Friday, November 18, 2011

Legal Confusion Over Naked Hiking In Switzerland

It would be so very sad if Europe, the birthplace of modern nudism/naturism, gave in to textile craziness.


A Swiss court has upheld a fine issued to a man for hiking naked past a family picnic in the region of Appenzell, reports the BBC.

The man was fined 100 Swiss Franks ($108) for his naked stroll but appealed the decision since there is no law against public nudity in Switzerland. There is, however, a law against public indecency and this court decision will set a precedent for the whole country: naked hiking is illegal.

However, The Local reports that the court was split over the decision against nude hiking. The publication also published a conflicting report to the BBC saying that the activity is only banned in Appenzell and not in the whole of Switzerland.

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