Friday, April 29, 2011

White Sands Naked

The end of March, we (Ken and PJ) enjoyed a road trip from El Paso where we were working, to southern New Mexico. We visited a number of interesting areas around Alamagorsa, NM, but the most enjoyable place by far was White Sands National Monument ( White Sands sits at the base of desert mountains. The sand is made from Gypsum, the stuff from which sheet rock is made. Over the millennia gypsum crystals that were created in a lake at the southern end of this area had broken down to form a soft white sand, that was then blown into over 250 miles of vast, sandy-white dunes. Very little vegetation grows in this sand. And unlike beach sand, it doesn’t stick to the body at all.

So, it was March, the time of the year when there were few visitors, and the weather was warm – what were two naturists to do but park, take off into the dunes, and get naked. Freehiking has always been Ken’s passion, and PJ loves the experience of being nude in nature as well - it was a joyous time sharing some naked time together in the white sand.

Ken got naked immediately after cresting the first sand dune twenty-five yards from the car. We dropped into a valley and followed it between the dunes where a little grass (dry this time of the year) and an occasional yucca cactus had survived. After perhaps a quarter mile we reached the base of a steep, colossal dune. Here PJ decided she had to get nude as well – creating nude sand angels and posing for a few memorable photos, including her signature pose – legs spread, arms extended to the sky, shot from behind. We have many photos of her signature pose, taken at locations across the country. (See photos at ).

From there, we freehiked the dunes together for some time, looking back on occasion to be sure we didn’t get lost (something that would be so easy to do in the vast dunes of sand). Looking back at one point we noticed a couple standing on the crest of a distant dune. They looked as small as ants, so there was no way they could tell we were enjoying a freehike - no concern. It wouldn’t really have mattered to us anyway. We don’t like to shock others with our nudity; we’re not exhibitionists, but we are unashamed naturists and are not really embarrassed by being naked around textiles. One sure sign of true, experienced naturists is that they proudly and openly share with friends, family, and people they meet that they prefer living nude as God intended.

Nudism Changed Linda's Life

"Getting into nudism was the best and most profound thing I have ever done for myself. Being a nudist means that I no longer have to "hide" the true me. It means that I don't have to feel like I am being judged for being "imperfect". The moment I discovered my first nudist resort, I was hooked. Nudism in a nutshell changed my life. The huge "perfect" burden that I carried around all my life was finally removed." - Linda

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Woman Freehikes in Oregon

Nude hiking in Oregon is at best challenging. Not because you can’t find a great location but because the weather discourages it. I am a warm weather hiker and it had been awhile since experiencing the joy and freedom of a nude hike. . . I accidently found a very large BLM land park. . . around 10 am I entered the park and kept my eyes open for footprints in the sand. The only ones I spotted were a set of human and dog prints going in and returning out. So I felt fairly secure that I had the park to myself. . . I was able to spend almost two hours nude hiking. It was if the sun decided to give me a gift. The sand dunes blocked the coast wind and it was wonderful. Every once in awhile I would be at the top of a dune and the wind was strong and chilly. The silence of being there was a gift in itself. The blue sky and sunshine were like an added gift that I did not take for granted. . . this time of the year I long for nude camping in the mountains, hiking the trails, and ending the day soaking in some hot springs. . . Incredible that there is a place in Oregon where one can be nude, hike and be alone. One of Oregon's treasures for sure. I hike a lot in the national forest but this hike is one of my favorites - no people, no dogs, no noise and no litter.” - Shirley

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Young Woman's First Freehike

"As a young woman, my fiancee was an out-doors-man. We enjoyed camping in the woods and weekends away from the city. My very first nudist experience involved frolicking in the woods, without out clothes. I enjoyed the early afternoon sun peeping through the forest. I hiked free, with only my socks and sneakers. The summer breeze kissed my bare skin and the glimmer of sun warmed my back. It was so quiet and peaceful. There were no other people, only nature, the forest and him. My first experience was terrific and I could not wait to enjoy this serenity, again." - No Bathing Suits

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saddle Mountain Freehike

On our way back from Texas, PJ and I stopped and stayed overnight at Casablanca’s place in Tonopah, AZ. We had the chance to meet Bill and Camilla briefly, talked for some time with a young man new to naturism who lived there, and enjoyed the guest house. A few other naturists lived there, but we met only Ajo, a 70 year old naturist who agreed to guide me on a freehike of Saddle Mountain, and that hike made the entire visit worthwhile.

Saddle Mountain rises steeply from the barren desert only a few miles south from the Tonopah freeway exit. The dramatic mountain is easily seen from the road. The dirt road to the mountain can certainly be accessed by car. The area offers hours and hours of scenic freehiking territory.

Ajo and I got nude where we parked the truck, and took some shorts along in case we ran into other people (something I’ve nearly got out of the habit of doing since living at Olive Dell Ranch).

First, we freehiked up a small hill to visit a memorial site. Along the way we observed a natural arch – Indian Eye – and checked a geocache. The wind and sun on our naked bodies felt sooo nice, and views of the surrounding desert from the top were breathtaking.

Then we descended into the valley below and freehiked along the base of the higher mountains. Along the way we crossed several washes, and saw flowers, cactus, a ancient Indian grinding rock with a wonderful petroglyph on the side – probably a ceremonial site – and even a rattlesnake.

Although we could have spent many additional hours hiking nude in these mountains, by lunchtime it was time to return to meet up with PJ so we could get back home. As always, it was difficult to get dressed, but that didn’t last long. Soon PJ and I were driving nude down the freeway, two comfortable naturists driving to our home in California.

If you ever find yourself driving between Phoenix and Southern California, I highly recommend a stop to hike Saddle Mountain. (Photos of this freehike can be seen at .)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Living at a Nudist Resort

Anyone live or has lived at a nudist resort? For those that do. What are the pros and cons of living at a nudist resort?

Yes - PJ and I live at Olive Dell Ranch in Colton California.

Pros are obvious - we can be naked anywhere and any time we want. We've created a nude park (Dellymaze), a nude nature trail, eat nude, soak nude, play games nude, dance nude, host nude karaoke. I hike nude most days directly from our trailer. Our neighbors all live as nudists. Out of town nudist friends often come to visit. We just finished sponsoring the 2nd annual Bare Burro 5K - 101 nude runners. (You can see much of this including my photo at .) What a perfect way to live.

Cons - Textile friends and family and business associates seldom visit, and some don't understand.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bare Burro 5K a Big Success

Olive Dell Ranch Family Nudist Resort held another extremely successful nude run this past weekend - the second annual Bare Burro 5K. Under the continuing direction of Ken and Jane, with help from many volunteers, the event attracted 101 nude runners along with many spouses and friends from all over the western United States. All received memorable T-shirts (see the artwork at ), and awards were given to the top three finishers in each age category, as well as to the top three overall finishers.

Perhaps as important as the fun had by all, the resort made a profit, the membership organization made nearly $1000, a number of new potential members were identified, and naturism itself got a boost because of advertising, participation from the local non-nudist running club, and help from . We look forward to even more participation during next year’s 2012 Bare Burro 5K.
(Many participants also commented about the wonderfully creative Dellymaze Park, the creation of Ken and Jane, during organized tours held after the race.)

A more detail report will be sent as photos come in, but for now, here are a few thoughts from another participant:

“I'm back home now . . . thank you for . . . the Bare Burro run again this year. . . I walked it with Eric and, again, had a great time. We just talked and talked, and he told me about all of the trails he's hiked up in the hills, and we talked about lots of other things. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed his company. Like last year, I came in last, but that's okay. . . I got to see many people I remembered from last year . . . I also met some new people who I hope to see next year . . . You have a really nice (Dellymaze) park . . . I feel like an old friend at Olive Dell. Everyone is just so nice. Again, thank you . . . It is difficult to stand behind my car, putting my clothes on, getting ready to leave, knowing it will be another year before I will be able to return and see you all again. I really, really have enjoyed my time at Olive Dell.” – Jay

Thanks to Jay for sharing these thoughts about the Bare Burro 5K. We look forward to next year’s nude run/walk and welcome everyone to come visit us at Olive Dell Ranch and the Dellymaze Park.

Ken and Jane

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bare Burro 5K - Beginner's Experience

All had a great time at the Olive Dell Ranch's Bare Burro 5K this past weekend. I'll post a summary report soon, but for now, thanks to Robin W. for this nice summary.


All the Nudes that are Fit to Sprint
A Beginner’s Nude 5k Experience
by Robin W.

It started when one of my tri-athlete friends sent me a link to a Nike Nude Running video on You Tube. They were touting the new very lightweight running shoe by having all the runners in the video naked. It seemed to me that naked running was an actual event, so I Googled and found it was.

I discovered that the Olive Dell Ranch (about 1 hour away) was just getting ready to host its 2nd annual nude 5k trail run (Bare Burro 5K). I was intrigued. I went to the results from last year and saw that if I could run in under 31 minutes, I would get a medal! I have done numerous running and triathlon races, never coming in shouting distance of a podium finish and here was my opportunity for fame! I could do 31 minutes.

I sent off my registration and continued my training. None of my friends were willing to join me at this event, not even as spectators, so I headed off alone.

In the parking lot, I quickly stripped off my clothes, feeling absolutely no queasiness. The last time I had been naked in public was many, many years ago in Boy Scouts and at the YMCA (boy, times sure have changed). I was expecting to feel slightly foolish or at least something, but felt very relaxed and at ease.

Finding the sign up table I quickly got my number painted on my leg. Number 59! They also gave me a green wrist band indicating that I had no concerns about being photographed. In fact, I wanted to be photographed. I make a montage of all my races and events, and figured with careful cropping, there needed to be no exception made. I found one of the race officials and he pointed me to Becky, one of the owners. She was not running the race and agreed to take my picture. I gave her my camera and told her I would shout when I came close to the finish line. (See photos at

I had about an hour to kill so looked over the first 1/8 mile of the race. It was pointed out to me that we would run up to the water tower (not that big of a hill), around and then, way, way up to that distant hill where people were waving (far, far away and way, way uphill).

I was very sad to learn that the local running club was invited. I queried and discovered that I had absolutely zero chance of a podium finish (oh, well).

Soon we were off and running. Dusty and Hot. Uphill about 500 feet in the first 1.8 miles. Fortunately there was water every half mile (THANK YOU volunteers). Didn’t see any burro’s but saw a rattlesnake and a bunny (not together).

As I came near the finish line I hollered for Becky. She got excellent pictures of my strong finish. I took a quick shower and a dip in the freezing cold pool. Hung around to cheer on the podium finishers and thank all the volunteers.

As a first time nudist experience I would have to ask, why didn’t I do this sooner? What I discovered was that instead of feeling weird or funny, I felt very relaxed. Something about stripping down bare, also allowed me to strip off my worldly cares and concerns. I was so surprised that this turned into such a relaxing experience for me. I got laid off (work force reduced) two years ago and have been stuck in a depression. I have decided that I am no longer unemployed, merely retired. I am hoping that this bright spot yesterday will start me on the path of getting out of the two-year funk.

It’s highly recommended. I’ll be back next year, but alas, still without any possibility of a podium finish.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Group Freehiking/Skinnydipping

Freehiking and skinnydipping with a group is one of life’s most wonderful, unique experiences. I’ve loved it in the past, and recommend that everyone take the chance to experience it from time to time.

With this in mind, here is a great group freehiking and skinny dipping video by Alex Nackt called Via Bavarica Nudensis Per Pedes - die Nacktwanderung '10 -


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Final El Paso Freehike

I took one final freehike the last week of our stay in El Paso. I spent several hours walking the dirt roads and overgrown cuts that had once been someone’s plan for a housing area in the desert east of El Paso, until I reached a private property fence and turned back. This hike was a nice conclusion to our stay in El Paso. Photos can be seen at: Let me know if you get to El Paso and want directions.

Hiking naked through the desert is so wonderfully freeing, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bare Burro Trail Photos

Joe, a friend from Utah, has been staying with us at Olive Dell Ranch. We walked the Bare Burro 5k course Thursday afternoon. I took a few photos. (See ).

Report: Everything is very green from all the recent rain. In a few places the greenery has nearly turned the road into a trail. Still, the course looks much better than last year. Only one short area is somewhat rutted. It is certainly ready for us naked runners.

Also, the upcoming weather looks great. There will be sunny skies, with temperatures in the low eighties for the weekend of the 15th through 17th. The race will take place on Sunday the 17th. Registration will begin about 9:00 A.M., and the race will start at 10:30. The awards will be presented about 12:00.

Food will be available at the restaurant after the race.

You can still register the day of the race. See you at the Bare Burro.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Bare Burro 5k Nearly Here

The Second running of the Bare Burro 5k will be April 17th at Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, CA (

The $25 cost includes entrance fee and t-shirt.

Although there is serious competition, the emphasis is on participation and having fun in a naturist environment, so many will walk the course that follows remote dirt roads and trails through the hilly terrain of California's badlands, with the start and finish within the family nudist park. This is a nude event, although women may wear a sport bra. Runners will likely see wild burros in the hills along the way.

Sunday race check-in starts at 9 A.M., and the race will start at 10:30 A.M., with the awards ceremony about noon. The race is timed and awards are presented to the top three in all age categories - from 5 and under, to 70+. The top 3 overall runner receive plaques, and the top 3 males and females in each age group will receive medals. All finishers will receive a memento of their achievement.

After the run enjoy food and music; swim; relax in the hot tub or sauna; play volleyball, tennis, or shuffle board; tour the amazing Dellymaze Park; hike the Olive Dell Nature Trail (California's best), or just work on your all over body tan.

On race day, the resort is open to members and runners only. Nonparticipating spectators will not be permitted in unless accompanied by a member and participants. The guest fee is $15 per adult over 18 for one-day membership. All team members must be individually registered for the run. There is no additional charge for entering as a team.

A fun dance will be held at 8 P.M. the Saturday before the race - the annual Trailer Trash Dance - followed by a relaxing soak in the hot tub. The restaurant will be open all day Saturday and Sunday. For those who can stay a little longer, nude Karaoke singing will be held Sunday evening starting about 6 P.M.

It should be a fun weekend for you and any friends you bring along. Call Olive Dell at (909) 825-6619 for more information, or email Ken at

Olive Dell Ranch is located in the center of California's Inland Empire, just a few miles from San Bernardino and Riverside, close to many of Southern California's main tourist attractions, five miles from hotels and shopping, and only 25 minutes from Ontario Airport. Camping and the usual facilities are available at Olive Dell Ranch. Regular day fees apply on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for those camping. For full information about the resort, click on the above URL address above.

Come join us, kick up your heels, then relax the way God intended. What a natural way to welcome the Spring.

Olive Dell Ranch • 26520 Keissel Road • Reche Canyon, Colton, California 92324

Thursday, April 7, 2011

El Paso Center Hill Freehike

My favorite freehike east of El Paso is the Center Hill Hike (my name). I hiked it alone once, and just before leaving El Paso, PJ hiked it with me. It starts just south of the Pole Line Road, and heads west towards a lonely hill surrounded by flat desert land.

The vegetation along the way is typically El Paso, with lots of greasewood and a few yucca cactus. The dirt road ends at the south end of the hill, and it’s an easy, sloping hike to the summit from that point.

There are many different cactus plants to enjoy on the way to the top, where a wonderful 360 degree view greets you. You can see El Paso in the distance. The breezes feel wonderful as they cool the sweat from your naked body. It’s a great place to thank God for the surrounding beauty. This is why I love freehiking.

I took several photos of the hike, the view, and of PJ’s signature pose. (See photos of this hike at: .)

We’ve now returned to our place at Olive Dell Ranch. Every day since, I’ve been busy working nude cleaning up Dellymaze Park, getting ready for the April 17th Bare Burro 5k. We won’t miss the work or town of El Paso, but we will always remember the freehiking there, especially the Center Hill Hike. (Let me know if you’d like more detailed directions for the Center Hill Hike.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nude 5k - No Clothes, No Chaffing, No Problem

PJ and I returned to our home at Olive Dell Ranch on Monday. Six months in west Texas, where nudists appear to be very scarce, was almost too much to bear.

Since returning, we've worked like crazy getting Dellymaze Park and the Olive Dell Nature Trail ready for the upcoming Bare Burro 5k on April 17th. It looks like we may have as many as 150 nude runners this year. Hopefully my readers will be able to attend. (See for registration details and photos of last year's race.)

With the thought of nude 5ks in mind, here are some thoughts that were posted on about Pete Williams who has been organizing nude 5ks in Florida. His first event, last October's Bare Dare 5-K, attracted a field of 200 runners from 13 states and Canada; Pete expects 300 or more at the same race this fall. Pete is hosting Streak the Cove 5-K on May 22, also at a Florida resort:

RW Daily: Clothing-optional races: Why?
Pete Williams: I’ve helped other race organizers in the Tampa Bay area with various triathlons and 5-Ks. I’ve also been a member of area nudist resorts and, in fact, have broadcast my “Fitness Buff Radio Show” from nudist resorts. Usually these races have been loosely run by the resorts themselves. I thought if someone could bring some marketing and professional race management to these races, we could really boost the numbers and create major events.

Is a “clothing-optional” race different from a “nude race”?
Actually, there’s not much distinction. There’s much debate in the nudist industry about the use of “nudist” versus “clothing-optional,” but for the purposes of this race it’s clothing-optional. Some women are more comfortable wearing sports bras. Some people wear normal shirts and shorts, but 80 percent go fully nude, aside from shoes, sunglasses and perhaps hats. Oh, and definitely sunscreen.

You've said that women make up such a high percentage of your entrants. Any idea why?
Women tend to be more adventurous and more likely to dare other girlfriends to do a race like this. We had instances of two or three women signing up together, a few mother-daughter entries. Women tend to control family budgets and when couples registered, it often was the woman doing the registering. Part of it is no doubt due to the boom in women’s running overall.

In your experience, do naked runners tend to be faster or slower than average?
If you’re asking if people run faster nude, that’s true, at least anecdotally. If you’re asking if our field is faster or slower than average, I’d say it’s slightly faster. Our initial race attracted some prominent runners and triathletes in the area. The winning men’s time was 16:15 and the first female finished in just under 19 minutes.

What are some factors a race director must consider for a clothing-optional race that he wouldn’t have to worry about in planning a “normal” event?
Photography is a no-no at nudist resorts. People do a good job policing themselves. One of the big rules at nudist resorts is to always sit on a towel when nude. And unlike other races, we don’t have to worry about race numbers.

It looks like so far you’ve only done 5-K’s. Any plans for clothing-optional races of longer distances?
We pride ourselves on one-loop courses. If we can find a large enough nudist venue, we’d be open to a longer distance.

If you could have any two current elite runners, one male and one female, participate in your next clothing-optional event, who would they be?
We’re thrilled to get prominent elite athletes already, though we don’t post results. We’ve found that most runners have no problem with having their names posted online as participants of a clothing-optional run on race sites that list finishing times. But some people object for any number of reasons: privacy, job concerns, or just not wanting to deal with grief from friends not brave enough to race themselves. Rather than sort this out, we opt not to post results online.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat Trails

I can certainly imagine how great it feels hiking these trails at Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat nude. How about you?