Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NASWE Anyone?

In a previous blog I asked “Why don’t we have a NAWK (Naked American Walking Tour)?”

This would be much like the NEWT (Nude European Walking Tour).

One reason is it would have to be named NAWT not NAWK, and NAWT sounds like it can’t be done.

But I was serious in asking that question.

Let’s dream for a moment.

Because it would be held in America, it would have to be less open than the European version (that’s just how American culture is) so it couldn’t very easily be a “tour”. But it easily could be a naked campout with a series of freehikes in a remote area of a beautiful wilderness destination.

For example, would anyone attend if the nude camp and freehike were along the rim of the Grand Canyon?

I know of an area where that is entirely possible.

Logistic-wise, those who attend from far away could fly into Las Vegas and enjoy a few interesting days before being picked up for a three hour ride to the campsite. (Perhaps some attendees would enjoy riding naked during this part of the event – entirely possible in this more remote area of the US.) Some might rent a car and visit other nearby red-rock attractions like Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park after the camp/freehike.

Whichever, attendees would spend a week camping nude and freehiking and photographing the fabulously scenic Grand Canyon.

As far as a name goes, maybe it could be named the NASWE (Nude American Southwest Experience). (Any suggestions for a better name/acronym?) It could be held at a different location each year. The Grand Canyon would just be first.

Perhaps next June would be a good time?

What do you think? Would you attend?


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