Monday, June 21, 2010

Wife Suggests Freehiking Trip

“My wife enjoys backyard and nude beach naturism but is not into nude hiking as I am, though she appreciates the difference in my outlook after a trip to Deep Creek hot springs for example. She must have noticed my stress level lately and surprised me when she suggested I needed a hiking getaway to the mountains and told me to get lost for a week or until I got it out of my system. I packed lightly and headed north to the Sierras east of Fresno. I've free hiked many areas in the national forest over the years but never on such an extended trip.

I couldn't wait to reach my destination before getting started. I stopped at a rest stop north of Bakersfield on Hwy 99 took off my shirt and shoes and shorts and drove naked staying mostly in the right lane until the next stop some 40 miles north. After stopping for supplies at a market in the foothills above Fresno, I again drove nude up into the mountains until reaching my destination.

. . . The next several days were spent nude driving, hiking and mountain biking in the sierras between 5k and 8k elevation. After coffee and breakfast on the deck feeding the bluejays I'd start my day. The weather warmed up and was beautiful. I didn't really keep track but I was nude most of the day every day. . . The next morning I drove out to the area early and nude. Seeing no other cars I left my shorts in the car and with hat, keys and walking stick took off nude down the trail. . . This trail was beautiful, meandering through meadow and forest through gradual hills for what seemed miles and miles. For me there is no greater recreation activity then walking nude in the sunshine through a forest and meadow like this. . . on the return trip to my clothes I noticed a granite ridge overlooking a small dell. I walked out on the granite and stood overlooking the pine covered area below. I was standing in the sun under a thin canopy of tall Jeffery, yellow and sugar pine trees. You can't get this with clothes on. I stood there eyes closed slowly breathing the pine-scented air, sun warming my body (about 75f) with a gentle warm breeze wafting up from the ground around my legs swirling around my body as if mother nature were giving me a wonderful hug. I looked at my body, the body of a lone creature contrasted against the granite, ground, wildflowers and trees of this area. I felt dwarfed by such a magnificent spectacle as all the worldly stress of everyday life melted away in insignificance compared to such beauty. Thank you God for this moment and day.” - Jay

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