Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Types of Freehikes

“I snuck out for what turned out to be a pretty long solo hike this afternoon. About 4 miles of the 8 ½ spent naked. . . I’ve come to the conclusion I/we do two distinctly different types of hikes (me naked more often than not and Dee occasionally naked). One type is the leisurely 2 mph type where we (have the breath to) talk and, I would say, enjoy the scenery more. The other is a cardio workout where, even though I enjoy the scenery, it’s exactly that – a workout. Today was a workout! I was trying to get to a peak that we can see from the deck – the last one that we can see that I haven’t hiked. . . All in all, JUST another blissful naked hike! . . . Happy Naked Hiking! – John

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