Monday, August 31, 2009

Olive Dell Resort - April 22-23, 2009

April 22, 2009 was PJ’s birthday, and today we moved our new trailer onto our site at Olive Dell – what a great birthday present! We met the fellow who delivered the trailer in Reche Canyon and he followed us into the resort. It took an hour or so for him to get it set up. We decided to remain clothed so as not to embarrass him, and although a few people could occasionally be seen walking naked at the resort below I’m not sure he noticed. I tried to let him know he was at a naturist resort as he left, but I’m not sure he understood.

We then unloaded our car, headed back for another load, ate a birthday dinner at Applebees, drove back to the resort and unloaded again, arranged the trailer, drove to the clubhouse, took a shower, soaked in the hot tub with several couples we hadn’t met before, drove back to the trailer, enjoyed looking at the lights around the valley, and went to bed – the first night in our new trailer at Olive Dell - heaven.

April 23rd: It’s early morning at Olive Dell and I’m sitting in our new trailer checking my emails and typing a Skinny Report. It’s quiet here – only an occasional bird calling. Two quail just walked across the road followed by a small bunny. PJ is sleeping. We’re all naked. It’s about time to get dressed in socks and tennis shoes and take a freehike.

It was misty and a little cold when I started my morning freehike up Olive Dell Ranch’s Wild Donkey (Wild Ass?) Trail just before 8:00 am, but after a mile I was warm enough to fully enjoy the hike. The trail may be a little long, but I think it would make a perfect 5k run as it winds up to the top of a hill, around a mountain, and back down to the resort. An observer at the bottom would be able to see the runners most of the way. I heard wild donkeys braying, and two wild donkey’s watched me from the ridge all the way – I passed within 50 yards of them near the top. (It was hard to tell from their expressions what they thought of a naked hiker.) On the way back I saw four other donkeys walking down the ridge. I also saw four rabbits and a flock of quail on this morning’s hike. I just love to freehike! And it’s such great exercise. I’ve lost 15 pounds over the last month, and feel much healthier.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ever Seen a Moose Naked?

“I had to take my darling daughter off to college in Bozeman, and while there was able to do a quick 2 mile [free] hike behind the in-laws house up to a bluff that overlooks Yellowstone. It was state then national forest. I had never seen a moose before! Sure wish I had my camera, but I had nothing with me but my shoes.” - Coloradowen

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Donkey 5k

April 21, 2009 I awoke early and drove up to Oliver Dell Ranch for a morning freehike – probably five miles. It was fun waving to a few naked members, a man loading his car and a woman leaving the chapel area, as I parked at the trailhead. The temperature was perfect, and it was so very relaxing and healthful to get some morning nude exercise.

As I hiked I thought through starting a naked 5k at Olive Dell. As far as I know this would be the first regularly scheduled naked 5k in California. I think it would be best held in April, but we could hold the first run later this year. Perhaps it could be called the “Wild Donkey 5k” at Olive Dell Ranch because I so often see wild donkeys as I hike.

Does anyone have interest in attending a nude 5k run/wlak in Southern California?

I came home totally relaxed and ready for work. I would recommend a morning freehike to all Skinny Trippers.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Humanity's Natural State

“I am an avid nude hiker, and this most naturally healthy pursuit has forced me to seek out the unbeaten paths of the Sierra and the Big Sur mountains near my home. It makes me laugh with irritated irony at those Sierra Clubbers who complain about someone wearing a bikini on your cover (May/June) [] when any true wilderness devotee would appreciate humanity's natural state, which is to be nude in the wilds.” - Jeffrey

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Temperature is Relative When Naked Gardening

On April 20, 2009, after spending our morning at Glen Eden repairing our old trailer in the nude, we drove to Olive Dell for a visit to our new site. We sat and enjoyed the shade covering the deck and discussed how nice it will be to have our new trailer in a couple of days. After a little while I decided to get the shovel and work on the garden trail. I love gardening naked.

Jane followed my lead and arranged a small garden plot with a toad house – something we’d purchased earlier at a Riverside garden shop. It was a very hot day, but temperature is so relative; when you’re naked, even in the hot sun, you can feel cool as sweat evaporates. After enjoying an hour or so of naked gardening we drove to the clubhouse for a shower, and then headed home.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ultimate Nature Experience

“Nude hiking is freedom and the ultimate way to experience nature.” – John

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Olive Del Insights - April 15-16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15th, we had the day off. PJ was exhausted from 36 hours of straight work, and the weather was very cool anyway, so I drove to Olive Dell alone to install the remaining steps off our garden hill. After two hours of hard but enjoyable naked gardening, I drove to the clubhouse to take a shower and soak for a few minutes in the hot tub. Then I headed back home. I got a little burnt, but loved my few naked hours away from work.

On Thursday, April 16th, I left about 8:00 am for an early freehike at Olive Dell – 20 minutes away. I hiked the loop trail, perhaps four or five miles around. Beautiful scenery, views of the canyon and the resort. The hike took about an hour. On the way I scared up a flock of quail, saw a coyote, and counted (and heard) 19 wild donkeys. It was a very pleasant day, and great exercise. It’s so wonderful to be able to take a freehike before work.

During my morning freehike at Olive Dell I got to thinking – Olive Dell doesn’t have a nude run/walk. In fact, I’m not sure any resort in California holds one. And Olive Dell’s terrain and weather is ideal for a spring bare run. I’m sure they would be interested in hosting one.

Is anyone out there interested in attending if we get a nude 5k run/walk started?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Freehiking and Youths

The Political Naturist: I have been fortunate enough to freehike at Ohio's Cedar Trials, which has 5 miles of paths, and after feeling the freedom of not having sweaty clothes clinging to my skin, and feeling the cool breeze instead, I think it's weird that anyone would ever want to hike wearing textiles. Freehiking could be one of the keys to getting the next generation interested in naturism. Next to sunbathing, swimming and beach volleyball, it's the recreational activity that makes the most sense being done in the nude.

KenFreehiker: Exactly right - great insight. Group freehiking was one of the primary activities in which German people participated at the beginning of the modern naturist movement. Perhaps organizing youth freehiking groups again could reenergize naturism?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - April 11, 2009

At Olive Dell Resort on Saturday April 11, 2009 we spent about three hours preparing the rock garden at the site we will soon inhabit. PJ cleaned out some recesses in the rocks where she plans to build a “little people” village. I built the top half of a path and stairway through the rocks and down the hill. It felt great to be gardening again in my favorite nude uniform. And at Olive Dell you completely forget that you are naked. Sweating and exercising and feeling the breeze while gardening without clothing is one of life’s most wonderful pleasures. It’s such a shame that so few modern people experience this simple, natural joy.

After reaching a healthy level of exhaustion we drove down to the clubhouse, took a shower, and soaked in the spa – ah, how warm water relaxes sore muscles.

Then, without any need to get dressed, we went to the restaurant for a tasty lunch. While eating we visited with Mark and learned that he was a photographer so after lunch we visited his trailer to view some of his photos. PJ also shared some of her photos on the Internet.

Later in the afternoon we joined a small group of people in the spa. Over time the spa filled with 25 people – many who we hadn’t previously met, and several first-time couples. Most interesting, three older children (9 and 10) joined us. They were received naturally without comment and were very well behaved. They enjoyed running from the spa to the (cold) pool where they jumped high into the air and landed with a splash – no swimming suits and no anxiousness about enjoying the water naked with several dozen adults.

A sixteen year old girl was also soaking. She’d grown up at Olive Dell – lucky girl.

One fellow who lived at Olive Dell with his 18 year old daughter told us an amusing story. His daughter had met a nice young man, and had told him she was a naturist and lived at Olive Dell. He looked confused because as a youth he had read in a National Geographic magazine that nude people where cannibals. So he assumed her family must be cannibals too. She invited him to visit the resort and eat dinner with her family, who had learned of the cannibal misunderstanding, so when he entered the trailer her dad met the boyfriend naked, holding out a large knife and fork. The boyfriend, thinking he was on the menu, rushed from the trailer screaming. They all had a good laugh after the girl got him calmed down. The boy friend is now becoming used to naturism and has joined in.

After eating a wonderful dinner in the restaurant it was time again to leave. We are definitely feeling more at home at Olive Dell. As one lady commented during dinner, when you enter Olive Dell you come home to a totally different, safer world. We’re really beginning to feel that too.

Hardly Anything Compares

“There is hardly anything that compares to the feeling of being naked. . . I would be walking somewhere and suddenly realize that the opportunity to go naked exists and just strip there and then. Enjoy your freedom!” – Ralph

Friday, August 21, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - April 4, 2009

Saturday we spent the day at Olive Dell. We arrived by lunchtime and ate a naked burrito in the restaurant. Then we drove to our future site to weed and plan a garden. After an hour or so of good exercise weeding, two youngsters came by to see what we were doing. They were a little concerned that we might be ruining their club area amongst the rocks below our site. It was most interesting to see how completely unconcerned they were visiting with two naked adults. We often see the kids who live at the resort.

After weeding we drove down to the clubhouse to shower off the dirt and to soak in the spa. Again it was nice to soak and visit with others.

Then, PJ laid in the sun by the pool while I freehiked to the top of the highest hill above the resort. The view of the valley below was spectacular with all of Redlands and San Bernardino below. I returned just in time to again soak my tired muscles in the spa. I think I’ll post a flyer inviting others to join me on my freehikes.

I loved and needed this day’s exercise. I will be able to step out the trailer door to garden naked. I can freehike right from our site. This is exactly what I’ve needed. It’s so easy to get lazy and gain too much weight in the normal world – it’s just not healthy. The ability to hike and garden free is exactly what I need to live a healthy lifestyle. I think everyone should consider getting in a situation where this is possible. I just wish I’d found it much sooner.

Is anyone interested in visiting us here at Olive Dell?

We’ve met several people who have lived at Olive Dell for years. The oldest current member joined in 1958. As I came back from my freehike, I met and talked briefly with Al and Missy as they barbequed nude. They’ve lived as naturists at Olive Dell for over 50 years. We soaked with David who has lived continuously at the resort for 25 years. We met a young couple who just had a new baby. The mom was raised at the resort. We’ve met several teenagers who have been raised as naturists at the resort. Sure it’s not perfect; it’s a world apart, but in my estimation, a very good way to live.

We ate a nude dinner in the restaurant in the evening. I had stuffed Bell Peppers – they were very tasty.

Then we drove to our future site to watch the sun set. As it slowly set right in the “v” of the canyon it turned into a beautiful orange ball. We have the best site in the entire resort.

We returned to soak in the spa while we waited for karaoke to start. Quit a few people were soaking as well. Naturists are enjoyable people.

At 9:00 pm we enjoyed singing nude karaoke with some of our new friends. The KJ, David, has an amazing voice. Only seven people attended so we got to sing lots.

At 11:00 pm it was time for us to leave because we had to work first thing in the morning. We came away from our visit to the resort totally relaxed. We’re still feeling very comfortable with our decision to have a naturist home away from work.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Freehiking in the Rain

“I have hiked and mountain biked nude on a few occasions and look forward to the opportunity to do it again. My favorite is hiking in the rain. The feeling of the cool random raindrops is unlike any other. After shedding the clothing, it's not long before it feels completely normal. The worst thing about the entire experience is knowing it has to end. I dread that time of having to get dressed.” – jcg

I've feehiked in the rain before. It was too cold - the raindrops felt like needles. I try to avoid it.

Anyone else freehiked in the rain?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - April 2 & 3, 2009

April 2nd: Thursday evening we drove up to Olive Dell Ranch after work – we needed to get away and relax from a very stressful week, and outdoors, out of clothes is the best way to relax.

Natural Encounters – I decided to take a freehike to unwind while PJ enjoyed her time lounging on the deck by the clubhouse. I grabbed my pack and headed up the trail dressed only in shoes and socks. As always, the breeze felt wonderful. After a few minutes hiking my cell phone rang – my business partner was calling to wish PJ and I a happy anniversary. As I hiked along talking with him I passed a woman on a horse riding the opposite direction. I nodded. She didn’t react at all to my being nude.

Along the way I encountered lots of wildlife – lizards, butterflies, beetles, several flocks of quail, and even a rattlesnake (the first I’ve ever seen while freehiking). Experiencing nature in a natural way is the best part of freehiking.

The trail wound its way to the top of a hill - the hills and valleys spread out beautifully – you could see the entire resort below. Someone had placed a picnic table at the top - this would be an ideal place to eat a lunch while enjoying the feel of the breeze and sun on your skin. After an hour hike, I returned to eat a picnic meal on the deck with PJ, and to soak in the spa.

There were few people about as it was a little cool, but we did meet Sheri weeding a garden, as well as Dave and Jim. After two hours of shear enjoyment and relaxation, we dressed and returned to our place in Redlands. It will be so very nice to have our trailer at the resort so we can stay over – soon.

April 3rd: The weather Friday was cool, but we still visited the resort and had a nice soak in the spa. We enjoyed a nice dinner in the restaurant – nude of course. We met Mark and Sherie while eating. He writes for a 4-wheeler magazine, and she sells Avon. They’ve lived at Olive Dell about a year. They have fixed their place up nicer than anyone else at the resort.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hiking Nude in Yosemite National Park

“I have hiked nude in Yosemite National Park and it was great. I found a small waterfall and got in - something I have always wanted to do. The sun on my body and the cold water was so fantastic. Just below the falls the water pooled and I was able to soak up the experience. I hike nude whenever the opportunity comes up.” – John

Has anyone else ever freehiked at Yosemite, or any other national park?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Morning Freehike - April 2009

It was misty and a little cold when I started my morning freehike up Olive Dell Ranch’s Wild Donkey (Wild Ass?) Trail just before 8:00 am, but after a mile I was warm enough to fully enjoy the hike. The trail would make a perfect 5k run as it winds up to the top of a hill, around a mountain, and back down to the resort. An observer at the bottom would be able to see the runners most of the way.

I heard wild donkeys braying, and two wild donkey’s watched me from the ridge all the way – I passed within 50 yards of them near the top. (It was hard to tell from their expressions what they thought of a naked hiker.) On the way back I saw four other donkeys walking down the ridge. I also saw four rabbits and a flock of quail on this morning’s hike.

I just love to freehike! And it’s such great exercise. I’ve lost 15 pounds over the last month, and feel much healthier.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Try It, You'll Like It

“I've hiked naked a number of times and it is an awesome feeling! Try it, you'll like it! And it is even better if you can find a place to skinny-dip while you're hiking naked. Don't knock it until you've tried it. You don't know what you are missing!” - Naked Boy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch Freehike/5k - April 2009

Today I awoke early and drove up to Oliver Dell ranch for a morning freehike – probably five miles. The temperature was perfect, and it was so very relaxing and healthful to get some morning nude exercise. I came home totally relaxed and ready for work. I would recommend a morning freehike to all Skinny Trippers.

As I hiked I thought through starting a naked 5k at Olive Dell. As far as I know this would be the first regularly scheduled naked 5k in California. I think it would be best held in April, but we could hold the first run later this year. Perhaps it could be called the “Wild Donkey 5k” or the "Bare Burro 5k" at Olive Dell Ranch because I so often see wild donkeys as I hike.

Any thoughts about this proposal?

Would anyone out there participate?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - March 2009

Kimmy stepped out of her place to meet us at our car our first day at Olive Dell - very brown and unconsciously naked - nice lady.

We met with Olive Dell’s owner, Bobby, in his trailer to sign up as members. Bobby was nude the entire time. It was totally relaxed and natural – nice guy.

We’ve soaked in the hot tub with a number of members – Pat, Timothy, David, Mike, Larry, Harry. Everyone seems nice.

The showers are nice – not as good as Glen Eden – but nice.

We talked with many members on the deck – Craig, Kelly, Don, Kathy, Diane, Sue, Mary, Harry, David, Mary Lou, and others – all friendly. From the site we hope to rent , the sun sets beautifully in the mouth of the canyon. We can hardly wait lounging naked on our deck watching the sun set.

They were shooting a movie about a naturist resort several times when we visited Olive Dell in March. The production crew was clothed, yet we felt comfortable walking among them nude – interesting. It was also interesting to watch the young male and female actors performing naked.

We talked with a young man who was in charge of lighting. He said he would probably visit nudist resorts in the future where he lived – Seattle. It was nice eating a naked pot luck meal with members at the resort. We met a young couple who played Karaoke for a living.

We talked a long time at the spa with Timothy – a red-haired Scotsman/Irishman. He says he's the Head of the MacNiell clan, and owns a castle on Barra, an island of the Outer Hebrides (see ). He was raised a naturist. He is also an actor (we’ve seen him on TV), and a dancer. He’s lived at Glen Eden when he’s not in Scotland for four years - very interesting guy.

PJ really enjoyed meeting and talking with Mary Lou who is a home health-care provider for several elderly women. She is moving to Olive Dell full-time.

From the pool you can see beautifully blooming Red Apple and several varieties of Ice Plant growing on the hillside just below our site. Ken can hardly wait to start his nude garden.
We plan on having an open house (open trailer?) when we purchase a trailer and move it to the site. On that note, we’ve been shopping for a trailer though money’s still certainly a question; the dealers asked where we would move it. We said Olive Dell. No one seems to know where that is, or more interestingly what that is. We can hardly wait to get one and help them move it to our site at the nudist resort. We simply have to help them do that nude!

The hills are very green – I’m sure they will soon turn brown. Oh well, brown is beautiful too – naked brown.

Preparing to live at Olive Dell just feels right. Our site is perfect. PJ and I love it, and each other. Life is wonderful and amazing. Olive Dell has a small grassy area with a cross set up for religious services. PJ and I have talked about having services there on Sundays. That seems a good thing to do.

It’s so very interesting to drive by trailers and have naked men and women unconsciously wave to us.

We’ve been cooped up in clothes at work too much lately. Feeling a light breeze and the sun caressing our naked bodies while lying on a lounge on the patio feels so wonderful!

Our freehike at Olive Dell was short, but we can tell from the great terrain that it’s but the first of many wonderful hikes. We are excited about freehiking exercise; we love it; we need it.

On the phone the greeter, Diane, referred to us as “the old couple with the Jaguar,” when talking to her husband Chuck. I guess that’s true, but they’ll never live that down. They were naked by the front gate watching the making of the movie one afternoon when we arrived.

When visiting another late afternoon/evening, we immediately undressed – everything except shoes and socks – and headed up the trail for a freehike. The weather was just breezy enough to keep or naked bodies comfortable. As we hiked we observed many branch trails we’ll certainly hike in the future. The dirt path was bordered by several varieties of brush. Blue and yellow flowers filled spots in between. We hiked to the top of a hill. In the valley below we could see Redlands, Yucaipa, and San Bernardino. The LDS temple spire rose above Redlands. We took several photos, including some longer-distance photos of Olive Dell, to which we returned after about an hour. This was a totally enjoyable nude hike, and great exercise.

We then drove our car naked to the clubhouse area. There we showered and headed to the spa where we soaked our tired muscles.

At first, no one else was using the spa on this Tuesday evening. A short time later two young ladies arrived (16 & 5). The oldest talked about her experiences being raised a naturist her entire life. About a dozen kids of various ages live at Olive Dell, or ofyen come to the resort with their parents. She is being home schooled currently, but used to attend school in Redlands; she had invited her friends to the resort in the past and one had come. Her family situation was not great, but we envied her chance to grow up as a naturist.

Later Pat joined us in the spa. She’s quit a talker. We now know everything about her love life.
After soaking a good hour – too long – we got out and said “Hi” to several other members on the deck. We met Bobby and explained that we would have our trailer in a few weeks. He said he’d be sure to get the site ready.

So ended another short but enjoyable visit to Olive Dell – the last visit of March. Here is a link to photos of our visits during March:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Green Mountain Trail - 2009

“Just hiked Green Mountain trail nude (shorts in hand to cover genitals in case I ran into anyone, which I didn't) 1.5 hrs on the trail, FABULOUS!!!!” - Port

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Olive Del Ranch - March 2009

PJ and I decided to spend Monday morning at Olive Del – our day off. Our purpose was to find out more about what the resort was like and discuss what it might cost to live there, and off course to get in a little naked time.

It took less than 20 minutes to drive to the resort from our place in Redlands (less than 10 miles). The manager gave us a tour of the clubhouse, dining room, pool, and spa, and we were then introduced to the owner, Bobby, who showed us the trailer sites that were available and explained the costs involved in living at the resort full-time. Bobby explained that staying at Olive Del involved these costs:

Yearly membership - $365
Monthly rental cost - $285
Monthly utilities – about $50

We could move in immediately and could stay the entire month without needing to leave for a week (the policy at Glen Eden). We fell in love with one of the available sites. It was shaded by two tall trees, with an already existing deck and storage shed pad. It had a great view of the resort and the hills beyond. The lot also had large rocks and existing plants.

After looking over the site, we took a half hour freehike to check out the area surrounding the resort. We freehiked to the trailhead from the available site in about three minutes. The available hiking area beyond was large and included at least six miles with many trails for hours of hiking. It would be easy to take a morning hike for exercise without getting dressed or driving anywhere. The hiking is not as extensive as De Anza, but it’s very good for a small resort close to home.

It all looked great as can be seen from these photos:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Designate Naturist Trails

“I can understand that we all have to live in this world together. But I would certainly enjoy doing the hike in the nude and I wouldn't want to be deprived of it. It's nice to feel the sun on your skin. Maybe they should designate a couple of trails and people would know they might come across naturists there.” - Barbara Foley

Olive Dell Ranch Visit & Freehike - Feb. 2007

One weekend in February, 2007, when we PJ and I were living at Glen Eden, we decided to visit Olive Del Ranch in the hills above Riverside California. We visited a clothing store in Moreno Valley on the way to look for cloth for PJ’s business. Then we drove up into the hills. After a short ½ drive we arrived at Olive Dell Ranch. The resort is small, with quite a few trailers. This is a place where families can live full-time (not common) and we found out later that they have a very active youth program for the 12 kids of all ages who live there.

We took a tour of the resort with the owner – a younger man who had recently taken over ownership and management from his father. He explained that the resort was the oldest in California; it just hadn’t grown as some of the larger resorts like Glen Eden. The tour was short as the facilities are modest, older, but pleasant. The resort has a small clubhouse where the youth group was meeting, a dining room where we ate lunch, a pool (not heated), and a nice hot tub. There are some small guest cabins, and a new tennis court. There were a few regulars sitting at tables on the deck eating lunch.

After the tour we decided to take a freehike. The resort sits near the top of some high hills, has lots of acreage, and borders public land. The owner had explained that it was safe to freehike anywhere above the resort as people we might meet were used to seeing naked hikers. We freehiked to the top of a hill above the resort and took a few photos of the resort and valley below (see photos at : ). You could see many of the towns in the Inland Empire from the hill, including Redlands and the Redland’s LDS Temple.

We continued freehiking for a long way along the hills into public land. It’s a very nice freehiking resort. Two mountain bikers did drive right past us while we were enjoying the view. Nakedness didn’t seem to bother them at all, and we found out later they were two of the teenagers who lived at the resort.

After we returned from our freehike we enjoyed a relaxing soak in the spa talking with a member of the resort who visited most weekends. He explained that the resort was usually quite, with few organized activities like karaoke, except for a few special weekends each summer.

Soon it was time to dress and leave as we only planned to stay the day. We enjoyed our visit to Olive Dell Ranch and would recommend the resort for someone who wanted to enjoy some quite, relaxing naked time with fewer people, and some very good freehiking. We suspect the busy weekend events would be great. It's very good for naturist families.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Freehiking Improves The Man

“Mountains are the means, the man is the end. The goal is not to reach the tops of the mountains, but to improve the man.” - Walter Bonatti (international climber)

Deception Falls Washington Freehike - July 2006

We stopped at Deception Falls located in the canyon between Wenatchee and Seattle Washington, just past Steven’s Pass. We took a short hike along the improved trails which followed the river past picturesque falls, rapids, and bridges. Everything was in deep shade and dark green - tall pine trees, moss covered logs and rocks, ferns and other thick ground cover. Occasionally a shaft of light poked through the trees. No one else was around, so we stripped to freehike and feel even closer to the beauty we felt all around us. Being naturists helps us feel part of the world in a way textiled people never experience. The world is so much better and more enjoyable. We’ll always remember our visit to deception falls and our glorious freehike together.

View photos at:

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Don't Get Tan Lines

“I live in the desert near Palm Springs where I hike naked more than I do with clothes on. There's plenty of empty desert where I never encounter another hiker. It's more comfortable to hike naked in hot weather and I don't get tan lines.” - Ron

Naturist Clothing

Naturist Clothing - What to wear when freehiking:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walk Nude

“Walk Nude, and people won't need to undress you with their eyes.” - Annon.

Wellsville Mountains Freehike - Sept. 2008

Sunday morning found PJ and I traveling north to Logan, Utah to visit relatives. We’d been cooped up working (clothed) for far too long and I needed a nude break, so after visiting family we drove to the area near the summit of Sardine Canyon where we’d hiked several times before. This area provides a wonderful freehike along a seldom used dirt road through spectacular mountain valleys.

We stopped the car, dressed in our hiking kilts, climbed over the gate, and headed up the fairly steep trail that starts this hike. Soon we reached the first tree above the road where we could undress fully, and continued freehikng up the now less- steep hill.

It was a beautiful early fall afternoon – non clouds. The warm afternoon sun caressed our bodies. There was little breeze. We walked side-by-side up the dirt road, talking about how great it felt to be hiking nude outdoors in the mountains.

Soon we reach the first summit and witnessed the nearly indescribable beauty of a series of mountain valleys before us. Instead of the green meadows of the spring, the fields were now a mixture of various shades of green and brown. The north-facing hill sides were thick with shrub maple trees just beginning to turn orange and red from the cool nights. It was beautiful – a sight probably seldom seen by most people huddled in houses in Cache Valley below us – so much unknowingly missed natural beauty.

And it was especially beautiful as our whole selves, bodies and all were immersed in this naturally scenic location. It’s so hard to express how wonderful it feels to be natural, naked, hiking, at one with the beautiful, natural environment, feeling as well as seeing and hearing Mother Nature. But there we were – blessed so much beyond those clothed and hidden below.

As we freehiked together, we talked about experiences from the past, and about how the ancient American Indians lived spiritually, in harmony with nature, until the Europeans seeing this wise people as barbarians because they choose to live free, forced them to be clothed. spread sexual perversion and disease, and generally spoiled them to the point they no longer understand nor live at harmony with nature as did their ancestors. While freehiking we supposed we were experiencing at least a little of the spiritual harmony of these ancient peoples.

We hiked through several valleys, past the now dry stream that had flowed in the spring, and up to another summit that looked down into a larger valley. The mountains rose majestically in the distance. The breeze cooled our warm, naked bodies.

In the spring we’d turned around at about this point because we saw a few trailers in the distance at the far side of the valley. They were not visible now. We could have hiked farther. We saw several (probably) elk crossing the valley in the distance, but we’d planed to take just a short hike, so we circled back where the road passed through a shrub maple grove. We stopped to pick some bright red and orange leaves for PJ to use at work. We saw a large grey spider cross the road. Many tan grasshoppers jumped and flew ahead of us.

As we hiked back through the valley we conversed a little less, and were nearly overwhelmed with a special feeling of peace. It was different from the feeling one gets in church were emotions and though rule. This was a totally peaceful feeling, a oneness with the natural world, with each other, and with God. A special peace that I’m sure will last into the work week. A peaceful feeling we both needed to give us strength to face our busy jobs. I especially felt grateful for the blessing of PJ’s camaraderie, for her understanding and desire to freehike with me. Life felt balanced, right. My how I love and appreciate my willing, nature-loving wife.

We returned to the car after a short 1 ½ hour freehike, dressed, and drove back to Ogden. But the feeling of peace and yes, joy we experienced while hiking together naked in the Wellsville Mountains will certainly remain with use and be a special memory.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prude Reader Comment?

“Ha.. yes, what if you ARE hiking with your kids? They may see a naked man and be forever psychologically damaged. We need to teach our children that they should be extremely ashamed of their bodies and react with horror if they see any nudity, no matter the context. This is the healthiest thing to do. Do it for the children!!!” – Prude, Reader comment: Nude Utah hiker faces indecent-exposure charge, Deseret News, Wed. May 7, 2008

Wellsville Mountains Freehike - June 2008

We talked with Popeye and Bangles at the nude swim on June 14th (by the way, it’s always enjoyable and relaxing floating on noodles and talking to good naked friends at the swim, held twice a month in Salt Lake City) and decided it would be nice to take a group hike the up-coming Friday (June 20th), especially as it was the day before national Nude Hiking Day. We choose the Wellsville Mountains, as the spring had come late and we hoped the wildflowers might still be out.

We sent out an email invite and got a surprisingly large response, so on Friday morning we met at exit 315 in Woods Cross (and in Layton, and at the summit of Sardine Canyon) to share rides. The hikers were Ken, PJ, Lee, Popeye, Bangles, Steve, Dawn, Steve, Don (his first nude group freehike), and Lary.

From Sardine Canyon summit we drove down the dirt road (the old main road into Cache Valley) and stopped by the old fence at the trailhead. We changed into our hiking duds (kilts, wraps, shorts, t-shirts, etc.) by the vehicles since the first few blocks of the old dirt road trail are up hill and can be seen from the main (and somewhat busy) dirt road, but soon we reached the first few shrub maple trees where we could safely undress.

As always, the sun felt wonderful on our nude bodies. A few pretty clouds floated above us in the sky. There was very little breeze so the temperature was quit warm. It would have been sweaty-miserable hiking clothed, but it felt great hiking free. Freehiking is such a wonderful activity, especially with good friends who enjoy conversing along the way.

After the first short steeper area, the trail levels out and proceeds through several beautiful, green, high-mountain valleys. We hoped to see vast fields of yellow Mulesear wildflowers, but we had just missed the main bloom. Still, the few remaining flowers rewarded us with their beauty. We hiked though one valley and up a slope to an area where quit a few flowers remained. And took some group photos (see trip photos at: )

After hiking for several miles we had to turn around earlier than anticipated when we noticed some new cabins in the distance. It looks like development might soon spoil at least part of this wonderful freehiking trail (what a shame). So we returned to the vehicles.

Everyone agreed this was a wonderful freehike. As always, it was sad to return and have to get dressed. Freehiking – the best way to hike on a warm summer day, or anytime for that matter.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's This World Coming To?

“What's this world coming to if we can't walk around in the woods naked?” – Why Not, Reader comment

Wellsville Mountains Freehike - June 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007, the Freehiking Utah Group traveled north to hike the Wellsville Mountains south of Logan, Utah. Six members and visitors gathered in the Woods Cross area at 8:00 am to share rides. They drove to summit of Sardine Canyon where they met three other members. In all, ten members hiked, seven men and three women – Ken, PJ, Ben, Cherie, Steve, Yarl, Craig, Rocketman, Warren, and Gloria. One member came from Idaho, and one couple drove twenty four hours from Minnesota to hike with us.

We were a little afraid of the weather when we started as it had been cold, and the peaks were covered with snow from the rain earlier in the week, but the weather turned out to be perfect and snow had not accumulated where we hiked. In fact, the snow capped mountains in the distance added to the beauty of the hike. We drove several miles down a dirt road from the summit of Sardine Canyon to trailhead. Ken and PJ had taken this hike last summer, and Ken and Ben had taken it the weekend before to be sure it would work well for a Saturday group hike (when clothed hikers are often out). We found it to be an excellent location.

We parked near the trailhead, put on our shorts/kilts/tops because we were still by the busy dirt road, crossed the gate, and hiked up a pretty steep hill. After a short distance, at the first shrub maple tree, we paused to get naked, then continued the climb to the ridge and the first mountain valley, where the trail leveled out for most of the hike. This is an easy hike for a group. As we reached the top of the hills we noticed a herd of sheep moving through the valley.

We hiked quit a ways, and then got dressed again when we saw a sheep dog. A short time later we met the herder riding a horse. After hiking a little further, we got naked again and continued along the trail – no problem.

This hike passes through several large mountain valleys. Everything was beautifully green. Maple-covered hills rise above the valleys, with snow-capped mountains beyond. There were just a few clouds in the deep-blue sky. The temperature was perfect, and the sun quickly warmed our nude bodies. A light breeze caressed and cooled us. It felt wonderful as always to be nude and at one with nature.

This was the first nude hike for several and all loved it. We enjoyed talking and getting to know each other as we hiked. Nude hiking makes communication so easy. Usually we stay close together as a group. The large valleys and distant views on this hike made it easy to see those who wanted to hike more quickly so some hiked ahead this time. PJ and I stayed behind to take some photos. (We took a photo of a tarantula spider we passed – cool.) It was nice to have a little time to be somewhat by ourselves.

After hiking about three miles we reached a summit on the trail, and paused to take a few group photos, and a shot of PJ’s famous pose. The valleys and mountains looking back were awe-inspiring. (See the photos for this hike at: )

Then it was time to return. The cooling breeze felt so nice as we turned to hike back down the trail. We talked a little less, and just enjoyed the gift of being one with the sun and the breeze in a beautiful, natural mountain valley. It is so wonderful to hike naked with friends. Hiking in clothes can never feel as freeing.

The mountain views were even more beautiful as we returned. On the way we passed a baby sheep that had been left behind. Its crying was so heart-wrenching, bringing new meaning to leaving the ninety and nine in search of the lost sheep. Nude hiking often brings surprising feelings of spiritual closeness.

After six miles of hiking beauty we arrived back at the cars. We had to dress quickly as we were at the fairly-busy dirt road. We said “Goodbye”, looking forward to the next Freehiking Utah Group hike. Several of the members got back with plenty of time to attend the group swim in Salt Lake City – a perfect end to a nude hiking day.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wilderness Survival

“Shoes and clothing damage our ability to survive naked in the wilderness.” - Steve Mann

Vernal Utah Freehike - June 2006

We had a blast on the Vernal freehike, Thursday the 22nd! What a great hike! Seven members of the group participated - Ken and PJ, Ben, Bill, Steve from up north, and our newest Steve (his wife wasn’t able to come this trip; we missed her), and our host from Vernal, Tom, the Nude Explorer. We met at Sugarhouse Park to share rides – three in each car. On the way, we shared our feelings about the wonderful benefits of naturism. Some of our members choose to ride nude most of the way – a great way to travel. Free-riding certainly helps you stay safely under the seed limit – I wonder why? (Of course being true naturists and not wanting to offend, we covered up as needed to avoid the occasional truck we passed.)

We met Tom in Vernal, and followed him to Red Mountain – our hiking destination, and one of the beautiful areas in Utah, the freehiking capital of the world. Red Mountain is a high desert area with multi-colored cliffs, canyons, and rock formations. Junipers and pinions abound. The hike is easy with few steep places. There is little ground cover, so scratches are uncommon. There were very few bugs. Almost half the hike followed a marked trail over a wonderful expanse of light, liken-covered slick rock. We hiked to beautiful overlooks of colorful sandstone canyons, and the town of Vernal with its nearby lake in the distance. At one point PJ decided to jump to the top of a sandstone formation balanced over a deep canyon. “Scary, but beautiful” was Ken’s comment as he crossed over to save her (we don’t think she needed saving, but you know newly weds).

We enjoyed a relaxing lunch together in the sun, seated on slick-rock ledges. (Ben found some shade in which to eat lunch; pretty unusual for him.)

One of the unique aspects of this hike was the rock collecting. We found an area covered with Thunder Eggs (crystal filled rocks somewhat like a geode), and everyone also found a piece of petrified wood to take home as a souvenir.

The weather was warm, and beautiful, and the sun felt great on our naked bodies – this is the only way to hike. The breeze was a little light, but when it did blow past we all raised our arms to feel its refreshing embrace. We returned to the truck after about three hours of joyous hiking, tired but so grateful for the natural beauty we had shared – the scenery as well as our natural companions. Ben and Bill took some photos of the hiking friends (see ).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Freehiking is Right for Me

“Every time I go for a freehike I'm more and more convinced of how enjoyable and good and right and wonderfully beneficial naturism, and especially freehiking, is for my life.” - Kenneth Jaines

My Birthday Freehike - Sept. 2008

PJ let the cat out of the bag; my birthday freehike was planned as a surprise party, but how could she get me there without letting me know at least a little about what was going to happen, so I was able to savor the idea of a birthday freehike for several days before the actual event. What a great gift from an amazingly loving wife and some special friends. Thanks PJ!

We met at Lee’s house in Tooele Utah, waited until Popeye, Bangles, and Jan arrived, and then headed to a trail we’d hiked several other times on the south end of the Ouirrh mountains.

Soon we were comfortably naked hiking a fun trail through junipers and pinions. The day was beautiful with light cloud cover so the sun warmed our naked bodies nicely on this late September day. It was a perfect time and a perfect place – a perfect birthday freehike.

Except for dropping back to take a few photos, I mostly lead the way to keep PJ from setting a pace a little to fast for her old hubby. The six of us talked and enjoyed each other’s company, surrounded by nature, at one as friends, naked, unashamed, hiking and exercising as God intended.

Up and down the hills we hiked, some a little steep, but never too difficult; it was perfect.

Soon we reached on old, abandoned cabin at the end of the trail. We dubbed it the “Skinny Tripper” cabin. Perhaps we could camp naturally there in the future. Jan helped pose PJ in an old window and I took some fun nude-model photos. You can see these photos and others I took on this hike at:

Then we turned back. We took some more nice photos of the group and couples as we enjoyed the expansive views of the valley below. After about two hours of hiking we returned to the vehicles, tired, but reluctant to get dressed – the hardest part of the hike.

We returned to Lee’s house for home-made pizza, salad, cake and ice cream – Lee’s a great cook and a great catch for an interested single naturist woman. (Don’t tell him I said this.) And before long we had to return to our place in Ogden.

Thanks for the wonderful birthday freehike, it was the best birthday ever, and thanks to all those who care. Naturists are the best.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sand Dune Experience

“So now allow me to share my "First Naturist Sand Dune Experience" . . . if you haven't tried this already, you DON'T know what you are missing. PERIOD! If you have only played in sand dunes while clothed before, let me just tell you that you will never want to go clothed again once you have tried it naked!

After walking into the dunes for a while, we picked out a nice little sand valley that we would call our playground for the afternoon. Two fairly large ridges of sand on either side surrounded a small level area in the middle, about the length of a basketball court. Our own private sand paradise. I put up the beach umbrella and helped the kids out of their clothes. It was so nice not to have to worry about what sand got where - and how to get rid of it. There were no waistbands to protect from the grit, just lots and lots of sand. The surface of the sand was warm, but underneath it was cool. Our kids reveled in this new and wonderfully different environment. Our son turned a large section of unused sand into a giant canvas on which he drew his favorite subject - a big train. Our daughter was content to scramble up and down the side of a hill of sand and scoot down it on her belly.

One of the effects of sand hills is the seeming ability to defy gravity. You can charge down the side of a hill at full speed, and make huge leaps outward and downward. On a sand hill, a ten or fifteen foot drop feels like nothing at all - except for the brief rush of acceleration. For a little while I was witness to true artistry and the beauty of bodies in motion - my daughter and me, taking a casual stroll along the ridge of a high sand dune. It was a priceless moment.

Leaving the sand was much easier than it could have been. We picked up our clothes and towels, gave them shake, and then marched UNCLOTHED back to our car.” – Alan Palmer

Oquirrh Mountain Freehike - Aug. 2007

Wednesday the Freehiking Utah Group took a wonderful hike near Salt Lake City. We gathered at 12:30 at Saltaire, and by 12:45 we were driving to the trail. A small group of five participated: Ken, Ben, Marty, RO, and Steve. The weather was great for a nude hike – sun, with some overcast, temperature about 95 degrees. We drove a short distance south to a trail on the west side of the Oquirrh Mountain range, just before Tooele.

We parked, and then jumped in Ben’s truck to reach the trailhead at the end of a rough road. Ken and Steve rode in the back – it was quit uncomfortable. We immediately undressed at the trailhead (what a relief), and headed up the trail. It was wonderful, as always; the sun felt so nice and warm, and the scenery was beautiful. The single-track trail wound its way up a wide canyon, starting with sage brush and a few shrub oaks, and soon becoming completely arched over with shady trees.

Nude hiking is at least partly about feeling totally one with nature; you simply can’t feel the same closeness to nature in clothes. Freehiking is so freeing! It’s no wonder so few people hike any more; you almost never meet a clothed person on the trail; who would want to hike in hot, sweaty, filthy clothes. People just can’t have a total, natural hiking experience in clothes.

As we freehiked it clouded up a little more, and even rained a few drops. The rain felt wonderfully cooling on our nude bodies. We almost regretted that it didn’t shower more.

As we freehiked we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. RO was especially interesting as he shared past naturist exploits. It’s great to have good nude hiking buddies on the trail.

As the trail rose up the canyon we reached beautiful groves of aspens. The wildflowers were spectacular. We even picked some extremely sweet wild raspberries. It wasn’t long before we reached one of the scenic rewards of this hike: an old ghost town. We don’t know anything about it. Still it was fun to spend a few minutes exploring the site and wondering who had used it and why. Then it was time to turn around.

The hike back was mostly uneventful. Shady trails, beautiful flowers, picturesque hills, and expansive views of the Great Salt Lake near the end of the hike. Far too soon we had returned to the truck where we were forced to dress. Ken and Marty left as soon as we arrived back to the parking area, and were back to Salt Lake City by about 5:30.

RO and Steve and Ben ate dinner together and talked until later that evening. Good hiking buddies are so fun to be with.

Here are some photos from this hike: ( ).