Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SoCal Freehiker’s First Hike – Olive Dell Ranch - Report

I am writing Saturday morning from Glen Eden where a few freehikers are camping and enjoying the AANR West summer festival. We attended a nice dance last night – more naked than is usual so very nice - and then soaked and talked in the hot tub until 11:00 pm, when we returned to our tents for the night. (I’ll share more when the weekend is over.)

Thursday, July 10, 2010, the SoCal Freehikers group held its “first” nude hike in the hills above Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, CA. Members began arriving at 8:15. By 9:05 twelve members had gathered on the patio, stripped in uniform, ready for the hike. (All guys this time - PJ would have come along if any women had attended - I’m sure some will next time.)

The weather was overcast, and it was a little cool just standing on the patio, but perfect for a hike as exercise quickly warms the body. Ah, naked, the best exercise of all.

Ken led the way, starting up the newly opened Olive Dell Nature Trail. He pointed out the names of native California plants along the trail, and several knowledgeable members of the group added comments.

Half way along the Nature Trail the group branched off to hike up the fire road to the top of Picnic Table Point. (Those who ran the Bare Burro 5K will remember this area.) Walking the road made it easier to bunch up a little, talk, and get to know each other – one of the nicest things to do on a group freehike.

A slight breeze cooled out naked bodies nicely as we reached the crest of the hill at the old picnic table. The temperature was now perfect. We paused at this place for a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful view of the resort, nestled in the upper valley of Reche Canyon, 1.5 miles below.
Then, we continued freehiking up the hill and along the ridge to the upper meadow, until we reached the gate. We hiked up the hill to visit the memorial site, and again enjoy the view. Then we started back.

We took a different route, returning along the next ridge south, where we could see all of Reche Canyon, the road, and the houses below. It was beautiful.

Half way down we observed a rattle snake warming itself in a small, clear patch of dirt. That was exciting, and somewhat unusual. A snake is an amazing animal that just wants to be left alone, so after talking a few photos, we did just that.

The rest of the hike was very enjoyable and uneventful. We did pause for a group photo to document the hike on the last peak overlooking the resort. As we walked down the trail, we met up with one additional freehiker who had hit traffic from LA, so had started hiking late.
We returned to the resort via the rest of the Nature Trail, and after about two hours got back just in time to move our cars for the garbage truck. (I should have known that Thursday was garbage day at the resort so we could have parked below the main parking lot. Bobby, the owner was cool about it though.)

Afterwards, I talked with Bobby. He was a little concerned that only guys used the patio area and hot tubs after the hike. He prefers to keep a fairly balanced gender mix on the patio. Interestingly, he though gay couples were just fine, since “they tend to hang with their partners.” He was mostly concerned that some single guys would act inappropriately around lady visitors. I explained that we would certainly have more female participants on future hikes, which helped. He suggested that partners who don’t hike come along to enjoy the facilities while they wait for hiking spouses – a good idea. Entrance is free in the future for group members who are just hiking. In the future, the day fee for those who will stay after to use the resort facilities will be his lowest rate - $10 - a deal.)

After moving the cars we walked over to Dellymaze Park where my wife PJ gave us a fun tour of the amazingly creative features she has incorporated. Everyone should come to Olive Dell if only to visit the totally unique Dellymaze Park. There is nothing quite like it at any naturist, or textile destination for that matter.

We met for a few minutes to discuss when and where members would like to hike in the future. Thursday works good for those who had participated. Several suggested that we vary the weekdays a little and occasionally do weekend hikes so others could come. Several also suggest potential places to hike. As an assignment, I will revise the schedule a little to vary the days, and other members were asked to try out a few areas/trails to see if they could be used by a group of happy freehikers without disturbing texiles. (Be sure to let us know how these trials turn out so we can add hikes to the schedule.)

Until these revisions are made, we’ll continue hiking as scheduled according to the following guidelines:
· Freehike the 2nd Thursday of each month.
· Freehike the last Thursday of each month.
· Camp/freehike one weekend each month (for those who can stay) at a place corresponding to one of the Thursday freehikes.

As a reminder, details for each hike including exact meeting places and times will be published each month on the new email group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FreehikeCA/ . Please join this group as soon as possible so we can reduce the number of emails that must be sent.
SoCal Freehiker’s next group hike will be to “Deep Creek”, Thursday, June 24th. We will start hiking from Bowen ranch at 10:00 am, so some of the members will have to arise early. I’ll forward a reminder and directions later. Hopefully, everyone can attend. Please email us so we know you’re attending.

I’ll post a report about a freehike PJ and I took to Deep Creek later.

Here are links to a few sites about this fun hiking/soaking spot:

And here is a link to a few photos of SoCal Freehiker’s first freehike at Olive Dell Ranch:

See you all at SoCal Freehiker’s next hike on the 24th at Deep Creek.


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