Monday, August 23, 2010

My Son's Visit

My oldest son and his fiancé visited us at Olive Dell Ranch Friday and Saturday. They had never visited a naturist venue of any kind before; it was so gratifying that they were willing.

One of the biggest drawbacks to living at a naturist resort is the concern that family will misunderstand and be afraid to visit. Because we loved the resort atmosphere – living a nude lifestyle - we rationalized our decision to move to the resort with the thought that our kids who live some distance away couldn’t afford to visit us anyway, so we’d just be satisfied visiting them. We’ve kept quiet about living at a naturist resort. Well, keeping quiet didn’t work very well; I think they all know where we live now, but that’s certainly more honest, so probably for the best.

Anyway, my son and his fiancé got to the resort later Friday afternoon, so after eating out with them and touring the Mission Inn, it was nearly dark by the time we arrived. They saw only one naked man driving in.

We sat on our deck to enjoy the sunset - we didn’t get naked, and neither did they. It seemed that being naked with mom and dad was going to be a little too much information. We did get a chance to talk a lot about naturism.

As it got darker, they wanted to visit the restroom and take a shower, so I took them for a tour of the patio and clubhouse. They seemed okay with meeting several naked friends on the patio.
Later that evening they took a shower together in the group shower. They were too tired to sit in the hot tub.

Saturday morning we walked the Olive Dell Nature Trail and Dellymaze Park – clothed. We passed the sign dedicated to our grandkids. I explained that I hoped one day all of our grandkids might walk Grandkid’s Gulch where the sign is posted.

Too soon, they needed to travel on to their next location. We left the resort for breakfast, and on the way out passed several more naked people.

During the visit we stayed clothed, and they did as well - except during their shower. Still, they said they felt comfortable visiting us, and didn’t mind at all seeing a few naked people. It was at least a start, and it was nice to hear my son say, “You’re my dad, and it doesn’t matter where you live – I’d visit you anyway.”

So, they didn’t take to the naturist lifestyle right away. Perhaps they will never need it, but this was certainly a positive first step – there’s hope for the future.

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