Saturday, May 29, 2010

I like the term "freehiking."

“I like the term "freehiking." At least for me, it is an apt description of how I feel when I "skinnyhike," hike nude, go "natural hiking," etc. I feel free; free from a lot of things! It is a wonderful feeling!” - Nkdmn N. Cps

Friday, May 28, 2010

San Simeon Beach

During our May 2010 vacation, driving south along the California coast, we stopped at Hearst Castle and bought tickets for several hours later, giving us time to drive down to nearby Old San Simeon and San Simeon Beach.

We ate an amazingly good, very large deli sandwich at Sebastian’s. The manager explained how to access the beach. She was very tanned and not wearing a bra – a fellow naturist? We didn’t ask.

Beach parking was only two minutes from Sebastian’s. A long dock extended out into the ocean near the parking area. At the beach we talked with an older fellow who owned a wonderfully restored ‘Woody’. We then walked to the far west end of the beach towards the far high rocky point that hid the nude area.

At the base of the rocky point were several caves, uncovered by the low tide. The walls of the caves were covered with sea life – star fish and anemones. PJ took lots of photos. I found a nice rod and reel nearly buried in the sand.

We sat on a rock in the cave and took off our shoes and socks so we could walk around the rocky point without getting them wet – we were still too easily seen by textiles on the beach to get naked. (I’m sure this would be difficult during low tide.)

Around the rocky point was a small, but beautiful sandy cove, with high cliffs, topped by beautiful evergreen trees. No one else was there. We undressed and enjoyed the sun for about an hour. It wasn’t even necessary to place a towel in the sand as several smoothed out areas on the cliff were perfect for lying out and sunning.

Soon it was time to return so we could make it to Hearst Castle - a spectacular place.

We definitely recommend a visit to San Simeon Beach if you visit this area of California. Here is a link to several photos:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Freehiking Feels No Different

“. . . in Maine and Vermont where on remote trails my clothes are more often than not, packed away and unavailable. . . attitude is everything. It didn't take me too long hiking naked in different contexts, and encountering numerous people over time, to personally feel no difference between being dressed or undressed, in such situations. In my mind, I am simply another hiker using the trail and this projects. Most everyone I meet accepts me that way, totally. Any question of ‘lewdness’ is instantly dispelled under such circumstances. I have had many pleasant trailside conversations during such chance meetings. . . I have gone from starting a hike textile to hiking naked within the first mile, with some of my coworkers. They were not expecting it, yet settled into it very quickly, remarking that they were surprised at how natural, it appeared for me to be so, thus encouraging them to feel the same about the experience.” – FreewalkerMA

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naked Hiking Suggestions

"When contemplating going for a naked hike for the first time, there are three major points which come to mind. While some of these might appear obvious, at first sight, they are really core to the activity and deserve a little thought.

1. Choose a location which tends to be sparsely populated. If you meet people all well and good, but you don't want to go out of your way to do so.

2. Do not hide when anyone approaches, or remain silent, rather go about your walk as you would if you were dressed and exchange minor greetings in passing with people you pass. The idea is not to strike up conversations but to ensure everyone is aware that going hiking naked is a perfectly normal happenstance.

3. The "safety in numbers" rule works from both ends. Join an existing naked hiking group where possible, or create one from a loose affiliation of occassional enthusiasts in the area. All the better if you can get a woman or two to join also, as predictably fewer people will take umbrage with a mixed group of naked hikers than with the solo male. As is predictable.

It might also help to take a look at reports from experienced naked hikers, like the ones you can find online here:

and here:

Good luck and remember above all to enjoy.” - Rich

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sand Dollar Beach

During our May 2010 vacation we stopped at a campground on California’s scenic Hwy 1, south of Big Sur, across the street from Sand Dollar Beach. After setting up camp, we walked down to see the beach. A well-maintained trail with easy stairs descends to a rocky beach. We walked clothed (after all this is a traditionally clothed beach) to the far north end where it was sandy and far enough from the few others on the beach to get comfortable.

We enjoyed the warm sun on our bodies as we explored the cliffs and walked the sandy portion of the beach for a half hour or so before the sun began setting – it was time to dress and return. We talked with several people on the way back who were searching the rocky shore for topaz. We joined in and found several nice specimens – fun. (By the way, we also found one sand dollar.)

The ocean mist slowly moved in as we left the beach.

We enjoyed a pleasant night camping naked together in our tent. We’d recommend this place for anyone interested in a great camping spot, and getting some sun.

Here is a link to a few photos:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Carry Shorts

“I enjoy nude hiking in the forested areas around Vancouver, and often hike up fire and logging roads. While making every effort to ensure I am not likely to "surprise" any others in the area, I am constantly aware that I could meet someone around the next bend, and so carry shorts in my hand, should I require them. I did encounter one couple in the past, who were great about it. Only passing pleasantries were exchanged, but I still felt awkward.” - NorthVanNudist

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pirate’s Cove Vacation

We’ve not posted much because this week PJ and I took our first real vacation in nearly two years. It was so nice to get away again. Harro and Kitty had invited us to visit Carlsbad Caverns, but it was an almost 14 hour drive, so we decided to visit the central coast of California instead. (Thanks for the invite – we do want to see the Caverns another time.)

The evening of May 15th I picked PJ up at LAX airport (she had been visiting the kids in South Dakota), and we checked into an inexpensive hotel near the airport. In the morning we headed north.

Skinny Trippers Marv and Pet had invited us to visit them so we drove straight to the Pismo Beach area where they live in a nice gated community. We enjoyed touring their beautiful gardens; too bad they don’t have the privacy to garden naked as God intended.

Then, Marv took us for a walk down to Pirate’s Cove. We climbed down the cliffs using the ropes, and then undressed and spent some time walking nude along the sand to the opposite end of the beach. It was a cool day, so there were only a few brave naturists nude, but it was nice in the shelter of the cliffs. It was still soooo enjoyable! One young dressed couple along the way shielded their young daughter’s eyes from the view of us naked old folks; hasn’t the younger generation gone clothes-compulsive crazy? At the end of the beach we dressed again and climbed up the path to visit an interesting rock cave (arch) where we could look down on a 2nd nude beach - empty.

We returned to the beach, undressed, and walked back. This time it had gotten a little warmer, so a few people were sunning and playing nude volleyball on the beach. After dressing, we again climbed the path with the help of the ropes, and returned to Marv and Pets place.

We would rate Pirates Cove Beach as the most scenic nude beach we’ve ever visited. It was a cool day, but on a warm summer afternoon it must be spectacular. Nudity is legal on the beach, and I understand it is used by many naturists. Don’t miss a chance to visit Pirate’s Cove! Here is a link to a few photos we took of the beach:

Sunday evening we ate dinner with Marv and Pet at a great Thai restaurant, played a new (to us) card game, and enjoyed a nice sleep in their guest room. Thanks Marv and Pet for the fun stay!

Monday morning we headed north to continue our vacation. We’ll share more about that in a later report.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freehikers in Scotland

“I hike nude, sometimes when I'm staying up with my grand dad (northern Scotland). But since there are lots of tourists up there during the summer, we (me and my best friend) take a backpack with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and when we see people in the distance we change (takes like 2 seconds to slip them on) then when we are out of there close view we take them off again.” - Jennifer1

Thursday, May 13, 2010

World Freehikers Federation / Southern California Freehikers

For a number of years PJ and I helped organize the Utah Freehikers. A fun group of male and female freehikers who gathered to hike several times a month when the weather cooperated. Here are photos from a few Hiking Reports from that group (be sure to click on “show all” at the bottom of the photos):

Since then, PJ and I have moved to Southern California, where we would like to start another freehiking group. As we do this, I thought it would be a good idea to create an entity that would encourage others to form groups, and where freehiking plans and reports could be shared, so I started an umbrella Organization called the World Freehikers Federation (WFF).

So, I am announcing the new Southern California Freehikers group, an affiliate of the World Freehikers Federation, and am soliciting members.

The SC Freehikers will start by creating a freehiking schedule for the year, with perhaps two hikes a month – one near our home in the Inland Empire, and one at a more distant, interesting location. As we grow we’ll plan to hike with groups from other areas. A week before each event we will email/remind all group members of the scheduled freehike, including planned location, gathering places for ride sharing, and requirements such as lunch, cover-up, and required gear.

Hike Reports, with photos, will be posted on the World Freehikers Federation egroup to encourage other groups to become/stay active. (Please join this egroup, announce your intention to form a group near you, and begin soliciting members, by going to:

So, let us know if you’d like to join the Southern California Freehikers by joining The World freehikers Federation and sending us an email, and if you are too far away from us, consider starting your own group: ________________ Freehikers (fill in the blank).

See you nude in the outdoors,


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bahamas Freehike

“. . . my wife and I took a ‘hike’ in the nude . . . on our trip to the Bahamas a couple of summers ago. I had walked down the beach, and then ventured back around a rock formation and found another beach. I returned to where we were and suggested that we go over there together. She agreed. She made me take her suit, just in case, but we hiked barefoot and nude over to the next beach. Played in the water and sand, and then hiked back. On the way back, it started raining on us a bit. She commented on how nice it was that since we were nude it didn't matter that it was raining.” - Barefoot-n-Nude in Texas

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Campnbare's Freehiking Advice

“Some general advice of my own on barepacking includes:

1. While hiking bare, keep a towel or pair of elastic shorts in easy reach on the outside of your pack.

2. Keep up your fluid intake. Hiking bare allows your sweat to evaporate more effectively, and since you will not have sweaty clothes as a reference, you may not realize how much liquid you have been losing to evaporation.

3. Don't buy prepackaged backpacking meals unless you have a lot of spare money you need to get rid of. These meals are convenient, but you can eat just about as well buying dry goods from your grocery store (pastas, noodle dishes, rice, etc.)

4. Assume backpacking tents are undersized. If you buy a "two man" tent, you will be quite crowded trying to fit two people inside. If you routinely camp with another person, consider a "4 man" tent.
5. Don't be afraid to barepack in the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. Most backpackers avoid the warmer months. Barepacking gives you a warm weather advantage. Being naked, you will handle the heat the way your body was designed to. Also, there are likely to be less people out there to offend, and any hikers you do encounter will understand your wanting to hike bare.”

Monday, May 10, 2010

“Celebrate the freedom of naturism and nudism by gardening.” – Guy K.

“Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor hobbies worldwide. Doing it in the nude adds a pleasure almost indescribable. When you are in the garden with a gentle breeze and the kiss of the sun on your skin a connection with nature is inevitable.” - Katie Rain

Nude gardening is one of our favorite pastimes. In fact, working in our nude garden at Olive Dell Ranch, Dellymaze Park is such a fun place we hope every visits. We spend time nearly every day digging and planting and watering and decorating. Jane is creating a totally unique garden with small buildings, characters, a dinosaur dig, and now even an alien landing site.

But of course the best part of our garden is being natural in the shade and sun. With naked gardening you're cool even on a hot day - the sweat naturally cools your body, and of course there are no sweaty clothes to make you uncomfortable, and no laundry afterwards. And you don't have to worry about getting dirty - we just head to the outside showers at the clubhouse - heaven. We'd recommend nude gardening to everyone. And with that thought in mind, we planned a Naked Gardening Day celebration at Olive Dell Ranch.

According to Mark Storey, the annual World Naked Gardening Day [WNGD] is now in its sixth year. The idea behind WNGD is that many people find clothes-free gardening enjoyable. WNGD urges people to practice the form of gardening they enjoy, but on this one day to try it nude. They can do so by themselves, or with family or friends. They might do so in their private back yard, indoors with potted plants, at a local nudist club during an organized grounds cleanup, or - if they are feeling bolder - in a more public setting to help beautify a city park or streetside garden. Weather, location, age, or shyness needn’t keep people from participating, as anyone can give the wholesome practice of working in some fashion with Nature dressed as Nature intended.

So, on Saturday, May 8th, five members at Olive Dell ranch gathered to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD), which is celebrated world-wide on the second Saturday of May. Our plans to garden the previous weekend had to be changed at the last minute - sorry to those who came then, and sorry we didn't advertise this activity earlier so others could attend.

We gathered about 10:00 am to prepare a garden area at the end of the tennis court - an area that gets water as the tennis court is cleaned each week. Digging, shaping the earth, lining the bed with rocks, and planting took several hours. Working out doors nude is such a rewarding experience - the breeze cools the entire body, and it's great exercise.

Afterwards, the nude gardening team gathered on Ken's and Jane's deck for a friendly nude BBQ. And later we all sang nude karaoke - the end to a memorable naturist event. All in all, it was a very rewarding WNGD. Next year we promise to advertise WNGD more so all can participate.

Here is a link to a few photos of Olive Dell's WNGD event:

And for more information, here is a link to the WNGD website:

Here are a few thoughts from others who love gardening naked:

"As more people hear of this simple, natural, human activity, and how much more alive one feels working naked with Nature, the more others may give it a try. WNGD is thus an unabashed promotion of social nudity as part of a healthy, natural lifestyle. . . If you . . . think all this talk about nudity is a riotous hoot, continue to smile (naked folk shouldn’t be taking themselves too seriously anyway). But while you’re laughing - and while no one’s looking - try gardening naked for five minutes. You’ll probably still be smiling, but for a different reason.” – Mark Storey

“There is something special about waking up at sunrise and going out into the garden, taking your clothes off and playing in the dirt au naturel. . . As you stand naked in a garden, you feel the world loosening around you. Gardeners have known for ages that pottering around your petunias has stress-reducing benefits. But now, there is a growing trend among nature lovers that says these benefits increase exponentially when you garden naked. . . communing with the pansies without panties, so to speak. People often ask why we feel the need to take off our clothes to trim the fruit trees. ‘Because it’s fun!’ . . . The sun is cleansing and provides that all-important vitamin D. . . Gardening in the nude is wonderful exercise. We are getting in a good stretch while planting healthy foods and flowers. And naked organic gardening makes my connection to the earth, sun, and water feel more meaningful. . . Mother Earth . . . gracefully urges us with her fruitful body to seek union with all living things. Come into nature, she says. Take your clothes off and garden with me. . . You can’t go wrong when you garden naturally.” – Jay North

“But gardening is special-coaxing life from the fertile soil, hearkening the inveterate calling of man to be a part of the natural cycle. What could be more primal than growing your own patch of zucchini naked?” – Eric Ostrem

“Gardening, like swimming, is one activity that non-naturists are likely to associate favorably with non-sexual nudity. Most people can understand why someone might want to go skinny-dipping, or do some naked weeding in the back yard. . . Once people understand how good it feels to work naked with soil or plants, it’s likely they will think of naturism in a new light. Naturists know that being naked feels good, but being naked while physically active and doing some good in the world is even better. . . Far too many naturists . . . settle for participation in a lifestyle enclave. . . There is no real sense of community, just the shared goal of getting naked and having fun. Events like World Naked Gardening Day can help a sense of community develop among naked folk of every stripe.” – N Trends

“. . . the is something too profound for words about sweating naked in your own garden, snacking on peas straight from the pod, rinsing off in a mountain brook, lying naked on pine needles, drying off in the summer breeze, facing the sunny sky, arms outstretched, fully and lushly praying the Lord’s Prayer.” - Jim C. Cunningham

“When you're out there with a gentle breeze on you, every last hair on your body feels it. You feel completely connected with the natural world in a way you just can't in clothes." - Barbara Pollard (The Naked Gardener at Abby House, England)

“I wonder if back-garden nudity . . . might provide the non-stunt, non-once-a-year, non-organized, unpoliced way of getting the general public to realize that social nudity is not only no big deal when presented as an issue for comment, but no big deal when presented as a concrete reality.” Tim

“But naked, we are as close as possible to Nature, right in it, tending our bit of it, or somebody else's, the way, surely, God intended. . . So we shouldn't be ashamed. Gardening naked is something anyone can do . . .” - Iain Hunter

“I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening! We're Cuban, and it's a hot island. Why not go nude?" - Eva Mendes, Actress

“Instead of nude gardening day, I suggest a nude gardening year, every year.” – Malcolm E. Anderson

Freehiking Male Dominated?

“. . . free hiking is mostly male dominated. I wouldn’t say it is strictly male but mostly. I can’t remember ever seeing a nude female hiker but have come across other nude male hikers. I think it is true that (as one poster said) hiking is mostly male to begin with so it makes sense that free hiking would be mostly male as well.” - macdonaldca

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More about the Fun at The Bare Burro 5K

This last weekend Joe (who ran the Bare Burro 5K), came all the way back from Utah to share Olive Dell Ranch with his wife Cindy. She’s fairly new to naturism, but enjoyed hanging out at the resort with us and other members, discovering the characters in Dellymaze Park, walking the Olive Dell Nature Trail and the Bare Burro course to the picnic table, and hanging out by the pool in the sun. She mentioned that she hopes she can attend the Burro next year.

Olive Dell is a family-friendly place to introduce people to social naturism. I understand the resort gained at least three new members as a result of the Burro; membership is such a wonderful value! We hope many new people take advantage of Olive Dell and the surrounding natural environment. Were else is Southern California can you be just minutes from major shopping, yet be free to hike nude for miles directly from your cabin or trailer? Only at Olive Dell Ranch.

So come for a visit. Jane and I would love to relax with you on our deck, and take you on a tour of Dellymaze Park and the Olive Dell Nature Trail. And bring a friend along; sometimes having a friend is all it takes for someone to overcome reluctance about naturism.

I’ve posted more photos of the Bare Burro 5K at:

Fun photos have also been added to the Olive Dell Website at:

And the Things To Do Nude team has posted a video of the run at:

Here are a few more comments from participants:

“Can't thank you enough for opening Olive Dell to the celebration that was the Bare Burro Run. What a peak experience it was for me: I'd never run in an organized race, never run with others in a nude race, and I'd never won a medal for anything athletic in my life. But all of these "first time experiences" were sandwiched into one day on April 18! At 62 years old, such things don't happen that often. And I made new friends that I'm planning nude activities with. In fact, yesterday four of us who met at the 5 K trekked out to Deep Creek Hot Springs and spent a glorious afternoon soaking and hiking along the river. We're all big fans now of Olive Dell. I'd love to come back soon to run the course again and get to know more of the lovely folks who make up your community. Thanks for your generosity . . . and your genius!’ - Vin F. (Los Angeles)

“I have been a naturist all my life. I do a lot of nude hiking, camping, and work at home naked, but this was the first time I have been to nudist resort. The 5K run was a terrific way to be introduced to your amazing resort. Really enjoyed the day and even did some naked bike riding. You did a great job of organizing this for the first time. I have done other events and yours was as good if not better than others I have been to. Looking forward to the next one and visiting your resort again in the very near future and hope to be part of this great place.” – Robert

“I had a great time [at the Bare Burro 5K]. I was a little apprehensive about visiting a nudist resort for the first time but as soon as I spoke with the members it was clear I was welcome.” – Thad

“Love the event [the Bare Burro 5K], and love the facility. Just came back from a second visit.” - Paul

“I very much enjoyed the 5K run and my first visit to the Ranch. I hope to visit again soon and certainly expect to attend the 2nd annual Bare Burro run.” - Ed

“I had a great time [at the Bare Burro 5K]. Challenging course! I'd love to run it more. I guess I could if I were to visit there again. Perhaps, I can get my wife to come and take a look.” – Doug

“Thanks for a putting such a great run together! Beautiful scenery, friendly people and a challenging, KILLER course! Thanks to all the volunteers too - their support, enthusiasm and encouragement rivaled and even surpassed many of the large-scale professionally-managed runs that I've done.” - Ivy C.

“Thank You for hosting this event [the Bare Burro 5K]. I've always wanted to run free in a safe environment. I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to more events like this. I specially wish to participate in a challenging nude bike ride. I also wished to have body paintings done. I'd love to see some of the pics in the newsletter, specially mine if anyone has it. I was number 92.” - Muni

The Bare Burro 5K Run was a lot of fun. I had a blast. Olive Dell's organization was great and it far exceeded my expectations. It was real nice to see the event attended by people of all ages. The course was demanding but fun and the turnout was amazing. It was a shame I had other commitments and could not stay for the rest of the day. I am looking forward to next year’s event! Hopefully, naturists and nudists could use this annual event to reach out to the younger generations and for textiles to give it a try. I know many of them participate in mud runs or "undie" runs so why not encourage them to take it a step further. Maybe you could have some flyers put on the windshields of cars at one of those other events.” - Ron M.

“I've been wanting to try a nude 5k for years and had a good time at the Bare Burro run. Thanks for putting it together.” - John“I never ran more than half a mile until our 5k Bare Burro. I had so much fun and this is how running was intended to be done, in the buff with no inhibitions - just like how the Greeks did it during their Olympics. And, thanks to you guys at Olive Dell Ranch for this memorable and tremendous experience which I will be adding to my list of things to do naked before you leave this earth. I'm glad to be a part of this historical event at your beautiful and family oriented resort. Most importantly, I had great time with all you guys! As a guest, I felt welcome and met many wonderful people.” - Gil G.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Freehiking Brazil

“. . . we flew to bustling Sao Paulo [Brazil] and met up with . . . friends. Together we went down to a wonderful beach on Fortaleza Bay . . . Since we were with non-naturist friends, I feared that I would not have any opportunity for naturism, but one afternoon I was the only one interested in taking a hike along the forested coastline, and my opportunity materialized. As soon as I hit the trail . . . I took my clothes off. . . I arrived at . . . a beautiful deserted sandy beach backed by mountains and forest. There was one couple already there (topless, I think), so I put on my shorts to walk past them. At the far end of the beach I continued nude up the trail which rises to the crest of the peninsula before descending on the other side to a small fishing village. At the crest I turned around and walked back . . . I had the entire beach to myself. After a relaxed swim, I hiked nude all the way back. Along the way I took a side trail that led to some big rocks by the water that, when not in use by fishermen, would be great for all-over tanning. All in all I got to spend about three hours nude that afternoon. . . Continuing north . . . we arrived at . . . Ibitipoca State Park. . . The centerpiece of the park is a one-sided canyon with a fast-flowing stream making numerous waterfalls, and even cutting through the wall at one point to make a tunnel under a natural bridge. . . Since no one else was there, I stripped down as soon as I got out of sight of the snack bar at the top. I freehiked and skinny-dipped all day, exploring falls, pools, overlooks and caves in the park, dressing only on the few occasions where I was directly within sight of the snack bar. . . we spent one final day . . . Good Hope Farm . . . On the property of the Fazenda are four major waterfalls on a perfectly clear, fast-flowing stream. We were the only guests, so I was able to enjoy all the trails and the swimming holes as nature intended. It was a perfect ending to a satisfying naturist adventure.” - Milt

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nude Skeet Shoot

On May 2, 2010, we got together with friends from Olive Dell to shoot skeet in the hills above the resort. We shot for about three hours. PJ caught on quickly, becoming a deadly shot after just a little instruction; she even tried a back wards Annie Oakley shot.

It was nice to realize I could still hit a bird nearly every time years of hunting birds with my father as a teenager. It was lots of fun. I've linked to a few photos of our skeet shoot here:

Anyone else interested in joining us at Olive Dell Ranch for nude shooting?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Freehiking Only for Males?

“Is Freehiking strictly a male pastime? I was part of a non-landed club that had about a 60/40 mix of men to women and they did go on hikes especially to natural hot springs, etc. I just think that men are more outdoors oriented and due to that there are more who are into freehiking. However I have also found that if you are a member of an outdoors type club something like the Sierra Club or another eco friendly group and you are visiting a hot springs most of the members prefer to soak sans clothing. I think that would be a likely group to interest in freehiking.” - NudeAl

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Freehiking North Vermont

“April 2nd was absolutely gorgeous here in North Vermont - 80 degrees! I called a friend and since we both had the day off we went to one of our favorite spots near Eden. We hike naked there frequently. We occasionally run into others but it's never been an issue. We hiked for three hours naked, and left all our stuff at one point just to experience complete freedom. While we were naked with no cover-up, we ran into two women. They laughed when they saw us as they had been hiking nude also - they had only t-shirts on when we met. We saw them take their shirts off after they left us. What a day! Naked for 3 hours, no bugs, and fantastic views since there are no leaves. Hope this is the first of many.” - Jimvt