Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bare Burro Photos

I thought you might be interested in seeing the Bare Burro T-shirt logos for this year. They are at http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/bareburrophotos - cute. I’ve ordered 100 shirts. Those who register in advance will be sure to get one. Extras will then be available on a first come, first served basis.

I understand that the Bare Burro 5k Registration Form on www.olivedellranch.com was typed incorrectly. Sorry about the mix up.

We'll all gather at Olive Dell Ranch by 10:00 am, Sunday April 17th, and start the race about 10:30. Tell everyone the correct times.

Here is additional information from another post:

Larry: Is the bare burro 5k open to non-members that pay the gate and entrance fees?

Ken: Yes, but in your case, you wife can visit for free while you run.

Larry: I have a reluctant wife, can she come and keep her clothes on and watch the race?

Ken: Yes. Normally the patio requires nudity, but during the race, only the pool and spa areas require nudity.

Larry: Can we pre run or walk the race the Saturday before?

Ken: Yes, I plan to walk the course with those who are interested the afternoon before the race (meet at the clubhose about 3:30).

Larry: I'm so grateful you are putting this event. Any chance of moving it to Saturday next year so it won't conflict with church? I much appreciate your time.

Ken: You're welcome, and good question. Anyone else have any thoughts about holding the Bare Burro on Saturday instead of Sunday?

Please email me with questions at kensunwalker@yahoo.com. PJ and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Bare Burro.

More About Night Freehiking

Here are a few additional thoughts about freehiking at night:

Has anyone else experienced night freehiking?

"Often. I like a couple things about it. The world is quiet, peaceful, deserted. Places seem bigger and more magical in the dark compared to daylight when you can see all the mundane things surrounding you. Since most everyone is in bed, you feel like you have the world to yourself. And you can be nude in places you could never get away with during the day." - Marty

"I have done a few night and early morning hikes. These tend to be very peaceful times as the sun has set but there is still a little evening glow or the sun is on the rise. The best for me is in the southern California desert on a nice spring or early summer evening when it is nice out. There also tends to be more options for night hikes (fewer hikers on the trail, and those that are usually have headlamps to let you know they are coming)." - hikeeerf

“Haven't done any significant night nude hiking myself, but did observe some a few years ago. Three of us had done the Half Dome hike in Yosemite National Park in August. Coming down one of our party had physical problems. I stayed with him, and we moved slowly along as he was able while the third person when ahead for help. The result of all that was that we didn't get out to the road until 2:00 a.m. We were about half a mile from the road, dog tired and moving even slower, when we heard hikers coming up behind us at a brisk pace. As they passed us we saw it was two couples, all of them nude except for boots and backpacks. After they moved ahead I said, "I wasn't expecting to see that." My sick friend responded, "You never know when you'll see bares in Yosemite." It was a warm night, and hiking nude must have felt great.” - Luvnaturism

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Night Freehiking

The following individuals share a wonderful approach to freehiking - doing it at might, especially when the moon is full. This I've never done. I've got to try it! It sounds so lovely.

I suspect freehiking is different in the desert at night. Scary?

I'm going to talk to PJ about a night freehike, and will report it after we go.

Has anyone else experienced night freehiking?


". . . I set out just before midnight, the temperature was standing at 28 degrees and the sky was absolutely clear. I set out wearing just shoes, kilt, sweater, and wool cap. . . I waited till I was well down the trail and into the woods. . . in the Blue Hills reservation . . . After crossing the bridge, being plenty warm at this point, I took off the sweater and kilt, and continued the remaining 1/3 of a mile to the camp in natural form. With the highway behind me, its rumble muffled by the deep woods, I began to experience a profound quite. . . The moon was indeed bright and large, creating an intensity of light and shadow through the stark, utterly naked forest landscape, . . the cold, though surprisingly comfortable in the stillness, was a limiting factor to this endeavor. By the time I got to the camp, I was ready for the sweater and kilt. . . I wandered down to the pond and sat on the dock for a while, admiring the moonlit water vista before me. There were some ducks quacking out across the water, the first and only animal life that I observed. The moon above reflected perfectly on the surface of the water beside me, and all around the still pond, the reflected forms of the trees hugging the shore. After I was sufficiently warmed, I got up and . . . again took off my things, and enjoyed another 1/3 of mile unencumbered walk through the brilliant stillness. . . Not surprisingly, there were not that many stars to be seen. The light from this unusually brilliant moon pretty much washed out the rest of the sky. . . with the bridge a ways behind me, I decided to put my things back on for the final time. Again, the cold was sneaking up on me, and I had had a better hike than I could have hoped for." - FreewalkerMA

". . . last night as I ventured out on my first Moon-the-Moon hike in, of all places......Two Moon Park! . . . [I] arrived shortly before 9:30. . . I had the whole 150 acres to myself! The temperature was 46 and the full moon had cleared the storm clouds lying on the horizon. I couldn't believe my luck. . . At the first corner, sheltered from the breeze, I gazed out over the vista below me and removed my garments. The moon blazed through a light cloud cover, creating a thin corona of spectral light and reflected off the meandering river below. . . I chose the Rocke Juene trail which closely borders the river and traverses through several open meadows and wetlands, dotted with naked cottonwoods, box elders and russian olives. The twisted naked branches of the trees stood in stark relief against the hazy sky and a few stars peeked around the lingering clouds. I recognized most of Orion, but the other constellations were too incomplete to discern. The sound of crunching gravel slowly gave way to soft, muffled foot steps on decaying deciduous leaves. The moon reflecting off the glass surface of a stagnant side channel revealed perfect silhouettes of five deer staring at me on the opposite bank, although their coloring blended perfectly into the background when viewed directly. I wondered if my naked body could be easily viewed by them or if I blended into the dried grasses behind me.

An easily-recognized fallen log, stripped of it's bark and almost shining in the light was the perfect landmark for stowing my clothes. I continued down the trail with only a flashlight (which I never did turn on the whole trip). . . I startled a couple deer, which took off skipping through the grass. A large splash off to my right startled me and I began wondering if I were truly alone until I heard the distinctive honk of a Canada goose. The raspy quack of a male mallard further allayed my isolation concerns. The moon perfectly illuminated the trail, revealing the ruts from several mountain bikes and alerting me to the darker, muddier areas. . . The trail ends at the Weeping Wall, natural seepage of groundwater which oozes from the sandstone bluffs and collects in a small stream that trickles into the Yellowstone. . . I turned around . . . My clothes-stashing log didn't fail me and I easily retrieved my garments, although I refused to put them on just yet. . . I was protected from the breeze and began wondering how far I could make it before I needed to dress. My answer arrived when I rounded the last corner and was hit with an icy blast of unforgiving wind. I retreated a few steps and eagerly put on my jacket and then the kilt. Even though I was externally cold, I was internally gleeful that I had been able to hike nude for over an hour in a very popular park right on the border of the city. A full-moon, winter hike," - Au Naturel

"We're a couple from southern VA. We did get in a hike yesterday afternoon. Have done a couple short naked hikes at twilight and early evening, but this time we kept on the bottoms and boots. Our hike was basically cross-country through some nice 50+ year hardwoods off of an abandoned trail. Once safely away from the parking area and a nearby trail, we followed a large stream and were able to enjoy our freedom. We ended up on a fire break for the last 1/2 mile or so that took us back to the car. 2-1/2 miles total. We then drove to our little retreat near Boydton, VA where we feel more free about stripping completely. Enjoyed several hours listening to the song birds, a Barred owl, and watching the squirrels. . . next full Moon we're going back to do a full-fledged-full-Moon-full-moon!" - VA Bare Couple

Monday, March 14, 2011

Honoring the Body

The terms nudism, even naturism, have been stretched too far. They have been watered down. There was a time when these terms meant respect for the body and positive interactions with others within specific codes of conduct: Nude is not lewd. Cover an erection. No gawking. Nude does not equal sex. Nude is healthy – exercise; no over-eating, drinking, or smoking.

But over time, in some venues at least, nudism and naturism have come to mean total freedom of expression, while not judging a person’s particular lifestyle. Doing otherwise is seen as old fashioned and unsophisticated. As a result, it’s more and more difficult to separate nudism and naturism from perversions such as swinging, opening the door for including these more diverse lifestyles. No wonder textiles confuse nudism and naturism with less desirable lifestyles.

I think it’s time to retrench, to encourage nudists and naturists to return to the positive, historic values - but how? Because we have stretched the terms, we now need a different way to encourage people to not just “avoid” bad behavior, but to “embrace” good conduct. I suggest we begin by referring to nudism and naturism as “Honoring the Body”.

· Through nudity, a person who “Honors the Body” controls sexual urges, especially when interacting with others. Rather than imposing sexual desires and preferences on others, sex is kept private.

· Through nudity, a person who “Honors the Body” is motivated to choose an active lifestyle that includes healthy exercise.

· Through nudity, a person who “Honors the Body” is motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, eating the proper amounts of good food and drink, avoiding what abuses the body.

· Through nudity, a person who “Honors the Body” accepts and respects others without judgment, while at the same time caringly and lovingly encouraging others to honor their bodies.

· Through nudity, a person who “Honors the Body” feels spiritually connected to God, humanity, and nature.

A person who “Honors the Body” is a nudist or a naturist.

Do you “Honor the Body”?

The list above is surely incomplete; in what other ways do “real” nudists and naturists “Honor the Body”?


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Three El Paso Freehikes

I freehiked three times in the desert east of El Paso during the last part of February and the first part of March, 2011. PJ was busy getting ready for work, and we’ve not found freehiking companions in El Paso, so I hiked alone – no nude photos on these hikes – but trust me, the photographer was definitely nude, except shoes and socks of course.

All three were morning hikes, from about 8:30 am to 10:30 am. Morning is a wonderful time to freehike in the desert. The sun on your nude body is warm, but not too hot, and the breezes are light and refreshing. It’s too early for bothersome flies. And best of all, morning is a great time for healthy exercise, and what could be healthier than freehiking, clearing you mind of the workplace stresses, and getting some all-over vitamin D? Besides, morning is a great time to take a few photos as can be seen in the short reports below:

Indian Caves Freehike – I freehiked to the (Indian?) caves. While not deep, these natural depressions in the cliffs are interesting. Unfortunately they have been “junked up” by people, and the only obvious petroglyph has been nearly destroyed. The caves are only a short hike from the main dirt road, so I started some distance past the main cave road, at the Poleline Road, and then worked my way on less used dirt roads along the base of the hills until I reached the caves.

This is definitely a weekday freehike since many people use this area for target practice on weekends. Here are a few photos of this hike: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/elpasoindiancaves

Round Hill Freehike – The sky was beautiful when I freehiked the dirt roads around this small hill. I visited several rocky camping spots at the base of the hill, and climbed to the top. The views of the desert below and the clouds above were fantastic. There are times when the beauty that surrounds a nude soul goes unnoticed until the photos are reviewed. Freehiking - being one with nature – is wonderful and amazing. How can freehiking be resisted? That’s how I feel as I review the photos and describe the Round Hill Freehike.

The only disadvantage to this hike is its nearness to the dirt road - you’ll occasionally see truckers. Here are a few photos from this hike: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/elpasoroundmountain

Second Wash Freehike – This hike has several advantages. It starts very soon after leaving the highway, so you only have to drive a short distance on the dirt road. You can park on the side road to the left just before crossing the second cement washway and start freehiking immediately. This large wash slices its way southwest through flat desert lands, between the hills. Over the years it has cut to the bedrock so you are about ten feet below the desert floor and can freehike without being seen. The footing is rocky and a bit treacherous, so take care. Dirt roads occasionally cross the wash and allow easy access to beautiful desert vistas, though there are few interesting plants in this area. I walked the wash naked until I met the poleline road several miles into the desert, then returned.

The only potential problem with this hike is the fact that ATVs seem to use it as a road – there were quite a few tracks – so it is probably best to avoid weekends.

If you’d like a short freehike, try going left (northeast) up the wash from the parking place, towards the freeway. This section of the wash appears to be used much less. I walked about 15 minutes up this section of the wash, but needed to return before reaching the end.

You can see photos of this Second Wash Freehike at: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/elpaso2ndwash

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nude Art Photos Encourage Healthy Weight Loss

"I am working on losing weight and increasing my exercise. So far I have lost 40 pounds and am feeling great! One thing I am doing to motivate myself and to really see the results is having fine art nude photos taken about every two months to document my progress. They have made me feel beautiful from the start which has prompted lots of attitude changes in other areas as well." - BooBare

Great idea! Anyone else do this?


Thursday, March 10, 2011

1st Time in Germany

It always fascinates me how different cultures treat nudity. Germany is obviously more comfortable with nudity than America, as illustrated by SmartFunMan's First Nudist Experience below. Have you ever experienced a different culture where nudity is considered normal?


"The first time I went nude and became a nudist was when I was 17.

The summer between my Junior and Senior year of high school I participated in a foreign exchange program. I spent the summer living with a host family in Germany. It was two parents a 21 year old daughter who lived near her college, and 16 year old son. They showed me all of Germany Europe, etc., and it was great.

Two weeks into my stay I spent a Saturday with the parents, we had a day of hiking lunch and swimming at the lake. I saw the parents pack a bag so i packed my towels and trunks. We went hiking and all and later in the afternoon went to the lake. we went into the separate change rooms, and I noticed many men walking around naked and I figured it as nothing more than the fact that there was a shower room. I changed into my trunks in one of the stalls and had my towel ready then the dad walked with me carrying nothing but a towel, then I saw that 98% of the people in this lake were stark naked.

I tried not to make a big deal as not only the people there were naked but also the people whose home I was staying at. So kept cool eventually swam and tried my hardest to maintain eye contact as everyone was so casual. I was there for a good 3 hours that at the end I was actually a bit curious to try it, but didn't. As I wanted to try it it was time to leave.

I did built up the courage to shower afterwards but wasn't that big of a deal since it was just me and the dad since locker room was not as crowded as when we entered. But that was my first time naked in front of anyone else.

I was still awe struck on the ride back home, and the next evening we were having dinner and I built the courage to ask them about the nudity. Surprisingly they were open and honest and answered my questions and told me how nudity while swimming or sun bathing was normal throughout Germany.

After dinner I was going to do my laundry and after much thinking I used laundry as an excuse. I asked the parents that since I was doing laundry if it was alright to be nude so that I could wash all of my clothes completely. They told me without hesitation yes and that I should feel comfortable in their home as if it was my own.

I went down to the laundry and loaded my underwear in the washer. I undressed and put the rest of my clothes in the separate piles. I thought about it for a while - my heart was beating but eventually I removed my underwear and threw them in with the other underwear and started washing them. I did pace around the basement nude for a while before I finally just went back upstairs.

To my surprise the parents didn't make a big deal of it neither did the son and I went to bed nude. The next morning I woke up and walked to the kitchen and the daughter was there and all she did was say good morning. I spent my days at the house nude and the parents would too since they later told me that they always slept nude, and with me being nude they felt it was ok to not put on pajamas when they woke up.

Several times we went back to that same lake and i chose the no clothing option.

I spent the rest of my stay nude . . . my last night all five of us sat nude on the back patio . . . sipping coffee and talking about the summer. . . I have been a nudist ever since."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you Running Nude This Year?

The second running of the Bare Burro 5K is fast approaching. Hopefully you’ll be able to attend on April 17th. Here are a few photos of the course from last year: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/bareburro5kcoursespring

These photos include several of the picnic table that is located at the highest point on the course, about half way, where we will have a water station for runners. You can see more photos of last year’s race at www.olivedellranch.com.

Be sure to bring a friend along with you this year. Runners and walkers will be nude, but friends can remain clothed to observe the race, and there are many things to do at Olive Dell, including visits to Dellymaze Park, and walking the Olive Dell Nature Trail.

And you may want to stay over the weekend – tent camping and the birdhouses are great! (Call Olive Dell at (909) 825-6619, and ask for Bobby). The restaurant will be open all day Saturday and Sunday, so plan on enjoying a good meal.

The Saturday before the race we’re planning to sing karaoke, and even perhaps have a Saturday dance like last year, and an evening soak in the spa is always relaxing, so try to stay for the entire weekend.

You’ll want to register at www.olivedellranch.com before April 1st so you get our newly designed a T-Shirt. We look forward to you participating with us this year. Email me back with any questions at kensunwalker@yahoo.com.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Can’t See Anything

"When I go hiking (wearing clothes), I feel like my eyes are closed and my nose is clogged, I can’t see anything if my skin is clothed. I need to feel the earth and what we are doing to her." - Zac Robertson

Me too - how about you?


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fuerteventura Freehiking Report

Here is an informative freehiking report by SoCal Smoothy. If you have a report to share, please do.


Fuerteventura (GPS: 28.375875,-14.055748) is one of the Canary Islands off the west side of Africa. It is part of Spain. This is one of the best places in the world for nude beaches and free hiking. I have just secured a flight out there at the beginning of January (6->16) to explore as much of the island as possible. This island includes:

* Virtually unlimited beaches where nudity is accepted amongst the textiles (except for a few major towns/ cities) Some are more popular with nudists (the Dunes south of Corralejo, Morro del Jable, Los Verdes)
* A national park of dunes which are 3 x 10 km in size - great for low impact free hiking (gps: 28.696792,-13.847008)
* A region of dunes that cross the island for about 3-5 km. On the east side of the island is a popular FKK beach with Germans- Costa Calma (28.162413,-14.252043)
* A 17 km stretch of beach very popular with free-hikers (28.126441,-14.248424)
* Lots of volcanoes to go climb (28.638419,-13.841743 )

While the cost of the airfare is significant (expect $900-1200 - I'm coming from southern California), there are inexpensive, but adequate accommodations. I will be staying at a 2 star studio in El Cotillo for about 35 euros ($45) per night with a kitchen, a small patio where I will be nude (the place is naturist friendly) that sits on the beach popular with both nudists and textiles. One can eat out (there are many good options) or buy at the local store and cook in the apartment. I know of working Brits who holiday on the island for 2 months out of the year.

I encourage any freehiker to consider this and other locations in Spain in the future. When I return, I will try to report on new hikes. If you get a chance to visit, drop me a line.

SoCal Smoothy - www.hikingnaked.com

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CamisaRojo at Deep Creek

CamisaRojo was kind enough to share his photos from Deep Creek: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/camisarojoatdeepcreek

(Sorry, but I guess you'll have to paste this link into your search area to view the photos.)

What a wonderful place to enjoy a two mile freehike, followed by a rewarding soak. I have many fond members of Deep Creek. How about my readers?