Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freehiking When It's Cold

“I can't honestly say I appreciate outdoor nudity during the cooler seasons but I've done a couple of very memorable nude hikes during cool and cold weather, both of which happened to have been on the same trail. The trail was the Applachian Trail north of the Shenandoah National Park . . . when I was all warmed up, I decided to hike nude the rest of the way. There was no wind and it was a surprisingly comfortable thing to do. The other trip to the same place was on a rainy day in the spring . . . It was a typically cool drizzly day, so I started out wearing shorts, t-shirt and a poncho. I hadn't gone a hundred yards before decided to just go with the poncho alone. . . On that trip I passed several people but I figured the poncho was sufficient covering, only my hiking shoes became soaked. While it was quite comfortable both times hiking either nude or practically so, there was no wind, even when it was raining, and that makes all the difference.” - Blue Train

Ken: I've freehiked through snow drifts. One warmer year I freehiked 18 times in January. A friend and I freehiked along the shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake one nice winter day. Sometimes you just need to get out in nature, even in the winter. As long as the sun is out, a nude body aclimitizes nicely.

Has anyone else enjoyed freehiking in colder months?

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