Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Freehikers Forget Cares

“Another curious thing that seems to happen to me is once I actually set off on a hike . . . if I'm also nude, is that all the things I think about between hikes, about hiking and the out of doors, no longer seem to matter very much. I sometimes fret about things to take along, where to go, and so on, but once I'm there, it doesn't matter. As often as not I just go and don't even decide where to put my foot until I'm somewhere in the general vicinity. I suspect that this degree of unplanned adventure is not always a good thing but, in a way, it is also something I'm aiming for. Childish spontanaiety, I believe it could be called.” – Blue Train

Ken: Freehiking has always relieved me of life's problems and cares. Perhaps that's why it's such an important aspect of my like, and why I miss it so much living in a place where I can't get out for a nude hike. Some places just aren't conducive to freehiking; and what a shame that is, because it is so very healthy, mentally and physically.

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