Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Types of Freehikes

“I snuck out for what turned out to be a pretty long solo hike this afternoon. About 4 miles of the 8 ½ spent naked. . . I’ve come to the conclusion I/we do two distinctly different types of hikes (me naked more often than not and Dee occasionally naked). One type is the leisurely 2 mph type where we (have the breath to) talk and, I would say, enjoy the scenery more. The other is a cardio workout where, even though I enjoy the scenery, it’s exactly that – a workout. Today was a workout! I was trying to get to a peak that we can see from the deck – the last one that we can see that I haven’t hiked. . . All in all, JUST another blissful naked hike! . . . Happy Naked Hiking! – John

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumn Freehiking

“Autumn is a great time to hike nude with summer finally over (not that we had much of one), kids back in school and the mountains generally quiet . . . . and best of all, the bugs all gone! And then we have the vivid colors to make any hike well-worthwhile.” - Rick

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freehiking When It's Cold

“I can't honestly say I appreciate outdoor nudity during the cooler seasons but I've done a couple of very memorable nude hikes during cool and cold weather, both of which happened to have been on the same trail. The trail was the Applachian Trail north of the Shenandoah National Park . . . when I was all warmed up, I decided to hike nude the rest of the way. There was no wind and it was a surprisingly comfortable thing to do. The other trip to the same place was on a rainy day in the spring . . . It was a typically cool drizzly day, so I started out wearing shorts, t-shirt and a poncho. I hadn't gone a hundred yards before decided to just go with the poncho alone. . . On that trip I passed several people but I figured the poncho was sufficient covering, only my hiking shoes became soaked. While it was quite comfortable both times hiking either nude or practically so, there was no wind, even when it was raining, and that makes all the difference.” - Blue Train

Ken: I've freehiked through snow drifts. One warmer year I freehiked 18 times in January. A friend and I freehiked along the shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake one nice winter day. Sometimes you just need to get out in nature, even in the winter. As long as the sun is out, a nude body aclimitizes nicely.

Has anyone else enjoyed freehiking in colder months?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Freehikers Forget Cares

“Another curious thing that seems to happen to me is once I actually set off on a hike . . . if I'm also nude, is that all the things I think about between hikes, about hiking and the out of doors, no longer seem to matter very much. I sometimes fret about things to take along, where to go, and so on, but once I'm there, it doesn't matter. As often as not I just go and don't even decide where to put my foot until I'm somewhere in the general vicinity. I suspect that this degree of unplanned adventure is not always a good thing but, in a way, it is also something I'm aiming for. Childish spontanaiety, I believe it could be called.” – Blue Train

Ken: Freehiking has always relieved me of life's problems and cares. Perhaps that's why it's such an important aspect of my like, and why I miss it so much living in a place where I can't get out for a nude hike. Some places just aren't conducive to freehiking; and what a shame that is, because it is so very healthy, mentally and physically.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freehiking - The Cure

“My winter depression (SAD) certainly has been eased by hiking naked, and I have discussed this with my psychiatrist. He approves and is intrigued . . . I wonder whether he would consider writing me a prescription for ‘the cure”. Now that's ‘thinking outside the clothes’. . . ” - Dan

Monday, October 25, 2010

Boat Camping & Freehiking

“Went boat camping last week and found lotsa hiking to be had nearby. I set up camp on the shore of Lake Hatchineha, then clad only in watershoes and carrying a GPS went for a stroll. This was a Friday morning, and there was hardly any boat traffic on the lake. Figured I probably wouldn't see anyone, so didn't bother with 'emergency' Native American aprons. I only went about 2 miles, since I was wearing watershoes, not hiking shoes. . . Didn't see any people this trip, but watched a bald eagle pair circling overhead, and of course saw the usual rabbits, turtles, etc.”- Campingbare

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get Naked - Live Healthy in the Sun

It’s sometimes hard to live a healthy naturist lifestyle. Living in Lubbock, Texas, I’ve totally missed getting nude in the sun. I know that’s VERY unhealthy! So today I did something about being healthy; I climbed to the roof of the building I manage, stripped down, and sunbathed for about an hour. To not get some sun is unfair to me and to my health. It's unfair for you as well, so I encourage everyone to get naked and live a healthy life in the sun.

Here are a few thoughts from others about the importance of sun to a healthy lifestyle:

“The naturists were the first social sunbathers, the first to turn what had been a medical necessity (to cure tuberculosis or combat rickets) into a way of life. Before about 1930, there was no real distinction between ‘sunbather’ and ‘nudist’. . . The nudists were devoted to healthy living and the great outdoors, and were simply sunbathers with attitude, fighting for things we now take for granted in our relationship with the Sun.” - Robert Mighall

“My Doctor actually suggested nude sunbathing as a treatment for my psoriasis.” - FLBareBear

“Sunbathing can help prevent more than 25 chronic diseases and save billions . . . evidence suggests that a deep tan, particularly in childhood and adolescent years, protects against melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer; and further evidence suggests that sunbathing, even when it causes sunburn, protects against diseases such as multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer. So tanning should properly be seen as a sign of health, as indeed it is by most members of the public, although care should be taken to avoid burning.” – Health Research Forum

“. . . regular and controlled nude sunbathing enhances resistance to disease, provides more effective and natural vitamin D and calcium balance, reduces the effect of stress, decreases blood pressure, decreases resting heart rate, decreases blood cholesterol, decreases excessive blood sugar, increases muscular strength and endurance, improves many skin diseases such as psoriasis, reduces depression, reduces risk of internal cancer as well as heart and blood vessel disease. . . If the thought comes to mind that NEARLY nude would pretty much accomplish the same thing, remember that there are important reasons to particularly expose the very body parts that ‘modesty’ might want covered. It is precisely the skin of the genitalia, buttocks, perianal areas and breasts which benefits most from the drying and cooling effect of free air flow as well as the drying antimicrobial and other desirable attributes of sunlight itself. Logically if any parts should be covered at all it would make more sense to cover the face and hands since the skin of these parts is already liable to more than its share of sunlight, etc. by ordinary daily activities in the clothed state. TOTALLY nude at appropriate times is really the only way the full benefits can be obtained.” - Dr. Conrad Manning, MD

“My numerous moles developed white circles around them and started going black whenever I went out in the sun, unless I used copious amounts of sunblock. I found that whenever I was on nudist beaches with the same amount of sun, and much less suntan cream, the opposite effect occurred. I tanned rather than burned, and my moles progressively disappeared as a result of sunbathing naturally, compared to sunbathing with clothes on. Recently, I have lived in parts of America where clothing is compulsory on the beaches and my skin problems started to return! Because of the personal health risk involved, I am reluctant to swim on a beach where I cannot be nude.” - John Veltheim

“According to a new survey 54% of Americans believe that state and local governments should set aside secluded areas of public land for people who enjoy nude sunbathing. . . This independent survey was conducted for NEF by the prestigious polling firm of Roper Public Affairs. The survey also revealed that 1 out of 4 American adults have gone ‘skinny dipping.’" - NEF/Roper Poll 2006, http://www.naturist education. org

“It would be a step toward better psychological and physical health if we could accept public nudity in a matter-of-fact way at least to a limited extent. Certainly no one would be harmed by such a practice in designated areas and at designated times for specific legitimate purposes as sunbathing, exercising and for various sports. Many people have enjoyed nude jogging, swimming, sunbathing and other similar activities in secluded places for years. Not everyone has convenient access to isolated places where this can be done privately without possible offense to others. It would be an appropriate use of public areas such as parks to have designated, clothes-optional, areas and times when legitimate nude activities are permitted. Actually, it could be argued that it's even more appropriate to turn the situation around and designate times and places where clothes must be worn (textile areas) so that those who are offended by the natural body state and who are unable or unwilling to separate nudity and sexuality, can assemble together without fear of having to deal with nature and the truth.” – Dr. Conrad Manning, MD

“I love the sun, I love being naked, I am proud of my body and I like getting to meet other naked people. This is the only place in London you can legally sunbathe naked. This is a very British problem - why are we so prudish in this country? In Germany every park has an area for naked people. It is a human right - everyone in the country should have somewhere to sunbathe naked.” – Michael Peacock

“Actor John Barrowman has a secret beauty regime - he likes sunbathing naked. The Doctor Who star insists stripping off in hot weather is ‘liberating’ . . . ‘I think nude sunbathing is fantastic. There is nothing more liberating than taking all your clothes off and lying in the sun - on the beach!’” –

“Sunbathing is the most healthful and rewarding life a person can lead. With complete exposure to sunshine and fresh air, it is little wonder why the body benefits from nudism. . . I wouldn’t trade this life for any other and when the time comes I plan to marry a nudist and raise my children as nudists.” - Seventeen-year-old female

Friday, October 22, 2010

Must Someone Hike Nude?

Must a person always hike nude, or can one express the freehiking attitude even partially clothed on a busy trail, and patiently enjoy a secluded moment for total naked freedom? As Dan expresses below, I think a person can.


“Next, determined to get some true naked time, I headed into the town of Blue Hill and out one of the back streets to a trailhead at the base of the town's name sake. This is a 900 ft mound of rocks overlooking the harbor, fairgrounds, and surrounding country side. It has a nicely maintained network of hiking trails and is very popular. It is about a 600 ft climb up from the car to the summit with many pleasant challenges along the way. Though there were 14 cars in the lot and another half dozen at the other lot a half mile down the road, I encountered but two small groups and a lone hiker while on the summit. Many walk there dogs on the lower slopes, never venturing any further up. It being Columbus Day, I kept the kilt on till I found a secluded ledge, on the southwest slope at the summit, just past a power line and just off the main trail. I surmised from a faint foot path that very few bother to come this way, probably because of the power line. I found my spot, took off the kilt, and laid out a small picnic and enjoyed the afternoon sun. The loan hiker came over, snapped a photo of the harbor, and left, never looking in my direction from the other side of the small stand of brush. After a while, I chanced a nice little nap. I spent the entire rest of the afternoon just being in the moment, from one spot in the universe. The views out across Penobscot Bay over to the Camden Hills in one direction and over to Cadillac Mountain on Mt Desert Isle in the other, where magnificent. Meanwhile, I could look down between my feet and keep tabs on the constant flow of visitors passing below across the lower slopes to and from their cars. Around 4:30, as a chill started to seep into the air, I put my kilt back on and returned down a different path to the other trailhead, and then deadheaded back down the road to my car. Columbus Day proved, in the end, to be an excellent day to go salt water swimming and nude sun bathing downeast.” - Dan

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nude Mushrooming

“Well, I took advantage of my new excuse to hike naked and went out yesterday to pick mushrooms. It was pretty warm out and windless, though raining lightly when I got to forest area I knew to have good crops of chanterelles. I stripped, put on rubber boots and a rain hat, let the dog out of the back of the pickup, and entered the trees for an hour and a half walk and mushrooming expedition. Since I didn't have a compass with me I was pretty careful to stay near an old closed logging road and adjoining skid trails. When it's overcast around here it's hard to tell directions, especially when you've got your head down looking for 'shrooms. I explored several game trails and skid trails, walking a couple of miles, and collecting about a pound of chanterelles, enough for a few meals for my wife and me. The warm air, the scents of the forest, the light rain on my bare shoulders and chest all made for a great walk in the woods. I can now thoroughly recommend naked mushrooming!” – Woods Buff

I've only mushroomed once in Indiana, and that was before I understood naturism. I suspect nude mushrooming would be great. Anyone else tried it?


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Woman Freehikers

“. . . while backpacking nude, as I have met women on occasion who gave me the thumbs up when their male companion was not looking, though he was obviously uncomfortable-even annoyed, thinking that she may be embarrassed by our encounter. On the contrary, a few of these women may have been wishing that they could try what I was doing.” – Dan

PJ loves freehiking, especially when hiking with other women, who like to talk like women do; men just don't seem to speak womanese very well. So it helps if a freehiking group has at least a few actice women members to attract more women.

Do any woman out there enjoy freehiking?

Friday, October 15, 2010

For-Profit Freehiking Trails

“Pennsylvania once mentioned a fee to use state facilities for hiking, biking and such. Maybe for an extra fee it could be done naked? Better yet for a fee you can wear clothing, for an additional fee one could use high tech gear!” – Nude Walker

Not a bad idea. If your property controlled access to a great hiking area, why not make that a business? Perhaps you could have trails or days especially for freehikers? Or perhaps you could teach textile hikers to be tolerant of freehikers who share the trails? I wish I owned such a property. Perhaps we could contact property owners to see if they would entertain a for-profit freehiking trail? Maybe this would even work in the flatlands of Texas where PJ and I currently reside?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Starting Freehiking

“I started looking for more places to go naked outside, and that was how I got into hiking nude. Started just by going out to the bush area near my house by myself. At first I would get naked, and just sort of stand around in the trees, I guess terrified somebody would see me. But not long before I was walking the trails short distances and exploring a bit. But I guess that was pretty much the start for me of something I've been doing for a few decades now. Of course as you get older and get a car, you can go farther from home, find better places, and explore farther afield. Different places, more experiences, but the same ‘special’ feeling we all know.” – Life Long Nudist

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Freehikers

“Adam and Eve were the 1st freehikers.”

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning Naked Adventures

“I started sleeping nude at 13 and found out that I enjoyed going commando soon after that. Once I took my first nude hike in the woods near my house I was hooked and have enjoyed being naked at any oppertunity after that. Going on 51 now and I get to enjoy being nude a lot more now that the kids have moved out and my wife and I are starting our second phase of marriage ‘our time’. I plan on having many naked adventures from now on!” – Eagle59

Ken - Me too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where to Freehike?

“I hear bemoanings of ‘There ain't nowhere to hike nude’ all the time yet if you just look around, there are all sorts of opportunities to shuck the clothes and enjoy nature somewhat on its own terms. My visit to Alpen Falls . . . began as a visit to Scenic Hot Springs on a needed check up of conditions, and turned into a day-long foray into seeking out where this or that pullout or dirt track went . . . how can you possibly enjoy and participate with what nature is displaying if your body is shielded with water-repellent clothes? It just feels oh-so-glorious to stand there and soak (literally) it all in.” - Rick

West Texas freehiking? Haven't found it yet, but still looking.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inexpensive Freehiking

“. . . hiking (naked) is about the cheapest highly enjoyable entertainment available. Where else can I hike out the back door, and for the cost of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, be absolutely and thoroughly entertained while leaving all the worlds cares behind for the whole day?” – John

How completely true. Resorts cost, vacations cost, but freehiking can be nearly cost-free, as long as you have a little time and live in the right location. Unfortunately, PJ and I have been working for a month in western Texas, and we haven't found a place to get out for a freehike. It's unhealthy and about to drive me wormy. Any solutions from my readers?


Friday, October 8, 2010

Freehiking Barefoot

“Hiking nude is freeing . . . natural . . . wonderful. Hiking nude without even your shoes is . . . sublime. I get few opportunities to do it barefoot in the Cascades . . . footwear almost always being a necessity to protect the feet. Hiking back to my car with my shoes slung over my shoulders, the feel of years of overburden giving just so under the soles of my feet can only be described as sensuous. Purists call it 'free-hiking' and it is definitely that. Having to put my shoes back on was almost as if I was putting clothes back on. Was I still nude?” – Rick

This spring, one participant ran the entire Bare Burro 5k at Olive Dell Ranch without shoes (or clothes of course). I've only freehiked barefoot once, in sand - it was nice, but quickly got too hot. Anyone else enjoy barefoot freehiking or running?


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rock Lodge Freehike

This coming week-end the hills surrounding Rock Lodge Club will be ablaze with fall color. Come experience that with us on our Fall Foliage Hike on Saturday, October 9th. Weather prediction is SUNNY!

We will meet in front of the Bungalow at 11am.

This will be an easy hike lasting about 4 hours at a leisurely pace to do the full hike. (or take the shortened version) Our route will take us on some brand new trails over the mountain to the spring, and then through the valley to the "Indian Cave". The cave will be our picnic lunch stop. Bring a snack or sandwich for lunch.

In spite of lots of recent rain it has been a dry summer so - sorry - we *MAY* not be able to have a campfire.

Anyone who does not wish to continue hiking after lunch will be escorted back to Rock Lodge at that time. The rest of us will head out into the Rock Lodge Outback to experience some more new trails and to enjoy more of those brilliant golden and scarlet leaves.

Our hike is clothing optional (of course!). Some years most of us have hiked naked - other years it has been too cold. Come prepared for anything. Even if we hike naked, bring some sort of cover-up for when we are not on Rock Lodge property. In any event, sturdy shoes or boots are recommended. And, of course, bring water as well as your lunch.

After the hike, stick around and enjoy our lake, our sauna, our hot-tub, and the camaraderie that exists at Rock Lodge Club.

Please let us know in advance if you plan to join us or call 973-697-9721.

Rock Lodge Club
P.O. Box 86
119 Rock Lodge Road
Stockholm, NJ 07460

PJ and I certainly wish we could attend. We love freehiking when the fall colors arrive. One of our most memorable freehikes was the Rattle Snake Trail in northern Utah. Here is a link to photos of that freehike:

Has anyone else enjoyed a fall-colors freehike?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

End of the Freehiking Season?

“No . . . , not the end of naked hiking season. Just the onset of a different naked hiking season. Though all day naked hikes in the snow are pretty much out of the question, short free hikes in the snow are quite possible and enjoyable. And when the sun, wind, and temperature co-operates, the possibilities for an hour or two of freedom are not to be passed up. . . Several years back, with the onset of cooler weather and shorter days, I resorted to living in a sort of denial of the passing of summer, and just kept hiking naked through the winter whenever I had a decent opportunity. Low and behold, my SAD abated for the first time in years. I have gleefully continued ever since. Don't buy into textile myths about the cold. Create your own.” - Dan

I remember one January a few years back when I freehiked 18 times. Does anyone else appreciate freehiking during the cooler seasons of the year?


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Going Naked Walk

“Going naked turns an ordinary walk into an adventure!” – Woodsbuff

I love freehiking adventures. I just wish PJ and I could find a place for adventure in Lubbock Texas where we are working for a month. Any ideas?


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Discovering & Naming Freehiking Trails

“I’ve done 5 hikes in the last 8 days – 4 of them mostly naked and one 5+ mile naked night hike by bright moonlight - but I had the most pleasant hike of my life today - and, of course, it was naked. We have now completed every spur in ‘our’ series of trails we discovered about 4 months ago. The only other footsteps we have seen to date are animals. . . The great part about our trailhead is that it has a makeshift parking lot for ONE car. Anyway, getting out of the car at 74 degrees, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky made it easy to shake the shorts and any worries right away. 6.3 miles naked car door to car door. Dee took her camelback with our few essentials so I was completely free of equipment. It doesn’t get any better than that. When you get so used to hiking a particular trail naked with no sign of people you tend to become extremely carefree very quickly. Your thoughts are all about nature and looking for the wildlife that left their prints along the trail. Any day-to-day concerns are the farthest thing from your mind. I’m sure that would probably happen even if we were hiking textile, but it makes it much better when the air is touching your entire body. At some point, I’m sure I’ll be as shocked to see another person on our trail as they will be to see us hiking naked, but I think that is extremely unlikely . . . we have decided to name the “our” trail “DJ”, and then name the spurs DJ1, DJ2, etc.” – Happy Hikers

Like the Happy Hikers, I love finding trails for freehiking, and I've loved later sharing these trails with other naturists. Anyone else love discovering new, little used trails where freehiking can be truely free? If so, please share a story about that.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Rediscover Childhood

“. . . I discovered social nudism and rediscovered that childhood feeling of abandon. No clothes to weigh me down. Free from my burdens, even if only symbolically. I’m liberated. But why public nudity, you may ask? Yes, I could certainly be naked in my home. But there is a different feeling when you are naked in nature rather than hiding indoors. The sun and wind caressing every inch of your skin is tantalizing and you can feel one with nature.” – Blogger in the Buff