Saturday, October 2, 2010

Discovering & Naming Freehiking Trails

“I’ve done 5 hikes in the last 8 days – 4 of them mostly naked and one 5+ mile naked night hike by bright moonlight - but I had the most pleasant hike of my life today - and, of course, it was naked. We have now completed every spur in ‘our’ series of trails we discovered about 4 months ago. The only other footsteps we have seen to date are animals. . . The great part about our trailhead is that it has a makeshift parking lot for ONE car. Anyway, getting out of the car at 74 degrees, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky made it easy to shake the shorts and any worries right away. 6.3 miles naked car door to car door. Dee took her camelback with our few essentials so I was completely free of equipment. It doesn’t get any better than that. When you get so used to hiking a particular trail naked with no sign of people you tend to become extremely carefree very quickly. Your thoughts are all about nature and looking for the wildlife that left their prints along the trail. Any day-to-day concerns are the farthest thing from your mind. I’m sure that would probably happen even if we were hiking textile, but it makes it much better when the air is touching your entire body. At some point, I’m sure I’ll be as shocked to see another person on our trail as they will be to see us hiking naked, but I think that is extremely unlikely . . . we have decided to name the “our” trail “DJ”, and then name the spurs DJ1, DJ2, etc.” – Happy Hikers

Like the Happy Hikers, I love finding trails for freehiking, and I've loved later sharing these trails with other naturists. Anyone else love discovering new, little used trails where freehiking can be truely free? If so, please share a story about that.


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