Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Need Shorts?

"I've done a few hikes where I never needed to put on shorts, door to door (car door that is), the entire time of the hike, the longest being perhaps eight hours. But that was a matter of luck. I expect to need the shorts now and then, which of course is why they're there, and having to put them on doesn't spoil anything. I've given up trying to reach any sort of goals of time, distance, or staying nude, mostly. Even so, I can think of a few places where I don't think I would ever need the shorts, though there can be surprises. On one of those all-nude hikes, I still had the shorts and they eventually went into the pack, same with another hike.” – Blue Train

1 comment:

  1. When I go hiking up at my club Kaniksu Ranch I never carry shorts. I just go hit the trails. However otherwise I do carry shorts either in the pack or in my hand depending on my comfort level. In the past when I lived in California I had a few encounters with clothed hikers, bikers and even horseback riders however so far here in Washington I have managed to see them first. Last weekend I just barely saw them before they saw me or that is what I tell myself, LOL!