Friday, July 2, 2010

I Explained Naturist Hiking to Her

“I had just crossed a creek and was stepping up into a clearing when I startled two ladies standing at the edge of the trail, the younger one stated, ‘What do you think your doing walking around here with your penis exposed?’ I was also startled upon seeing them and had to get my composure together and apologize for startling them. I than explained that I was a nudist and didn't expect to see anyone on the trail. The older lady in her 60's laughed and said that this would be a great story to tell their friends later about the naked man. She said it wasn't a bad idea and that it would certainly be cooler than the sweat they were wearing. The younger lady had calmed down and seemed a little more accepting of my nudity and we soon parted ways. . . I . . . spent a couple more hours enjoying the trails and creek but saw nobody else. I think my apology for startling them and explaining that I was a nudist along with the older lady’s acceptance made my situation easier . . .” - GABare

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