Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last week, PJ and I spent five days at our home at Shangri La Ranch extending the Nature Trail to Dinosaur Island. (You can see photos of our efforts at What do you think of our efforts so far?

During that time Shangri La hosted the fall AANR West Festival. Lots of nudists attended. Here are a few things we noticed at the festival:

• Naked people were everywhere doing very little besides lying in the sun and soaking in the pool. I once knew a naturist who quit the lifestyle because he said it made him lazy. That’s not true for us. PJ and I can’t sit still or soak for more than 15 minutes or so before it’s time to get out working on the trail. We “can’t” understand how people can enjoy lazing about for as long as many seem to do. And looking at naked people quickly gets boring. How do you feel about being lazy in the sun?

• A few people were involved playing games – water volleyball, horseshoes, etc. We should have gotten more involved in that. Do you enjoy playing games/sports nude?

• There were no workshops like one sees at TNS gatherings. Too bad - a little education is always nice. Do you enjoy nude workshops as well?

• Friday karaoke was fun, even though it wasn’t a large crowd. In fact, karaoke is always more fun when there’s a small crowd because you get to sing more, so karaoke was great! Do you enjoy singing nude karaoke?

• I noticed the dance was crowded, and mostly clothed (sexy). PJ and I missed it, having lots to do finishing up the trail before leaving for work Sunday morning. We didn’t feel like we missed much; dances at resorts just don’t seem to measure up to naturist principles. How do you feel about dances at resorts?

• We noticed just a few people walking the trails. They did comment on what a nice job we were doing. That was gratifying. Still, I wish more would walk and enjoy them. Do you like walking the trails at nudist resorts?

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  1. I don't like to loaf in the nude. I like to be nude and I don't loaf a lot. Karaoke doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but don't knock it, I guess, until you've tried it. Volleyball used to be my big nudist pleasure, but my injured knee went south fifteen years ago. I've been pursuing yoga for a dozen years or so, and had some success. I do my poses nude, outside on the rare occasions when I get the chance.