Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freehiking and Freedom

“It’s ironic that we often speak of freedom in some vague way when talking about hiking nude, yet when nude we sometimes have to go to great lengths or distances and exercise great care to avoid problems with our being nude. It may or may not be fair but one thing you begin to question is how much freedom you are giving up just to be nude. It's probably still worth it.” – Happy Hikers

The freedom to practice naturism in general, and freehiking in particular, isn't free. It requires sacrifice. Perhaps the sacrifice to leave the blinds closed and live in the dark at home. Or, the sacrifice and cost to travel some distance to a nude location. Or, the sacrifice of personal comfort to share naturism with others, or to be the first to take off clothing, or to remain clothed when others are reluctant. Or, the the potential loose of freedom from being seen freehiking. Some exceptional people sacrifice jobs and even relationships with others for the freedom to just to be nude as God intended.

But, without the sacifice of those from the past, we would all be forced to live dressed in Victorian prudishness. So how can we thank those who pioneered today's more relaxed dress code, and those from the past who sacrificed so much for naked freedom? Sacrifice - share naturism now.

Two questions come to mind: (1) What have you sacrificed for naked freedom? (2) What will you be willing to sacrifice for naked freedom in the future?

Any answers from my readers?

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  1. I very nearly sacrificed my marriage but we managed to find common ground and now my wife is nude more at home than I am. I continue to maintain my membership at the nudist club I belong to Kaniksu Ranch even though we are having some tough times economically. I have experienced a cooling off in the relationship I have with some of my friends and neighbors due to my openess regarding my nudist tendencies. I hope to live in a nude club fulltime in the future but due to the depressed housing market selling the current home is not an option. I guess that is a sacrifice.