Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time for Another Skinny Road Trip

Inspired by the following people, I think it's about time for PJ and I to take another Skinny Road Trip. How about you?


“I drive nude or as near nude as possible every opportunity I get.” - Jim

“I'm not sure I can stop driving nude! It's just about become a normal way to drive, when I can. I will drive nude from home to Home Depot, the market, drug store, doesn't matter how close or far. I get irritated when I can't drive nude or if I have someone in the car/truck with me where I can't drive nude. Just attended a wedding for a family member. Talk about irritated; I drove to the wedding ceremony in a suit! I pledge to continue driving nude...til they take my license away...then I'll "passenger nude!" - FireProf

“I live out in rural [Utah] . . . but I go to work each and every day at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. I distribute newspapers to carriers and business . . . I have been driving nude most mornings now for about a month and I love every moment of it. I dress as I am driving just outside of [town] . . . and strip at about the same location on my way out. Since it is still very early and DARK when I am dropping off bundles at my first few carriers, I don't bother to redress until I'm just outside of [another town] . . . where my first business drop is. I wish I had thought of it sooner. And since my car has a great heater, bring on the winter!” - SonnyK53

“When I have to travel long distance, esp. when I go away to visit home, I rent a car. On those occasions I do take the opportunity to drive nude. On my last trip home last month, I rented a car and drove from DC to Boston in the nude. Just last summer I took a week trip to FL. I started out spending a few days in Miami and drove to Tampa, Orlando and back down to Miami. A lot of time was spent on the road and I found it easy to drive nude. I love driving nude because it really is enjoyable and relaxing. That being said, I do it while being cautious of my surrounding. For example, I only drive nude during long distance drives. I don't drive nude where there is a heavy chance for stop and go traffic (i.e. stop lights). I also don't go way over the speed limit. I drive at the same flow of the rest of traffic. I also have a pair of shorts nearby in case I have to leave the car, which is normally to fill up on gas. I make sure the shorts are the type that i can easily put on and take off. I find short running shorts do the trick as they have no buttons or zippers.” - Croydon

“During my recent nude driving experience, I was driving a 4WD pick-up truck. I was returning from a mountain bike excursion and had taken my clothes off because they were soggy with sweat. I wasn't worried about other drivers seeing me below the waist. My observation is that I rarely can see what color pants someone in another car is wearing, even when the window line of the car is low. Men driving shirtless seems to be common in my area during the summer, so I don't think I raised much suspicion. My concern about being pulled over by a police officer was probably overblown. Even if I did get stopped, I don't think I would be charged with indecent exposure as my lower anatomy was not readily visible from outside the truck. If I used the excuse that my clothes were sweaty from riding my mountain bike, the officer would probably laugh it off. Having the mountain bike in the truck bed and the stinky bike clothes on the seat next to me should be adequate proof of my story.” – Mosquito Bait

“With driving naked, the individual doing the driving seems to see more - seems to be more observant of their surroundings - more observant of laws - more observant of others. Doesn't it make sense then to allow nude driving? Better drivers on the road, and more appreciation of the world around us.” - Kevin


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