Friday, September 30, 2011

Show Up At Show Me Acres

If you’re ever even near Missouri, be sure to show up at Show Me Acres. It’s the classiest small nudist resort PJ and I have ever visited. It’s only open on weekends, and only the owners live there full-time, but wow!

The gate isn’t even locked. The camping areas are great. The pool is wonderful. The freehiking is fabulous (about 400 acres covered with nature trails). The clubhouse and apartments are the best we’ve ever seen. And, the people? Well they’re naturists, so they’re great too.

The owners are building something very special in the central Missouri hills.

Be sure to visit this “highly-recommended” small resort if you get the chance.

Has anyone else had the privilege of visiting Show Me Acres?

Here are some photos:


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nude Home Sweet Home

PJ and I can hardly wait to finish work, go to the apartment, and take off our clothes. Nude at home is the right way to be as the following individuals agree. Do you also love living nude?


“When I was around 17 years old, I started as a home nudist . . . It all began when I went to shower . . . I noticed there was no wash cloth in the shower, so I stepped out . . . and walked down the hall to retrieve a wash cloth from the closet. . . at that moment . . . I turned and saw my mom standing there with a wry . . . 'hah I caught you" kind of expression. . . So I just said to heck with it . . . and walked back into the bathroom to have my shower. . . It wasn't long after this episode that my mom started walking to and from the shower naked as well as the rest of the house casually (something entirely new), save for a towel wrap around the head. I had a nice chat with my mother shortly after that, specifically about nudity at home, telling her that since she had already seen me in my full glory and since she had become more care-free, I was going to stop worrying about it, and walk around nude as I wish . . . and to this she had no objection, and has joined me in doing this (she even convinced my father and little sister . . . by telling them that by being nude at home, we could save on washing clothes, and that we are just family, so we really shouldn't worry about it). Since that fateful day, I have happily been a home nudist primarily, although we have had a few nude family outings, as well as the occasional skinny dip (the most memorable of which was at a hotel pool, in which another family came in, saw us naked and asked if they could join us . . .“ – Bobbeee

“As far as I can remember, I've always slept in the nude. When I was 19, I got my own apartment, it didn't take very long for me to get lazy and not get dressed when I got up. So nude I stay until time to leave. I got so used to it that I striped down as soon as I walked back in. At the age of 28 I meet my wife. We spent lots of time together naked . . . I can now be nude around our home all I want, keeping a housecoat close by case one of the kids or anybody shows up unexpected.” - OilcanJack

“I am naked almost all the time I am home. I haven't worn pjs since I was 14 and I don't dress in the morning unless I'm going out. When I get home, the clothes come off. If the doorbell rings, I check who is there through the peep hole and most times I don't cover up before opening the door. There is a sign saying "CLOTHING OPTIONAL PAST THIS POINT" beside the front door and hooks inside for those who care to join me to hang their clothes on. Some of my callers undress and some don't, but most of them know I am a home nudist and just act naturally either clothed or naked.” - phph

“My sister and I were raised by our mother (our dad passed away when we were very young). She had made it a practice to walk around nude most of the time. My sister and I would go nude when the mood struck us. . . I still walk around the house nude all the time. My wife . . . was raised the same way and doesn't see a problem with it. So whenever my sister comes over we all hang out and sunbathe or just visit nude.“ – Playnaked40

“What's the point in wearing clothes when you are in your place? My husband and I both regularly walk around our place without clothes - both inside and outside. It's natural, and makes it so much easier when you don't have to worry about putting on something.” – Addiebaby

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Austrian Skinnyhike Report

"I drove from Munich to Warth, Vorarlberg in Austria, on the Sunday afternoon with Polly . . . The day dawned blue and we set off from the Hochkrumbachpass at 10:00 towards the Widdersteinhuette. I quickly stripped off my t-shirt + shorts and we were heading steadily up the slope towards the hut above when two middle-aged women came trundling down and passed us with a minimal exchange of good cheer. Another walker, and more uphill, and after an hour or so, Polly and I reached the traversing trail from the hut which goes along the base of the soaring cliffs of the Widderstein above us. Here we had a stupendous view of the Salopaner ski region, a remote lake and mild forests tucked away on the other side of the valley.

We met our first "Gormley", a metal man built and installed by the British Artist Anthony Gormley who specialises in placing these "installations" in interesting positions around the globe. He has a naked man on Waterloo bridge, and several in the Vorarlberg region. We were going to "pick up" a few on our way around the high traversing trail which snuck under the steep cliffs above, and wended it's way to the end of the ridge, a Gormley half-way along the flat path below, and another on the shoulder of the ridge ahead of us.

Two more walkers, one descending from the Widderstein itself. We saw a number of mountain gophers, or Murmel-Tier to the locals, or heard their high pitched peep-peeping, as we approached their dry holes in the ground.

Polly went tear-arsing after them, and of course they nipped under ground just before she got too close. I managed to stop her a couple of times with a well-timed "Frisbee" distraction call. I managed to get quite close to one particular gopher for the camera.

We strode on, with Polly taking a dip in a snow lake and the opportunity for a refreshing drink. Another couple, and a small family, and an exchange of pleasantries, before I headed across the valley to the ridge on the opposite side.

One more Gormley, right on the shoulder again, where I broke my camera trying to get a clever shot of us, Polly, the Gormley and I, by precariously balancing my camera on top of my rucksack, on a loose and rocky slope... with predictable consequences.

Walking along the ridge was simply gorgeous, a view down to Schroecken on one side and across to the Braunarlspitze massife, the Widderstein behind us, and all around huge rocks pushing their way up through the mountainous turf, a gentle breeze to accompany the bright warm sunshine at 2000m.

We kept along the narrow ridge, passing two male walkers, another couple, and finally a man and two fairly mature ladies. The first lady exclaimed with a smile when she saw me: "my goodness, a naked man - what are we two 'jungfrauen', (young girls, implying maidens/virgins), to do - we have never seen such a thing!" I had to laugh, and they passed with otherwise good grace, but who knows what they made of the equally naked metal Gormley they were about to encounter on the cusp of the ridge we were all walking along.

I reached the top of the Hoeferspitze (2131m) at approx 13:00 and time for a short lunch break. At the actual summit was the customary cross and sign-in book, and an appallingly high number of what appeared to be bloated flying ants, so we tucked down on the windy side for a bite.

The views were glorious, the position serene, but when one's walking, one has to keep moving. Polly and I set off to retrace our steps along the ridge back to the last Gormley (which the maidens would have passed quite recently), and then followed the brow of the hill more or less back to where I'd parked the car, just off-road (to avoid paying the fees for the vast ski-car-park at the pass. Returning to the B&B for an early shower I stayed the night as I was a tad dehydrated from the high sunshine, and exertions of the day." - Rich

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naturist Photo Collection

I like to collect photos of naturists in action. Not just photos of nude people, or sexually oriented photos, but photos of real naturists. I think there is much to be gained from viewing real people in natural situations. Occasionally I share my collection - here is a link. I know many probably carry copyrights, so don't use them in print situations. Just enjoy.

Photo link:

(By the way, how did I do at gathering "real" naturist photos?)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Driving Nude from Phoenix to Midlands

Over the past few days PJ and I drove nude from Phoenix, AZ to Midlands, TX. Driving nude is always so much more comfortable - clothes bunch up and bind. And once you get naked you don't even think about nude driving being unusual; it is just right! Who else out there enjoys driving naked like PJ and I and the following people?


“. . . the CHP officers, Sheriff's and local PD officers, that I spoke with, all said "they got better things to do then chase after someone that's just driving naked. If they are being lewd, that's another thing but just driving naked...I don't care." With regard to tinting...their responses were pretty much the same but most stated that "they didn't want to have to go to court and answer to a judge about the tint on their cars so...unless they are stopping someone for something else, they don't bother stopping a vehicle for just window tint." So...if you tint your windows "medium" and obey the laws and drive, like we ALL should drive, you shouldn't have any problem with law enforcement...down here anyway!” – FireProf

“On public lands in the west (BLM and Forest Service) there is no prohibition against simple nudity outside of developed areas, and most of these lands are undeveloped. There are over a million miles of roads and jeep trails on these lands where you can (and I have) driven naked. No problem. Cover if you head into town or a developed camping area, but otherwise `suit yourself`. But be prepared - these are vast open spaces, miles from services, and often no cell service.” – Daves_ndt

“Hey friends, today weather in Germany is fine. It is hot. The temperature in the cars is more than hot. The right weather for driving nude. I hate it, when I sweat in my clothes. One has to adapt to the circumstances, whether it is allowed or not. That is freedom.” - Purnatur

“I`ve been driving home nude (40 miles) from the nudist resort for a long time. No one has bothered me and if it`s illegal in Florida that's surprising given my license plate is NOODIST, which draws a lot of attention. I look in my mirror at stop lights about 3-5 times a week seeing girls with their phones out taking a picture of the plate. I have to admit that the wonderful feeling I had when I first began doing this has diminished over time. But it still feels right. The guard at the nudist resort and the people that work there have seen me get in my car nude and drive off. They`ve never said anything about it either. Maybe I`m just lucky.” – Ult1lar

“Over the past 8-10 years, I have been spending more and more of my time behind the steering wheel nude. At first it was a rare thing, something I occasionally did while on vacation in Florida - and then only on the highway. . . I have become more and more bold as time has gone on. First, I began to spend virtually ALL of my highway time in Florida (I go there several times each winter) nude, and then more and more, I did so in my home state of Kansas. Then I began to drive nude in town once-in-awhile, and now, I am nude when in my car probably a minimum of 85% of the time. And what has become clear is that no one notices It would be different for women as 1) their breasts would be more easily seen and 2) men seem to look around them much more than women. But I have now spent literally thousands of hours driving completely nude and I'm certain that at most, only one person has ever noticed. So, the good news is that one can enjoy the sensual freedom of being totally nude behind the wheel with no real concern of being "pinched" by the humorless police, or upsetting a prudish individual.” – ThomasWM

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living the Good Life as a Nudist

Living at a nudist resort (Shangri La Ranch in Arizona), being without clothes becomes so natural that it’s hard to even think about what to write to describe everyday life. Still, I want to share our naturist life in hopes that some are helped. So here are a few experiences from the last few weeks since we’ve taken a break from work:

PJ and I spent a week building a shed so we could move the rest of our stuff out of an expensive storage area - a week measuring, sawing, hammering, etc. It was hard work, but doing it nude made it much easier. Has anyone else built something while nude?

We spent the weekend with naturist friends from Utah. It was a blast visiting and singing karaoke and dancing with wonderful naked friends.

PJ told her oldest daughter about our naturist lifestyle – the last of our children to be informed. It wasn’t accepted well. The daughter was especially upset because we hadn’t told her for some years, after all “didn’t we trust her?” Frankly “no” - we received the negative reaction we knew would result. How can people, especially religious people, be so very judgmental? Some people refuse to understand. No one is so blind as a person who will not see.

The lesson here: tell your friends and family about your naturist experiences as they happen. If you don’t, they’ll assume you are ashamed of being a naturist and become even more upset when they discover this than if you’d been open about enjoying naturism from the start.

A fellow with several friends (one a girl) delivered a load of stressed barn wood that we will use to enclose our deck. They weren’t naturists and seemed somewhat embarrassed to be at the resort. They declined taking a dip in the pool. (We often notice textiles such as mailmen and UPS and Federal Express drivers delivering things to the resort; I wonder what they think and if this just becomes commonplace for them.)

We worked a week cleaning up, building rock-lined trails, and decorating the Shangri La Cactus Garden and the River Walk. The garden is nearing completion. The river walk needs lots more work. (I’ll post photos of our efforts in the future.)

It’s paradise to take a shower and pool break after a few hours working nude in the hot sun.

Friday night PJ visited a friend in Phoenix. I spent the evening singing karaoke - I just love singing nude. PJ’s girlfriend said she’d visit the resort to sing karaoke in the future. She may not get nude, but said she loves karaoke. We’ll see how long she remains clothed when she visits; I’ll report back.

On Saturday we met a nice couple (B & J) while soaking in the pool. “B” explained that they first visited Shangri La while taking a motorbike ride in the spring. They’d heard about Shangri La and always wondered about naturism, so when they drove by and discovered the resort they thought “Why not give it a try?” While playing nude water volleyball, they ran into their next door neighbors who they didn’t realize were naturists. “B” says it has become a real joy having naturist neighbors. They joined the resort and now visit whenever they can.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a nude taco party on Judy Mac’s deck. Eating great food with naked friends is the best!

At the party we met a 78 year old gentleman who had just discovered naturism. He’s vacationing at Shangri La for a few weeks and loves it. He’s always been curious about naturism, but had been afraid to experience it for most of his life. Now he’s really enjoying life nude. Unfortunately his wife of 50+ years won’t participate so he’s vacationing on his own - how truly sad. I’ve experienced this reluctant spouse syndrome myself and just can’t comprehend how two people who supposedly love each other can fail to see how naturism can draw them closer rather than further apart. If only the reluctant spouse would give it a try they’d understand. After all, getting naked with your spouse is so easy.

I enjoyed my first haircut at the resort. Me and the female stylist were both naked. Afterwards, I just rinsed the hair off with the garden hose. When was the last time you’ve gotten a nude hug from your barber? This was an enjoyable first for me. Just one more aspect of living life the way it was meant to be.

What else can I say? The nude life is good. Everyday nude people drive their carts and walk their dogs past our trailer, or just walk past and wave. Nude visitors come and go. We enjoy sitting on our patio nude watching the nude birds. (Hundreds visit the tree over our deck to eat the seeds we’ve provided.) We love being naturists and living the good life, but tomorrow it’s time to head back to work and the textile world – oh well.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time for Another Skinny Road Trip

Inspired by the following people, I think it's about time for PJ and I to take another Skinny Road Trip. How about you?


“I drive nude or as near nude as possible every opportunity I get.” - Jim

“I'm not sure I can stop driving nude! It's just about become a normal way to drive, when I can. I will drive nude from home to Home Depot, the market, drug store, doesn't matter how close or far. I get irritated when I can't drive nude or if I have someone in the car/truck with me where I can't drive nude. Just attended a wedding for a family member. Talk about irritated; I drove to the wedding ceremony in a suit! I pledge to continue driving nude...til they take my license away...then I'll "passenger nude!" - FireProf

“I live out in rural [Utah] . . . but I go to work each and every day at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. I distribute newspapers to carriers and business . . . I have been driving nude most mornings now for about a month and I love every moment of it. I dress as I am driving just outside of [town] . . . and strip at about the same location on my way out. Since it is still very early and DARK when I am dropping off bundles at my first few carriers, I don't bother to redress until I'm just outside of [another town] . . . where my first business drop is. I wish I had thought of it sooner. And since my car has a great heater, bring on the winter!” - SonnyK53

“When I have to travel long distance, esp. when I go away to visit home, I rent a car. On those occasions I do take the opportunity to drive nude. On my last trip home last month, I rented a car and drove from DC to Boston in the nude. Just last summer I took a week trip to FL. I started out spending a few days in Miami and drove to Tampa, Orlando and back down to Miami. A lot of time was spent on the road and I found it easy to drive nude. I love driving nude because it really is enjoyable and relaxing. That being said, I do it while being cautious of my surrounding. For example, I only drive nude during long distance drives. I don't drive nude where there is a heavy chance for stop and go traffic (i.e. stop lights). I also don't go way over the speed limit. I drive at the same flow of the rest of traffic. I also have a pair of shorts nearby in case I have to leave the car, which is normally to fill up on gas. I make sure the shorts are the type that i can easily put on and take off. I find short running shorts do the trick as they have no buttons or zippers.” - Croydon

“During my recent nude driving experience, I was driving a 4WD pick-up truck. I was returning from a mountain bike excursion and had taken my clothes off because they were soggy with sweat. I wasn't worried about other drivers seeing me below the waist. My observation is that I rarely can see what color pants someone in another car is wearing, even when the window line of the car is low. Men driving shirtless seems to be common in my area during the summer, so I don't think I raised much suspicion. My concern about being pulled over by a police officer was probably overblown. Even if I did get stopped, I don't think I would be charged with indecent exposure as my lower anatomy was not readily visible from outside the truck. If I used the excuse that my clothes were sweaty from riding my mountain bike, the officer would probably laugh it off. Having the mountain bike in the truck bed and the stinky bike clothes on the seat next to me should be adequate proof of my story.” – Mosquito Bait

“With driving naked, the individual doing the driving seems to see more - seems to be more observant of their surroundings - more observant of laws - more observant of others. Doesn't it make sense then to allow nude driving? Better drivers on the road, and more appreciation of the world around us.” - Kevin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will Music Videos Attract Younger People to Naturism

Maybe music videos such as these will encourage younger people to get involved in naturism. What do you think?


The Nature Zone:

Whole Day Nude:



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bumping Into People While Hiking Naked

The following great freehiking advice is reposted from

"It has been my practice over several years to continue naked as if it was as normal as hiking clothed. My theory is that the more often people see naked bodies and nothing bad happens, the less uptight they are about seeing naked bodies. When some majority of people have occasionally seen naked people and it becomes "ho hum" then being naked will not be shocking or illegal.

Over the years I must have encountered a couple hundred clothed people while hiking naked. Most of the time I just "howdy" them as I walk past naked. Reactions are mixed.

One woman who was sitting to rest as I came past said, "I wish I could do that." I stopped to chat and she explained that I looked so free she wished she was brave enough to take her clothes off.

Three women walking the other way through a large open field moved about 10 yards off the trail so as not to pass too close. They didn't say anything.

Two teenage men held their tongues until my wife and I had turned a corner and then made crude teenage comments to each other.

Most clothed hikers just respond with a "Good morning" or some such greeting much as they would for a clothed hiker.

If I look "guilty" and embarrassed and lurch into a cover then I'm guilty and embarrassed and ought to have been covered. If I'm confident and naked and project normalcy while naked then I'm usually accepted as a version of normal. Its important to PLAN to act naked and normal, or you will have to figure out what to do when suddenly confronted and it won't work out very well.

Having fun naked" - Bob Knows

Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy - Driving Naked

I've been super busy building a shed (nude of course) so haven't had time to write. So in the meantime, here are a few more naked driving experiences:


"I have driven nude many times - miles must be 100 thousand over 15 years. Day or night no difference. I drove from NH to SC, stopping only for gas in 9/2005, 994 miles in 18 hours! I have a kilt, which has a waist band with belt loops and hook and loop to fasten it about your waist. I also have a towel I leave in truck with a belt sown to it to hold it about my waist if I need to get out for any reason. I live at a resort full time and when I am ready to leave the gated place I wrap the towel about my waist and hold it while getting comfortably seated then let it drop when door is closed. This way I can close or fasten the belt if I need to. It also keeps the seat clean as my bare skin isn't in contact with seat material." - NudistJohn

"I drive about 25 miles to work every day. . . About two days or so a week I . . . am naked from waist down but have pants right there in driver side floor in case I need them in hurry. . . no way am doing this to show off (dark) it is just very freeing and a wonderful way to start day. . . upon arriving at work parking lot I pull pants on and go to work. This is a similar feeling of freedom to hiking naked. . . I am sure to drive within the speed limit, and obey all traffic rules so as not to draw attention I don't want." - Mtn Hike Nude

"I've been driving naked for a few years, every time I'm on a long trip. I wear a shirt though, so no-one but a truck or a bus would see anything out of the ordinary. I sit on a towel and keep my shorts at my feet for quick coverup, and when passing trucks follow the advice I saw on a double-trailer truck, "If you wanna pass, better haul ass". I've driven across the country, Michigan to California and back, and recently down to North Carolina and back, mostly naked except for gas stops." - Bob X

"I have driven naked many times. . . most of my commute is on back roads so not much traffic at that time of day. I keep a towel handy in case I need to cover up, having only to do so only once while at a stoplight when a semi stopped next to me. I am always the first to arrive at my work and open the place, so I can dress in the parking lot or as I like to do I'll go in and start my morning routine in the buff and wait to dress just before the others start arriving." - Nakkidnfl

"I've been stopped by the police twice while driving naked. In both cases, I had plenty of time to get dressed (well, dressed enough) while they were running watches and warrants on the plates. . . I NEVER try to remove or put on clothing while driving. About as bad as a cell phone. I take the clothes to the car at home and throw them on the passenger side seat and dress in the parking lot when I get where I'm going. Then I undress in the parking lot and drive home and carry my clothes in to the house. Did it just yesterday." - R.O

"I love to drive naked. I do so most every week. I recently drove the Blue Ridge Parkway naked. It was beautiful and the freedom of driving naked in a convertible was great! I simply keep something handy to cover up with if passing a truck or SUV that may be able to see into car. Being naked while driving is fun, but we must respect others who would not want to see us." - Mtn Hike Nude

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Continue driving nude!

Do people ever get tired of driving nude? I don't; I love it. Continue driving nude!


“Regarding "Driving Naked," I drove the 33 miles from home with just a tee shirt on. Route was along interstate 81 then state and local roads passing through three small villages. On the way back, I dispensed with the tee shirt and had on only my hiking shoes. All told, I was able to be naked for about 6-1/2 hours between the driving and hiking.” – Cynoutdoors

“I . . . now drive nude whenever possible. Doesn't work when running down to Home Depot, but on trips it’s my new norm. Recently went to Mountain Air Ranch for 5 days and drove both ways nude. Carla couldn't drive nude on the way there due to possible exposure, so we bought her a stick up sun blocker they sell for keeping sun off kids and was able to ride home naked.” - Guy & Carla

“Got more naked driving in today! Played golf with a few friends today about an hour away from home. After the round everyone wanted to go home so I planned for this and parked my truck out in the corner of the parking lot. They all got in their cars and drove away. I walked out to my truck, loaded my clubs in the back and then turned on the engine to get the A/C going and...stripped off in the parking lot and got in and drove home!“ – Fireprof

“I was driving into the city, nude of course, on a warm day just enjoying the drive. I passed a similar sized vehicle (SUV) being driven by a good looking girl with a passenger (also female). They paced me for a while, and I was beginning to get concerned that they might be calling the cops. I slowed a bit and changed lanes, and they slowed even more. I thought nothing more of it as I continued down the relatively open highway, when their vehicle came alongside to pass me. BOTH girls had stripped naked, and gave me some big smiles and a wave as they went by!" - Txbiker

“I drive naked all the time. But, to avoid being arrested, I never do it in the city. NEVER. I only drive naked out on the expressway or country back roads when it is hot. Hot muggy days don`t draw any suspicion seeing a shirtless male driving a car. Love it!” – Nakeddcboy

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wife Learns to Love Freehiking

The following thought by Picgirl reminded me of PJ's first Freehike. We had hiked clothed into the hills above Cedar Fort, Utah. When we were out of sight of the houses, we paused to undress. PJ was nervous and a little reluctant, but as soon as she undressed and felt the breeze and sun on her shin she smiled broadly and literally skipped up the trail. "This is wonderful", she said. And she's never looked back; now we both love freehiking.

Has anyone else helped a spouse understand how wonderful freehiking can be?


“I always got naked in my apartment after work or when I felt like I didn’t want clothes to bind me. I also had a few naked experiences while I was growing up, but I didn’t really know what nudism was at that point. I met my husband and he was honest and upfront with me about being into nudism. I thought the idea sounded wonderful. I have to admit I was a little nervous about the whole thing when he and I first did it together. We always go to outdoor nature settings and go skinny dipping or hiking. I love the way the body feels when you’re out of your clothes. It heightens your senses on a much deeper level. It has also helped me with self -esteem and body issues that I have had. One of my favorite experiences was when my husband and I went fishing down by the river nude. It came up a huge rainstorm, the water on my body felt wonderful. When the rain hit my body it was like no other feeling in the world. When I went on my first nude hike it was a feeling like no other. Just the feeling of the breeze as I walked hand in hand with my husband. The way the sun felt beating down on my skin was a whole new feeling. It feels wonderful to be naked in places you wouldn’t normally be. I was so nervous about getting caught, but I enjoyed it so much. I have no regrets. I love everything about nudism.” – Picgirl

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My “Click Moment”

Thinking back, I suppose I’ve always been a nudist – I just didn’t realize it until I was almost 50 years old. Through the years I’d run around the neighborhood nude at night, enjoyed home nudity, sunbathed nude, skinny dipped, and searched Internet sites looking for nude photos and stories. But through all those years I had misunderstood this need to be nude as some type of unique-to-me sexual addiction, and so lived a guilt-riddled life, hiding from myself.

Then I experienced my personal “Click Moment”. Perusing the Internet, I ran across stories of people who enjoyed hiking nude and began to fanaticize about doing this myself. Then one day I discovered a site written by naturists from my own conservative religion! At that point it really didn’t take much courage to drive to a private location in a nearby forest, strip, and take a naked hike - “Click” - I realized I wasn’t a pervert, I was just a nudist.

Of course, it took a few years and many experiences to “fully” accept that I was a nudist and that being one fixed my head and made me a better person. It was very difficult finding a spouse who understood and was willing to live the nudist lifestyle with me. And as I’ve learned more about living this lifestyle, I’ve come to classify myself as a naturist rather than a nudist. I’ve become much more open to sharing this approach to life with others, including my family.

My only regret is that my “Click Moment” didn’t come years earlier.

Many people have a "Click Moment" as illustrated below. Tell us about your personal “Click” moment.


"I always liked being nude but the magic moment 'Click" was my first visit to Elysium (now closed and long gone) as I was sitting on the gentle slopping lawn late afternoon. It was so peaceful and natural, so removed from the madness and demands of the world, pure and fresh... that is when I woke up to my place in the world and said yes this is how I want my life to be. Mid 70's I think, it has been so long ago but I still remember the moment as if it were yesterday. . . What/When was your "Nudist Click" moment when you accepted nudity and the desire to live nude as part of your life?" - SunBunny

"Working in the yard last year, digging it up, I began to shed my shorts until I eventually decided to not even put them on anymore. I came inside one day, showered and just decided not to get dressed afterward. Have not been the same since. I love this way of life." - Jim

"I was working on the John Deere in the dog pen, sweating my butt off, when I discovered that I could see nothing but sky and fence. I thought, why not get comfortable and work on it naked? After that, I was hooked. I put up a sign that said nudist zone." - Dave88

"I had been skinny dipping, sun tanning, and soaking in hot tubs nude for a long time, but had never considered just being in the house naked. Then one year on my birthday I decided to try to wear just my "birthday suit" all day. That did it. " - BareOnTheCape

"Summer of '75 I had just moved to San Diego, and a work friend asked if I wanted to check out Black's Beach. Once I dropped my suit, and jumped into the Pacific, that proverbial "lightbulb in my head" clicked on and I thought, "this is so natural, this feels so good, this is so right, this is the way it's supposed to be"! Jump ahead to the mid '90's, and after a few month's dating, I revealed my naturist beliefs to my future wife, and convinced her to give it a try at Elysium with me. At the end of a wonderful day, she didn't want to get dressed and said "I can't believe I've never tried this before". We've never looked back since." - SoCalNudist

"I have always liked to be naked as much as possible. I went to Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway, CO, a few times with a friend and really enjoyed it. However last Sept. I spent three nights at Mira Vista. I wanted to cry when time can for me to get dressed and on down the road. I got gas and coffee and hit the road. Tucson was still in my rearview mirror when it hit me. I said to myself, "Don, your a nudist." It didn't surprise me but that was the instant I knew." - dkk

"I have always enjoyed being cloths free in my house & often skinny dipped with friends growing up. But I realized that I was a nudist when I started meeting other people in NY at the Mohonk Nature Preserve. I saw a sign while hiking That said" You may encounter nudity beyond this point. It was Winter & so I laughed at the time. I was drawn like a magnet so when the weather became nicer I went back with a friend. She wasn't interested in being cloths free but for me it was that AHah moment. I met other people there & became fast friends with many of them. The Sun & the breeze & dunking in the cold mountain water had me. I began to explore Nude Beaches & Nude locations. At first I only went to natural locations but in the past few years I have included Resorts in my nude recreation. I believe I was alway a Naturist/Nudist but had just never put the label or name to it." - Earthgal

"The day that being a nudist "clicked" for me was my first time I was nude infront of people other than my boyfriend. We were invited to visit another on-line nudist chat couple. That perticular weekend they had their 3 children, another couple with a child and a single male, younger than us. We went with another couple we had just met a few days earlier, that were also nudists. It was a nice day and we were having a BBQ in their yard and home. Since I had never done anything like this before I walked around with a huge towel wrapped around me until I got to the hottub. While sitting in the tub I noticed that everyone was sitting around (in the nude) and were visting with everyone, and no one was looking at the new nude person. It finally clicked and I learned to relax, and talked to everyone there to find out more iformation. It was so great. I have never looked back from then." - OddButerfly

"I do not remember the date, it was somewhere in the late 70’s, there was a news story about Black’s Beach. I do recall that it was late August when I decided to drive down to San Diego to see what it was like. This was long before the internet and the only information I had was that Black’s Beach was south from Torrey Pines State Beach.
Well long story short, I found the nude area after a long walk along the beach. I was wearing a shirt, blue jeans (I did not own a pair of shorts, let alone a bathing suit) and tennis shoes. I am glad to say it took me less then a minute after arriving there to be completely nude. I had never felt so free and at the same time so comfortable before.
I knew from that day on that I was a nudist." - JP

"I think there was two clicks. The first was my first social nude experience. I was nervous, took off my clothes in the car, and walked off into the resort. I'm skinny, but have a gut, so I sucked in my gut. Then I saw nude people of all shapes and sizes. CLICK. I relaxed my gut and realized I can just be myself. Later on I was walking around the resorts residences. I looked down and realized "I'm naked in a residental area, and no one cares!"
CLICK. I was hooked. I am a nudist." - Armadliio

"I was at a state park lake in my home state of Maine. I had just returned to the public changing building after a swim. The building had no roof so there I sat, naked in the sun and warm summer air. It felt so good and it was very relaxing. I just knew that this was the way it should be. By the way, I was about 10 years old at the time." - Jetman