Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Wish I Had More Opportunity

“. . . when freehiking . . . I almost always have a chance to meditate, a chance to converse with myself, with those I'm with, and with God, and a chance to feel a part of that which is around me. On every freehike we also try to take a moment for a contemplative and thankful prayer, and at the end of the hike, thanks and a hug for those who have graced us with their presence. I can think of few things more enjoyable; I only wish I had more opportunities to enjoy.” - Nkdmn N Cps

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olive Dell Ranch Activities

On January 22, 23, and 24 we spent lots of time setting up for, holding, and taking down decorations for Olive Dell Ranch’s first Murder Mystery Night – the Four Duces. PJ was in charge. It was fun.

Also on the 24th our friend who was visiting from Hurricane, Utah, helped PJ and I measure the newly created Olive Dell Nature Trail. Turns out it’s about 2/3rds of a mile. I placed signs at both entrances.

We spent lots of time freegardening in Delly Maze Park. I mostly cleared dirt that had collapsed onto trails with the recent rains, and PJ cleared mud from the dinosaur dig. Nude gardening is one of our favorite activities.

While we were eating a late lunch in the club restaurant (nude of course) we noticed the owner Bobby giving a tour to a new family. Later, as we were working in the Park, the kids from the resort visited to share Dellymaze with the new girl (10 years old). It always amazes me how kids can be so natural around old naked people. The new girl had lots of fun running the trails.

Later we met her again with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend in the hot tub. They make a nice family. They really enjoyed their visit to Olive Dell Ranch and seem likely to join as new members. The daughter mentioned how much she liked Dellymaze Park, and her mom mentioned she’d definitely take a tour on her next visit.

Monday, in addition to more freegardening, we spent some hours measuring the course for the Bare Burro 5k run / walk that will be held April 18, 2010. I freehiked the entire course twice. I hope some of my readers will be able to attend the Bare Burro. Those who are interested can find out more at these links:,, and

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freehiking with a Dog

“A great day was had on Mt Martha. About 5 hours of naked hiking with my dog. Heard one couple so I called out, ‘Naked hiker coming.’ They smiled and agreed it was a hot day and kept on going. I finished hiking both summits, meeting no one until I was almost at the base. I looked up and suddenly saw a lady in front of me. She smiled. Asked a question about the trail. Never mentioned my nudity. We talked for about 5 minutes and I stayed naked to the trails end near the parking lot. The dog and I had a great day. . . maybe it is having a dog along that tones the fright down a bit..” - Mike

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reintroduce a Healthy Naturist Revolution

Healthy eating and exercise, along with mental and spiritual health, were essential to early naturist practice. What happened? It’s as if when people took off their clothes they forgot why. Originally, it was for physical and mental health. It’s time to bring healthy living back to naturism.

It’s wrong that naturists just laze around a pool or on a beach in the sun to the exclusion of swimming and freehiking and nude gardening and similar healthy activities. Naturism is not just sunbathing – far from it.

It’s wrong that naturists eat such unhealthy foods. A restaurant at a resort should serve much more than burgers and fries and sugar-crammed sodas. Naturists are healthy eaters.

It’s wrong that naturists gather together to drink and smoke as if getting naked somehow encourages these obviously unhealthy practices. On the contrary, naturism discourages these nasty habits.

It's wrong that naturists neglect mental and spiritual stimulation, and hide from others. Demonstrating that they are different, not "sheeple", by stepping outside the constraints of society and culture, and rejecting the negative effects of "textilism" and sexual perversion, naturists should be seekers after all truth and leaders and teachers and missionaries, not fearful mental pigmies.

Perhaps “nudists” are okay with an unhealthy lifestyle, but not “naturists”. By definition, naturists are physically active, eat healthy food, avoid unhealthy habits, seek mental and spiritual advancement, and encourage others to understand so they also live in true health. It’s time for everyone to become "true" naturists.

In this regard, here’s an article by Dr. Mercola about sugar, one of my pet peeves since being diagnosed with diabetes, that I found a very informative resource:

Can any of my readers suggest similar resources?

It’s past time to reintroduce a naturist revolution in how people live!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Freehiking is a Form of Meditation

“For me the ultimate experience of freedom, being one with nature, total relaxation and being close to my maker is being naked in nature with nothing else but my body. It is a form of meditation, not sitting still, but with only fresh air and nature around you. Automatically you think about nothing else, but what you feel and sense around you.” - Habakuk

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freehikers Achieve Atman

Yesterday was cool as began my freehike from our trailer into the hills above Olive Dell Ranch. Still, in a short time my body forgot the temperature as I walked “in the moment”. The worries of the “normal” world slipped quickly from my mind, caught up with the feeling of true life, the air that surrounded me as I exercised and breathed deeply, walking free in nature - the sounds of birds, new growth on the greening hillsides, streams and ponds formed by the recent rains teaming with life, the view of cities in the valley below, and the white snow on the San Bernardino Mountains rising from the valley.

I’ve written before about the spiritual sense I gain from freehiking. For me, it’s an important type of meditation, a way to learn my true nature – to know who I am.

An important concept in Eastern meditation is Samayika - being in the moment of continuous real-time. This act of being conscious of the continual renewal of the universe in general and one's own renewal as an individual living being in particular is the critical first step in the journey towards identification with one's true nature, called the Atman. It is also a method by which one can develop an attitude of harmony and respect towards other humans and Mother Nature. By being fully aware, alert and conscious of the constantly moving present, one will experience their true nature, Atman.

With the idea of meditation in mind consider these thoughts by other freehikers:

“My wife has begun practicing Zen meditation and the other night she was describing mindful living and mindful walking. She said it has to do with living in the moment and experiencing a walk in the moment feeling and lovingly appreciating each step and your surroundings as grounded to the earth you pass through the air. I jokingly said that sounds like naturism to me and she said you’re exactly right. You get it!! You've had it for years. You have what most people never realize as they are too stressed and distracted by other things in life to slow down and live the moment. When you're on your naked walks I know that's exactly what you do because you are so at peace when you return.” – Jay

“I have experienced being in the moment many times in my life. I started practicing Zen meditation a long time ago and I consider it to be one of the true gifts that I have received in my life. . . one of the things that I discovered when I resumed hiking naked, is the ease of sliding into that magical zone of existence while hiking naked. . . there is a strong link between naturism and the meditative practice of living in the moment. . . Being naked may be a powerful shortcut to that uncluttered state of mindfulness.” – FreewalkerMA

Do any of my readers also sense Atman when freehiking?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Freehiking at De Anza Springs

“. . . there is a resort near Jacumba, CA that is clothing optional. . . I parked my car and with shoes a walking stick and water bottle headed up into the hills above the resort and out into the desert. The area consists of a granite batholith that is slowly eroding leaving endless rolling hills of rounded granite boulders. The shapes and configurations are amazing. The colors range from light tan to reddish stone and every turn reveals a new panorama. . . The trail system is a mixture of footpaths, old jeep trails and dry sandy washes that cut into the granite creating a meandering path through the oddly shaped rock creatures. They are so unique that they do seem to possess some personality. . . Walking nude so far from my clothes felt wonderful. I soaked in the sun and breeze totally. I wandered on for another hour or so . . . I found myself in a flat sand wash area with cactus and sage and was drawn to a small granite outcropping in the middle of a huge flood wash. The boulders were stacked about 50 feet high. I noticed a sign describing the area as part of an Indian settlement . . . I didn't stay long and decided to make this the end point of my hike and return. On my return I was walking toward the sun mindfully breathing and walking feeling the sun sensing all with my body and mentally at peace and in a semi trance when my reverie was interrupted by a raven sitting in a Yucca plant not ten feet from me. I stopped and then he noticed me, squawked and flew away. . . The nice thing about returning from a nude hike to this resort is that there is a nice indoor pool to swim in and an outdoor hot tube to soak away any muscle strain from the hike.” - Jay

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Freehiking - Wife Gets It Right

I wish every spouse understood naturism like the wife in this story. I'm so lucky PJ understands; it wasn't always like that for me.

“We’re going to try to stay conditioned over the winter by hiking at least once per weekend. So, about 11:00 this morning we hit the trail . . . I had long john bottoms and insulated hiking pants with five layers on top since I hate coats - gloves and beanies . . . A mile and a quarter into the hike we already ascended most of the 900 feet and the wind was all but non-existent. We took a side trail and I mentioned that all the human tracks seemed to be from much earlier today and if it were only five degrees warmer I would have given it a try. That’s when she said it: ‘I dare you. In fact, I double dog dare you.’ . . . I stopped at the next sunny, bare spot (no snow) along the trail and sat down to start peeling off layer after layer. . . From there it was pretty much just another naked hike . . . As we were approaching the heavier traffic area . . . on the way back I saw a large log I could sit on to put my clothes back on. . . I said ‘I’m going to get dressed here’ to which D’s instant reply was ‘Only if you can catch me’. It took me about three seconds of mental confusion to realize she was carrying my pants. Of course she gave me my pants right away but she stood there laughing as she gave me a hypothetical play-by-play of what someone may have seen and heard if she had actually taken off running with me chasing her naked through the snow at 39 degrees yelling ‘Give my pants back!’.” - Happy Hikers

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy and Cold Week

Spent most of Monday and Tuesday morning either naked in the trailer watching the rain while writing my book, or getting out during the occasional breaks in the rain to work on the Dellymaze Park, Booser Springs Trail (unfortunately clothed - naturists aren't crazy, they get dressed when the conditions require it). It looks like the rest of the week will be rainy and cold - oh well, we have to work most of the week anyway.

Being naturists, how do you readers deal with winter weather?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Should Trails Be Designated for Freehiking?

“In another encounter that same weekend, I ran into a naturist runner on the Jay Peak trail who was running textile. He was so pleased to run into me hiking naked, that we sat and talked in the middle of the trail for about 45 minutes comparing notes. He too had only hiked naked on private lands, and had never felt certain enough about it to try it on public trails. He called me a pioneer in his eyes, with much gratitude. He also suggested that perhaps, if there were designated "Clothing Optional" trails, even in Vermont, that perhaps more naturists would be inclined to hike naked. My only concern with that idea, which I voiced to him, was that if such trails existed, I may not have as free access to my favorite parts of the Long Trail, if they were not so designated. As it is now, the entire state of Vermont is clothing optional by default, and will probably remain so, as long as we freehikers exercise the same precautions that we would anywhere else." – Dan

Monday, January 18, 2010

Freehiking Revives My Soul

We arrived at Olive Dell Ranch a little late on January 17th, 2010, after a trying day and night of work. PJ was exhausted from staying up all night decoration the building, and I was completely stressed out from interacting with management, so PJ went to bed and I took a freehike.

Freehiking is a wonderful stress reliever. I walked up the Olive Dell Nature Trail and realigned a few rocks that the wild donkeys had kicked aside. Then I hiked the Picnic Table Loop Trail. Along the way I enjoyed seeing new-growth vegetation and birds and seven wild donkeys – the views from the top were breathtaking. I walked back along the other half of the Nature Trail. When I returned, I had nearly forgotten the stresses at work – what a relief.

Freehiking is my mental and physical meditation. Healthy physical exercise, mental healing, spiritual peace - freehiking revives my soul.

Does anyone else feel these same benefits from freehiking?

Returning, I freegardened for about four hours working on the new Boozer Springs Trail which is nearly complete, and scraped weeds.

By then the weather had turned colder, and PJ had awaked, so we walked down to the clubhouse to shower, ate a nice late lunch, and soaked in the spa - hot water on our naked bodies - what a wonderful way to relax tired and sore muscles.

We love our stress-free happy place at Olive Dell Ranch.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Never Seen Another Freehiker

“I was hiking up a trail yesterday, completely naked except for my hiking boots and a baseball cap, and I thought how in all the years that I have been busy being, hiking, swimming, and driving naked, that I had never seen another person of a similar inclination. . . I love to hike naked and I hike several times a week in the summer and occasionally, in winter. (I live in northern Utah).” – Bill Bill

Saturday, January 16, 2010

UtahSpringhiker Visits Olive Dell Ranch

UtahSpringhiker visited us at Olive Dell Wednesday night – it was nice to see him again. I was doing my naked gardening thing in Dellymaze Park, placing large pots in our new attraction – Kokopeli Court – when he arrived. I walked down to the gate to get him in. (Our guests normally don’t have to pay.)

He got naked and we freehiked the newly completed Olive Dell Nature Trail. Then we soaked in the spa with several other members. PJ met us at the clubhouse for the community pot luck, after which UtahSpringhiker soaked again while we returned to our trailer.

PJ had hurt her back so Mary Lu came over with her massage table to give PJ a massage. So, when UtahSpringhiker returned from the hot tub, our trailer was filled with a massage table, two naked gals, and me reading naked on the bed (the only available space) – a little crowded to say the least. Still, he found enough room to check his emails before leaving.

Tuesday morning we did a little more nude gardening in the park before leaving for work. I hope my readers feel welcome to visit us if they ever get to Southern California.

By the way, here is the AANR announcement for upcoming activities at Olive Dell this April:

“This April is especially fun at Olive Dell Ranch. Don’t miss the Bare Burro 5k - So Cal’s 1st nude run / walk on 4/18. (Register by April 1st at to get the T-shirt.) Other April events: Bingo (4/3), Easter Sunrise Service & Jr. Eastern Egg Hunt (4/4), Karaoke (4/10 and most Sunday evenings), and the Trailer Trash Dance (4/17 - the night before the 5K). Our World Naked Gardening Day celebration is 5/1. Be sure to visit our amazing Dellymaze Park, camp, swim, soak, play tennis/volleyball/shuffleboard, eat in our restaurant - join the fun at our Family Friendly home , 909-825-6619, or”

Friday, January 15, 2010

My First Nudist Experience

“My first nudist experience was as a kid while camping. I remember wanting to do this a few times, but one morning I got up early before everyone else and walked to a private spot in the woods and got naked and stayed that way for about 15 minutes before I lost my nerve and got dressed. I loved that experience and from that day I was hooked and got nude out in the woods every chance I could get.” - Inudist

Thursday, January 14, 2010 Visits Us at Olive Dell Ranch

Monday started out as a naked gardening day in Dellymaze Park at Olive Dell Ranch. I worked opening up a new trail to Boozer Springs, an area where the Feds blew up an illegal liquor still during prohibition times. The weather was fantastic! And naked gardening was even better!!

PJ and I shopped in Moreno Valley for an hour or so in the morning. One of the unique things about Olive Dell is the location – only five miles from major shopping, hospitals, etc., so it wasn’t long at all before we got back to the resort and got comfortable again.

After lunch Don and Dan from arrived. [We anticipated their visit.] They had learned of our plans for the Bare Burro 5K April 18th, and wanted to find out more and help.

(The registration form for the Bare Burro 5K is now on the Olive Dell’s site at

We freehiked the planned route for the 5K run. The day was very clear, so the views along the way and from the picnic table, the highest point on the run, were breathtaking.

Don and Dan seemed very excited about the course and the surrounding scenery. Freehiking while talking with friends is such a wonderful activity.

As we returned we discussed them helping arrange a nude disc golf course in the meadows along the trail, and sponsoring a disc golf competition. That would certainly be something fun to do nude. (Don and Dan have posted a short video showing Frisbee Golf at San Onofre Beach on their site - see the bottom of the page at .) Hopefully they’ll get excited about helping start disc golf at Olive Dell for real.

Are any readers interested in nude disc golf? Anyone interested in attending a nude disc golf competition?

On our return, we toured Dellymaze Park, and hiked the newly completed Olive Dell Nature Trail. Dan took a number of photos which I’m sure they’ll post on their site soon:

(By the way, here are links to some fun Deep Creek freehiking and hot springing videos from their site:,

After our tour, PJ and I enjoyed sitting on our deck and taking with Don and Don to get to know them better. They’ve already become good naturist friends. They had some good suggestions about marketing the Bare Burro 5K. We appreciate their willingness to help.

After their visit, we continued working on the park, and enjoyed a nice naked supper in the restaurant. Being naturists is a great way to live, and Olive Dell Ranch is a great place to live as naturists. Let us know if you’d like to visit.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Night Freehiking Phoenix Mountain Preserve

“The Phoenix Mountain Preserve is a great spot for naked hiking at night during the hot months. You need to be fairly familiar with the trails so you don't get lost. Go out during the day and figure out where you'd like to go and then hike in at night. There is rarely anyone out there at night. I have enjoyed naked hiking out there for years.” – Skunq

Anyone else have experience freehiking at night?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Beautiful January Day at Olive Dell Ranch

The weather was beautiful at Olive Dell Ranch on January 10, 2010! We arrived by 8:00 a.m., and I immediately walked down to the chapel area to see if anyone had gathered for our weekly group freehike. No one today, so I headed up the trail on my own. I freehiked about three miles, around the loop trail, up to the picnic table and back.

Freehiking is so amazing; for me it’s a spiritual experience. It uplifts my spirit, helps me refocus on the positive, and provides peace of mind and the ability to feel a general state of wellness. If I can’t freehike, I see these benefits diminish. Then, when I start again, I see the benefits kick back in.

Do you experience these same benefits from freehiking?

I saw ten bare burros along the way, reminding me that the Bare Burro 5K run/walk will take place an April 18th. Hopefully some readers will be able to attend. The registration form is up on Olive Dell's site at .

After returning from the freehike, I finished the entrance to the Olive Dell Nature Trail. We need to put up a few signs, and have someone in the know come and mark the vegetation, but except for that it’s essentially done. It’s probably the best nature trail at any resort in Southern California. Everyone is welcome to come walk the trail (nude of course). Anyone interested?

PJ and I then freehiked around the resort. (She’s hurt her back so we did this short hike to see if walking helps.) On the way we stopped at the restaurant for a naked breakfast. (Olive Dell serves very nice, affordable meals.)

I spent most of the rest of the day building a bridge across a water pipe that crosses one of my trails in Dellymaze Park. (Nude carpentry – hard work made enjoyable.)

I took several breaks on our deck as I thought through how to best build the bridge. It was so enjoyable watching naturists enjoy themselves around the resort. It was especially fun watching two of the local girls play and ride their bikes, dressed only in pants.

Several naturists visited Dellymaze Park today, including our friend Andrew (a Skinny Tripper), who stopped by saying he couldn’t not visit on such a nice day. I showed him the new attractions in the Park, and took him up the nature trail; then he continued on freehiking. Later in the afternoon we soaked together with him and several couples in the spa, and enjoyed a naked meal in the restaurant before he had to leave.

After dark we set up our karaoke equipment in the clubhouse. Few people showed up so we had lots of time to practice new songs. We’ve been holding nude karaoke every Sunday night at 6:30. Anyone interested in attending?

Did I mention it was a beautiful day at Olive Dell Ranch?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Night Freehiking?

“Many years ago, when I was still in high school, my early outdoor nude exploration was done under the cover of darkness. It was just much easier back then before I realized that there could be opportunities to hike nude in the daylight.

And most of my night swimming anytime, anywhere is done in the nude. Why bother with the other way?

Most recently, two night hikes come to mind. At Lake Willoughby in Vermont, I took a recent acquaintance on his first naked hike on public lands, up the Mount Pisgah trail. . . We started before sundown, but were well under cover of darkness by the time we reached the summit, and walked down in total darkness. Light rain the entire time and having another naked hiker along, a first for me, made this trip extra special. The other recent experience was exceptional. It was during my naked venture into the Camden Hills SP in Maine this past September . . . The overnight hut there, is located down a short trail, below the bluff on the summit of Bald Rock Mountain. Around 2am, I awoke to the brilliant light of a near full moon flooding the interior of the hut, so I hiked up to the summit without a net, and sat overlooking Penobscot Bay, enjoying the view for the better part of an hour. You can see a substantial part of the bay, and many islands from this vantage point, about 900 ft up from the water. Seeing all of the features of the landscape brilliantly lit by moonlight, observing the navigation markers down on the bay, watching the shipping coming and going, and seeing the lights of Camden and other nearby towns. It was all just stunning.

After awhile, I went back down to the hut and crawled back into my bag. A few hours later, I awoke to voices coming from the summit. So I slipped on my kilt and went back up to join some locals who had hiked up with a thermos of coffee, to watch the sunrise. The sun rose from directly behind Cadillac Mount on Mt Desert Island, 60 miles to the east, and couldn't have been a more perfect start to another great day. I quite agree that night hiking naked has its own special charms.” - Dan

Has anyone reading this ever freehiked at night?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pulling Ivy Nude

“Christmas day and the weekend following were sunny. Park Forestia's position here on Tiger Mountain receives sun all day long. The arc of cabins at the top of the hill, where I live, gets some excellent sun too. In fact, on the Xmas weekend, I was out there taking advantage of the 40 degree weather and full sun warmth without any clothes on. I was doing some vigorous work, engaging in my apparent obsession - pulling ivy. After several hours of that I was sore but perhaps a teensy bit more tan.” - Cynde Moya

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January Evening Freehike

We arrived at Olive Dell Ranch yesterday about 3:30 with just enough time to take an evening freehike. I hiked up the new Olive Dell Nature Trail, and near the top branched off an explored some new areas. I hiked up a fun wash, and then bush wacked over to nice boulder area surrounded by thick brush. I suspect few if any people have ever visited this place. If cleared out, it would make a neat hidden place to hold a meeting with plenty of rocks on which to sit.

I then freehiked back to the top of the Nature Trail, and returned to our trailer with just enough time to take a shower before dark.

The weather was nice and warm today, perfect for a January freehike. Southern California weather – wow! Is anyone jealous?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mountainbares Love Naturism

“We Mountainbares love to hike naked, sunbathe, do yard work and gardening, check out hot springs (though we do it less, having been spoiled silly by our hot tub), visit naturist resorts in CA and AZ, explore nude beaches like Black's in La Jolla and Gunnison at Sandy Hook, NJ, and generally live naked indoors most of the time.” - Patti & Bill

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Olive Dell - The First Weekend of the Year

After working New Year’s Day and the day after, PJ and I finally had time for ourselves at our trailer at Olive Dell Ranch. The weekend weather was spectacular – perfect for nude activities.

On January 3rd I spent most of the day working on the Olive Dell Nature Trail. I finished clearing the trail, and worked at lining it with rocks.

That evening we got together with friends at the clubhouse to sing karaoke. In my opinion, nude karaoke is the most fun one can have nude. Does anyone else out there enjoy nude karaoke?

Monday I took a morning freehike up the loop trail where I saw eight wild donkey’s, and then pretty much finished lining the nature trail.

Sometime this spring, after we’ve put up signs and marked the vegetation, we’ll have an official grand opening for Olive Dell Nature Trail. It will certainly the best nude nature trail in California. I hope some of you will attend. I’ll post the date and time when we’re ready.

Then PJ and I worked in our nude garden, Dellymaze Park, creating a new Kokopelli Garden area with Indian pots, statues, cactus, and a collection of pottery. It’s neat. I’ll post photos when it’s complete.

I love gardening naked!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Omo People

Omo People (Native African Body Painting Video)

What do you all think about the way these people live?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Freehiking in the Appalalchians

“I had a great naked hike in the Mark Twain National Forest on Sunday afternoon. No vehicles at the trailhead and nobody on the trail; I could have just left the shorts in the car. (You know you get TRIPLE Naked Hiker Miles for that, DOUBLE if you just do it trailhead-to-trailhead.) Followed by a two-hour naked drive back to St. Louis, of course! . . . My friend is over from Scotland and so yesterday we went on a hike in a big 6000-acre state park about an hour south of here [Orlando]. We did two different trails and saw nobody the entire day. Dang - could have left the shorts in the car and gotten DOUBLE Naked Hiker Miles. Good sun and not too hot. Lots of deer, a flock of turkeys, and several armadillos . . . What's not to like about naked hiking? . . . My hike today was awesome! Yesterday did the Appalachian Trail, naked of course. . . And then drove across the border to NY and did Taconic State Forest, then a two-hour naked drive home. The AT crossed three roads and four streams. MAN, was it cold! . . . Take care, hike bare!” - Budd