Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freehiking is Addictive

“I (male) have been a nudist for many years, but only recently have discovered naked hiking. Wow. It's addictive. I introduced my new wife to nudism shortly after we met, taking her to a resort in the Caribbean with an au-natural beach. She took to it like a duck to water, now I can hardly get her to put clothes on! Since then we have been to numerous nude resorts around the country, some of them large enough to have bike riding and hiking trails. This past winter we spent quite a lot of time in Tucson and found many wonderful lightly traveled desert trails where we could disrobe and hike for miles. Fortunately, here in Colorado we have secluded places with trails that you can hike for days without seeing a soul. Our latest adventure was at Valley View Hot Springs, a wonderful clothing optional place in central Colorado. There are trails nearby that go up the mountains into wilderness where we hiked for eight miles without ever putting on a thing from the time we left our campsite until our return. We love being able to extend our nude lifestyle beyond our home, resorts, and beaches!” - Like2BNude

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  1. Love to hear your wife's comments on freehiking.