Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naked Camping & Freehiking Weekend

“Driving out of the driveway naked . . . started the naked weekend. . . perfect weather and almost no breeze whatsoever. The campfire smoke went almost perfectly straight up and temps in the upper 80s all three days with cool-ish nights very suitable to stay naked by the warmth of the fire. . . After setting up camp and having dinner we watched the best ‘television’ in the world as it burned for hours. Saturday . . . was the most relaxing and enjoyable day . . . Dee made us breakfast and then we both just laid around naked for about two hours reading and talking before heading out for a couple hours hiking. . . poking down some abandoned trails and a few game trails (without a backpack) made it one of the most enjoyable naked hikes I’ve ever taken. . . Sunday morning we took our time breaking camp and then drove to another similar batch of trails. Dee was more interested in reading so she hung out at the truck while I headed out for a few miles on a nearly concealed trail. . . So 48+ hours after I pulled out of the driveway naked I put my shorts back on about 5 minutes from the house on the drive home. With the exception of that pair of shorts, I had no dirty clothes for the entire weekend – not even a pair of socks. – John


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