Thursday, September 8, 2011

Continue driving nude!

Do people ever get tired of driving nude? I don't; I love it. Continue driving nude!


“Regarding "Driving Naked," I drove the 33 miles from home with just a tee shirt on. Route was along interstate 81 then state and local roads passing through three small villages. On the way back, I dispensed with the tee shirt and had on only my hiking shoes. All told, I was able to be naked for about 6-1/2 hours between the driving and hiking.” – Cynoutdoors

“I . . . now drive nude whenever possible. Doesn't work when running down to Home Depot, but on trips it’s my new norm. Recently went to Mountain Air Ranch for 5 days and drove both ways nude. Carla couldn't drive nude on the way there due to possible exposure, so we bought her a stick up sun blocker they sell for keeping sun off kids and was able to ride home naked.” - Guy & Carla

“Got more naked driving in today! Played golf with a few friends today about an hour away from home. After the round everyone wanted to go home so I planned for this and parked my truck out in the corner of the parking lot. They all got in their cars and drove away. I walked out to my truck, loaded my clubs in the back and then turned on the engine to get the A/C going and...stripped off in the parking lot and got in and drove home!“ – Fireprof

“I was driving into the city, nude of course, on a warm day just enjoying the drive. I passed a similar sized vehicle (SUV) being driven by a good looking girl with a passenger (also female). They paced me for a while, and I was beginning to get concerned that they might be calling the cops. I slowed a bit and changed lanes, and they slowed even more. I thought nothing more of it as I continued down the relatively open highway, when their vehicle came alongside to pass me. BOTH girls had stripped naked, and gave me some big smiles and a wave as they went by!" - Txbiker

“I drive naked all the time. But, to avoid being arrested, I never do it in the city. NEVER. I only drive naked out on the expressway or country back roads when it is hot. Hot muggy days don`t draw any suspicion seeing a shirtless male driving a car. Love it!” – Nakeddcboy

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