Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Freehiking's Spiritual Connection

“I have thought about this for awhile, looking for a way to express how I feel about hiking, the outdoors and being naked. . . I have often thought that there is a spiritual feeling from being in nature. Yesterday’s USA Today had an article in the life section that spoke of a preacher, rabbi and scholar who give more or less sermons in the great outdoors. How one can open up and loose all connection to the outside world and let nature direct you to God. Most important to me was the fact that before churches God spoke to his people through nature and even Jesus did most of his teaching outdoors. I don't pretend to be overly religious but I often feel that connection when I am alone in the woods. . . Being naked . . . just comfortable shoes and your true self to connect with nature and your God.” – Nude Walker

"Amen - arriving at the top of a ridge, the breeze cooling your bare skin, the beauty of the valley below, pausing for a prayer of gratitude - what could be more spiritual? Anyone?" – Ken


  1. I understand in fact it is a big part of why I do this. I feel comforted being out there in nature Gods cathedral if you will. I truely feel closer to the natural world and to God when I am nude hiking out there. I often bring to him issues that are bringing me down struggles I am having in my life seeking answers. I don't always get the answer I am seeking but I get a sense of relief a sense that someone has heard me and understands. Now I don't expect to change anyones religious beleifs and I don't want to I just wanted to convey my own personal feelings. At the end of the hike I am relaxed and whatever problem I have now seems more managable, at least I am no longer weighed down by it.

  2. Luvnaturism said . . .

    There's definitely a spiritual connection for me. I can't quantify it, and probably can't explain it to any one else, but it's real in my
    inner self. There's a connection to the world of nature and of spirit when my entire body is free to be in touch with what's going on