Monday, November 28, 2011

The Vitamin Myth

While on the road I picked up a 2007 Reader's Digest and read an interesting article about vitamins. Here's a summary. Any thoughts?


The Vitamin Myth
Neena Samuel
Reader’s Digest – Nov 2007

- Antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, Beta Carotene, E, and C) can increase a person’s risk of dying by up to 16%. (Journal of the American Medical Association)

So avoid these 10 vitamins:

- A – Too much can blur vision; cause headaches and vomiting; and lead to liver, bone, and central nervous system problems.

- Beta Carotene – Can lead to lung cancer in smokers and three times the risk of aggressive prostrate cancer.

- E – Can thin the blood and lead to a risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

- C – No evidence it prevents colds, heart disease, cataracts, or cancer.

- Selenium – May result in higher risk of diabetes.

- Folic Acid – Useful during pregnancy, but no evidence for it preventing heart disease, cancer, depression, or Alzheimer’s.

- B (Niacin) – May treat high-cholesterol under a doctor’s care, but may cause liver damage.

- Lycopene – No cancer fighting protection.

- Iron – Can worsen ulcers.

- Zinc – May weaken the immune system, interact with certain drugs, and reduce HDL (good cholesterol).

Real benefits:

Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and bone health, and reduces cancer and other diseases. “There seems to be little downside to . . . vitamin D . . .”

Friday, November 25, 2011


Comment: To tell you the truth, I don't feel "obligated" to do anything in the nude. I just do so because I like it.

What an interesting dicotomy presented in the above comment, as if the only possible positions were the "obligation" to practice naturism, or just "liking" to be nude. What about being a naturist for physical or social or mental health reasons, or because it's good for the family, or because it's a better moral stance, or to protest something, or to be an example for others? And thinking about these reasons, I suspect practicing naturism just might raise to the level of an "obligation?"

Does anyone out there besides me feel an "obligation" to practice and share naturism?


Friday, November 18, 2011

Legal Confusion Over Naked Hiking In Switzerland

It would be so very sad if Europe, the birthplace of modern nudism/naturism, gave in to textile craziness.


A Swiss court has upheld a fine issued to a man for hiking naked past a family picnic in the region of Appenzell, reports the BBC.

The man was fined 100 Swiss Franks ($108) for his naked stroll but appealed the decision since there is no law against public nudity in Switzerland. There is, however, a law against public indecency and this court decision will set a precedent for the whole country: naked hiking is illegal.

However, The Local reports that the court was split over the decision against nude hiking. The publication also published a conflicting report to the BBC saying that the activity is only banned in Appenzell and not in the whole of Switzerland.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NASWE Anyone?

In a previous blog I asked “Why don’t we have a NAWK (Naked American Walking Tour)?”

This would be much like the NEWT (Nude European Walking Tour).

One reason is it would have to be named NAWT not NAWK, and NAWT sounds like it can’t be done.

But I was serious in asking that question.

Let’s dream for a moment.

Because it would be held in America, it would have to be less open than the European version (that’s just how American culture is) so it couldn’t very easily be a “tour”. But it easily could be a naked campout with a series of freehikes in a remote area of a beautiful wilderness destination.

For example, would anyone attend if the nude camp and freehike were along the rim of the Grand Canyon?

I know of an area where that is entirely possible.

Logistic-wise, those who attend from far away could fly into Las Vegas and enjoy a few interesting days before being picked up for a three hour ride to the campsite. (Perhaps some attendees would enjoy riding naked during this part of the event – entirely possible in this more remote area of the US.) Some might rent a car and visit other nearby red-rock attractions like Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park after the camp/freehike.

Whichever, attendees would spend a week camping nude and freehiking and photographing the fabulously scenic Grand Canyon.

As far as a name goes, maybe it could be named the NASWE (Nude American Southwest Experience). (Any suggestions for a better name/acronym?) It could be held at a different location each year. The Grand Canyon would just be first.

Perhaps next June would be a good time?

What do you think? Would you attend?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Naked European Walking Tour

Video of day five of the 2011 Naked European Walking Tour:

Wow, beautiful scenery. It looks like lots of fun with many smiling faces, at least until the authorities showed up. (They seemed to be understanding.) The hike seems to have grown a lot larger.

I hope PJ and I can attend next year. It will be held the first week in July: Sunday 1st July to Saturday 7th July 2012, in the Austrian Alps south of Munich. To register your interest (and to join the mailing list) simply send an email to Rich at: . PJ and I registered.

Anyone know if English only speakers get along okay?

Anyone else interested in going along with us? We’ll keep everyone informed.


PS – Why don’t we have a NAWK (Naked American Walking Tour)? It would have to be less open than the European version, but there's no reason it couldn't take place. We’d certainly attend.

PPS - A more detailed review of the planned NEWT hike can be found at

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 5

One of our favorite on-board activities was dance lessons. We signed up for salsa (two classes) and rumba (two classes), along with about twelve other couples. For some reason we were about the only ones who attended nude. (Clothism is a disease that spreads, but real nudists resist being intimidated by textiles.)

The instructors were excellent. They patiently taught us the basics of Latin dance. As a result I’ve finally learned the Latin hip sway so feel much more confident when dancing to Latin music.

We spent one night dancing naked to disco music in the Frankenstein room. It too was mostly clothed.

Monday we docked at the Grand Turk islands. This was a clothed excursion day. We took a bus tour and learned that the local economy had been based on slave labor producing salt. Large brown, brackish salt evaporation ponds still cover large areas of the island. We also visited a lighthouse.

The island was not impressive, but the surrounding sea was beautifully sparkling clear, so when we returned from the bus tour we immediately got our swim suits (yuck) from the ship, rented equipment, and went snorkeling. Wow, what an enjoyable experience! We saw barracuda, sting ray, squid, flounders, parrot fish, and dozens of other species of sea life. It was gratifying to be able to introduce snorkeling to our friend Lee. Snorkeling at Grand Turk was definitely memorable. (See photos at

That evening the ship sponsored a Halloween party. PJ spent hours creating a costume using the beads she’d gathered at Fantasy Fest. We spent the evening partying, walking the ship, dancing, and generally having fun. PJ participated in a pumpkin carving contest. Even though she didn’t win, I loved her pumpkin. (See photos at

At the end of the evening we enjoyed a tasty pizza meal with friends before hitting the sack. Tomorrow would be our last day at sea.

Before concluding this report, I’d like to share a few observations about the people. I will cast these thoughts within the context of my understanding of naturism.

The cruise was advertised as “clothing optional”, not just naturist, so there were few actual naturist events (perhaps only the beach excursion at Half Moon Cay and basking in the sun on lounges around the pool).

When eating, attending shows, partying, singing, dancing, and wandering around the ship the majority of people stayed clothed. Oh, a few people, including PJ and I and our friends, stayed nude most of the time, but that was the exception.

We ate with one couple who said they were definitely not nudists; they had only joined the cruise to attend Fantasy Fest. Skimpy, sexually suggestive clothing was commonplace. The majority wore everyday vacation clothing.

The staff remained clothed of course. They had been given special training about naturist beliefs before the cruise.

It was interesting to see a few dedicated naked people mixing with clothed people of all stripes. While fortunately not obvious, we noticed some cabin doors suggesting swinger-like activity.

In general, while there were people with many different lifestyles, only a few appeared to be “real” naturists. I’m sure some were first-timers with an incomplete understanding of naturism. Many of our fellow cruisers had been to naturist resorts a few times, and many practiced naturism situationally like in the pool area, but few were “members” of a nudist resort or chose to live as naturists.

I suspect a nude cruise would be a great venue for sharing naturist history, philosophy, and practices. There were workshops on many topics, including Tantra (divine sexuality) so why not one about naturism?

This cruise has persuaded me even more that a person’s “intention” is most important to being a naturist. Practicing of naturism naturally normalizes the body, so promiscuity and related sexual agendas are reduced. It was evident that some cruiser’s “intention” was sexual in nature – their biggest agenda item. Clothing was used to broadcast that intention. As one guest put it, clothing is not only for protection but also for drawing attention to certain body parts. I asked this scantily clad guest what he intended – silence.

While not a conclusive guide, and perhaps too judgmental, nudists tend to like being nude in most circumstances, whereas wearing clothing, particularly sexually-oriented clothing, indicates intensions that are not naturist.

Of course naturists enjoy sex with committed partners, but sexuality is not the main focus. Rather, naturism is counter-sexual because it normalizes the body.

But enough philosophical thought, the final day at sea PJ and I arose early to enjoy a pleasant nude breakfast on the top deck. The sea was rolling calmly, the ship rocking gently.

We visited the photo gallery (we purchased quit a collect of photos that I will share in a future post).

Then we enjoyed a relaxing morning without friends. I liked that.

We spent the afternoon taking our final dance lessons. We love dancing together nude. It’s interesting how quickly nude becomes comfortable, normal.

After the dance class we soaked our feet in to pool where nearly everyone was naked – what a relief.

Then we returned to out room to pack. It was sad to think that this was the last day of our cruise, but then again, after eight days we felt tired and ready for a change.

We ate a clothed meal for the last time in the formal dining room – outstanding as normal.

Then PJ and I got ready for our last professional photo – nude.

After having our picture taken, we returned to the room to finish packing, followed by one last meeting with friends at the all-night pizza bar. Then off to sleep.

We debarked Wednesday morning, the end of a marvelous nakation, the return to the abnormal textile world. Oh well, I suppose all good things must come to an end. We had enjoyed living life with many like-minded people of our own species, shopping and eating and singing and dancing and attending entertainment nude, relaxing on a sunny beach and boat nude, snorkeling nude, as well as experiencing Fantasy Fest – our weirdest experience ever.

We fondly look forward to our next nakation. One thing for sure, we enjoyed cruising nude much more than cruising clothed. Hopefully, nude is how we’ll always be able to cruise again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 4

In addition to enjoying some sights in Key West (see photos at ), Saturday morning found us sailing nude on a large catamaran out to a reef for nude snorkeling. Naked, we waved to naked passengers on the ship as we left the dock.

On the way out we sunned on the top deck and took photos (see ). Crew girls even got topless!

Then, splash, we were snorkeling naked. The water was choppy so not as clear as we’ve experienced before, but holding hands with PJ as we snorkeled together pointing out fish, naked in the sea, was special and exciting. We even saw a shark! A little scary!!

We returned shortly after lunch, just in time to get ready for Fantasy Fest.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 3

Key West Fantasy Fest is unforgettably crazy!

Friday afternoon the ship docked at Key West. We disembarked for the first of several visits to Key West Duval Street and the Fantasy Fest weekend.

It’s all about crazy people - walking everywhere, nearly unclothed, in body paint and crazy costumes.

Saturday afternoon we prepared for the actual Fantasy Fest celebration and parade. We left the ship wearing very little. I wore shoes and my short hiker kilt; PJ wore a t-shirt and panties. Soon we were both wearing hats with dreadlocks, and PJ was topless and covered with beads (something that grew more extensive throughout the day and into the night).

We walked up and down Duval Street all afternoon, taking photos of the crazies (including ourselves).

As the sun began to set, we positioned ourselves at a convenient spot and waited for the parade to begin, then enjoyed 1.5 hours watching crazy floats.

We returned to the ship just as the rain started. (I know some people’s body paint washed off leaving then illegally nude.)

Fantasy Fest is its own weird experience - certainly not a naturist event - and impossible to fully discribe. I suppose the only way to get close is to share photos of some of the crazier things we saw:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nakation Cruise Part 2 - New Photos

I've added many new photos to the Half Moon Cay section of our Nakation Cruise Part 2 report. You can check them out at

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 2

It’s surreal!

October 25, 2011 - Tuesday morning was spent getting on the ship – the Carnival Miracle. By lunch time the entire world had changed from textile to nudist. We discovered 2000 people of our own species. The experience was at the same time freedom and shock – so much to take in. How to describe it? Maybe with a few snippets of what we experienced:

We walked up to the top floor to watch the ship depart. We were required to remain clothed until entering international waters. I could feel peoples’ need to be free of clothes. I expected an announcement followed by a cheer from the crowd. Not so. People, us included, just got fed up with waiting, and got naked. By the time the announcement was made the only people still clothed were those who didn’t seem to care. No cheer. Oh well.

We toured the ship. It was unbelievably decorated as can be seen in these photos

Shopping nude was wonderful! PJ and I visited the shops – no shirts, no bottoms, not even shoes – nothing – just a wonderful freedom. The shop clerks mostly seemed oblivious to helping a naked couple. We shopped several time nude; it’s the only way to shop.

Clothing was required in the Fancy restaurants. For that reason Lee and others usually choose to eat at the less formal buffet on the top deck where clothing was always optional. PJ and I often chose to eat dinner in to textile restaurant because the food was prepared and served with such flair, but we ate most of the other meals in the more relaxed top-side buffet. We loved dining with old and new naked friends.

We sang nude karaoke several nights. What more can I say than “I love nude karaoke!” PJ and I share such a loving connection when singing nude together - songs such as Strawberry Wine and Jackson.

We didn’t sun much on the many lounge chairs on the top deck – that’s just not our style. But many people spent much of their time lounging in the sun. That’s when everyone got naked – I suppose even those who were reluctant.

The second day of the cruise was spent at Carnival’s private island, Half Moon Cay. This beautiful island experience was indescribable. We were ferried from the ship to the beach (clothed – I don’t know why). Hundreds of people basked in the sun, splashed in the warm sea, and walked along the soft sand as warm tropical breezes caressed their nude bodies. Our friend Lee ran miles along the beach amazed at this fantastic naturist experience. We took a number of photos (see We enjoyed a naked buffet lunch. We swam with and fed sting rays (in swim suits to avoid losing dangling parts), and snorkeled. We even swooshed down a water slide – naked. Bare bodies on a Caribbean island beach – what could be more relaxing and romantic? The day could have lasted forever, but too soon ended.

Back on the ship, we played several rounds of miniature golf on the top deck (see photos at ) as the sun warmed our naked bodies. The artificial grass got quite hot. I scored a 21. It was tons of fun!

We also swooshed down the ship’s spiral water slide. What a blast! (See photos at ).

The second day at sea we had time to look for new friends. The cruise directory listed people’s first names and home city. We put notes on the doors of those who lived near us, and decorated our door with photos and a note pad. (Note: next cruise we’ll come prepared with door decorations and personal cards.) We met and visited with several people; some we may retain as friends as they come into our lives. However, I’m not sure this exercise was worth the effort; we found that a cruise is not ideal for gathering new friends.

However, it’s amazing the difference cruising nude makes to making peoples’ acquaintance. On a clothed cruise we hardly met anyone. On the nude cruise we constantly introduced ourselves to discover where people were from.

One evening we volunteered as contestants in a game show – three stands with an announcer asking trivia questions. (Now this was a new naturist experience for us.) I won a first place trophy and a second place medal, and PJ won a second place medal. (I would have won first both times but the announcer favored the nude gal next to me - I was sent to stand with my nose against the wall, once she grabbed my hand and put it on her breast just as the question was read, and a second time she reached over and tickled my but just as the question was read.) The entire experience was great fun!

What else? We attended a number of shows put on by the ship’s performers – singers, dancers, and comedians. They were great. The Beatles show was fantastic. Being part of a naturist audience is very nice.

There is so much more about a naturist cruise, the entire experience is nearly incomprehensible, though I’ll try to describe more in part 3. You must try it for yourself. It’s just – well – surreal.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise – Part 1

October 20, 2011 - Our nakation has begun!

Thursday morning we flew from Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with our good naturist friends, Larry and Kitty. Friday was a clothed day spent enjoying the scenery and shopping.

Then, Saturday we picked up another naturist friend (Lee) at the airport and drove north to Sunsport Gardens ( ), a small nudist resort owned by Morley Schafer, where we enjoyed walking the jungle-like trails, soaking in the pool, and sunning. We’d visited Sunsport before last-year’s cruise (See )

At Sunsport we met several new naked friends including Ed and Susan who were cruising with us. Naturists always amaze me with their openness and willingness to share.

Friday night we attended the resort’s nude dance. It was a fun, small crowd. We left early for a restful nude sleep.

Sunsport’s cabins are perfect for a relaxing nakation. The resort has a very nice lake with kayaks and other facilities like tennis courts. The vegetation and flowers were spectacular, amazing for two naturists from the desert southwest. It had a Garden-of-Eden feel.

Even though relaxing naked at the resort was wonderful, PJ and I couldn’t resist traveling to Miami Sunday to visit Jungle Island. It was a textile place of course, but it was a place of wonder and education about animals. We visited again after the cruise. We’d recommend everyone visit this informative zoo, especially those with children. (Fun photos we took before the cruise, including Jungle Island are found here: )

We returned to Ft. Lauderdale to stay Sunday night with friends.

Monday we drove back to Miami and spent the day at Haulover Beach. Haulover is astonishing! After parking, and walking the boardwalk through a smelly, swampy area, we suddenly reached a heavenly beach stretching from nearby high-rise towers on the left, down a sandy beach to distant towers on the right. About ½ mile of beach is officially designated clothing optional, so we quickly stripped naked. (As is always the case, the clothing optional section of the beach was packed while the clothed section was empty. You’d think that other places would get that message, if only for financial reasons.)

A Bare Necessities booth was set up specifically for the cruise. PJ got two free Bare Necessities patches – one on her breast and one on her lower back (see photos). We arranged our towels on two rented lounge chairs and basked in the sun for a short time.

Then, for several hours we explored the beach, picked up sea shells and chunks of coral rock, and splashed and bobbed in the warm Atlantic waters. Being nude in nature was exquisite!

We visited with a food vendor while buying lunch. I asked if he ever participated with the surrounding naked crowd. He said he wasn’t against it, but was so busy working every day. His children had visited, but the day after his nine year old daughter had asked why some men wore penis rings. Embarrassed, he had excused it as a life-style choice. I commented how wonderful it was that naturism had fostered this open, educational experience with his kids. Then he explained that his wife (Jewish) was too “conservative” to visit – reluctant spouse syndrome strikes again – too bad, so sad, so many missed opportunities for sharing experiences. I’m so grateful PJ and I don’t miss out.

Too soon our day at Haulover Beach ended – time to rinse off in the outdoor shower with other nude bathers, dress, and return to Ft. Lauderdale. There is always a feel of freedom-lost when returning to the textile world.

That evening we jogged/walked for about seven miles from the hotel to the beach shops where PJ bought several cruise-dresses, an athletic end to a wonderful day. We fell asleep with dreams of the next day’s nude cruise. (The report about our nakation will continue.)