Saturday, October 31, 2009

Katherine’s Visit to Olive Dell, August 2009

After freehiking and nude gardening the morning of August 27, 2009, we relaxed on our deck, waiting for Katherine to arrive. Today was Katherine’s first visit to a nude resort. She is an administrator at the place we work. PJ and Katherine had become good friends, so PJ had confided that we were naturists. Katherine had expressed an interest in visiting. So this was the planned day.

She arrived mid-afternoon. PJ drove down to the entrance to meet her and guide her to our site. P\J had put on a t-shirt that didn’t exactly cover everything to help her feel comfortable at first. Though a little uncomfortable, I decided to stay nude. I wasn’t ashamed to being seen the way I really am, and after all, we’d told her we were naturists and kept a trailer at Olive Dell. I was sure nude was what she’d expect. When they got out of the car in front of the trailer PJ explained to Katherine that I would probably be buck naked – “so be prepared”.

They came around to the deck I was sweeping – yes buck naked. Katherine was totally clothed. At first she obviously avoided looking directly at me. I could tell she was somewhat uncomfortable being around a naked manager with whom she worked.

We took a walking tour of Dellymaze Park – our expanding nude garden. I walked first. Near the hilltop PJ said she was getting too hot and slipped off her t-shirt. When we returned to our deck we decided to extend our walking tour to the entire resort. Along the way we introduced her to a number of residents who were sitting outside their trailers. Most were nude. I was sure Katherine was getting coming to understand that naturism is natural and friendly.

After our tour, we headed down to the hot tub. It seems like water, especially a hot tub, helps introduce newbies to naturism most easily. Katherine finally got undressed so we could shower, before slipping into the hot water. (Water helps to hide things at first.) She was finally her own outgoing self; she’s was already a naturist at heart.

We soaked for a while, and sat on the side and talked when we got too hot. Then, Katherine expressed an interest is getting in the swimming pool. I was a little concerned it might be too cool, but it was actually quite nice, and it was especially nice that Katherine had introduced the idea. She loved swimming and floating as we continued visiting.

When we tired of swimming we walked back towards our place, and met David cleaning the tennis court (nude of course). He asked if we’d like to help, so all four of us naked folk pitched in pushing water from the court. I could tell Katherine was much more relaxed and really enjoying herself.

We then all retreated to our deck to eat a few snacks and watch the sun set. Sitting on a deck and enjoying a sunset with naked friends is a wonderful, truly joyful experience. Katherine and David clearly enjoyed joking about fun things that might be done in the future. Too soon, Katherine had to leave. David took her back to the entrance.

PJ and I finished the evening talking about how enjoyable it was introducing our friend to naturism – the lifestyle we love so much. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our family and friends were open to learning how great naturism can be?

Nothing was said the next day at work, but I could tell Katherine felt closer too us. She had truly enjoyed becoming a naturist.

Friday, October 30, 2009

More Freehiking Places Needed

“I agree with the comment about being part of nature vs. observing nature. I wish there were more places to hike nude and skinny dip. One must go to remote places to avoid confrontation.” - Andrew

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch, August 23-24, 2009

I freehiked each morning we were at Olive Dell Ranch – Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Sunday I hiked the North Ridge Trail again, and this time took some nice photos of the resort and the weathered cliffs above it. I could also look down into the San Bernardino/Redlands area although it was too smoggy to see very much across the valley to the mountains. I saw two coyotes running up the hills. I turned back because there were motor cyclers in the distance headed my way, and I didn’t wish to offend.

After returning, I worked for a time in the garden, starting a new trail to the top of the hill. Later we enjoyed a nude meal at the restaurant. Later still, David came by to discuss the game we’ve been developing together, and a 10 year old girl at the resort dropped by, so we enlisted her in trying out the game. She seemed to have fun – even though she had to play it with two old naked guys. (The dynamics at a naturist resort never cease to amaze.) Otherwise, we didn’t do much Sunday because PJ was sleeping much of the time, so tired from working late nights at our job in Redlands.

Monday morning I freehiked the Loop Trail up to the picnic table (about three miles). It was a very pleasant morning for nude hiking. On the way back I explored the old nature trail at the resort. It had been mostly unused for years and hadn’t been improved. There were still poles identifying the vegetation, though many had fallen over. It has the potential to be the finest nudist naturist trail in any resort we’ve visited. I’m going to try to find a way to revitalize it. Anyone want to help?

Monday I shoveled out and leveled a spot to put a storage shed below our trailer. It was tough work - the dirt was very hard. We also mixed up some cement and put up several signs around our garden/park. It was wonderful taking a break to shower together and float in to pool, followed by a naked dinner. Nothing better at a naturist resort than that! While we were eating we told a 14 year old girl about the garden we have been making, and she got excited to see it so later that evening she brought her sister (5) and PJ led them around the resort. The kids were dressed, PJ was not – interesting. While they toured I played a little nude guitar. Soon the sun had set, and we were totally ready for bed.

Tuesday morning we arose very early and I took my morning freehike up to the picnic table while PJ collected our things. Freehiking is the best, the most amazing exercise. I returned via the old naturist trail – yes I’ll definitely have to get it cleaned up. It could be the best nude naturist trail in Southern California. Anyone want to volunteer to help with the nature trail project?

We watered the garden, took a hike around it, and to soon it was time to leave for work. There is never enough time when we go to the resort.

Here are a few photos from this weekend’s visit to our place at Olive Dell Ranch:

As always, everyone is invited to visit us at our happy place.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Freehiking Feels Great and is Fun!

“I have hiked nude and would do it again. It feels great and is fun!” - (Another) Ken

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch, August 15-20, 2008

Several memorable events occurred this week while we were at Olive Dell Ranch:

I freehiked on two mornings to a different hills about ½ mile from our trailer, looking for a different source of rock for our garden. I found lots of rock, but nothing too interesting. The trail was nice however, and the freehikes were as enjoyable as always. I simply love freehiking. I always get a lot of thinking done. The exercise is important. And it feels great.

PJ and I spent lots of time working in our nude garden. We finished cementing model castles on hilltops in one section; now PJ is preparing to paint in grass and roads, etc. I finished rocking one section of trail, and then cut another trail through the brush to the picnic table hill above our garden park – an adventuresome activity done nude. A shower at the clubhouse always feels nice after several hours of hot, dirty nude gardening.

The next morning Mary Lou and Kammy walked their dogs (two women – 2 dogs - all four naked) down one newly finished trail. They stopped and visited for a while. I often hear people – guys in particular – talk about not being able to find a naturist spouse. I have come to believe that’s mostly because they are looking for love in all the wrong places. I’ve met nice single gals and guys at most every resort we’ve visited. At least seven single ladies and even more single guys are members at our club - Olive Dell Ranch in Southern California.

That evening we took the game we have been developing down to the clubhouse to try it out. It was fun playing Trivia Toss with our naked friends.

The next evening as PJ and I were freewalking a new trail in our garden, two of the kids (aged about ten) from the resort showed up for a visit. They joined us on our naked tour of the new trails. I’m always amazed how unconsciously kids at the resort accept nudity. They don’t even seem to think about it. It’s just natural for them as they have been raised as naturists. What a wonderful way to be brought up and to live.

We certainly love living even part-time at a naturist resort. We are making plans to be able to live at Olive Dell Resort full-time. Does anyone else have the desire to do the same?

Time to leave for a morning freehike before we have to go to work. Have a great nude day everyone.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Total Commitment with Freehiking Encounters

“My personal mode is generally one of total commitment. I am generally NOT prepared to cover my genitals during a hike without a substantial recovery effort, aside from relocating my hat during a day hike (dusk and pre-dawn jaunts to the hot springs are rather frequent). If I felt ashamed about it I guess I wouldn't do it, like everything else. Other people usually seem to "get" this during "REALISTIC" encounters like the ones I've had with dressed people.” - Jonathan W

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Freehiking is Warmer than Clothed Hiking

Rich's Freehike to Scenic Hot Springs

The fog (or clouds) are thicker up here. The outside temperature gauge in my car says it is 46F outside. Not bad for a nude hike except for the warmth-stealing moisture of fully-saturated air. I had intended to hike up nude in any case and I saw no reason to deny myself the experience just because of some misty-looking clouds. So off I went . . . this time with the full nude-snow-hiking-backpack of clothes, food and the other paraphernalia I usually carry during cold-weather nude hikes.

The air was still which helped. By the time I reached the trailhead proper at 3,000ft, I knew I was hiking directly into the heart of a cloud latched onto the upper mountain slopes. It got heavier and moister the higher I hiked. I could feel the dew beading on my skin, but I was feeling comfortable and enjoying every moment of the slow stroll up.

I reached the springs right as the last of the day was slipping below the western ridges. Time to set myself up, pull out those trash bags to protect my gear from dew (and possible rain) . . . and get into that marvelous water to rewarm myself. Though I was by no means feeling the cold, immersion into 103F silky water has a decidedly sensuous rush to cold-tightened skin. The water was perfect!

Ken: Isn't is amazing how you can actually feel warmer freehiking than wearing clothes? Anyone else have that same experience?

I love to read Rich's descriptions of nude hikes in the Pacific Northwest. You can read more about this freehike and many others at:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Utter Lust Free Sensuality

“It's almost ironic; the pleasure of being naked on a hike is not sexual but it indeed rivals and even competes heartily with sexual pleasure, and even "release" over the course of a long enough outing. Utter lust free sensuality could be a term.” - Anon

Friday, October 23, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch, August 9, 2008

PJ and I arose early and drove up to Olive Dell Ranch to enjoy our weekend. What a relief to be away from work.

We arrived just in time for me to take a morning freehike in the hills above the resort. What a wonderful way to start a day, hiking naked, at one with nature. I saw rabbits, an owl, a hawk, and a flock of quail along the way. The vistas from the tops were beautiful. The sun and wind caressed my body joyfully.

As I hiked I thought about freehiking’s health benefits; just imagine how healthy one can become by regularly freehiking – soaking up vitamin D with your naked skin. Yet it seems that many people, prudes, conspire to keep us from healthy activities such as freehiking - but not today, at least for me.

On my return I walked past Karen who was out walking her dog. Then I spoke for a few minutes with Mary Lou who was also walking her dog past our trailer. A little later Dave drove up to our trailer to talk about a small business we are doing together. Sitting together naked on the deck is always enjoyable. It’s so nice associating with other nudists – the friendliest of all people.

I spent a few hours watering the plants and digging a new trail in our naturist garden – Dellymaze Park. Skinny Gardening certainly motivates one to work at creating a beautiful place, and it’s also wonderful exercise.

It’s always a joy to walk naked to the clubhouse to shower off the sweat and dirt form Skinny work, and to eat a meal, naked with friends.

Later, sitting on our deck, we enjoyed watching a visiting family (dad, mom, and two probably 12 year old twin daughters) play a game of tennis nude. Three kids (a boy and two girls about 10 years old) who live at the resort dropped by to visit and see progress on our garden. Unconsciously playing naked with good friends - growing up as naturists – a blessing I wish I’d experienced.

Still, life is so good at Olive Dell Ranch.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Freehiking - The Most Healthy Addiction Possible

“The experience defies simple description and must be enjoyed first-hand. I've never heard of anyone saying they tried naked hiking and regretted or disliked it! It is true that it is addictive. I personally believe it to be the most healthy addiction possible though. Clothed hikers I've seen have all been either neutral or understanding and accepting - perhaps even empathetic and intrigued.” - Anon

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Andrew Freehikes Olive Dell

I have not been freehiking in a couple of months. If TNS saw my tan lines they would probably revoke my membership. But today I headed out to Olive Dell for the afternoon.

I checked out Ken's new trails. He's certainly been busy in the last two months. If he builds any more he'll need a traffic light. But seriously, it looks nice.

It was a hot day so I hung out by the pool reading for the first couple of hours. I wasn't wearing a watch (or anything else for that matter) but I'd guess around 5pm I decided to go out for a hike. So, it put on my hiking boots, filled my water bottle and hit the trails.

There are extensive trails to the south, but I decided to take a different path today. I headed east. I didn't see any wild donkeys, but I knew they were not far away, given the fresh tracks and droppings.

Eventually I reached a ridge that looked down on a large excavation site. The construction had ended for the day. It appears to be new streets and residential housing. So, I guess this trail will be "too visible" for nude hiking in the not too distant future. (This was Redland's lamd fill, so freehihing will alwat remain protected. - Ken)

I continued to hike north and found large white + signs on a couple of hills. I imagine this is a sign for helicopters, but they look too small for a landing sites. I wonder what they mean. I eventually turned around when I realized that the trail would not lead back to Olive Dell. So, I hiked back the way I came.

I was ready for a shower as I was covered in trail dust. Then I ordered a chicken wrap at the cafeteria. Good food at Olive Dell, and reasonably priced.

It was a very pleasant afternoon. I wish I lived closer. The only thing I dislike about Olive Dell is the culture of smoking, but I just kept my distance from the smokers.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NEWT 2009 Freehike

“I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the 2009 Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT), August 24-28, in the Austrian Alps. (“Walking Tour” doesn’t really capture it, since it was definitely hiking.) For the first day, we were six altogether - three Brits, two Germans, and myself - but the two Germans were only out for a day hike, so for the rest of the week we were a group of four English-speakers.

The first day we climbed more than 1100 meters (3575 feet), from the little town of Golling, south of Salzburg, straight up the mountainside. We pitched camp amid cows and horses at a high pasture area called Angeralm, and for the next three days we did naked dayhikes from there to various peaks and passes.

During those three days we only saw two other persons. The wildflowers, including the deep blue gentian, were in full bloom. We were very lucky to have rain only at night -- the days were all sunny and warm, perfect for naturist hiking. It was absolutely great.

All the details of our NEWT 2009 trip (and previous editions of NEWT dating back to 2005) are at Check it out, and start planning for next year! (Also check out the beautiful coffee-table book of naturists in action, “Active Nudists,” put together by the NEWT organizer, Richard Foley.)” – Milt

Monday, October 19, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - July 26-27, 2009

Nude is just how people live at Olive Dell Ranch.

We got up early yesterday, drove up to our trailer at Olive Dell, took off our clothes (relief), put on socks and tennis shoes (necessary), and watered the flowers and plants we’ve planted in Dellymaze Park (what started as our nude rock garden four months ago has grown to a nude park that people enjoy visiting).

Then I took a three mile freehike up the loop trail to the picnic table and back, climbing Ken’s Hill on the way. I collected a bag of white rocks for PJ to put in our Bug’s Life garden areas. Freehiking is such wonderful exercise for the body and relaxation for the mind.

When I returned, PJ was visiting with Dave on our deck. He’d arrived late for the freehike, so had stayed to talk with PJ while she painted her frog statue. She’d explained the senior game business we’d been planning. I sat down and joined in the discussion. Dave had some good suggestions and offered to help.

After, I spent several hours clearing some overgrown bushes and tree limbs from a trail I had been building at the top of Dellymaze Park. It was hot and dirty and sweaty work, but bearable without clothing. I love gardening naked.

When I finished cutting the brush, PJ and I walked down to the clubhouse for a shower and swim. I talked with Lorie as we showered together. Several dozen naturists were in and around the pool. We floated on noodles and talked with Penny and Cindy about our plans for visiting San Onofre nude beach next Sunday when NITOC is planning another BBQ as a fundraiser for NAC. It’s always nice talking with naked friends in the pool.

Then PJ and I ate lunch in the restaurant, along with several other couples, before returning to our trailer.

Later in the day we ate dinner in the restaurant with Dave and Mary Lou, and talked again about our business plan. After dinner PJ stayed to talk about dieting and exercise with Mary Lou while I returned to finish clearing the trail. While I was working two girls (age 10 and 12) came to the park to visit. We talked while I worked and they walked the new trail. Then they headed down the hill to play with several other children on the volleyball court below. It’s fun to watch naturist children who are so unconscious being with friends and adults without clothing. The world’s fears of nudity and abuse don’t even seem to cross their minds. The world would be a better place if everyone were raised as nudists.

While working on the trail Mark and Cindy arrived and I led them on a tour of the park. We also talked a little more about our plans to visit San Onofre next weekend. Then our neighbor Laura came home and talked to me as I worked (the new trail runs in the small valley below her trailer).

Just as I was finished clearing the trail, PJ and Mary Lou returned so we all walked back to the clubhouse to take a shower before it got dark. A group shower is one of the best activities at the resort.

Later, sitting on our deck, PJ and I watched a beautiful sunset and talked about how much we loved our place at the resort and our naked friends. As it got dark Laura came by and PJ talked for quite a while about her church. I worked on the computer. Then we retired for the evening to watch a movie.

I was awakened early by Mark out for his morning nude run, so I arose to type this report. Today I’ll probably talk another freehike and then work a few hours in the garden before it gets too hot. PJ will probably paint the game. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the pool again when it gets too hot and visit again with friends - another wonderful day in Paradise at Olive Dell Ranch.

Oh, did I mention that nearly everyone in this report was nude, and thought nothing of it, without any sexual thoughts or actions? Paradise – it’s a Garden of Eden.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Freehiking Near Las Vegas

“I constantly hike naked (some naked mountain biking as well) - every couple of weeks or so. Mostly to hot springs and on mountain trails (especially Mt. Charleston) near Las Vegas, NV. Around here the hiking season is pretty much year-round, with a couple winter months requiring clothing at times, and a couple summer months doing little but beckoning nakedness at others.” - Anon

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mothers and Daughters

One weekend in July 2009 it was very hot, so we spent more time than normal in the pool floating and talking with other naturists. We met three ladies, a mother who was celebrating her 87th birthday, and her two daughters. They were from Arizona and Texas. It turns out they were long-time members of Olive Dell Ranch. The mother had lived at the resort with her husband and daughters, starting in 1965. It was fun listening to the daughters tell about good times they had growing up at a naturist resort.

The daughter’s husbands will not attend a nudist resort. One is a bashful Texan, and the other thinks it’s sinful. They just made light of the situation mentioning how much their husbands missed, and how much fun they had as a mother and daughters.

It's sad about the husbands, but inspiring to meet a family unit where naturism took.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Freehiking to Hot Springs

“I have hiked to Ringbolt [AZ] many times, always nude all the way. It surprises me how clothed the area around the hot springs is, but I refuse to cover up unless so directed by a uniformed ranger. People just have to get used to seeing nude people in, around, and en route to these kinds of places.” – Patrick

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - July 2009

Our day off finally arrived – it had been a long busy few days at work.

We got up early and drove up to our place at Olive Dell Ranch, arriving just in time to enjoy a naked breakfast at the restaurant; it was excellent. (We visited with Hap while eating – he’s 81 and going strong, personally remodeling his place and enjoying his nude garden - he invited us to visit.)

Then PJ went to bed as she’d worked the entire evening, and I met David for a freehike. As we hiked from the resort we talked for a few minutes with Mark and Cindy who were out working nude in their yard.

We freehiked up the Donkey Trail above the resort. We saw only one wild donkey.

(Of course you can’t tell on-line, but Mary Lou just stopped by to ask a question. She was out walking her dog, naked of course, both her and the dog, so we talked for a few minutes. Living at a nudist resort is amazing, so, back to the report.)

(By the way, she a very nice “single” lady in the 40s; a nudist resort is a great place to meet someone.)

It’s very dry now in Southern California but I still find it beautiful. The freehiking is great here. It’s wonderful to be able to hike naked from your front door. It was very hot so we really appreciated the feel of the breeze on our nude bodies. I can’t even imagine hiking any other way than free.

I picked up some white rock for the garden along the way. Dave and I talked about life. We freehiked about an hour and covered probably four miles. It was totally enjoyable. I love freehiking.

When we returned, Dave headed down to the Clubhouse to cool down (it was too hot for a game of nude tennis) and I gardened nude for a couple of hours. I moved some brush and worked on a trail. I saw a large tarantula; it was cool.

Then I walked down to the Clubhouse for a shower (I definitely needed it) and a swim in the pool.

There were quite a few people floating and talking in the pool today. Several ladies were visiting from Arizona, but it turned out they were very familiar wit Olive Dell. One was celebrating her 87th birthday. (I hope I can enjoy living at a naturist resort in my older years – it’s definitely the best place to retire. I contrast her life as a naturist with that of the residents of the senior community I manage, and there is no comparison. They are weak and sickly white and bored, with little purpose in life. She was tanned with tons of energy; her life was filled with friends and fun.)

Another of the ladies from Arizona, Jean, talked about growing up at the resort. She laughed about the boys from her high school in the 1970s who would drive up and streak “clothed” through the resort.

(When we arrived we noticed that the kids from the resort had slept out on the owner’s trampoline. They were now swimming and splashing naked with us in the pool. What a grand place to grow up.)

Well it’s about time for another freehike. Charon is now living in California, and is coming for a hike and a visit. We welcome all of our friends to visit us when they can.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pacific Coast Trail Freehiken Ends

“After six months and 2,400 miles my wife Jen and I are back from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail! . . . On our way back, we had fun at Fish Brewing's brewpub in Olympia, WA. . . This was the first time though someone asked us if we were hiking the PCT in the nude! She was quick to say that her husband had hiked some of the trail happily sans clothing. The locals thought hiking naked was the only way to go! Woo Hoo!!” – Naked Words

Monday, October 12, 2009

Naturist Children

At times it’s wonderfully amazing living at a naturist resort. Yesterday PJ and I drove up to Olive Dell after work, arriving shortly after 3:00 pm. We immediately got undressed as is our custom, and I grabbed a shovel and walked down to hill to extend the trail from our garden. Even in the late afternoon heat I realized again how much love nude gardening, and can do it for hours.

After about an hour I saw several kids, W. . . and S. . . , walking up to hill to visit the garden. (They’re probably about 10 years old.) W. . . was nude, carrying a towel. S. . . wore an open-front sarong. Just two naturist kids enjoying each other’s company, and visiting the fun garden PJ and I are creating.

They said hi, and explained how much they liked what we are doing. They especially like the alligators PJ had hidden by the maze. Otherwise, they pretty much disregarded the naked old man digging a trail in the garden. S. . . took off her sarong and they laid on a large flat rock in the garden while they talked. After a while they got up and went to talk with PJ who was nude, painting on the deck by the trailer. They sat for some time on the deck, watching the birds – all three naked.

After a while, W. . . walked down the trail to examine my progress. W. . . and S. . . said goodbye, then headed back to the clubhouse, carrying towel and sarong.

Later in the evening I saw the two friends riding bikes. They had put on pants, but were both topless. What a wonderful way to grow up, playing with naked friends of both sexes, and thinking nothing of it.

Later in the evening Mary Lou and David dropped by and sat naked around the table on the deck talking, eating cherries and popcorn, and drinking soda, until it got dark. I commented on how great it was to see the kids so unconsciously enjoying themselves as naked friends. Mary Lou seem a little surprised at my reaction, but commented how her kids were raised as naturists and thought nothing about being naked with the family.

Why couldn’t I have been raised that way? Life is so short, and I missed so much – too bad. But it’s wonderful to have finally found a better way to live, and especially wonderful that PJ understands and participates.

We love living, even part-time, at Olive Dell Ranch.

Kenfreehiker Followers and Friends

I see my blog has a new follower - welcome. It's nice that people care about what I share on the blog, I get so little feedback that it does become a little discouraging; does anyone really care? So readers, please post a response or share a personal experience.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Freehiking the Yukon Territory

“A friend of mine made a comment in the summer of 2003 that applies nicely to nude hiking. He said that it's only skinny-dipping (or nude hiking) if you're with someone else. Otherwise, it's just swimming (or hiking).

I first discovered the freedom of hiking without clothes 25-30 years ago while living in Chilliwack, in the southwestern corner of the Canadian province of British Columbia. My passion has always been for wilderness travel, and this was a difficult, steep, off-trail hike in remote country on a hot day. It didn't matter how many layers I took off, I was still sweaty and uncomfortable.

As alone as I was in that valley, removing my shorts, though physically very comfortable, was psychologically rather troubling. What if someone saw me? Never mind the fact that there was virtually no chance of anyone being on this slope, or probably even in this valley, what if?

Following that initial experience, I starting choosing my hiking locations partly for their suitability for nude hiking. As the area became more and more crowded, though, finding those locations became increasingly difficult, particularly on weekends. But, the more I hiked that way, the better the experience became, and since moving to the sparsely populated Yukon Territory, I seldom hike or canoe with clothes on (on warm days!).” - Human

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Naturist Friends Visit Us At Olive Dell Ranch

On June 28, 2009, as I was returning from the group freehike PJ and I guide every Sunday morning for visitors and residents at Olive Dell, I saw a familiar person walking naked up the hill towards us. It was our friend Bob from Utah – what a surprise! He and his wife were in Southern California for a square dance convention and had stopped for the day at Olive Dell.

Another friend in Utah, Harrow, had told him he might see us, but he’d thought ‘what’s the chance?’

It was great to see Bob and his wife. They visited our naked garden; we played tennis with Dave, and just visited on our deck for awhile until they had to leave for home.

Later that Sunday evening a couple, Ralph and Jeanie, visited us. We toured our garden, swam, ate dinner, and played UNO Attack on our deck until it got dark.

We have so little time to now to travel because of work so it’s wonderful when our naturist friends can visit us. An we're always open to making new frinds - everyone is welcome to visit. There’s a place to stay, and it probably won’t cost a thing if you tell the managers you’re visiting us. Naturist friends are the best friends for sure.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Everyone Should Give It a Go

“Naked hiking in the fresh and healthy air, when the weather is good, is an experience that many people just don't want to miss out on . . . Everyone should give it a go.” – Kurt Fischer

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Olive Dell Dance and Visitors - June 2009

On June 13, 2009, PJ and I attended a 60’s dance at Olive Dell Ranch. PJ made and wore a fun tie-died outfit, and I wore a matching headband and beads. Dances at Olive Dell are small, but fun, and there are no sexual overtones like one feels at larger naturist park dances. Most people stay nude at the Olive Dell dances – very appropriate.

It was very moving to watch one resident, Craig, dance with his wife who has MS and must often be in a wheel chair. Another man with only one leg enjoyed hopping to the music. Naturists are so non-judgmental - it’s so nice when body image is not an issue.

This June was a month for visitors to our trailer at Olive Dell Ranch. On the 21st, Joe, from Park City, called to tell us that he was attending a workshop in Las Vegas and had time to drop south for a few days in the sun. (I guess he had an extremely slow drive south since everyone in Southern California was returning from the weekend in Las Vegas.) We had to work that Sunday, so I left work for a while to meet him at the gate so he could get in and get settled in his small RV.

We spent Monday and Tuesday morning enjoying his company, talking, gardening, soaking in the sun and water, and enjoying a nice meal at the restaurant (nude of course). He did some work on his van. He even treated us to a nice meal at our favorite Thai restaurant in Redlands (not nude unfortunately). We really enjoyed having him visit (I don’t think he paid anything to stay at Olive Dell), and hope he returns soon with his wife and kids.

He seemed to really enjoy our site. He also stopped at Silver Valley resort on his return trip.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Freehiking Arizona Hot Springs

“I hiked down to AZ Hot Springs back in May, after having visited earlier in the week by the kayak. I think it is closer to 3 miles in from the trailhead by the parking lot. An easy walk down to the river; but of course the return is all uphill. Be sure to have someone with you that knows the route over the ridge to get to the canyon where the pools are located. It took me several tries to find the right route and it certainly something that needs to be done in daylight. Those coming down the river by kayak are usually gone by noon. When I was there, none of the kayaking group got nude; but others that hiked in were nude when they soaked.” - gaspider

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - June 2009

As I’m sure most Skinny Trippers know, PJ and I own a trailer and rent a site at Olive Dell Ranch (family nudist resort) in Corona, California (actually Redlands). We stay there most Sundays, Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Thursday mornings. It’s great to live, even part-time, in a community with other naturists.

During the month of June, 2009, we were able to freehike two or three days every week. It’s so very nice to be able to simply slip on a pair of shoes and socks, grab some water and a small pack, and freehike for miles from our trailer door. Olive Dell has some very nice trails. I usually hike the loop trail up to a picnic table (about three miles round trip), or up the north hills with great views of the cities. But on one occasion this month I took the time to hike much further into the hills (perhaps six miles) and found a perfect place for another naturist park – if only I was rich.

We also free-gardened most days. PJ’s been painting our bird pole – the birds are eating seeds like crazy. I’ve created several new trails through the garden, placed rocks in patterns, and planted a number of new cactus plants. We love our naked rock garden. We’ve named it Dellymaze Park; it's becoming large enough now to be a park.

(Our camera is broken down just now, so I’ll have to include photos with another Skinny Report.)

I’m still working with the resort owner to plan a nude 5k. The loop trail is exactly the right distance. We’re planning on holding the first run next May. Is anyone interested in attending this first nude 5k?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hunting Season Slows Freehiking

“Unfortunately, with the startup of hunting season, many of the places we frequent here in the western Colorado mountains have become temporarily dangerous for nude hiking. We enjoy several trails in Jerome Park near Carbondale, like on Stony Mountain, the Thompson Creek drainage, the old Marion mine area, and Spring Gulch. Our private backyard . . . then becomes a haven this time of year and throughout the winter.” - Patti & Bill

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Proposed Procedure for Establishing Freehiking Trails

1. Join together as a Free Trails Association (FTA). (We need a website with information and sign-up procedures.)

2. Freehike - find good trails (typically moderate use trails, used by naturists perhaps on weekdays or away from the trailhead), post signs (worded like below), write/post freehiking reports, and invite others to go along.

[Front] “Beyond this point you may encounter Freehikers. We're Nude but NOT Lewd. If locker-room style nudity serious offends you, turn on the radio and contact us (take with if needed) and we'll put some clothes on. Otherwise, we'll see you on the trail! (Details on back)”

[Back] “There is no law against simple nudity on public lands. Not long ago, skinny-dipping was common and widely accepted. The laws are against being "lewd" and "indecent exposure". We're not being lewd at all. This sign acts to avoid indecent exposure. If you have any questions for us, try the attached radio or call us at our home number later: (number) Thanks! [signed]”

3. Establish a formal area Free Trails Club – meet with others to determine the club’s specific mission (exercise/health, social, naturist activism), select trails on which to seek freehiking acceptance, plan larger hikes and other trail events (camp-outs, run/walks, bike rides, clean-ups, renovation).

4. Contact authorities/land owners to provide information about club activities and events and to gain permission so citations are not given.

5. Advertise/hold hikes and other trail events (run/walks, clean-ups, renovation), write/post hike reports, and recruit new members.

What do you think of this suggested approach? I'm interested in taking action. I agree to be the first member of the Free Trails Association (FTA) (I like this name better than the previous suggestion), and would like help from other interested freehikers. Anyone else willing get involved and join FTA?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Germany Creates Hiking Trail Just for Naturists

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) - German naturists will soon have their own 18-km (11-mile) long trail for hiking in the nude and some enthusiasts have been trying it out before the official opening next May.

Heinz Ludwig, who runs a nearby campsite, has led the project to create the nudist trail that meanders up and down the Harz mountain range in central Germany, overcoming some local protests by pointing out its potential boost for tourism.

"I think it's a great way to promote tourism here," Ludwig told Reuters on Tuesday after Bild newspaper published a picture of two women wearing nothing but rucksacks on the trail. "There's already been a lot of interest in it."

The trail runs between the village of Dankerode and the Wippertal dam. Naturism fans have been monitoring progress of the trail in Internet chatrooms for months and a band of naked hikers took a test walk on the not-quite-finished trail in May.

The trail is being marked with special signs warning the uninitiated that they could encounter nude hikers.

"If you don't want to see people with nothing on then you should refrain from moving on!", reads one warning sign.

(Reporting by Caroline Copley; Editing by Louise Ireland and Paul Casciato)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Freehiking Action Committee (FAC) - Important Freehiking Discusion

(Comment on Article: Eleven Mile Nude Hiking Trail)

Alan Palmer: Here's why I think this idea of a nude hiking trail is encouraging...

For one thing, I never thought of it before. I suppose that MANY nudists have never thought of it before. Just by virtue of the designation, it may raise interest elsewhere. Eventually, some of that interest may rub off on Americans.

Bear with me on this. One of the strong claims of advocates in the "free beaches movement" of decades past is that there are enough nudists in this country that a portion of public beaches should rightly be designated for nude use. This has been their basis for nude beach advocacy all along. It's a democratic approach: If there are X% of beach users that want to use a nude beach, then there should ideally be X% of beaches that allow nudity, in order to adequately serve the public interests.We've got a long way to go on that, of course. But even if only 1% of public beaches (just a wild guess) allow or traditionally tolerate nude use, can you imagine if that same 1% could be applied to the tens of thousands of miles of trails on public lands throughout the US?

Trails have the advantage of being more remote than beaches, and already enjoy defacto freehiking where no such designation or sanction has been applied. Hot springs do fairly well that way too, with "remote" and undeveloped hot springs largely allowing or tolerating nudity.I guess it's not as much about making more places where people can be naked, in the case of the trails - it's about designating a place where people can feel free to enjoy nude recreation without harassment. To me, designating a trail seems less problematic than trying to designate a beach. (Especially if the trail is very remote.)

I suppose that providing designated trails for nudists could have the undesirable side effect of making nudity on non-designated trails become perceived as a bigger infraction. But not necessarily. I think just the mere fact of their existence would raise interest levels in giving freehiking a try.

. . .

How about this...

What if ALL trails had a policy that allowed for freehiking, provided that you were a specific distance away from the trailhead?

How far away would you need to be, before people really wouldn't care enough for it to matter anyway? I'm sure Ben hits that point all the time, as do several others.

I'm talking in terms of genuine compromise, here. Obviously, we'd prefer that all trails allowed freehiking. But what would be a reasonable compromise? What might the other side see as reasonable? Already there is the general policy that nudity on public lands (National Forest, at least, and others) is not prohibited, provided no one complains. What would be the next step in the naturist's favor?

At the trail head to Olympic Hot Springs, there is a notice: "Nude bathing, while not sanctioned by the Forest Service, is commonly practiced." It's there as a public courtesy, but it actually provides legitimization for the skinny-dippers, and probably avoids a few misunderstandings. If you read the sign, go anyway, see a skinny-dipper and are offended, oh were warned.

I'd LOVE to see a sign like that at other trailheads, even if there are no hot springs or other natural water attractions. Or even, "Nudity is not permitted within view of the trailhead." Sounds like a policy against nudity, but in reality it implies that some nudity on the trail is expected, once you get clear of the cars.

Kenfreehiker: Is it better to try for an overall policy, or to designate certain trails and put up signs? Living part-time at a naturist resort, PJ and I can just start our freehikes from our front door - that's been great! But that fit's more into the idea of expanding the nude use of beaches to include parking lots. (Also a good idea.)

The idea of designating certain less-used trails for freehiking might get the ball rolling. After all, if enough people freehike on certain trails, there would be a precedent for expanding nude use off the trailhead on all trails. . . Maybe we just need to be a little more open and start putting up sign on the trails we use?

Here's an interesting, related post:

“Secure the area. When we freehike, we post very informative signs at the trailheads. This allows us to hike naked safely on trails that may see a few other visitors. After thinking about this, I've considered securing an area but not actually going naked on it. (Call it an experiment.) How would people react if it were a busier trail? Or a secluded park? Would people try the radios to make us get dressed? If not, we may be clear to freehike some much busier trails using this method. No matter if naked people are seen or not, the sign still plants the seed of naturism and makes them consider if they would actually be offended by simple locker-room style nudity.” – The Academic Naturist

I of course love the suggestion of creating and advocating for freehiking trails. How can we help implement it?

Alan Palmer: Well, I think that you, as one of the foremost freehiking enthusiasts in the region, are probably a good potential advocate. Obviously Ben is another. I assume that both of you know of others in several western regions who are "active" in this sport, and who would be passionate enough about it to advocate for it. You'd have to pick a few good targets, which are remote enough to be viable, but not so remote that they really need none of the protection that might be enjoyed by official designation. I'm thinking that a moderate-traffic area makes more sense. A low traffic, very remote trail just might not be worth the effort.

If free beaches are any indication, you'd want to start your advocacy on trails where nude hiking is frequent enough to be a known tradition. (Does such a place exist?) I would guess that the access trails to some popular hot springs destinations would go on the short list. I'm thinking of Deep Creek (CA), in particular, but also Jerry Johnston (ID), Bagby (OR), Cougar (OR), Olympic (WA), and Conundrum (CO). All of these are remote enough, are openly accepting of nudity at the destination itself, and most of these already see some nude hiking (not sure about Conundrum, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's so).

I'd love to see Diamond Fork on the list - even if just for the upper trail, but I think that even the status of the springs themselves as being nudity-accepted is too much in dispute. (In spite of the prevalent practice.)

Trails adjacent to resorts would be the other obvious target. For example, the fire road that Fraternity Snoqualmie uses each year for their Bare Buns Fun Run. It's a known quantity, and already enjoys some tolerated use each year (I assume that some hike it nude at other times of year too.) If it could be designated as a nude hiking trail, then people could use it throughout the year without concern. (Would probably bring in some additional revenue for the resort too.)

It seems like an obvious one would be the popular trail originating at De Anza. Doesn't Glen Eden also have a trail starting at their property? How about Olive Dell? I know I've heard of others, but they aren't coming to mind at the moment. Maybe Bare Backers, outside of Boise (I haven't been to that one yet.)

Okay, that's a start.

. . .

It seems like a "Bare Buns Fun Run", with nudity being temporarily sanctioned might be a good way to help establish a nude hiking tradition on some trails. The World Naked Bike Ride has even done that somewhat with some of their routes. In Seattle, they've been able to start/end their rides several times at the popular Gas Works Park, with a traditional stopover at the giant water fountain at the very public Seattle Center. They've also used a couple of bike trails, with consent of the city.

To me, it seems like trails could be used the same way, hosting BBFRs for 5k runs. Might be even better if you're able to use a public park, as Seattle has done, as the start/finish of the course. (Using a naturist resort as a base isn't really pushing the edge of the envelope by much.) The WNBR approach is free and open to all, whereas a resort-based BBFR takes more planning, preparation, and cost. I think it would be great to have some free Fun Runs in a less structured format - or even as fundraisers for some worthy cause.

. . .

How about this...

What if you were to organize a group nude hike, and seek approval from the local governing agency (Forest Service, Sheriff's Dept., other) beforehand? What I mean is, that you pick a popular, interesting trail - one where you wouldn't ordinarily risk hiking nude - and let the authorities know that you have a club/group that would like to hike it, and ask if they could do so without concern for being cited. You'd agree to post signs at the trailhead/s indicating the fact that nude hikers may be encountered, and you'd probably have to opt for a lower traffic time of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, perhaps). Maybe you could offer to do it as a trail cleanup, if litter is a problem there.

Would it be worth doing? Would it be positive or negative to seek to get permission first? It seems to have worked well in Seattle (for public streets, parks, and bike trails, even) - would it work elsewhere? For hiking trails? Wouldn't forest rangers be even more tolerant? (Knowing that there are fewer people to potentially be offended?)

A couple of Augusts ago, my son and I climbed Mt. Baldy (10,068 ft) in So Cal. It was a nostalgia trip for me, as I'd climbed it several times in my Boy Scout years. It's a great hike with phenomenal vistas, but it's a hot, dry, sweaty hike too. I would have LOVED to have hiked it naked, if I felt I could have. If a group were to nude hike Mt. Baldy, San Gorgonio (11,503), or San Jacinto (10,834), I'd seriously consider making the trip down to SoCal just to do those hikes.

Interesting... I just discovered that San Jacinto (located between Palm Springs and Redlands, CA) is rated as the 6th most "topographically prominent" peak in the 48 states. I haven't climbed it yet, but have long wanted to.

Gee... I now I wanna go! (Late September is a great time to climb these 3 peaks.)

Marty: Designating a trail or two for nude hiking all the time might be easier from a political and PR standpoint, but always hiking the same trail over and over would bore me.

Rather than trails designated for nude use, I'd like to see days designated for nude use. There are seven days in the week. Select seven trails, and assign each trail to one day. On that day, nude hiking is allowed.

The trails are clearly posted for nude use on that day, and the day never changes so people get used to the schedule. This also avoids closing one or two trails forever to people who don't want to see nudity.

Kenfreehiker: What do others think of these suggestions? I'm interested in taking action. Why not start by forming a freehiking advocacy group to help with implementation? How about a takeoff on the "Naturist Action Committee" (NAC) called the "Freehiking Action Committee" (FNC)?

I agree to be the first committee member. Anyone else willing to join the FAC?