Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Olive Dell Ranch Pirate

I have been working on a new trail in Dellymaze Park at Olive Dell Ranch - a way to get to a giant rock where PJ wanted to erect a large pirate.

Well, PJ finished building the pirate about the same time I finished the new trail, and we've spent the last week assembling it.

The chicken-wire pirate, filled with leftover items from the rummage sale (plus lots more) on Olive Dell’s annual Pirate's Weekend Memorial Day celebration, is huge - probably 12 feet tall - and I'm sure it’s destined to become an Olive Dell Ranch landmark.

Here are a few photos of the final assembly: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/odpirate

What do you all think?

You're welcome to visit us to see the pirate in real life - any interest?


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