Monday, August 29, 2011

Even More Nude Drivers

“Yeah, nude driving is fun. I always make sure to have a XXL t-shirt on hand, or something similar that I can quickly throw on in case of police attention.“ - Alexdranda

“Yes I have [driven nude]. . . it started with a skinny dip at a beach one night and while swimming my clothes and towel etc. got soaked by a wave, and I had nothing else dry around, so I decided to drive home which was about a 60 km trip and through country and suburbs . . . I drove right on the legal limit so that no cops would stop me . . . I got home no problem. Then I did it regularly - my longest time was 900 km . . . I do keep a towel or a wrap to quickly cover up if have to. But is fun to do.”

“I sometimes did drive nude, and co-driving as well, most of all at holiday trips. Very comfortable and sensual, sometimes a bit thrilling. Usually I care to have something in reach to cover up in case of need (police control etc.), but never had to make use of by now. “ – Pixy

“I enjoy driving nude, especially during long trips. Being nude is just more comfortable. I am mainly nude at home. I don't have a privacy fence, so I am limited to inside the house when I'm home. But driving gives me a chance to extend my boundaries a little. I have driven nude to the post office to drop off mail. I have driven nude to the ATM to get cash. I once rented a storage shed and when I learned it had a place to drive up and drop off the monthly bill, I decided to do that too. But I found out the slot for the dropoff is not in a place where you can actually drive right up to it. I had to quickly get out of the car to complete my mission. I got more comfortable doing this once I realized there were never that many people around the place.” – CME360

“When it's dark out, I don't bother putting my clothes on when I go for a drive. I roll down the windows and feel the wind on my whole body.” – Hadakari

“I decided to go for a drive naked. It was about three am. I walked out to my car completely nude. I did put some clothes in the back seat. I then started my car and drove through town, then got onto the freeway. The place I went to was two hundred miles away. When I pulled into the parking lot it was daylight . . . I then grabbed my clothes and put them on and walked into the restaurant and ordered my breakfast.” – Texad

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Question - To Cover Up or Not

Here are interesting thoughts from two freehikers about covering up when encountering textiles on the trail. Does anyone else have advice about covering up?


Thoughts by Milt: Except when hiking in very remote and little-used areas, I usually carry a pair of shorts in my hand as I walk. When I get wind of textiles approaching, I turn around (since buttocks are seen as somehow less offensive than genitals) and quickly slip on my shorts. This is easy enough for me since I hike in sport sandals rather than heavy boots, but loose-fitting shorts should even work with boots. Most times when I'm hiking alone, I am fast enough that the approaching textiles don't realize that I was nude, but even if they do realize it, they don't react strongly and respond appropriately when I turn back around and give them a cheery hello. Whatever may have been "wrong" in their minds has been quickly "righted" and they are not terribly offended.

Recently, however, I went walking in the woods with no shorts or anything else, and unfortunately got lost and ended up out on a road where I encountered a woman walking her dog. I explained, as I asked for directions, that I was terribly lost and had intended to stay on private property, and apologized for any offense, but it seems not to have worked because she later called the police (according to a newspaper account of the police log). How I wish I had had my shorts in my hand that time.

Some naturists argue that one shouldn't rush to cover up when surprised by textiles because it implies that we were doing something wrong. In fact, according to the laws in most jurisdictions, and in the opinion of the vast majority of textiles, hiking nude is in fact "doing something wrong." Dressing quickly minimizes the sense on the part of the textiles that something is wrong or even sinister.

Sometimes the encounter happens so quickly that you can't put on shorts. Whether to scramble to cover up minimally at that point depends, for me, on whether there are children, older women, etc etc. It is a judgment call.

Lately I've been hiking with groups of naturists, several of whom are not prepared to dress quickly if approached by textiles. That changes the dynamic -- unless all get dressed, there seems no point in anyone getting dressed, and perhaps then it is best for all to brazen it out as though part of some unusual hiking club.

Lee's Thoughts: I have managed to avoid nearly all encounters entirely in recent years, and very much by design, but remarkably I did have one a couple of weeks ago. It was on a trail that I've considered "safe", sufficiently safe that I've taken groups there. . . I was walking along carrying my wrap . . . and was rounding a corner in a very shaded/dark canyon bend in the trail. As I looked forward I thought I saw something that seemed out of place, but I couldn't see it well enough to identify it. Once I got probably within about 10 feet that "something" said "hi". Since I couldn't see much, or gauge reaction, I decided to stop and put my wrap on (presumably right in front of whoever it was). As I walked toward them and into the shadow, I realized it was an older guy (Dad, I'd guess) and two young boys (sons I'd guess). I followed my philosophy of making the best of it and greeted them warmly after putting on my wrap and walking right by them, and to which Dad (presumably) responded quite warmly. One of the sons (presumably) was laughing. Still, I just went with it. I worry about the legal ramifications, but I'm surely not embarrassed by it. I think stopping like that and putting on the wrap sends the message that I'm both not there to shock them and I'm also not scared of my own naked shadow. Hopefully that gets realized. There usually isn't a lot of time to try to make a positive out of the encounters. I carried on my way and hoped they wouldn't get my license plate (which given everything, they might could have, but I have no idea what direction they were even going on the trail, since they were just laying down in the shade on the side of it). Nothing came of it, so I guess it ended okay. In fact, I'd say considering, that "Dad" seemed surprisingly unbothered.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Good Way To Spread Freehiking

Isn't the power of example interesting. Perhaps if more of us were less concerned about being seen freehikng, others would join in as shown by the following example. Has anyone else been able to share freehiking by being seen?


“I saw a guy hiking nude a couple weeks ago on a popular trail here in Altadena, California which I regularly frequent. I was hiking back down close to evening on a weekday and saw a nude hiker and said "Hey buddy I've been thinking of trying that myself" but kept walking because for some reason I was a little shy. But it was the truth I had been reading about it and wanting to try it for months now. So the very next day I hiked about halfway up the trail and disrobed. Just my luck less than probably a minute after I started walking again two young couples are coming down the trail at me. I was thinking uh oh but kept my cool and one of the girls giggled a little but the guys didn't look really thrilled about it. I said hello and moved on and came across another couple with much the same reaction. So I have gone naked hiking on the same trail like three times since last week all during the week mid-afternoon to evening. . . the only way to change people's opinions of doing this is for textile hikers to see it more often and I agree. I will go out of my way to avoid families and weekend hikers though.” - NaturalHikingDude

Friday, August 26, 2011

Would you pose for a nude portrait?

I did at 45... and it was one of the unexpectedly liberating experience of my life

By Kate Battersby

(Perhaps this is a way to help introduce a reluctant spouse to naturism? - Ken)

Alan seemed a pleasant enough chap. I had known him for precisely 25 minutes when I took all my clothes off in his house and stood in front of him entirely naked. He gazed at my body in frank assessment . . . Before you dismiss me as a shameless hussy, let me assure you it really isn’t what you think — I am about to become one of an increasing number of women who pose for a nude portrait.

. . . when I was 45 . . . when I decided to have myself painted nude. The idea of a regular portrait had appealed to me for a long time . . . To see ourselves as others see us — I loved that idea. Moreover, I had just spent two years losing four stone. For the first time in a decade I felt confident — joyous, even — about how I looked and I figured that pretty soon everything would be heading south. I had always thought that nudes were beautiful and I was feeling about as near to beautiful as I was ever likely to. Above all, I knew that my readiness to be painted nude had a lot to do with the mental freedom of being in my 40s. In my 20s I could never have contemplated the idea, so lacking in confidence was I, even though I now realize that I looked as good as anybody my age. Women are all too good at finding reasons to loathe their bodies. It seemed to me that having my portrait painted nude wasn’t about raving narcissism but more a case of making peace with my physical self.

Artist Cloe Cloherty says . . . ‘Everyone I’ve painted nude — mostly women, but a few men — has said it’s a completely positive experience . . .’ These aren’t people with Hollywood bodies, but they find affirmation in the process and the result. ‘For example, I was commissioned to paint a woman nude because her husband had died the year before. She did it in a sense of renewal.’

Fellow artist Sam Story agrees: ‘It’s definitely a rising trend, and most of the nudes I do are women in their 40s. It’s never about narcissism. Some clients don’t like how they look in clothes, but love the results when they see a portrait of themselves nude.’

. . . I chose an artist by going to a big art fair, where I liked the watercolours and charcoal drawings of Alan White. . . His only concern was to reassure me. All I needed to do was bring a robe, and not be nervous. . . That isn’t quite how it was for me. For one thing, I spent hours beforehand on hair, make-up, nails, and even tanning, even though I knew the style of Alan’s work meant that none of these details would matter. It lent me an armour of pretend poise . . . Some people are so nervous they turn away at the front door, apparently. Others, according to Alan, decide not to go ahead when a partner vetoes the idea. At least I turned up.

His wife Judy was there . . . I was directed into a room where I changed into my robe, and went into Alan’s studio . . . Alan smiled encouragingly. ‘Shall we start then?’ he suggested. . . ‘Do I take my robe off?’ I asked . . . Alan smiled again. ‘That would be best,’ he advised. Yes, I thought. Get on with it. I looked at the ceiling. I looked at the floor. I took a deep breath, then I took my robe off. The sky didn’t fall in. The world kept turning.

Alan asked me to stand with my back to him, my face in profile. Within one minute, I realized that the difficult part in all this wasn’t being stark naked, but keeping still — really still, for almost any length of time. When you can’t shift your weight gently from foot-to-foot, your muscles start to seize up bizarrely quickly. . . After 15 minutes, he told me to relax. I put my robe on again and went to look at the results. There I was, on paper in charcoal. I loved it. Alan . . . worked on some details for five or ten minutes while I had a rest, and then I posed for another portrait. This time when I dropped my robe it wasn’t quite with Samantha-esque nonchalance, but the nerves were gone . . .

Self-consciousness about perceived imperfections is, of course, the female norm and something nude portrait painters are very familiar with and expert at addressing . . . in [Sam] Story’s experience, some of her subjects choose to celebrate their bodies in a way that puts to shame my own pathetic concern about a bit of tummy flab. ‘I have painted women nude who are post-operative breast cancer sufferers,’ she says. ‘They want to be painted as they are, not as they were, to find new beauty in themselves.’

. . . Lorraine Price, a company secretary . . . was far from confident about herself when she commissioned Story to paint her nude at the age of 46. ‘I used to be a size eight and now that I’ve had three children I’m a 14 . . . It wasn’t a lifelong ambition to be painted nude, but a girlfriend had it done and I liked it, so I went ahead and I loved the result. It made me think about myself differently. It’s a large canvas in oils, perhaps three foot by five foot. The picture hangs in the family room at home, where my friends see it and my son’s friends also. You can’t tell at a glance that it’s me, but if anyone asks I always say. ‘My son was 14 when I had it done and he’s cool with it.’

As for me . . . Two hang on my bedroom wall at any one time. Those who see them are usually startled, always intrigued, and never negative. . . Personally, I didn’t have the pictures done for anyone else to say anything. They were, and still are, about me and for me. And I couldn’t be happier.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Montana Freehiking Encounter & Lesson

I've also learned this same lesson about not over-reacting when encountering others while freehiking. How about you?


“We strapped on our water-packs and headlamps for a night hike. The moon was rising bright as we walked down the road chatting. We hadn’t gotten too far when we realized there was a silver truck behind us about 200 feet on the sharp turn of the road. We scattered like naked chickens looking for cover with no good hiding place. The woman passed with her hand to the side of her face to block the view this naked man who inadvertently was moving in her direction. After the disruption of our peaceful walk, the conversation turned to the appearance of the truck. We decide that we should have just moved the road a bit and waited for them to pass. The run and hide act was a clear statement of being in the wrong. . . By the time we reached the valley meadow it was night. . . We lost the trail so we turned back hiking up the somewhat steep mountain slope. Never once turning our lamps on to see the trail, because of the bright clear moon light. It was a glorious clear starry night. Once back at camp we sat for a while and talked while looking at the stars until it got too cold. . . My flight response is quite strong and I don't like encountering automobiles when I'm nude because I can't communicate with the passengers, nor can I discern anything about the age and gender of the occupants. So, when we were surprised by a pickup stealthily rounding the bend in the road behind us, we both took off into the woods like frightened deer. It was, we quickly discovered, a quite stupid move as there were no trees or underbrush to hide our naked bodies - at least nothing nearby. We must of looked comical to the driver as we scrambled for cover, but judging from the hand she held to the side of her face, she didn't find much humor in the situation. Oh, well....there was a valuable lesson in the encounter for us hikers. Next time, we decided, we'd step to the side of the road, continue walking, and give a polite nod and brief wave as the auto passes - just as if walking along the road in the nude is the most natural thing in the world - because, really, it is.” - Beltcreek

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

East Kansas – The Perfect Skinny Road Trip

PJ and I enjoyed a wonderful, nearly perfect Skinny Road Trip through east Kansas, visiting two naturist parks along the way. We started from the Kansas City area where we were working, and headed South on the 35. After a ½ hour or so we branched onto the 59, a pleasant two-lane highway that follows the old Santa Fe Trail route, passing through the green hills and fields of this beautiful area – perfect from nude driving.

We stopped at a stained-glass shop along 59 and talked with the artist – interesting guy – beautiful stained glass and unique windmills.

Eventually we reached the 75 South and continued into Lyndon, KS for a delicious hamburger at the Smoke Shack BBQ (very reasonable prices).

It was a short four miles to Prairie Haven (, a smaller 30 acre resort. Calling ahead is required because the office is often unattended. Our visit started with a guided golf-cart tour. We sunbathed, showered, and soaked in the relaxing pool for about an hour, talking with several members. (We found this resort very friendly.) Then we took our own walking tour, noticing the well-kept lots/trailers/decks. We had a very pleasant walk along their short-wooded nature trail. We met and talked with a very nice couple about the resort, and enjoyed watching radio-controlled cars running the resort’s track (something we’ve not seen at a naturist venue before).

We returned to the pool for one last soak. A group of ladies doing water exercises invited us to join in, but we declined explaining we just wanted to soak for a few more minutes before heading down the road. The water on our naked bodies was especially nice after working up a sweat on our walking tour of this small, but highly recommended resort. (See a few photos at

We then drove north on the 75 for about a half hour and stopped at Lake Edun ( This wonderful naturist paradise in Topeka, KS is a must visit for those wanting to commune with nature the way God intended. Only one other car was parked in the gravel parking lot. We walked down the well-groomed trail through the trees to the small shed where we registered, made a donation, and lockered our clothes.

At the first boat docking area we met and talked with the only other visitor – a local man, fairly new to naturism. We explained that we were making a short visit, and headed off around the picturesque lake. Lake Edun’s well-groomed, tree-covered trails wind all the way around Lake Edun, making for a relaxing and private nude hike. (This would be a great place to introduce someone to the feeling of being naked outdoors.) Several canoes were available, but we didn’t take the time to use one – next visit for sure. We took several photos along the way (see We dressed again on returning to the shed to walk back to our car (a club requirement), leaving paradise as a sign on the path out said. There is no naturist paradise quite like Lake Eden – with all the local political pressure we hope it can remain just like it is.

Soon we were skinny driving again back on the 70 towards the Kansas City area. (Nude driving is such a refreshing way to travel, especially if one is hot and sweaty from a naked hike.) We covered up only briefly with towels as we passed through two toll booths on the turnpike, but had no concerns. Too soon we arrived at our destination in the “real” world where clothing was again required, the end to a perfect Skinny Road Trip.

If you live in the Kansas City area and haven’t taken this Skinny Road Trip, you’ve truly missing a wonderful experience.

Anyone else have a Skinny Trip Report to share?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oaklake Trails

PJ and I stopped overnight at Oaklake Trails ( on our trip from Little Rock, AR to Phoenix, AZ. We found that this wonderful resort has all the amenities – entrance house, rental units (nicely kept), clubhouse, pool, spa, picnic facility, children’s play area, and even a full-size, four-hole golf course. The resort is situated on top of a high hill, providing the well-kept permanent residences with gorgeous views of the surrounding, tree-covered countryside. We enjoyed a nice soak in the pool (though the visitors that day were not as friendly as we normally experience), and enjoyed a fine walking tour. We especially liked the extensive hiking trails that wind through mature trees past pretty lakes. The trails are certainly one of the best aspects of this beautiful wooded resort. Interestingly, a sign near the gate announces that this resort had been selected by the local Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Month. We agree. Except for the high humidity (and probably cold winters) we would certainly consider this resort as a great place to live free as God intended.

Here are a few photos from our visit:


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Nudists Even On Sunday

I've found Sunday a great day to be a home nudist - how about you?


“Sundays are usually my "naked day". I try not to plan doing anything, so I try to stay undressed the whole day. This past weekend, I didn't put a stitch on all day, not even my wrap around. Felt great.” – Nude M

“I feel great after a day of being nude. Now that we're "empty nesters" I spend more time nude. When I get home the clothes come off and if I'm lucky enough to not have to run errands I don't get dressed until the next time I work. Living nude makes me more comfortable and relaxed.” - Papanudist

“I am Earl M, a home nudist for several years. I became a home nudist by accident, installing a ceiling fan one very hot summer day. Disrobing helped me cope with the heat.” – Earl M.

“Having been raised in a household that was very casual about nudity, I too, wonder at some that 'require' even young children to hide in the bathroom to dress/undress. Unless you live in a glass house, downtown, in a city of prudes, there should be no reason to wear textiles at home. My daughter put it very succinctly when she stated (at age 5) "Boys peedle, girls potty, and everybody poops!" Not that it can't be fun to dress up in a costume (read this ANY clothing) to go somewhere, but we were born naked, and no one should be ashamed of that, especially in their own home.” - Rick

“I believe that home nudism is the most popular of the [nudist] life style, and the most accepted by the generally non-supportive spouse." - Doug R

“I am also naked indoors at home most of the time. I enjoy the freedom and comfort it gives me. I seem to be doing a lot less laundry since I started that habit!” - Jaimee

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are You a Home Nudist Too?

PJ and I are home nudists, as are the following people. Are you a home nudist too?


“I have never liked clothes. When I do go clothes shopping it takes me hours. I just don't like them. When I get home from work the clothes come off. I love the feel of my naked body against the nice crisp clean sheets and the air coming in through the window onto my naked skin. We live out in the middle of nowhere and we have warned the ranchers in the area that if we are outside when they come up to yell so we can get something on if we are out in the back pasture. My husband shares this with me. We will run around the farm all day long in the nude. We have a pond we are trying to get started and I can't wait to go skinny dipping. Going out into the rain in the nude is great too. The human body is so beautiful I don't know why any of us have to wear clothes anyway.” – Rondat (woman)

“I too love to relax without clothes and often do. I own a house and have deemed it a clothing optional place. Everyone is welcome to dress or undress to their comfort. We mostly relax, talk, watch TV without wearing clothes. It is too bad society prevents this. I believe if nudity was legal, people would have much less hang ups.” - Nudydude

“I’ve hated clothes since my teenage years and that’s a while back (40 years!). I regularly go walking in our lovely countryside shoes only (and sometimes barefoot too!), and am nude at home - can't see any logic in wearing clothes indoors.” – Naturistmike

“I have been a closet nudist since I was a teenager. I slept in the nude and when I got home from school. If I was alone, I would spend my after school hours completely naked while I did my homework, read or worked on my hobbies. I continue to shed my clothes the minute I get home.” – Laidbacknudist

“I walk around the house naked. I sleep naked. If I could I would go to school naked . . . I'm mad that guys can walk around shirtless, but us females have to suffer. I'm hittin those nude beaches every day! I mean we came in this world naked right; well I want to be buried naked, even if I am an old saggy wrinkly old old old lady.” – Princesschanel

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nude Diving is Comfortable

Like the following people, I also find nude driving more comfortable. How about you?


“Last year my wife and I spent a week at PennMar, which has a MD address but is physically in PA. When we left there we drove to White Thorn which is located west of Pittsburg. I drove the distance of about 250 miles naked. It was in the daytime and we were in a 27 foot motor home which is the height of a truck. I put my towel wrap, which has a velcro waist snap, on the seat so that if necessary I could close it. Only once when going through a toll booth did I feel it necessary to cover up. Actually I was high enough so that the lady in the booth could not see into the vehicle. It was fun to get out at White Thorn properly dressed for the resort.” – Camera

“I have driven nude several times to the local park where I play soccer and tennis. I find that it is a lot more comfortable. I have never been pulled over by the police, however, I am lot more conscious about my speed and driving carefully when I am nude, so as not to get pulled over. I also happen to have a black car with tinted windows that are very dark, I'm not sure I would be comfortable doing it any other car.” – Jack4611

“Drove north up the eastern side of CO nude. Not much around and not much traffic. It was enjoyable and helped keep down the boredom.” - Knude

“On my recent trip up to Vermont for a week long naturist vacation, I drove in the nude both ways, except for the first few miles [on] the eight lane commuter road that encircles Boston - too much traffic there that requires my full attention - a distance of around 200 miles each way. Most definitely, a pleasant way to spend the miles and get into the mood for not needing any clothes for a week spent with five other like-minded folk. . . it is difficult, while approaching another vehicle, to observe with any detail . . . Only when one is directly alongside, and generally only from a very tall cab like that of an 18 wheeler tractor, and then most likely for only a fleeting moment if the angles are exactly right, is it possible to see into the laps of occupants of a normal hardtop vehicle. And most travelers probably don't make a practice of scrutinizing the interior of passing vehicles . . . So for us guys, not too much of a problem from a practical everyday standpoint. Perhaps a bit different for the women, but probably not insurmountable. Anyway, I was comfortable and the drive was uneventful.” - FreewalkerMA

“Just returned from a vacation where I drove approximately 470 miles each way to and from my destination naked. I only pulled shorts up/on for rest stops and refueling. On the way to my destination, I was surprised as I think I was passed by another naked driver. I saw him appear to reach for a cover-up as he passed me, but he was definitely shirtless like I was. A combination of traffic and a bad storm prevented me from verifying that he was also naked, but I am fairly sure he was. It was fun to have run across a like-minded driver. Had no other encounters or incidents on either leg of the trip and it made the long drive a little more enjoyable.” - NBD

“After we packed the van at the club in Idaho, we headed back into WA state. Being that I had been nude for the past 8 days, the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed. So I didn't bother. The several hour drive from N. Idaho into central WA was great. The only time I got my shorts and T-shirt on was when we stopped for fuel and lunch in WA. Finally put shorts back on when we were just about to enter the campground in WA which was textile. Felt good to drive in the warm air nude, as it always does.” – Fuzzybare

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot Springs, AR

The last week of July 2011, PJ and I took the 45 minute drive from our work location in Little Rock to visit Hot Springs, AR - a totally unique, turn of the century town – now a National Park. The town felt old – it was. Tourist shops lined the west side of the old main street. Six or so old bath houses lined the east side, set against beautifully wooded hills.

The largest bath house is now maintained as a museum by the Park Service. It demonstrates an amazing array of old-style bathhouse facilities.

It was so unique we decided we had to “take the bath”. Two of the bathhouses were still operating. We decided to visit the less expensive Buckstaff. We paid our $30 each fee and entered our separate bath areas (the male and female areas are separate).

Attendants led me to a stall to undress. I was given a sheet wrap that I soon found unnecessary, and was led to a large porcelain tub just filled with hot water. An old fashioned motor (it looked a lot like a outboard trolling motor) created a relaxing whirlpool effect. After about 20 minutes the attendant scrubbed and rinsed me, and led me to a sitz bath where I soaked my bottom for about 10 minutes.

I was then led to an extremely hot steam room for about two minutes (all I could stand), and then wrapped in hot towels on a padded table for another 10 minutes.

Finally, I was led to a cool-down room where I enjoyed a nude time relaxing on a comfortable padded lounge, before returning to the stall to again dress, and to return to the lobby to meet PJ who had had a very similar experience.

The bathhouses had been very popular from the late 1880 to the early 1920s - yearly attendance was nearly 68,000 baths. Now they are hardly used at all. At least part of the reason is that people today are frightened of nakedness – even in a bathhouse. I was talking about our experience with a female Manager and she was amazed that we got naked to take a somewhat public bath. I explained that it was a bath – didn’t she bath naked? Crazy!

While not a real naturist experience, we highly recommend “taking the baths” when visiting Hot Springs, AR. It was by far the best part of our visit.

Here are our photos:

Here is a link to more information about Hot Springs, AR: (,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Always More Nude Drivers

"I try to drive naked as often as I can in the warm weather. Living in New England the seasons do limit you somewhat. But when I do drive naked I have found that no one really even looks at you for the most part. I don't think people can see you inside. I have a smaller SUV, but there are many more vehicles higher than mine, especially big trucks. It's a great feeling of freedom." - Dalancino

"I love driving naked! . . . I visit Blacks Beach during the summer and after spending the day naked I can’t help not driving home naked. I sit on a beach towel just in case I have to cover up. It's a two hour drive back home and I also have to pass through the Border Patrol check point. I figure if I was to be stopped. I'll just warp the towel around me and explain that I just spent the day at the beach and didn’t want to drive home in a wet swim suite!" – Rudedog

"I went down to New York today and on my way back, right after I passed back over the border into Canada, I pulled off on a side road in the country, got out of my truck and stripped down naked right in the road, and drove all the way home like that. It felt awesome. Sun was shining brightly. When I was off the highway, I had the windows down too to enjoy the fresh air." - Always Naked

"One time I was driving naked in a VW with a sun roof. I was stopped at a stop light when a trucker pulled up beside me. He could look directly down from his cab through my sun roof. He laughed and told me I looked pretty comfortable. Usually I have a towel on the seat beside me, but hadn't expected a situation like this. I just laughed and said, 'yep.'" - BobBare

"Last summer I was doing the bi-weekly commute from the Willamette valley to Fresno. That piece of I-5 thru the Central Valley can get HOT! Then my A/C failed. Nothing to do but roll down the windows and strip off. And who ever heard of getting arrested in California for being nude? After that it became the routine for the trip and as I usually arrived after dark I never bothered to dress when walking into my apartment either." - Rancid

"Well, got my first naked driving in for the year. Since it was wet outside this morning, I took the truck to work . . . since it was warm out I decided to do it au-naturel. Grabbed some clothes & shoes, along with my lunch, and I jumped in the car. I drove the speed limit & made sure to come to complete stops everywhere, just to avoid getting pulled over for some stupid reason. . . at work we have to park a bit away and take a shuttle bus in. Since I was naked, I pulled into the far end corner of the parking lot so I could get dressed first. This of course adds time onto my trip home, since I have to go all the way to the back corner, but worth it for the drive in." - RoofTop

Friday, August 12, 2011

Guido's Naked Triathlon

"I had the opportunity to get away for a nice 'Naked Triathlon' on Tueaday, the triathlon consisting of driving, hiking, and biking in the buff. . . Pulled out of the driveway and took off my pants before I got to the freeway. Drove naked all the way up to the mountain, where I had to wear pants for a few minutes . . . Then I crossed the street to start my hike, and the pants came off again soon thereafter. . . I ran into a hiking couple. We were all startled because we met at a bend in the trail where we could not see or hear each other beforehand. They didn't say anything. An hour or so later, another group of three came my way, so they also got to see some 'wildlife'. They said hi and continued, and so did I. . .

The trail then continues through the campground . . . where I had stashed my bike. I packed all my clothes into the backpack and returned biking nude, a first for me. . . When I rode along the big lake, I stopped on a high spot to take a look around and enjoy the completely deserted area. But hey, what about those three folks across the lake from me that were starting at me? Well, I guess they saw some wildlife, too. . . I finally arrived at the car, naked the whole time, even on the county road. Packed up my bike and returned driving nude all the way to my driveway.

An afterthought: Different from all previous hikes, I wore a pair of small sports shorts rather than hiking shorts (much less fabric), so I was able to tuck the shorts under the hip belt of my backpack. That way they would be available quickly if I needed them. It turned out that, instead of making me feel more comfortable, this actually made me more paranoid about human encounters – just because I had access to the pants. The shorts are usually inside my backpack and thus more difficult to get to. And because it takes longer to retrieve the shorts from the pack, I usually can't do anything anyway when meeting people, so there's less reason to worry. Strange logic, but that's the way I feel about it. Will keep the shorts in the backpack next time." - Guidoh2

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pondarosa Resort Skinny Report

July 2011 PJ and I visited the Pondarosa Family Nudist Resort not too far from our work location in Tyler, TX – once just visiting for a weekend morning/afternoon, and the second time staying overnight before traveling to our next assignment in Little Rock, AR.

Pondarosa in Wills Point, just east of Dallas, TX (, is a small resort on ten acres. We visited their wonderful clubhouse (one of the nicest we’ve ever seen) and soaked in the relaxing pool.

Our small cabin was very well kept and furnished. We enjoyed several naked walks around the grounds, appreciating the nicely maintained residences.

During our weekend visit we enjoyed soaking and visiting with 26 new naturist friends (12 women). During the week it was naturally quieter, but we still enjoyed soaking and talking with a resident couple. Everyone we met was open and friendly.

We highly recommend this small resort. It is an ideal first-timer resort.

Here are a few photos from our visit:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simple Things - Driving Nude

“I support the philosophy that, as naturists, we should promote, educate and participate in our lifestyle and be nude wherever and whenever possible. That's why I also drive nude 90% of the time. We are currently on vacation and I have been driving nude most everywhere. There have been a couple times, on this trip, that I have had to wear clothes the entire time, such as, driving from our hotel room to the restaurant for dinner. But anytime I can wear something that is easily slipped on and off, I'm driving naked most of the time. . . it's just who I am and how I prefer to be - all of the time! . . . believe 100% in your lifestyle and it's unharmful nature . . . doing simple things, like driving nude . . . [shows] who we are and what we do every day as a normal way of life.” - FP

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

British Nude Driver

“I’m a nudist and have been for as long as I can remember, and as a nudist I love driving in the nude whenever I can, and as my job is driving I drive naked quite a lot during the summer . . . I'd just keep something handy to cover me in slow moving town traffic. Last summer I drove to the south of France for a holiday at a nude camp site, I couldn’t stay naked on the ferry between Britain and France but I could at least drive to and from the ferry in the nude, and did just that. . . It was mid-afternoon when I pulled into the quiet filling station . . . I stopped for the night in a quiet layby and managed to have a meal and a hot drink at the open boot of my car in the nude, I then opened up my sleeping bag and lowered the front passenger seat and settled down for the night. Early the next morning I went to the boot again and made myself a hot coffee still naked and drank it before filling a flask and setting off to complete my journey, arriving at the campsite mid-morning, as this was a nude campsite there was no problem checking in naked and I spent the next two weeks enjoying the sun at the site and the nearby beach completely naked.” - Barearse

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nude Diving - An Obligation

Nude driving feels wonderful, both physically and mentally. But nude driving is much more than just feeling good. Whenever possible, I drive nude because I feel obligated to do so. Why? Because I am a naturist.

Naturists believe that the body as God created it is good, not something of which to be ashamed. Clothes are unnecessary distractions. Naturist practice normalizes the body physically, mentally, and spiritually, so it’s very healthy. Beside naturism is fun and relaxing.

Of course, so as not to infringe on others, PJ and I turned our car into a traveling nudist resort - installing window coverings and having cover-ups close at hand to keep people from looking and being shocked by our naturalness. We're naturists, not exhibitionists after all.

So recently I drove nude from Little Rock to Rogers, AR, and also from Tulsa, OK, to Phoenix, AZ. As a naturist I felt obligated to do so - just one more aspect of being true to my beliefs about living life as it ought to be lived. But it was of course much more than an obligation. It felt wonderful.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Lots of Nude Drivers

Do you get the feeling that nearly everyone wants to drive nude? I at least wish it were so. Here are even more people who love the experience.


“I drove 348 miles naked. When I had to stop for gas my girlfriend put her clothes back on and I just put a towel over me till we left. When we got home I just wrapped the towel around me till I got in the apartment. It sure was fun and relaxing.” – Thifes

“I have driven nude several times (at least once a week). It really feels great to not have any constrictions except for a seatbelt. When I drive nude I am much more aware of my surroundings!! I love the feeling!!!!” – Txpopi

“I love driving naked whenever I can, although I am being very careful, there are lots of 4-wheel drivers, trucks etc., and they can all look down on you! But the feeling is sensational, I just love it. I always keep a towel handy . . . But when you are on the open road or on a highway, there is nothing better!” - Peter

“I got the late night munchies so I ran out to McDonalds. On the way back I was driving down the two lane road with no cars so I slipped off the shorts. It was nice to drive in the cool night air in the buff” – Jasonbb

“I enjoyed a 2 hour skinny road trip today, only dressed for about 5 minutes to walk in and get parts for truck. then removed clothes again for return trip. Slid a shirt over my lap when a officer was directing traffic on the Yellow line at a construction sight. I believe he had more things to worry about than me at the moment. With traffic, 95 degrees outside and sweating like, might I say "a pig" little ole me staying cool was not on his list of priorities.” – NudistJohn

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anyone else enjoyed driving nude this summer?

“Driving naked need not have anything to do exhibitionism. I've driven naked in the past and very rarely, if ever, can anyone see that you are naked or bothers to look. Most drivers are paying more attention to the road or their cell phone. I've taken a towel with me to cover when I feel like a truck passing on the left might be able to see me. Anymore, I just don't see the point.” - Roger

“I recently drove nude from Heber to Las Vegas. Unfortunately I was alone but it was still very enjoyable. I kept a pair of shorts and a T on the seat beside me just in case, and for the two stops I made along the way I stopped short of the gas stations and got dressed. I highly recommend the experience to others.” - BB

“You know you were right about people not noticing another person in another car. Most times it’s a glance and then Back to driving. I've been driving for a few years now with nothing on - going to and from work. It is the most aware time I have in my hectic day. I keep something to cover up But I do things to make it so that happens less often - always find roads less used - two lanes are preferable. If you need to go on a wider road, stay in the outside lane. Always wear a seatbelt. Maintain your speed to the speed limit. Be courteous of others. When you’re not making a scene, and drawing attention to yourself, the law and others leave you alone to go about your business. I’m lucky in that I have a truck. I sit up higher than most. It has a fold down middle console so when I don’t want others seeing in, I put it down. I’ve driven in big cities, busy cities, on the freeway, etc. As long as I am aware of others. I've had no problems. I feel that Naturists have a responsibility to be aware of others.” - Kevin.

“My friend Kelly lives less than a mile from me. She will drive over here nude. Last year, She would drive home wearing just a towel. Toward the end of last summer, she would just drive nude. Since the weather has been warm, we are able to sunbathe. She now just drives over nude. She does have a cover-up just in case. They built a pool at her house, so later today I will drive over to her house nude too.” - MidGANudist (Woman)

“I've driven in a car for 30+ miles bottomless while my wife sitting next to me was completely nude as was her older sister in the back seat. When we got home we all got out and very casually walked inside our house after chatting for a bit outside in the front yard (it was mostly dark out) without even covering up and of course we stayed nude once inside. Driving nude, either partially or completely, is awesome!“ – EP User

“I lived in PA and worked in NY City for 3 years. At first I took the bus everyday but when the company gave me a car I would drive. With traffic it would take almost 3 hours going home. I am a nudist and decided why not drive nude. I started to disrobe as the sun set and would drive nude most nights. I always wondered if anyone knew but since I only did that at night then I guess not. I have driven nude during the day since but not from NY.” – NakedMarine

Monday, August 1, 2011

Whatever Happened to Tolerance?

“. . . why is it that certain people, who might refer to themselves as tolerant, bridle and dig in their heels the second I appear in the nude around them? Why can’t they tolerate, in the spirit of coexistence, the simple fact of my naked body, a body that they possess? I’m not asking them to accept my public nudity, or agree with my naturist philosophy, I’m just asking them to tolerate my nudity, within certain boundaries. What boundaries? I shouldn’t masturbate in front of them, try to coax them to have sex with me, or have sex with their partner, stand with my buttocks in their faces, or provide them a close-up view of my genitalia. Those are the boundaries I mean. Does all of the above sound reasonable? It should, because we tolerate many things, throughout the course of every day. . . why is the sight of a naked human being such a problem? . . . to say that a nude person is engaged in the sex act, or is likely to engage in the sex act, is to say that someone is eating, or likely to engage in eating, just because we see his or her mouth! . . . I find an instantly adverse reaction to nudity puzzling. To be fair, most people tolerate nudity in many instances. They may be amused, or shocked (pleasantly), or annoyed, but it never occurs to them to call in the police. . . it’s usually one or two who make the most fuss. Why then, do the police shut down the nudist activity, especially when the majority doesn’t have a problem with it? In other instances, one or two complaints don’t constitute legal enforcement or an infringement, so why is nudity an exception? . . . all nudists have ever asked of the society around them, is tolerance. . . Yet, in the past, police raided nudist parks and camps, where nudists practiced their preference behind fences! How can this be, in a society that is supposedly free? . . . All the inflamed hysteria over simple nudity only serves to foment more inflamed hysteria. . . if we just let naturists/nudists alone, nudity will soon become a non-issue. And we’ll find that so many of the side issues—prurience, unbridled lust, inappropriate behavior and pornography—will proportionately lessen as well. . . I hope I live to see this kind of tolerance happen.” – Tom Pine

Me too. Anyone else agree? Ken