Monday, October 18, 2010

Nude Mushrooming

“Well, I took advantage of my new excuse to hike naked and went out yesterday to pick mushrooms. It was pretty warm out and windless, though raining lightly when I got to forest area I knew to have good crops of chanterelles. I stripped, put on rubber boots and a rain hat, let the dog out of the back of the pickup, and entered the trees for an hour and a half walk and mushrooming expedition. Since I didn't have a compass with me I was pretty careful to stay near an old closed logging road and adjoining skid trails. When it's overcast around here it's hard to tell directions, especially when you've got your head down looking for 'shrooms. I explored several game trails and skid trails, walking a couple of miles, and collecting about a pound of chanterelles, enough for a few meals for my wife and me. The warm air, the scents of the forest, the light rain on my bare shoulders and chest all made for a great walk in the woods. I can now thoroughly recommend naked mushrooming!” – Woods Buff

I've only mushroomed once in Indiana, and that was before I understood naturism. I suspect nude mushrooming would be great. Anyone else tried it?


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