Monday, August 29, 2011

Even More Nude Drivers

“Yeah, nude driving is fun. I always make sure to have a XXL t-shirt on hand, or something similar that I can quickly throw on in case of police attention.“ - Alexdranda

“Yes I have [driven nude]. . . it started with a skinny dip at a beach one night and while swimming my clothes and towel etc. got soaked by a wave, and I had nothing else dry around, so I decided to drive home which was about a 60 km trip and through country and suburbs . . . I drove right on the legal limit so that no cops would stop me . . . I got home no problem. Then I did it regularly - my longest time was 900 km . . . I do keep a towel or a wrap to quickly cover up if have to. But is fun to do.”

“I sometimes did drive nude, and co-driving as well, most of all at holiday trips. Very comfortable and sensual, sometimes a bit thrilling. Usually I care to have something in reach to cover up in case of need (police control etc.), but never had to make use of by now. “ – Pixy

“I enjoy driving nude, especially during long trips. Being nude is just more comfortable. I am mainly nude at home. I don't have a privacy fence, so I am limited to inside the house when I'm home. But driving gives me a chance to extend my boundaries a little. I have driven nude to the post office to drop off mail. I have driven nude to the ATM to get cash. I once rented a storage shed and when I learned it had a place to drive up and drop off the monthly bill, I decided to do that too. But I found out the slot for the dropoff is not in a place where you can actually drive right up to it. I had to quickly get out of the car to complete my mission. I got more comfortable doing this once I realized there were never that many people around the place.” – CME360

“When it's dark out, I don't bother putting my clothes on when I go for a drive. I roll down the windows and feel the wind on my whole body.” – Hadakari

“I decided to go for a drive naked. It was about three am. I walked out to my car completely nude. I did put some clothes in the back seat. I then started my car and drove through town, then got onto the freeway. The place I went to was two hundred miles away. When I pulled into the parking lot it was daylight . . . I then grabbed my clothes and put them on and walked into the restaurant and ordered my breakfast.” – Texad


  1. I don't mind you quoting me, Ken, but PLEASE spell my name right. Don't forget the E.

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