Saturday, June 26, 2010


SoCal Freehiker’s hiked to Deep Creek hot springs on Thursday, June 24th, 2010. Six members were able to schedule time for the hike – again all guys, because PJ got sick, but I’m sure we’ll have the ladies in the group join the next hike. (Sorry others were unable to attend; we’ll try to vary the days from now on to include more members.)

I arrived at Bowen Ranch a little late, but most were waiting, naked in the parking lot when I arrived - thanks.

The two mile hike down to the springs was easy. The weather was nice and warm, with a cooling breeze – not a cloud in the sky. The high desert scenery along the way was beautiful. I noticed and photographed a few flowers.

We passed one clothed couple on the way down. As they passed, I mentioned to them that it seemed too warm for clothes, but they didn’t respond.

When we arrived, we sat on rocks to remove our shoes in order to wade across the stream to the hot pools. The water was perhaps two feet deep and very peasant – not cold at all.

We first gathered in a shady area to eat our lunch and talk.

Then for several hours we soaked in the hot pools, swam in the river, and talked. It was very enjoyable.

We met several locals who shared some other areas we might freehike in the future. I’ll take a little time to visit these areas so we can schedule them if they look good. Anyone interested in joining my explorations?

Perhaps 50 people were at the springs, though the area is large enough so it didn’t feel crowded at all. At least half of the people remained clothed, especially the younger visitors – strange – but no one mentioned our nudity, or seemed to care.

Mid-afternoon, we decided to leave. The sun was hot but the breeze blowing past our nude bodies kept the temperature just right for the freehike out.

We passed several other clothed people on the way out. None commented about our nakedness, though they didn’t stop to talk.

A special thanks to Ron of Deep Creek Volunteers fame who led the hike.

Gil volunteered to lead out next hike. It will be to the Idlewild area, on probably Friday, July 9th. He’ll get back to us with the exact time, location, directions, etc. Hopefully all will be able to attend. It is such a wonderful experience, freehiking with good friends, being one with nature.

Here is a link to a few photos from the Deep Creek hike:

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