Monday, November 28, 2011

The Vitamin Myth

While on the road I picked up a 2007 Reader's Digest and read an interesting article about vitamins. Here's a summary. Any thoughts?


The Vitamin Myth
Neena Samuel
Reader’s Digest – Nov 2007

- Antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, Beta Carotene, E, and C) can increase a person’s risk of dying by up to 16%. (Journal of the American Medical Association)

So avoid these 10 vitamins:

- A – Too much can blur vision; cause headaches and vomiting; and lead to liver, bone, and central nervous system problems.

- Beta Carotene – Can lead to lung cancer in smokers and three times the risk of aggressive prostrate cancer.

- E – Can thin the blood and lead to a risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

- C – No evidence it prevents colds, heart disease, cataracts, or cancer.

- Selenium – May result in higher risk of diabetes.

- Folic Acid – Useful during pregnancy, but no evidence for it preventing heart disease, cancer, depression, or Alzheimer’s.

- B (Niacin) – May treat high-cholesterol under a doctor’s care, but may cause liver damage.

- Lycopene – No cancer fighting protection.

- Iron – Can worsen ulcers.

- Zinc – May weaken the immune system, interact with certain drugs, and reduce HDL (good cholesterol).

Real benefits:

Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and bone health, and reduces cancer and other diseases. “There seems to be little downside to . . . vitamin D . . .”

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