Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting Textiles

“I went to a favorite remote trail last Sunday, for a freehike amongst the autumn foliage. I have never seen anyone else on this trail, but, to my dismay, there was a single car parked at the trailhead. I figured that the chances were pretty good that they would be returning today from a backpack trip since it looked like the car had been parked there for a few days. Sure enough, I ran into the backpackers later that that morning. They were two men and two women returning from a one-week trip into the mountains. The man in front stopped and he and I talked for a few minutes, while the other three went on up the trail a ways. I wasn't sure how they felt about my presence, but the guy I spoke with made no mention of my skimpy hiking attire (boots, socks, ball cap). Later, in my vehicle on the way out, I actually caught up with their car. When they recognized who was behind them, the passengers all turned and waved. They pulled over for me to pass and one of the women hung her head out the window and gave me a big wave and smile. A great ending for a great hike!” - Mike

Ken: While I don't search for the opportunity to be seen freehiking, I've run into a few people and have never experienced a negative reaction. I think the location makes a big difference. Twice I've met a lady riding a horse in the hills above Olive Dell Ranch - no negative reaction. She even let me take her photo. And several times I've met people while hiking into Deep Creek Hot Springs, where nudity is common. Again, no negative reactions. I suspect freehikers needn't be too concerned about meeting textiles.

Anyone else have similiar experiences/reactions?


  1. I had an encounter last week on a trail near my house. I always use caution but I was feeling really great and I was on the return part no one was parked at the lot and it was getting on towards sundown. I was in this blissful state enjoying my return walk and had just been thinking to myself how lovely it would be because I intended to hike to within a hundred yards of so of the parking area nude. Right about that time I heard the distinct sound of a runners footsteps. I turned and went uh-oh. Too late to do anything else I stepped to the side of the trail and simply stood there as he passed we didn't exchange words but he did look at me strangely but went on. I was a little worried that there might be a police officer waiting for me. I put on my shorts and contiued and there was no one waiting. I probably could have continued but as this trail is so close to home I had concerns. I did go out the very next day to another trail in the same park and went for a 3 hour nude hike. I even came to a point where I ditched the pack and everything behind a tree and did about a mile or 2 completely free. I feel a part of nature when I hike like this like I am connected to the environment. I wish I could convey this to all out there who would brand us as freaks or sex fiends. It has nothing to do with sex it is all about feeling free and part of the environment. To be nude in nature is all I want. The feelings and thoughts I have in those times I treasure. I don't even really want a hiking partner most of the time as the solitude is another part that I enjoy.

  2. Thanks for this contribution Alan!