Monday, November 8, 2010

Shirley's Fall Creek Nude Hike Report

“Shirley's Fall Creek Nude Hike Report - Hearing that the weather was going to be in the 80’s I decided to try and steal another nude camping/hiking weekend. . . Arrived at an undeveloped campsite in the Fall Creek area outside Eugene/Springfield around 5 pm on Friday evening. . . perfect for nude camping. Woke up early Saturday morning to Oregon fog that only added to the experience. Once the sun broke through the fog and I thought the trail would be drier I headed out for a hike. . . Usually I start a hike as early as possible so that I can assure myself that it is safe to hike nude. So little traffic in the area had me feeling comfortable to hike/camp nude. I started my hike going up stream from a near by bridge. At the bridge the trail crosses over the road to go down stream. I have always wanted to check out some skinny dipping locations on Fall Creek so hiking the trail gave me a great opportunity to do so. A portion of the hike was on an old road no longer used close to the river. . . I hiked to a campground that has been closed for the winter months. . . I used an alternative trail to return to the bridge and cross the river to hike down stream. . . I found myself in beautiful moss covered old growth trees and the trail decorated with ferns. This trail is one of the most beautiful I have ever hiked. Simply indescribable! The trail is close to the river and the road on the right. . . A short time later two men were fishing and if not for their dog would never have noticed me. I had heard the dog and put on my long t-shirt. They were friendly and I think one may have been nude previous to hearing me on the trail and the dog barking. . . I later made a decision to return back before reaching it. The interesting thing about hiking trails is that returning back on the same trail and seeing it from a different direction is like hiking a new trail. . . I love Oregon old growth forests and nude hiking!” - Shirley


  1. Nice trip report Shirley I think I might have read this before. I share your enthusiasm fo rnude hiking. I think I will have to put that on hold until next spring though here the weather has taken a cold turn. I did a nude hike last week though when the temps were in the low fifties. Thanks for the trip report. Alan