Sunday, August 29, 2010

Appalachian Trail Freehike

“I spent some time on the Appalachian Trail last week and got to do part of it naked. I did not see another person the whole time so I could have done the whole thing naked.” - Mitswop

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sequoians Naturist Resort

Since PJ and I were visiting a senior retirement facility near San Francisco, we decided to take a little time to visit the Sequoians Naturist Resort ( We were definitely ready for some quality naked time, and we had friends who were members and had told us it was a great place (Sid and Toni).

Unfortunately, the resort was closed on Friday. It turns out it is only open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday, from April to October, though members can visit anytime, and a few live there.

Still, we visited for a while with a member at the front gate. He shared lots of information about the resort.

The resort has had as many as 250 members, though they now have about 90.

It is a member-owned coop. The yearly fees were surprisingly low, $310 per person, and that combined with the cost for a site and utilities means that living at the Sequoins costs one person only about $1000 a year.

The resort is at the end of a beautiful, secluded, tree-filled canyon. There is a clubhouse and pool area (we could just see the roof). The resort area apparently has many wonderful hiking trails up both sides of the canyon. These trails would be totally tree-shaded. It looked like a wonderful place to freehike.

We were disappointed that we couldn’t get in on a weekday; we were ready for a freehike and skinnydip, so we can’t recommend it from actual experience, but we’re excited to go back on a weekend in the future.

The Sequoians looks like a great place to live if you like a very small community.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wives and Freehiking

“I rarely go out with anyone hiking, not so much because my wife doesn't like hiking, but rather because she doesn't like the woods. . . Just the same, the few times we've been out together have been delightful. It makes the outing a lot more enjoyable and easier, somehow. I even managed to hike nude with her once.” – Blue Train

Wouldn't it be nice if spouses participated? I'm grateful PJ comes along. I'm one lucky guy.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting Someone While Freehiking

“I went on my fifth nude hike and for the first time, encountered textiled people. On my previous four hikes, since the family is still asleep, I've been fortunate in that I could arise, pack, load the car, drive two hours to the trail head, park in a convenient copse of trees, hike for several hours and then drive back home, all the while nude. My hiking companion, a beagle, always remained nude, too.

On my fifth hike, road construction prevented me from reaching my chosen trail, so I had to make quick alternate plans. [From] The new trail head . . . We hiked about four more miles and gained almost 2,500 feet in elevation before we ran into a man and woman, after rounding a switchback.

There was no time to take evasive action and the man immediately turned uphill and said something to the woman. I was definitely on their radar. As I got closer, I smiled and said, ‘Boy! The trail didn't look this steep on the map!’ The man seemed to relax a bit and simply uttered, ‘Yeah...’ The woman was leading her dog and since the trail was on the steep side of a mountain, I stepped uphill to let her pass. As the dogs exchanged the prerequisite greeting, I asked how she was. In an un-naturally high voice, tainted with a bit of forced nonchalance, she said she was fine and asked how I was. . .

The trail continued to steepen . . . We slowly worked our way up to the 10,000 foot plateau . . . The sun was beating on us, trying to burn a hole in my neck and shoulders, and for some reason, the vegetation surrounding the trail refused to provide much shade. Three hours later, when we completed our descent . . . I got into my car . . . and thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioner playing across my entire body on the trip home. . . nude hiking, even on the worst of days, is better than clothed hiking on the best of them.” – Au Naturel

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Son's Visit

My oldest son and his fiancé visited us at Olive Dell Ranch Friday and Saturday. They had never visited a naturist venue of any kind before; it was so gratifying that they were willing.

One of the biggest drawbacks to living at a naturist resort is the concern that family will misunderstand and be afraid to visit. Because we loved the resort atmosphere – living a nude lifestyle - we rationalized our decision to move to the resort with the thought that our kids who live some distance away couldn’t afford to visit us anyway, so we’d just be satisfied visiting them. We’ve kept quiet about living at a naturist resort. Well, keeping quiet didn’t work very well; I think they all know where we live now, but that’s certainly more honest, so probably for the best.

Anyway, my son and his fiancé got to the resort later Friday afternoon, so after eating out with them and touring the Mission Inn, it was nearly dark by the time we arrived. They saw only one naked man driving in.

We sat on our deck to enjoy the sunset - we didn’t get naked, and neither did they. It seemed that being naked with mom and dad was going to be a little too much information. We did get a chance to talk a lot about naturism.

As it got darker, they wanted to visit the restroom and take a shower, so I took them for a tour of the patio and clubhouse. They seemed okay with meeting several naked friends on the patio.
Later that evening they took a shower together in the group shower. They were too tired to sit in the hot tub.

Saturday morning we walked the Olive Dell Nature Trail and Dellymaze Park – clothed. We passed the sign dedicated to our grandkids. I explained that I hoped one day all of our grandkids might walk Grandkid’s Gulch where the sign is posted.

Too soon, they needed to travel on to their next location. We left the resort for breakfast, and on the way out passed several more naked people.

During the visit we stayed clothed, and they did as well - except during their shower. Still, they said they felt comfortable visiting us, and didn’t mind at all seeing a few naked people. It was at least a start, and it was nice to hear my son say, “You’re my dad, and it doesn’t matter where you live – I’d visit you anyway.”

So, they didn’t take to the naturist lifestyle right away. Perhaps they will never need it, but this was certainly a positive first step – there’s hope for the future.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Plan on Having Some Great Stories

“Regardless of our ages, we need to get in as much nude hiking as we can. It will be much harder when we need the assistance of a walker and require oxygen. I plan on having some great stories to tell when I'm in 'the home'.” – Au Naturel


Concerning the younger generation, my oldest son is visiting us at Olive Dell Ranch today - his first visit to a naturist resort. Hopefully it goes well. Wish us luck. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Night Freehiking Trail Discovery

“I recently “discovered” a loop trail about a quarter mile from the house that would be perfect for an after dark naked bike ride or naked hike. I say I “discovered” it because I have known about it for several years but since it basically runs through a 20 mile field I never even considered it to take a hike given how close the mountains are to our house. That trail first caught my attention a couple months ago when I was coming home late on a full moon night when I thought “Now THAT would be a great trail to hike naked at night”

Anyone else discovered a freehiking trail recently?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freehiking and Freedom

“It’s ironic that we often speak of freedom in some vague way when talking about hiking nude, yet when nude we sometimes have to go to great lengths or distances and exercise great care to avoid problems with our being nude. It may or may not be fair but one thing you begin to question is how much freedom you are giving up just to be nude. It's probably still worth it.” – Happy Hikers

The freedom to practice naturism in general, and freehiking in particular, isn't free. It requires sacrifice. Perhaps the sacrifice to leave the blinds closed and live in the dark at home. Or, the sacrifice and cost to travel some distance to a nude location. Or, the sacrifice of personal comfort to share naturism with others, or to be the first to take off clothing, or to remain clothed when others are reluctant. Or, the the potential loose of freedom from being seen freehiking. Some exceptional people sacrifice jobs and even relationships with others for the freedom to just to be nude as God intended.

But, without the sacifice of those from the past, we would all be forced to live dressed in Victorian prudishness. So how can we thank those who pioneered today's more relaxed dress code, and those from the past who sacrificed so much for naked freedom? Sacrifice - share naturism now.

Two questions come to mind: (1) What have you sacrificed for naked freedom? (2) What will you be willing to sacrifice for naked freedom in the future?

Any answers from my readers?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Need Shorts?

"I've done a few hikes where I never needed to put on shorts, door to door (car door that is), the entire time of the hike, the longest being perhaps eight hours. But that was a matter of luck. I expect to need the shorts now and then, which of course is why they're there, and having to put them on doesn't spoil anything. I've given up trying to reach any sort of goals of time, distance, or staying nude, mostly. Even so, I can think of a few places where I don't think I would ever need the shorts, though there can be surprises. On one of those all-nude hikes, I still had the shorts and they eventually went into the pack, same with another hike.” – Blue Train

Monday, August 9, 2010

Freehiking North of Phoenix

Sorry, we've been away from the computer for a few days - PJ and I took a frequently-nude sailboat trip to Santa Cruz Island off the California coast. (The trip report with photos is coming soon.) Here is a freehiking thought from Desertsax to get things started again:

“[I’ve freehiked] . . . at least twice a month for over a decade. . . We hike in 'State Trust Land' in the north part of Phoenix. . . Our 'secret place' is a 2600-acre island of lush desert, with the occasional hiker/ATV/mtn bike/equestrian. On 90% of the hikes we see nobody else the whole time. If we do, it's usually while they're far off, and we can step behind a bush, and perhaps slip on a long t-shirt as a cover up. There are hundreds of these places around the state, but this one is minutes from the house, and has convenient and safe parking. . . I usually hike with one or two friends.” - Desertsax

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freehiking is Addictive

“I (male) have been a nudist for many years, but only recently have discovered naked hiking. Wow. It's addictive. I introduced my new wife to nudism shortly after we met, taking her to a resort in the Caribbean with an au-natural beach. She took to it like a duck to water, now I can hardly get her to put clothes on! Since then we have been to numerous nude resorts around the country, some of them large enough to have bike riding and hiking trails. This past winter we spent quite a lot of time in Tucson and found many wonderful lightly traveled desert trails where we could disrobe and hike for miles. Fortunately, here in Colorado we have secluded places with trails that you can hike for days without seeing a soul. Our latest adventure was at Valley View Hot Springs, a wonderful clothing optional place in central Colorado. There are trails nearby that go up the mountains into wilderness where we hiked for eight miles without ever putting on a thing from the time we left our campsite until our return. We love being able to extend our nude lifestyle beyond our home, resorts, and beaches!” - Like2BNude

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SoCal Freehikers Report – Cedar Creek Trail

On July 29, 2010, ten members of the SoCal Freehikers gathered to hike the Cedar Springs Trail above Idyllwild, California – 8 men and 2 women. This trail is a seven-mile round-trip hike rated year-round and moderate. In “140 Hikes In and Around Palm Springs”, this is hike #93: Jo Pond Trail to Cedar Spring. It was a wonderful hiking trail.

PJ and I carpooled with friends the just over one hour trip from Olive Dell Ranch where we live. Talking about the area and anticipating the hike on the way made the drive time go fast.

We waited at the trail head until most of those who were expected had arrived. It was great to see our freehiking buddies – especially those who were hiking with us for the first time. There is always a special camaraderie with others who understand the joy of freehiking.

Gil, our leader for this freehike, explained that we would have to hike clothed for a short distance at first because we were near a scout camp - we could hear the kids below. At 9:15 we started up the trail. Soon we were past the camp boundary and were able to undress – so much more comfortable than walking in sweaty clothes.

The trail was improved and easy to follow. The first part meandered through meadows and shady groves of oak. Then the trail climbed for 1.5 miles up switch backs, making for a fairly easy uphill climb.

Scenery along the way was unforgettable. Yucca, prickly pear, Manzanita, scrub oak, so many other types of vegetation, wonderfully colored granite, amazing vistas – so much to see and feel. Walking along the trail mostly single file, the breeze cooling our bodies, gathering at lookout points to rest and enjoy the view - freehiking with good friends in nature – it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Climbing from just over 5000 feet to over 6800 feet in about two hours, we reached the top of the ridge where the trail crossed the Pacific Coast Trail at Desert Divide. We paused to eat lunch in the shade of an oak. Here was a geocache filled with trail foods that some members of the group exchanged with items they had brought. The entire town of Palm Springs could be seen down the canyon in the distance below.

After lunch we decided to turn back rather than to continue down the slope to Cedar Spring. PJ led a fast pace back down the trail. Along the way we paused several times under shady oak trees to rest. Near the end of the trail we dressed, and soon after greeted the only other person we saw on the trail – a young man riding a mountain bike.

Soon we returned to our vehicles, and said goodbye to our SoCal Freehiking friends. This was such an enjoyable hike for all - unforgettable. It’s too sad other members missed this exceptional freehike. Hopefully many members will attend our next hike; we’ll share the location soon.

We’re still looking for new areas to hike. Let us know of any likely locations.

Here are a few photos from this wonderful Cedar Creek freehike (be sure to click on “show all” near the bottom to see all of the photos):

Monday, August 2, 2010

Freehiking in Spain

I'd love to freehike in Spain one day. Anyone else interested?

“I have lived and worked in Spain for a few years now and regularly hike naked in the beautiful mountain areas north of Madrid. Spain is well known for its relaxed attitudes towards nudism as many of its beaches are clothing optional and together with its wonderful climate & sparsely populated areas it’s a perfect place to experiment getting your kit off in nature. Spain has some fantastic scenery to explore and plenty of animals and birds to observe while out in the wilderness, it’s great.” – The Naked Rambler

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Body Breathes Sign of Relief

“I love to hike naked and take several hikes each week during the summer, and once or twice a month in the winter, when the weather cooperates. When I get to one of my trailheads and take off my clothes and stand naked again, it's like my body breathes a sigh of relief at being cooped up in clothes since the last hike.” – BillBill