followed the brow of the hill more or less back to where I'd parked the car, just off-road (to avoid paying the fees for the vast ski-car-park at the pass. Returning to the B&B for an early shower I stayed the night as I was a tad dehydrated from the high sunshine, and exertions of the day." - Rich

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naturist Photo Collection

I like to collect photos of naturists in action. Not just photos of nude people, or sexually oriented photos, but photos of real naturists. I think there is much to be gained from viewing real people in natural situations. Occasionally I share my collection - here is a link. I know many probably carry copyrights, so don't use them in print situations. Just enjoy.

Photo link:

(By the way, how did I do at gathering "real" naturist photos?)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Driving Nude from Phoenix to Midlands

Over the past few days PJ and I drove nude from Phoenix, AZ to Midlands, TX. Driving nude is always so much more comfortable - clothes bunch up and bind. And once you get naked you don't even think about nude driving being unusual; it is just right! Who else out there enjoys driving naked like PJ and I and the following people?


“. . . the CHP officers, Sheriff's and local PD officers, that I spoke with, all said "they got better things to do then chase after someone that's just driving naked. If they are being lewd, that's another thing but just driving naked...I don't care." With regard to tinting...their responses were pretty much the same but most stated that "they didn't want to have to go to court and answer to a judge about the tint on their cars so...unless they are stopping someone for something else, they don't bother stopping a vehicle for just window tint." So...if you tint your windows "medium" and obey the laws and drive, like we ALL should drive, you shouldn't have any problem with law enforcement...down here anyway!” – FireProf

“On public lands in the west (BLM and Forest Service) there is no prohibition against simple nudity outside of developed areas, and most of these lands are undeveloped. There are over a million miles of roads and jeep trails on these lands where you can (and I have) driven naked. No problem. Cover if you head into town or a developed camping area, but otherwise `suit yourself`. But be prepared - these are vast open spaces, miles from services, and often no cell service.” – Daves_ndt

“Hey friends, today weather in Germany is fine. It is hot. The temperature in the cars is more than hot. The right weather for driving nude. I hate it, when I sweat in my clothes. One has to adapt to the circumstances, whether it is allowed or not. That is freedom.” - Purnatur

“I`ve been driving home nude (40 miles) from the nudist resort for a long time. No one has bothered me and if it`s illegal in Florida that's surprising given my license plate is NOODIST, which draws a lot of attention. I look in my mirror at stop lights about 3-5 times a week seeing girls with their phones out taking a picture of the plate. I have to admit that the wonderful feeling I had when I first began doing this has diminished over time. But it still feels right. The guard at the nudist resort and the people that work there have seen me get in my car nude and drive off. They`ve never said anything about it either. Maybe I`m just lucky.” – Ult1lar

“Over the past 8-10 years, I have been spending more and more of my time behind the steering wheel nude. At first it was a rare thing, something I occasionally did while on vacation in Florida - and then only on the highway. . . I have become more and more bold as time has gone on. First, I began to spend virtually ALL of my highway time in Florida (I go there several times each winter) nude, and then more and more, I did so in my home state of Kansas. Then I began to drive nude in town once-in-awhile, and now, I am nude when in my car probably a minimum of 85% of the time. And what has become clear is that no one notices It would be different for women as 1) their breasts would be more easily seen and 2) men seem to look around them much more than women. But I have now spent literally thousands of hours driving completely nude and I'm certain that at most, only one person has ever noticed. So, the good news is that one can enjoy the sensual freedom of being totally nude behind the wheel with no real concern of being "pinched" by the humorless police, or upsetting a prudish individual.” – ThomasWM

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living the Good Life as a Nudist

Living at a nudist resort (Shangri La Ranch in Arizona), being without clothes becomes so natural that it’s hard to even think about what to write to describe everyday life. Still, I want to share our naturist life in hopes that some are helped. So here are a few experiences from the last few weeks since we’ve taken a break from work:

PJ and I spent a week building a shed so we could move the rest of our stuff out of an expensive storage area - a week measuring, sawing, hammering, etc. It was hard work, but doing it nude made it much easier. Has anyone else built something while nude?

We spent the weekend with naturist friends from Utah. It was a blast visiting and singing karaoke and dancing with wonderful naked friends.

PJ told her oldest daughter about our naturist lifestyle – the last of our children to be informed. It wasn’t accepted well. The daughter was especially upset because we hadn’t told her for some years, after all “didn’t we trust her?” Frankly “no” - we received the negative reaction we knew would result. How can people, especially religious people, be so very judgmental? Some people refuse to understand. No one is so blind as a person who will not see.

The lesson here: tell your friends and family about your naturist experiences as they happen. If you don’t, they’ll assume you are ashamed of being a naturist and become even more upset when they discover this than if you’d been open about enjoying naturism from the start.

A fellow with several friends (one a girl) delivered a load of stressed barn wood that we will use to enclose our deck. They weren’t naturists and seemed somewhat embarrassed to be at the resort. They declined taking a dip in the pool. (We often notice textiles such as mailmen and UPS and Federal Express drivers delivering things to the resort; I wonder what they think and if this just becomes commonplace for them.)

We worked a week cleaning up, building rock-lined trails, and decorating the Shangri La Cactus Garden and the River Walk. The garden is nearing completion. The river walk needs lots more work. (I’ll post photos of our efforts in the future.)

It’s paradise to take a shower and pool break after a few hours working nude in the hot sun.

Friday night PJ visited a friend in Phoenix. I spent the evening singing karaoke - I just love singing nude. PJ’s girlfriend said she’d visit the resort to sing karaoke in the future. She may not get nude, but said she loves karaoke. We’ll see how long she remains clothed when she visits; I’ll report back.

On Saturday we met a nice couple (B & J) while soaking in the pool. “B” explained that they first visited Shangri La while taking a motorbike ride in the spring. They’d heard about Shangri La and always wondered about naturism, so when they drove by and discovered the resort they thought “Why not give it a try?” While playing nude water volleyball, they ran into their next door neighbors who they didn’t realize were naturists. “B” says it has become a real joy having naturist neighbors. They joined the resort and now visit whenever they can.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a nude taco party on Judy Mac’s deck. Eating great food with naked friends is the best!

At the party we met a 78 year old gentleman who had just discovered naturism. He’s vacationing at Shangri La for a few weeks and loves it. He’s always been curious about naturism, but had been afraid to experience it for most of his life. Now he’s really enjoying life nude. Unfortunately his wife of 50+ years won’t participate so he’s vacationing on his own - how truly sad. I’ve experienced this reluctant spouse syndrome myself and just can’t comprehend how two people who supposedly love each other can fail to see how naturism can draw them closer rather than further apart. If only the reluctant spouse would give it a try they’d understand. After all, getting naked with your spouse is so easy.

I enjoyed my first haircut at the resort. Me and the female stylist were both naked. Afterwards, I just rinsed the hair off with the garden hose. When was the last time you’ve gotten a nude hug from your barber? This was an enjoyable first for me. Just one more aspect of living life the way it was meant to be.

What else can I say? The nude life is good. Everyday nude people drive their carts and walk their dogs past our trailer, or just walk past and wave. Nude visitors come and go. We enjoy sitting on our patio nude watching the nude birds. (Hundreds visit the tree over our deck to eat the seeds we’ve provided.) We love being naturists and living the good life, but tomorrow it’s time to head back to work and the textile world – oh well.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time for Another Skinny Road Trip

Inspired by the following people, I think it's about time for PJ and I to take another Skinny Road Trip. How about you?


“I drive nude or as near nude as possible every opportunity I get.” - Jim

“I'm not sure I can stop driving nude! It's just about become a normal way to drive, when I can. I will drive nude from home to Home Depot, the market, drug store, doesn't matter how close or far. I get irritated when I can't drive nude or if I have someone in the car/truck with me where I can't drive nude. Just attended a wedding for a family member. Talk about irritated; I drove to the wedding ceremony in a suit! I pledge to continue driving nude...til they take my license away...then I'll "passenger nude!" - FireProf

“I live out in rural [Utah] . . . but I go to work each and every day at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. I distribute newspapers to carriers and business . . . I have been driving nude most mornings now for about a month and I love every moment of it. I dress as I am driving just outside of [town] . . . and strip at about the same location on my way out. Since it is still very early and DARK when I am dropping off bundles at my first few carriers, I don't bother to redress until I'm just outside of [another town] . . . where my first business drop is. I wish I had thought of it sooner. And since my car has a great heater, bring on the winter!” - SonnyK53

“When I have to travel long distance, esp. when I go away to visit home, I rent a car. On those occasions I do take the opportunity to drive nude. On my last trip home last month, I rented a car and drove from DC to Boston in the nude. Just last summer I took a week trip to FL. I started out spending a few days in Miami and drove to Tampa, Orlando and back down to Miami. A lot of time was spent on the road and I found it easy to drive nude. I love driving nude because it really is enjoyable and relaxing. That being said, I do it while being cautious of my surrounding. For example, I only drive nude during long distance drives. I don't drive nude where there is a heavy chance for stop and go traffic (i.e. stop lights). I also don't go way over the speed limit. I drive at the same flow of the rest of traffic. I also have a pair of shorts nearby in case I have to leave the car, which is normally to fill up on gas. I make sure the shorts are the type that i can easily put on and take off. I find short running shorts do the trick as they have no buttons or zippers.” - Croydon

“During my recent nude driving experience, I was driving a 4WD pick-up truck. I was returning from a mountain bike excursion and had taken my clothes off because they were soggy with sweat. I wasn't worried about other drivers seeing me below the waist. My observation is that I rarely can see what color pants someone in another car is wearing, even when the window line of the car is low. Men driving shirtless seems to be common in my area during the summer, so I don't think I raised much suspicion. My concern about being pulled over by a police officer was probably overblown. Even if I did get stopped, I don't think I would be charged with indecent exposure as my lower anatomy was not readily visible from outside the truck. If I used the excuse that my clothes were sweaty from riding my mountain bike, the officer would probably laugh it off. Having the mountain bike in the truck bed and the stinky bike clothes on the seat next to me should be adequate proof of my story.” – Mosquito Bait

“With driving naked, the individual doing the driving seems to see more - seems to be more observant of their surroundings - more observant of laws - more observant of others. Doesn't it make sense then to allow nude driving? Better drivers on the road, and more appreciation of the world around us.” - Kevin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will Music Videos Attract Younger People to Naturism

Maybe music videos such as these will encourage younger people to get involved in naturism. What do you think?


The Nature Zone:

Whole Day Nude:



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bumping Into People While Hiking Naked

The following great freehiking advice is reposted from

"It has been my practice over several years to continue naked as if it was as normal as hiking clothed. My theory is that the more often people see naked bodies and nothing bad happens, the less uptight they are about seeing naked bodies. When some majority of people have occasionally seen naked people and it becomes "ho hum" then being naked will not be shocking or illegal.

Over the years I must have encountered a couple hundred clothed people while hiking naked. Most of the time I just "howdy" them as I walk past naked. Reactions are mixed.

One woman who was sitting to rest as I came past said, "I wish I could do that." I stopped to chat and she explained that I looked so free she wished she was brave enough to take her clothes off.

Three women walking the other way through a large open field moved about 10 yards off the trail so as not to pass too close. They didn't say anything.

Two teenage men held their tongues until my wife and I had turned a corner and then made crude teenage comments to each other.

Most clothed hikers just respond with a "Good morning" or some such greeting much as they would for a clothed hiker.

If I look "guilty" and embarrassed and lurch into a cover then I'm guilty and embarrassed and ought to have been covered. If I'm confident and naked and project normalcy while naked then I'm usually accepted as a version of normal. Its important to PLAN to act naked and normal, or you will have to figure out what to do when suddenly confronted and it won't work out very well.

Having fun naked" - Bob Knows

Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy - Driving Naked

I've been super busy building a shed (nude of course) so haven't had time to write. So in the meantime, here are a few more naked driving experiences:


"I have driven nude many times - miles must be 100 thousand over 15 years. Day or night no difference. I drove from NH to SC, stopping only for gas in 9/2005, 994 miles in 18 hours! I have a kilt, which has a waist band with belt loops and hook and loop to fasten it about your waist. I also have a towel I leave in truck with a belt sown to it to hold it about my waist if I need to get out for any reason. I live at a resort full time and when I am ready to leave the gated place I wrap the towel about my waist and hold it while getting comfortably seated then let it drop when door is closed. This way I can close or fasten the belt if I need to. It also keeps the seat clean as my bare skin isn't in contact with seat material." - NudistJohn

"I drive about 25 miles to work every day. . . About two days or so a week I . . . am naked from waist down but have pants right there in driver side floor in case I need them in hurry. . . no way am doing this to show off (dark) it is just very freeing and a wonderful way to start day. . . upon arriving at work parking lot I pull pants on and go to work. This is a similar feeling of freedom to hiking naked. . . I am sure to drive within the speed limit, and obey all traffic rules so as not to draw attention I don't want." - Mtn Hike Nude

"I've been driving naked for a few years, every time I'm on a long trip. I wear a shirt though, so no-one but a truck or a bus would see anything out of the ordinary. I sit on a towel and keep my shorts at my feet for quick coverup, and when passing trucks follow the advice I saw on a double-trailer truck, "If you wanna pass, better haul ass". I've driven across the country, Michigan to California and back, and recently down to North Carolina and back, mostly naked except for gas stops." - Bob X

"I have driven naked many times. . . most of my commute is on back roads so not much traffic at that time of day. I keep a towel handy in case I need to cover up, having only to do so only once while at a stoplight when a semi stopped next to me. I am always the first to arrive at my work and open the place, so I can dress in the parking lot or as I like to do I'll go in and start my morning routine in the buff and wait to dress just before the others start arriving." - Nakkidnfl

"I've been stopped by the police twice while driving naked. In both cases, I had plenty of time to get dressed (well, dressed enough) while they were running watches and warrants on the plates. . . I NEVER try to remove or put on clothing while driving. About as bad as a cell phone. I take the clothes to the car at home and throw them on the passenger side seat and dress in the parking lot when I get where I'm going. Then I undress in the parking lot and drive home and carry my clothes in to the house. Did it just yesterday." - R.O

"I love to drive naked. I do so most every week. I recently drove the Blue Ridge Parkway naked. It was beautiful and the freedom of driving naked in a convertible was great! I simply keep something handy to cover up with if passing a truck or SUV that may be able to see into car. Being naked while driving is fun, but we must respect others who would not want to see us." - Mtn Hike Nude

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Continue driving nude!

Do people ever get tired of driving nude? I don't; I love it. Continue driving nude!


“Regarding "Driving Naked," I drove the 33 miles from home with just a tee shirt on. Route was along interstate 81 then state and local roads passing through three small villages. On the way back, I dispensed with the tee shirt and had on only my hiking shoes. All told, I was able to be naked for about 6-1/2 hours between the driving and hiking.” – Cynoutdoors

“I . . . now drive nude whenever possible. Doesn't work when running down to Home Depot, but on trips it’s my new norm. Recently went to Mountain Air Ranch for 5 days and drove both ways nude. Carla couldn't drive nude on the way there due to possible exposure, so we bought her a stick up sun blocker they sell for keeping sun off kids and was able to ride home naked.” - Guy & Carla

“Got more naked driving in today! Played golf with a few friends today about an hour away from home. After the round everyone wanted to go home so I planned for this and parked my truck out in the corner of the parking lot. They all got in their cars and drove away. I walked out to my truck, loaded my clubs in the back and then turned on the engine to get the A/C going and...stripped off in the parking lot and got in and drove home!“ – Fireprof

“I was driving into the city, nude of course, on a warm day just enjoying the drive. I passed a similar sized vehicle (SUV) being driven by a good looking girl with a passenger (also female). They paced me for a while, and I was beginning to get concerned that they might be calling the cops. I slowed a bit and changed lanes, and they slowed even more. I thought nothing more of it as I continued down the relatively open highway, when their vehicle came alongside to pass me. BOTH girls had stripped naked, and gave me some big smiles and a wave as they went by!" - Txbiker

“I drive naked all the time. But, to avoid being arrested, I never do it in the city. NEVER. I only drive naked out on the expressway or country back roads when it is hot. Hot muggy days don`t draw any suspicion seeing a shirtless male driving a car. Love it!” – Nakeddcboy

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wife Learns to Love Freehiking

The following thought by Picgirl reminded me of PJ's first Freehike. We had hiked clothed into the hills above Cedar Fort, Utah. When we were out of sight of the houses, we paused to undress. PJ was nervous and a little reluctant, but as soon as she undressed and felt the breeze and sun on her shin she smiled broadly and literally skipped up the trail. "This is wonderful", she said. And she's never looked back; now we both love freehiking.

Has anyone else helped a spouse understand how wonderful freehiking can be?


“I always got naked in my apartment after work or when I felt like I didn’t want clothes to bind me. I also had a few naked experiences while I was growing up, but I didn’t really know what nudism was at that point. I met my husband and he was honest and upfront with me about being into nudism. I thought the idea sounded wonderful. I have to admit I was a little nervous about the whole thing when he and I first did it together. We always go to outdoor nature settings and go skinny dipping or hiking. I love the way the body feels when you’re out of your clothes. It heightens your senses on a much deeper level. It has also helped me with self -esteem and body issues that I have had. One of my favorite experiences was when my husband and I went fishing down by the river nude. It came up a huge rainstorm, the water on my body felt wonderful. When the rain hit my body it was like no other feeling in the world. When I went on my first nude hike it was a feeling like no other. Just the feeling of the breeze as I walked hand in hand with my husband. The way the sun felt beating down on my skin was a whole new feeling. It feels wonderful to be naked in places you wouldn’t normally be. I was so nervous about getting caught, but I enjoyed it so much. I have no regrets. I love everything about nudism.” – Picgirl

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My “Click Moment”

Thinking back, I suppose I’ve always been a nudist – I just didn’t realize it until I was almost 50 years old. Through the years I’d run around the neighborhood nude at night, enjoyed home nudity, sunbathed nude, skinny dipped, and searched Internet sites looking for nude photos and stories. But through all those years I had misunderstood this need to be nude as some type of unique-to-me sexual addiction, and so lived a guilt-riddled life, hiding from myself.

Then I experienced my personal “Click Moment”. Perusing the Internet, I ran across stories of people who enjoyed hiking nude and began to fanaticize about doing this myself. Then one day I discovered a site written by naturists from my own conservative religion! At that point it really didn’t take much courage to drive to a private location in a nearby forest, strip, and take a naked hike - “Click” - I realized I wasn’t a pervert, I was just a nudist.

Of course, it took a few years and many experiences to “fully” accept that I was a nudist and that being one fixed my head and made me a better person. It was very difficult finding a spouse who understood and was willing to live the nudist lifestyle with me. And as I’ve learned more about living this lifestyle, I’ve come to classify myself as a naturist rather than a nudist. I’ve become much more open to sharing this approach to life with others, including my family.

My only regret is that my “Click Moment” didn’t come years earlier.

Many people have a "Click Moment" as illustrated below. Tell us about your personal “Click” moment.


"I always liked being nude but the magic moment 'Click" was my first visit to Elysium (now closed and long gone) as I was sitting on the gentle slopping lawn late afternoon. It was so peaceful and natural, so removed from the madness and demands of the world, pure and fresh... that is when I woke up to my place in the world and said yes this is how I want my life to be. Mid 70's I think, it has been so long ago but I still remember the moment as if it were yesterday. . . What/When was your "Nudist Click" moment when you accepted nudity and the desire to live nude as part of your life?" - SunBunny

"Working in the yard last year, digging it up, I began to shed my shorts until I eventually decided to not even put them on anymore. I came inside one day, showered and just decided not to get dressed afterward. Have not been the same since. I love this way of life." - Jim

"I was working on the John Deere in the dog pen, sweating my butt off, when I discovered that I could see nothing but sky and fence. I thought, why not get comfortable and work on it naked? After that, I was hooked. I put up a sign that said nudist zone." - Dave88

"I had been skinny dipping, sun tanning, and soaking in hot tubs nude for a long time, but had never considered just being in the house naked. Then one year on my birthday I decided to try to wear just my "birthday suit" all day. That did it. " - BareOnTheCape

"Summer of '75 I had just moved to San Diego, and a work friend asked if I wanted to check out Black's Beach. Once I dropped my suit, and jumped into the Pacific, that proverbial "lightbulb in my head" clicked on and I thought, "this is so natural, this feels so good, this is so right, this is the way it's supposed to be"! Jump ahead to the mid '90's, and after a few month's dating, I revealed my naturist beliefs to my future wife, and convinced her to give it a try at Elysium with me. At the end of a wonderful day, she didn't want to get dressed and said "I can't believe I've never tried this before". We've never looked back since." - SoCalNudist

"I have always liked to be naked as much as possible. I went to Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway, CO, a few times with a friend and really enjoyed it. However last Sept. I spent three nights at Mira Vista. I wanted to cry when time can for me to get dressed and on down the road. I got gas and coffee and hit the road. Tucson was still in my rearview mirror when it hit me. I said to myself, "Don, your a nudist." It didn't surprise me but that was the instant I knew." - dkk

"I have always enjoyed being cloths free in my house & often skinny dipped with friends growing up. But I realized that I was a nudist when I started meeting other people in NY at the Mohonk Nature Preserve. I saw a sign while hiking That said" You may encounter nudity beyond this point. It was Winter & so I laughed at the time. I was drawn like a magnet so when the weather became nicer I went back with a friend. She wasn't interested in being cloths free but for me it was that AHah moment. I met other people there & became fast friends with many of them. The Sun & the breeze & dunking in the cold mountain water had me. I began to explore Nude Beaches & Nude locations. At first I only went to natural locations but in the past few years I have included Resorts in my nude recreation. I believe I was alway a Naturist/Nudist but had just never put the label or name to it." - Earthgal

"The day that being a nudist "clicked" for me was my first time I was nude infront of people other than my boyfriend. We were invited to visit another on-line nudist chat couple. That perticular weekend they had their 3 children, another couple with a child and a single male, younger than us. We went with another couple we had just met a few days earlier, that were also nudists. It was a nice day and we were having a BBQ in their yard and home. Since I had never done anything like this before I walked around with a huge towel wrapped around me until I got to the hottub. While sitting in the tub I noticed that everyone was sitting around (in the nude) and were visting with everyone, and no one was looking at the new nude person. It finally clicked and I learned to relax, and talked to everyone there to find out more iformation. It was so great. I have never looked back from then." - OddButerfly

"I do not remember the date, it was somewhere in the late 70’s, there was a news story about Black’s Beach. I do recall that it was late August when I decided to drive down to San Diego to see what it was like. This was long before the internet and the only information I had was that Black’s Beach was south from Torrey Pines State Beach.
Well long story short, I found the nude area after a long walk along the beach. I was wearing a shirt, blue jeans (I did not own a pair of shorts, let alone a bathing suit) and tennis shoes. I am glad to say it took me less then a minute after arriving there to be completely nude. I had never felt so free and at the same time so comfortable before.
I knew from that day on that I was a nudist." - JP

"I think there was two clicks. The first was my first social nude experience. I was nervous, took off my clothes in the car, and walked off into the resort. I'm skinny, but have a gut, so I sucked in my gut. Then I saw nude people of all shapes and sizes. CLICK. I relaxed my gut and realized I can just be myself. Later on I was walking around the resorts residences. I looked down and realized "I'm naked in a residental area, and no one cares!"
CLICK. I was hooked. I am a nudist." - Armadliio

"I was at a state park lake in my home state of Maine. I had just returned to the public changing building after a swim. The building had no roof so there I sat, naked in the sun and warm summer air. It felt so good and it was very relaxing. I just knew that this was the way it should be. By the way, I was about 10 years old at the time." - Jetman

Monday, August 29, 2011

Even More Nude Drivers

“Yeah, nude driving is fun. I always make sure to have a XXL t-shirt on hand, or something similar that I can quickly throw on in case of police attention.“ - Alexdranda

“Yes I have [driven nude]. . . it started with a skinny dip at a beach one night and while swimming my clothes and towel etc. got soaked by a wave, and I had nothing else dry around, so I decided to drive home which was about a 60 km trip and through country and suburbs . . . I drove right on the legal limit so that no cops would stop me . . . I got home no problem. Then I did it regularly - my longest time was 900 km . . . I do keep a towel or a wrap to quickly cover up if have to. But is fun to do.”

“I sometimes did drive nude, and co-driving as well, most of all at holiday trips. Very comfortable and sensual, sometimes a bit thrilling. Usually I care to have something in reach to cover up in case of need (police control etc.), but never had to make use of by now. “ – Pixy

“I enjoy driving nude, especially during long trips. Being nude is just more comfortable. I am mainly nude at home. I don't have a privacy fence, so I am limited to inside the house when I'm home. But driving gives me a chance to extend my boundaries a little. I have driven nude to the post office to drop off mail. I have driven nude to the ATM to get cash. I once rented a storage shed and when I learned it had a place to drive up and drop off the monthly bill, I decided to do that too. But I found out the slot for the dropoff is not in a place where you can actually drive right up to it. I had to quickly get out of the car to complete my mission. I got more comfortable doing this once I realized there were never that many people around the place.” – CME360

“When it's dark out, I don't bother putting my clothes on when I go for a drive. I roll down the windows and feel the wind on my whole body.” – Hadakari

“I decided to go for a drive naked. It was about three am. I walked out to my car completely nude. I did put some clothes in the back seat. I then started my car and drove through town, then got onto the freeway. The place I went to was two hundred miles away. When I pulled into the parking lot it was daylight . . . I then grabbed my clothes and put them on and walked into the restaurant and ordered my breakfast.” – Texad

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Question - To Cover Up or Not

Here are interesting thoughts from two freehikers about covering up when encountering textiles on the trail. Does anyone else have advice about covering up?


Thoughts by Milt: Except when hiking in very remote and little-used areas, I usually carry a pair of shorts in my hand as I walk. When I get wind of textiles approaching, I turn around (since buttocks are seen as somehow less offensive than genitals) and quickly slip on my shorts. This is easy enough for me since I hike in sport sandals rather than heavy boots, but loose-fitting shorts should even work with boots. Most times when I'm hiking alone, I am fast enough that the approaching textiles don't realize that I was nude, but even if they do realize it, they don't react strongly and respond appropriately when I turn back around and give them a cheery hello. Whatever may have been "wrong" in their minds has been quickly "righted" and they are not terribly offended.

Recently, however, I went walking in the woods with no shorts or anything else, and unfortunately got lost and ended up out on a road where I encountered a woman walking her dog. I explained, as I asked for directions, that I was terribly lost and had intended to stay on private property, and apologized for any offense, but it seems not to have worked because she later called the police (according to a newspaper account of the police log). How I wish I had had my shorts in my hand that time.

Some naturists argue that one shouldn't rush to cover up when surprised by textiles because it implies that we were doing something wrong. In fact, according to the laws in most jurisdictions, and in the opinion of the vast majority of textiles, hiking nude is in fact "doing something wrong." Dressing quickly minimizes the sense on the part of the textiles that something is wrong or even sinister.

Sometimes the encounter happens so quickly that you can't put on shorts. Whether to scramble to cover up minimally at that point depends, for me, on whether there are children, older women, etc etc. It is a judgment call.

Lately I've been hiking with groups of naturists, several of whom are not prepared to dress quickly if approached by textiles. That changes the dynamic -- unless all get dressed, there seems no point in anyone getting dressed, and perhaps then it is best for all to brazen it out as though part of some unusual hiking club.

Lee's Thoughts: I have managed to avoid nearly all encounters entirely in recent years, and very much by design, but remarkably I did have one a couple of weeks ago. It was on a trail that I've considered "safe", sufficiently safe that I've taken groups there. . . I was walking along carrying my wrap . . . and was rounding a corner in a very shaded/dark canyon bend in the trail. As I looked forward I thought I saw something that seemed out of place, but I couldn't see it well enough to identify it. Once I got probably within about 10 feet that "something" said "hi". Since I couldn't see much, or gauge reaction, I decided to stop and put my wrap on (presumably right in front of whoever it was). As I walked toward them and into the shadow, I realized it was an older guy (Dad, I'd guess) and two young boys (sons I'd guess). I followed my philosophy of making the best of it and greeted them warmly after putting on my wrap and walking right by them, and to which Dad (presumably) responded quite warmly. One of the sons (presumably) was laughing. Still, I just went with it. I worry about the legal ramifications, but I'm surely not embarrassed by it. I think stopping like that and putting on the wrap sends the message that I'm both not there to shock them and I'm also not scared of my own naked shadow. Hopefully that gets realized. There usually isn't a lot of time to try to make a positive out of the encounters. I carried on my way and hoped they wouldn't get my license plate (which given everything, they might could have, but I have no idea what direction they were even going on the trail, since they were just laying down in the shade on the side of it). Nothing came of it, so I guess it ended okay. In fact, I'd say considering, that "Dad" seemed surprisingly unbothered.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Good Way To Spread Freehiking

Isn't the power of example interesting. Perhaps if more of us were less concerned about being seen freehikng, others would join in as shown by the following example. Has anyone else been able to share freehiking by being seen?


“I saw a guy hiking nude a couple weeks ago on a popular trail here in Altadena, California which I regularly frequent. I was hiking back down close to evening on a weekday and saw a nude hiker and said "Hey buddy I've been thinking of trying that myself" but kept walking because for some reason I was a little shy. But it was the truth I had been reading about it and wanting to try it for months now. So the very next day I hiked about halfway up the trail and disrobed. Just my luck less than probably a minute after I started walking again two young couples are coming down the trail at me. I was thinking uh oh but kept my cool and one of the girls giggled a little but the guys didn't look really thrilled about it. I said hello and moved on and came across another couple with much the same reaction. So I have gone naked hiking on the same trail like three times since last week all during the week mid-afternoon to evening. . . the only way to change people's opinions of doing this is for textile hikers to see it more often and I agree. I will go out of my way to avoid families and weekend hikers though.” - NaturalHikingDude

Friday, August 26, 2011

Would you pose for a nude portrait?

I did at 45... and it was one of the unexpectedly liberating experience of my life

By Kate Battersby

(Perhaps this is a way to help introduce a reluctant spouse to naturism? - Ken)

Alan seemed a pleasant enough chap. I had known him for precisely 25 minutes when I took all my clothes off in his house and stood in front of him entirely naked. He gazed at my body in frank assessment . . . Before you dismiss me as a shameless hussy, let me assure you it really isn’t what you think — I am about to become one of an increasing number of women who pose for a nude portrait.

. . . when I was 45 . . . when I decided to have myself painted nude. The idea of a regular portrait had appealed to me for a long time . . . To see ourselves as others see us — I loved that idea. Moreover, I had just spent two years losing four stone. For the first time in a decade I felt confident — joyous, even — about how I looked and I figured that pretty soon everything would be heading south. I had always thought that nudes were beautiful and I was feeling about as near to beautiful as I was ever likely to. Above all, I knew that my readiness to be painted nude had a lot to do with the mental freedom of being in my 40s. In my 20s I could never have contemplated the idea, so lacking in confidence was I, even though I now realize that I looked as good as anybody my age. Women are all too good at finding reasons to loathe their bodies. It seemed to me that having my portrait painted nude wasn’t about raving narcissism but more a case of making peace with my physical self.

Artist Cloe Cloherty says . . . ‘Everyone I’ve painted nude — mostly women, but a few men — has said it’s a completely positive experience . . .’ These aren’t people with Hollywood bodies, but they find affirmation in the process and the result. ‘For example, I was commissioned to paint a woman nude because her husband had died the year before. She did it in a sense of renewal.’

Fellow artist Sam Story agrees: ‘It’s definitely a rising trend, and most of the nudes I do are women in their 40s. It’s never about narcissism. Some clients don’t like how they look in clothes, but love the results when they see a portrait of themselves nude.’

. . . I chose an artist by going to a big art fair, where I liked the watercolours and charcoal drawings of Alan White. . . His only concern was to reassure me. All I needed to do was bring a robe, and not be nervous. . . That isn’t quite how it was for me. For one thing, I spent hours beforehand on hair, make-up, nails, and even tanning, even though I knew the style of Alan’s work meant that none of these details would matter. It lent me an armour of pretend poise . . . Some people are so nervous they turn away at the front door, apparently. Others, according to Alan, decide not to go ahead when a partner vetoes the idea. At least I turned up.

His wife Judy was there . . . I was directed into a room where I changed into my robe, and went into Alan’s studio . . . Alan smiled encouragingly. ‘Shall we start then?’ he suggested. . . ‘Do I take my robe off?’ I asked . . . Alan smiled again. ‘That would be best,’ he advised. Yes, I thought. Get on with it. I looked at the ceiling. I looked at the floor. I took a deep breath, then I took my robe off. The sky didn’t fall in. The world kept turning.

Alan asked me to stand with my back to him, my face in profile. Within one minute, I realized that the difficult part in all this wasn’t being stark naked, but keeping still — really still, for almost any length of time. When you can’t shift your weight gently from foot-to-foot, your muscles start to seize up bizarrely quickly. . . After 15 minutes, he told me to relax. I put my robe on again and went to look at the results. There I was, on paper in charcoal. I loved it. Alan . . . worked on some details for five or ten minutes while I had a rest, and then I posed for another portrait. This time when I dropped my robe it wasn’t quite with Samantha-esque nonchalance, but the nerves were gone . . .

Self-consciousness about perceived imperfections is, of course, the female norm and something nude portrait painters are very familiar with and expert at addressing . . . in [Sam] Story’s experience, some of her subjects choose to celebrate their bodies in a way that puts to shame my own pathetic concern about a bit of tummy flab. ‘I have painted women nude who are post-operative breast cancer sufferers,’ she says. ‘They want to be painted as they are, not as they were, to find new beauty in themselves.’

. . . Lorraine Price, a company secretary . . . was far from confident about herself when she commissioned Story to paint her nude at the age of 46. ‘I used to be a size eight and now that I’ve had three children I’m a 14 . . . It wasn’t a lifelong ambition to be painted nude, but a girlfriend had it done and I liked it, so I went ahead and I loved the result. It made me think about myself differently. It’s a large canvas in oils, perhaps three foot by five foot. The picture hangs in the family room at home, where my friends see it and my son’s friends also. You can’t tell at a glance that it’s me, but if anyone asks I always say. ‘My son was 14 when I had it done and he’s cool with it.’

As for me . . . Two hang on my bedroom wall at any one time. Those who see them are usually startled, always intrigued, and never negative. . . Personally, I didn’t have the pictures done for anyone else to say anything. They were, and still are, about me and for me. And I couldn’t be happier.