Wednesday, November 10, 2010


“Driving to and from my naked hikes is a great way to extend my naked time. I usually leave home before twilight or while it's still early twilight to go on my 12+ mile naked loop hikes in Olympic National Park or Forest so, since I sleep in the buff too, I just get up, load my gear into my truck and set off for the trailhead, all nude. The drive is usually 40 minutes to an hour and a half, during which time full daylight may come on. There are always lots of big trucks, RVs, and a few buses from which the drivers or passengers may be able to see that I'm naked, but they flash by so quickly that I doubt anyone even notices. Upon completing my hike in the afternoon I'm reluctant to put on clothes and end my naked adventure, so I usually drive home naked too.” - Woodsbuff

“I drove home naked after my first naked hike, about 45 miles. Seemed only natural. I covered up with a pair of shorts when passing through the hearts of small towns, but other than that, buff. I've repeated that process after every naked hike, and anytime I'm driving home at night.” – BoxNaked

“I love driving naked! Lucky for me I have a 4x4 pickup. I vist Blacks Beach during the summer and after spending the day naked I cant help not driving home naked. I sit on a beach towel just in case I have to cover up. It's a two hour drive back home and I also have to pass through the Border Patrol check point. I fiqure if I was to be stopped. I'll just warp the towel around me and explan that I just spent the day at the beach and didnt want to drive home in a wet swim suit! I also go 4x4ing out in the Mojave Desert and thats a great place for naked driving and hiking!” - RudeDog

“My brother-in-law and I finally got to take a camping trip after many years of living in opposite sides of the country. We had been room mates in college, camped and backpacked, and enjoyed the local nude beach back then but that was many moons ago. We picked a c/o campground as our base of operations and planned to explore the surround mountains and desert in my Jeep. While we were naked most of the time in the campground, the first day we drove in our shorts. However, the second day was different. We headed up into the Glass Mountains, to a campsite we had discovered the previous day as we were headed back to our campground. This time we stopped to check it out for future trips. There was a nice stream and we both, nearly simultaneously, stripped down to enjoy the cool water. We also walked around looking at alternative camping spots in the area, before returning to the Jeep. It was a warm day, and neither of us bothered to redress. We spent the day exploring the mountain roads and secluded campsites. It was fall and the vistas with the golden aspen were fantatstic. We passed one wood cutter, but I doubt he realized we were naked, but if he did, so what. Eventually, we returned to the highway and headed back towards our campground. Since we needed ice we drove past it and on to the small town and store. About 1/2 mile before entering the town I realized we better stop and get our shorts on. My brother-in-law asked what I was pulling off for and I reminded him he was naked-"oh yeah". We got our ice, more beer, and some ice cream and headed back to camp (and nakedness). An unplanned day of naked and pleasant driving.” – Daves ndt

“Oh man, driving naked is the best. If you have never tried it and are thinking of it, do it. Whether you drive out of your house naked or drive to an area where you can get naked, do it. I spent 2 years driving from Denver to Dallas, naked. I would leave my home in Denver, naked - walked right out the front door, locked it, put my stuff in the truck and go - usually 8 or 9 am. Seriously, but in Denver, public nudity is not against the law, but indecent exposure is. I can't describe how freeing this is. If I thought someone was learking around me, I'd use a towel to cover myself. . . but after 2 years of the drive, twice a month, you learn that people don't look around at their surroundings. When someone did notice they either smiled and nodded or gave me dirty looks. Anyway... get naked and go driving.” – Alan

Ken: Driving nude one must be careful – though other drivers seldom see you, the police may not appreciate the un-sexual aspects of naturism. Still, being careful, which one should be anyway when driving, naked cross-country is a wonderful way to go. PJ and I have driven naked often – mostly on longer trips from Utah to Washington and to California. Last winter I drove nude most of the trip from Idaho Falls to Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, California (about 13 hours). Though I sometimes wore an open coat because it was winter and anyone looking would expect that. It's amazing how different the sensations are. You feel temperature differences immediately. You're more conscious of your speed and other cars around you. I even drove naked except for the coat through the California plant inspection station. When I got to Olive Dell is was nice to just drive in and be already in uniform (naked). Nude driving isn't as enjoyable as freehiking, but driving naked certainly made the necessarily long drive bare-able.

Has anyone else enjoyed driving naked?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Freehiking's Spiritual Connection

“I have thought about this for awhile, looking for a way to express how I feel about hiking, the outdoors and being naked. . . I have often thought that there is a spiritual feeling from being in nature. Yesterday’s USA Today had an article in the life section that spoke of a preacher, rabbi and scholar who give more or less sermons in the great outdoors. How one can open up and loose all connection to the outside world and let nature direct you to God. Most important to me was the fact that before churches God spoke to his people through nature and even Jesus did most of his teaching outdoors. I don't pretend to be overly religious but I often feel that connection when I am alone in the woods. . . Being naked . . . just comfortable shoes and your true self to connect with nature and your God.” – Nude Walker

"Amen - arriving at the top of a ridge, the breeze cooling your bare skin, the beauty of the valley below, pausing for a prayer of gratitude - what could be more spiritual? Anyone?" – Ken

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shirley's Fall Creek Nude Hike Report

“Shirley's Fall Creek Nude Hike Report - Hearing that the weather was going to be in the 80’s I decided to try and steal another nude camping/hiking weekend. . . Arrived at an undeveloped campsite in the Fall Creek area outside Eugene/Springfield around 5 pm on Friday evening. . . perfect for nude camping. Woke up early Saturday morning to Oregon fog that only added to the experience. Once the sun broke through the fog and I thought the trail would be drier I headed out for a hike. . . Usually I start a hike as early as possible so that I can assure myself that it is safe to hike nude. So little traffic in the area had me feeling comfortable to hike/camp nude. I started my hike going up stream from a near by bridge. At the bridge the trail crosses over the road to go down stream. I have always wanted to check out some skinny dipping locations on Fall Creek so hiking the trail gave me a great opportunity to do so. A portion of the hike was on an old road no longer used close to the river. . . I hiked to a campground that has been closed for the winter months. . . I used an alternative trail to return to the bridge and cross the river to hike down stream. . . I found myself in beautiful moss covered old growth trees and the trail decorated with ferns. This trail is one of the most beautiful I have ever hiked. Simply indescribable! The trail is close to the river and the road on the right. . . A short time later two men were fishing and if not for their dog would never have noticed me. I had heard the dog and put on my long t-shirt. They were friendly and I think one may have been nude previous to hearing me on the trail and the dog barking. . . I later made a decision to return back before reaching it. The interesting thing about hiking trails is that returning back on the same trail and seeing it from a different direction is like hiking a new trail. . . I love Oregon old growth forests and nude hiking!” - Shirley

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting Textiles

“I went to a favorite remote trail last Sunday, for a freehike amongst the autumn foliage. I have never seen anyone else on this trail, but, to my dismay, there was a single car parked at the trailhead. I figured that the chances were pretty good that they would be returning today from a backpack trip since it looked like the car had been parked there for a few days. Sure enough, I ran into the backpackers later that that morning. They were two men and two women returning from a one-week trip into the mountains. The man in front stopped and he and I talked for a few minutes, while the other three went on up the trail a ways. I wasn't sure how they felt about my presence, but the guy I spoke with made no mention of my skimpy hiking attire (boots, socks, ball cap). Later, in my vehicle on the way out, I actually caught up with their car. When they recognized who was behind them, the passengers all turned and waved. They pulled over for me to pass and one of the women hung her head out the window and gave me a big wave and smile. A great ending for a great hike!” - Mike

Ken: While I don't search for the opportunity to be seen freehiking, I've run into a few people and have never experienced a negative reaction. I think the location makes a big difference. Twice I've met a lady riding a horse in the hills above Olive Dell Ranch - no negative reaction. She even let me take her photo. And several times I've met people while hiking into Deep Creek Hot Springs, where nudity is common. Again, no negative reactions. I suspect freehikers needn't be too concerned about meeting textiles.

Anyone else have similiar experiences/reactions?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freehiking in Utah

“About an hour from Salt Lake I was able to enjoy hiking an old mining road through a mixed forest of aspen, pines, and juniper. The mountains were spectacular, it was absolutely quiet (except for the deer that I was constantly spooking), and the trail was equal parts of forest and meadows. I had only limited time, so I only hiked about 2.2 miles in. The entire time I saw nobody, which made hiking nude very relaxing since I wasn't constantly on guard against bumping into somebody. Probably because it was Monday - Thursday and in a federal wilderness.” – ausnackt

Ken: I started freeehiking in southern Utah, and have hiked there for years. Utah may be the best area for freehiking anywhere.